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    this is fine, i support her. but yeah sorry for the slowness folks. i've had a lot less energy the past few weeks than i would've liked for stuff since this has been looming over me. gonna be very glad to have it done. thanks for being patient!
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    Obligatory Status about almost being at 1000 reputations commence... Obligatory Status about almost being at 1000 reputations complete...
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    Man's suffering. But I decided he deserved it when he dissed Ducklett zzz I have a soft spot for Swanna and will not stand for the slander I'd be absolutely on board with him doing a normal playthrough of Reborn, but so far I've also liked watching him play by nuzlocke rules. Just wanna see him play the way that makes him happy. I'd hate for him to quit nuzlocking just because people pressure him to, but I also don't want him to stubbornly continue it if he'd really rather just enjoy the game in normal mode. It's a decision he has to make for himself.
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    Good, let the Fern hate flow through you!
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    Overview Perhaps you are wondering where the "Redux" in this game's title comes from. For that, there is a long answer and a short answer. The Long: Pokémon Pumpkin is my second completed fangame, which I released in 2018. For those who know me from other sites, yes, Pokémon Castaway came out before Pumpkin. However, Pumpkin's development was finished before I agreed to join Relic Castle's Game Jam Four. Michael and I began talking because he showed up in my DMs demanding to test and I was too shy to say no volunteered to playtest Pumpkin. Things just rolled from there. A full year has passed since then. During that time I've started my most ambitious project yet with Michael, completed another tiny fangame, abandoned two other personal projects, and left the wonderful Pokémon Umbra team to focus on myself. (Alright, that should be enough plugs.) Though this is the long explanation, I won't get into the nitty-gritty. What I will say is that I've been very conflicted since the summer about the quality of my work and what I want my fangames to be. I found myself questioning everything from graphical styles to gameplay mechanics. In the end, I decided that I would remake Pokémon Pumpkin into a game I respect more. Pumpkin will never be perfect, but I wanted to do it a little more justice with the dev skills I have built up over the past year. Currently, the download for Pumpkin Redux is NOT available. The game is complete, but it needs to be tested and touched up based upon those tests. I chose to post the thread a little early to generate some interest. And because this is a Halloween game and the first day of October makes it socially acceptable to do so. In addition, I have to give a really big thanks to @Michael_ for all the hard work he put into this game. He helped me revamp trainer sprites, and puzzle out the logistics (or lack thereof) of coding. He dragged me out of the angst (a bit more literally than you'd think) and motivated me to finish this redux. The Short: Old game bad. New game less bad. Visual Comparisons What does this mean? 1. Can I transfer my save from old Pumpkin to Pumpkin Redux? Unfortunately, you cannot. There are a number of mapping and eventing differences that will inevitably result in softlocks, bugs, and other sequential problems. 2. Do I need to play old Pumpkin to understand Pumpkin Redux? Nope! The story's gone through a couple logistical refinements, but it's all the same in the end. 3. Can I demand to be a playtester to gain early access to the game? While I appreciate your offer of help, I feel I don't need it at the moment. Pumpkin is a fairly small game. The Story The game takes place over a single day, October 31st. Being the sugar-starved child that you are, you convince your overprotective sister to let you set out on a trick-or-treating adventure across the region. Her only condition? (Beyond staying on the path, not seeking out serial killers, and looking both ways before crossing the street.) Be home before midnight. Collect candy, make some unlikely friends, and solve a few mysteries along the way! Features Screenshots Download Link Credits
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    I'll cry if he never finds the mining kit
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    Well when he beat that Lv 57 Beartic, I was honestly so impressed. Belly is a super tank!
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    Okay so, there was a lot of hilarity and tense situations in this episode. -Ttar is SO thrown off by Tiki's death, but I'm glad to see him get a few mons in this episode. -Dream PLEASE remind him he can normally delete HM moves, watching him get rid of Yawn hurt me. -The absolute madlad just fighting Beartic like that. -The rival battles shouldn't have been that hard, he really is off his game right now. Also some bad luck, who knew? -BELLY FINALLY GETS HIS RECOGNITION!!! -This man will learn to love Shelly in time guys, do not worry. It is inevitable. -DEAR GOD please this man needs more encounters. -Don't sleep on Swanna. The thing I wanted to say the most though, is that this man really just predicted the whole plot while just casually strolling around Ametrine. Like he was dead-on for it just being conjecture.
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    Thamill in so much despair as if Shelly just ended his whole career
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    We can turn this around any way we like, just to see only the things we want to see. The fact remains that TTar gets tons of hints on useful things, as well as warnings about things that could end the nuzlocke early.....and yet he casually ignores most of that. Only to complain about it later. I mean, of course i can understand he doesn't want to be spoilered, but we do know he is reading comments, since he said things like "You guys told me to *insert hint here*" multiple times during the Reborn nuzlocke already. Sure, i am not expecting any pro plays from typical let's players, i'd go watch the Pokémon world championship if that's what i wanted to see. But i'm starting to doubt his general knowledge of Pokémon, since he's complaining all the time, yet constantly ignores most of the advice he gets from his viewers.... And let's be honest. Most of his problems with his Reborn nuzlocke are not related to Reborns difficulty level, but rather to all the beginners mistakes he's making since episode 1. Reborns difficulty level just makes these mistakes stand out way more than a regular Pokémon game would. TTar may be putting lots of time into that let's play, but definitely not much effort.
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    Hariyama is worth it's weight in gold (all 500 pounds of it) for this fight, especially if you have one with Sheer Force... Just spam Force Palm, even better if you can EV train in HP and Attack
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    Kinda hoping he blacks out soon too and just continues with it as a normal playthrough. Reading comprehension slips aside, dude seems like he'd just have a more enjoyable time that way. I was also not expecting the Beartic fight so soon. Thankfully nothing a Swalot with stockpile (and, well, a fridge full of lemonades) couldn't deal with. Man though, there were a lot of cases in all of these fights where a stray critical hit would have pretty much spelled game over. His glossing over Mareep once again hurt just a little bit inside. I did also find it pretty adorable that, for a split second, he thought that egg would have a Dratini in it.
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    TFW he keeps saying south east whilst going north east
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    Fun fact, but that's not actually the Reborn AI having problems, for a change. Abra is literally programmed to spam Hyper Beam in this specific battle so that players can use the recharge rounds to attack.
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    Favorite: Rainbow Field. The field design is really beautiful and truly life-like can't help but fall in love with it also, it was this field that help me defeat Charlotte in mt first playthrough in reborn. Least: The Mirror Field. The only reason I dislike this field, beacuse back in the early versions of reborn, Serra was a complete NIGHTMARE on this field. I never took so many L's in my life until I fought serra on this field.
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    For now his best bet would be visiting all the places that still have random and/or static encounters waiting for him and stock up his arsenal of usable Pokémon. Of course that also means he will have to train a lot, but that's part of the game, so no complaining about that. Then again he might just end up tossing those onto the pc, because he underestimates them....
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    For a move with 60 accuracy, Hypnosis sure likes to hit me every time it's used
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    Final beat the traitor lord, now to double my essence to get the other half...
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    Can I just again say, every time I see a new LP of Reborn I die a little inside when they start stacking TMX Moves on mons not knowing you can get rid of them normally.
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    Oh same. I don't know if he'll do the orphanage raid and Shade in the same episode, but I can't imagine him getting through Shade unscathed. That whole fight is chock full of really dangerous, fully evolved offensive Pokemon. Like, Kiki could get OHKO'd by Gengar, and then he's stuck trying to get Belly to carry him again, which won't really work, I think, due to the offensive boosts, and Mimikyu getting to boost up as well.
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    wait yeah why didn't he evolve peanut...
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    Dont worry, we got patience^^ and we got a fun new topic to discuss^^ Queen Shelly and her bug empire world domination plan. What's more important: Good luck with that operation. Take your time to recover. We'll still be here once you are back, so don't rush things.
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    Swoobat (simple ability) with Air Cutter Leavanny with Razor Leaf Mightyena with Snarl Are good for these fights, as those moves will hit both opposing pokemon. Also it would be worth your time to evolve Rockruff as it evolves at the level 25 cap
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    Download this, should fix your problem. https://mega.nz/#!MIxlTQaD!HKwYC2ziPMlFYFtBohq5e8FchqxOGDfDeB1RtLpsftc
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    Oh yeah, Zetta and Galvantua got smacked. Zetta was down to the wire, Galvantua was actually really easy.
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    *Breathes Finally after two millenniums I have reached the end game of Octopath and I am now on the last chap for all the characters. Along the way, there were parts that felt like a chore sometimes. Especially when I have to give an ample amount of time to grind for certain bosses (pretty sure this gave me insomnia), some of the plots were a bit... bland. Other than some points that stood out though. All of Chap 1 were great, Chap 2 = Chap 3 were mids so I'm hoping the finale for them will be the best one since I'm pretty much excited to see what will unfold and everything were leading up to this point. Also based from the redditors, really can't wait for post game as well P.S. I decided to get the last 4 secret jobs when I finally reach post game since I'm pretty much under-leveled and will be completely annihilated if I even attempt to challenge it skkkskskks so pretty stoked about that too
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    Hey Ame, just dropping by to say take your time. We can wait. The fun is all that matters, not the waiting, in fact that should make it more enjoyable. P. S. : Does Fern die? Please say yes.
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    At this point I've found myself hoping for him to get wiped, because maybe if he un-nuzlockes the game he'll learn to read. Read the field effects, all the stuff Dreamblitz put in the discord that he clearly is ignoring, maybe even read my sticker guide. By the way Dreamblitz you should tell him that Corey kills himself in either timeline, he still blames himself for that. Or maybe you did and he skipped it too.
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    And it is done! Now on with the game I haven't seen yet. She was EZ by the way.
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    Oh, thanks! I managed to beat the fight by subbing Marshtomp and Charjabug for Xatu and Hariyama. Hari's bulkier than anything else, so Lucario targets it's partner and then dies to Vital Throw. At the end it was just Hariyama vs. Machoke, who whiffed a Gale Strike, allowing me to take the fight. Shuppet was invaluable, though, just for Knock Off support that couldn't get hit with fake out. I did pick up Lunatone, though, and I'm definitely gonna try and use it in the upcoming normal gym. For now, it's almost time to face off against Madelis!
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    I remember doing this on intense fairly recently, and my Lunatone's Moonblast carrying super hard (you can get one heart scale by this point). His signature move is pretty scary but it seems like he preferred targeting my other 'mons or using different coverage moves that DIDN'T one-shot Lunatone, so I had plenty of time to do massive damage in return. My full team was something like Voltorb/Shuppet/Lunatone/Braixen/Lycanroc-Dusk and one other 'mon I forget (Fletchinder, maybe?). Don't undervalue Shuppet's Will-o-Wisp, it's a free cripple on one of his 'mons, possibly more if it lives.
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    Most of your pokemon are still in their weak first stages (especially Pichu). The best first stage mon there is Trubbish, who isn't great vs. Rift Galv because it's also Poison type. In addition, Vivillon is generally pretty solid in other fights around this time, but most pokemon in the Zetta and Rift Galv fights have a move that hits it SE. I usually like to have most of my team at this point to be things that have already evolved at least once just for the stats. Things like Swoobat, Fearow, and Sandslash are solid for this reason, as well as some rare encounters like Chingling
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    Thank you all for your time. I hear y'all on Xatu and Chimecho, and I'm definitely going to train up a Xatu. My last attempt before using that ICTM (inter-continental totembird missile) is going to be using a Hariyama in place of marshtomp. I got lucky on Duskanroc's Thrash targeting and got down to just lucario, so I think with extra priority and fighting STAB I could do it. The most heartbreaking part of this fight, when I was just starting my attempts, was Marshtomp getting outsped and OHKO'd. While Marshtomp is normally pretty tanky for level 25, it's clear that it's totally irrelevant for this fight. I think that if I can get down to Lucario with Charjabug/Hariyama, force palm should do the trick while Lucario targets down Charjabug with Rock Tomb. If I can't make that work consistently, I'll just sub in more evolved mons like Xatu and Fearow. I may also pick up Geodude, maybe now but maybe in my next run. If the story in this game were any worse, I'd put it down and never pick it up again. But, as it happens, the story is to die for, so I'll keep trying for as long as it takes. Thanks again to all of you. P.S. This is a very minor nitpick but the guide has incorrect leads for Keta. It lists Combusken and Mienfoo as his first two, when it's actually Mienfoo and Pignite. P.P.S. @fellowry THROH?!?! jesus christ. At least I'd know what to do about Breloom after florina, but god that throh must be a TANK.
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    Replaced Greninja: Shiny Arceus Level: 100 Ability: Multitype Held Item: Dragonium Z My new type would be dragon since Arceus is a dragon-type right now.
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    With how much trouble you seem to be having are you sure you're not playing in Intense? If you're lacking in offensive power Fearow could be a good option; its learns Aerial Ace and evolves very early giving it some decent power in the early game. For Lucario a Sturdy Geodude with Bulldoze might be helpful so you have to tank less of its attacks. I don't know how good Xatu is but I know it can make use of quite a bunch if Fields used in the early gyms.
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    Okay, so I'm probably not the most qualified to help here (this a single battle back in V9, and I mostly cheesed it with Minimize grimer at the time), but I did a little research to try anyway. It's recommended to keep the scraggy alive for a bit since it's largely non-threatening (Paralysis makes it even less so, of course), and chimecho messes up a large chunk of his team despite its coverage against Psychic Types. Chingling can be found in the villages grass at night, and evolves through Happiness (also at night), so it'll take some effort to actually get. I've also heard a lot of how natu breaks so many of the early Gyms, though I remain unconvinced. If you want to give it a try anyway, they can be found in the Amethyst Cave. Edit: Well, guess I got a bit accelgor'd on that last one
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    Looking like you could use our based lord and savior, Xatu, the Keta slayer. You also could grind up that Eevee into either Espeon/Sylveon with Pixelate and Swift for strong SE damage.
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    Cal gets the least punishment since he apologized to Shelly at Amertine while Blake was being curbstomp by Volcarona as it roast all of his ice types for disrespecting Shelly,Fern will be run over by thousands of scolipede while a Beedril is poking him with its stinger Aya approve this punishment. While Bugsy will be her B*tch . >:3
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    The way I see it it's all possible, but only plausible if you have played the game before and know what to expect. This is by all means a "when he loses", not "if he loses" type of playthrough. I'm having fun seeing just how far he can get. On a side note, some gym leaders are easy for some people but brutal for others, it depends on your team at the time of challenging them. I know plenty of people struggle with Charlotte even after her nerf, but I first-tried her. Whereas I spent longer than I think most did fighting against Luna in my most recent playthrough. Point is, their difficulty is kind of subjective to your playthrough.
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    You're talking to a guy who has reached The Gauntlet with minimal team (Greninja, Camerupt, Mightyena, Roserade, Ursaring and Meowstic ♂; might have switched a differnet Pokemon once or twice into normal team, don't remember, but I remember trying to be minimalistic). This is as painful as it sounds, even with Revive and healing items. Somehow, I managed to persist. Some gyms easier than others (Titania was hell but Amaria was a joke, Roserade killed most of her team no problem). The gauntlet though, might be too much to handle without resorting to X items. Three boss battles back to back, with second heal being only partial? No thanks. It's not the hardest thing that has been in RPGs (looking at you Demifiend) but it definitely is up there, especially considering it's mandatory. And let's not forget the few things we know about E19: Team Meteor hacking their Pokemon to have max EVs on every stat, or PULSE Mr. Mime which made one of the testers, in their own words, s u f f e r. Anyway, if Thamill somehow manages to survive long enough, PULSE Abra will be basically a "pick who lives and who dies" episode. With its stat spreads, it outspeeds 99% of the National Dex (and the few of 1% you can have will probably get outspeed anyway due to level difference; Prankster or other similar stuff might help minimalize losses), and iring a Hyper Beam (or Dark Pulse if you thought Ghost-type can get a free pass) off that monstrous attacking stat is guaranteed to OHKO probably everything bar the most dedicated tanks. Defense-wise, it's less ridiculous Shuckle.
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    It is currently a known bug, sorry.
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    Why would you do that to yourself? I'm all for challenges but that seems excessive.
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    Beating pre-nerf Charlotte with a mono-steel team. I challenge you to find anything more frustrating.
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    I believe that my hardest challenge was beating ice gym leader serra in episode 18.The compination of aurora veil and attacks missing resulting in me tking damage from mirror shattered was a pain.And also that flostlass...I missed like 10 consecutive attacks on it. So frustrating but i finally manage to beat her.
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    *pun intended* The boi seems to be supporting the LGBT community.
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    I'm just gonna put this in a spoiler thing just in case someone that hasn't played your game before comes to your profile and reads a spoiler in the game.
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