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    How come there's no option to punch Victoria or laugh at her when she's being shocked in her cage in Lin's funhouse in the Devon building, and how come there's no option to vandalise and defile Kiki's grave? Considering these people were willing to trade the lives of innocent children about to be horribly tortured by a crazy electric man by delaying/not giving you the strength HM needed to save them in order to preserve some vague sense of honour about their academy, it's really surprising there's no mechanic to treat them as the vile, despicable excuses for human beings that they are. Will this be hotfixed in a patch?
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    James was walking passed the Grand Hall to get to the Obsidia Ward. He remembered there being blockages going into different wards and 1 of them had to be Obsidia considering he saw Victoria heading that way. But as he was about to make it to the stairs, he heard someone shout out to him. He looked around. In a couple of seconds, he could see Ame running down the steps towards him. Ame: Whew. I got you before you left for the Obsidia Ward. James: Is everything ok? Ame: With me? Yes. Obsidia Ward though? No. I’ve been getting reports from Florinia with what’s been going on there and luckily today, I’m not as busy. So I’ve been granted a day to go to Obsidia and see what’s going on there and see if I can stop it. James: You are? That’s what I was about to do. Ame: I figured. James: Why don’t we go together? Ame: Sounds like a fantastic idea. James: Alright! Let’s get going then. The 2 then climbed the stairs and started to head for the entrance to Obsidia Ward. When they got closer, they could see 2 policemen and Florinia. Ame: Florinia? You’re still here? Florinia: James. Ame. Greetings. My immediate departure is necessitated however. Obsidia remains in a volatile condition. My attendance is mandatory. Farewell. Ame: Hold on Florinia. I am to go see if I can stop all this plant life frenzy from continuing and James is coming along. Florinia: …These terms are acceptable. Given the previous assistance granted at the factory, you will also be helpful. James: Thanks I think. Ame: Alright Florinia. Give us a brief on this situation. Florinia: Certainly. An unknown force has recently begun continual engagement in the overstimulation of the malignant flora life. Cause remains unknown. However, previous incidences of this behavior have resulted in large scale destruction. James: Wait. You mean this is happening around other wards? Ame: If I remember correctly, it also happened in the Jasper and Beryl wards but… well it’s not so bad here. If we stop it in time, this ward won’t be completely destroyed. Florinia: Correct. Isolate and eliminate the source of the extraneous growth immediately. Ame: Any idea where it could be happening from? Florinia: The target area has been narrowed to the Obsidia Park. Ame: Makes sense. It’s the area with the most plants that’s still able to grow despite how the environment is. Florinia: Operation assets will assemble there. Do attend shortly. Farewell. -leaves the area- James: So how far is the park? Ame: Shouldn’t be too long actually. We should be there within a couple of minutes. James: You think maybe we can take a quick look around? Considering I haven’t been here that is. Ame: I suppose. But we shouldn’t take too long. James: You’re right. Alright. Let’s get going. The 2 ventured into the Obsidia Ward. There seemed to be a lot of businesses here trying to sell their stuff. There was a salon, a PokeBall store, a candy store. There was even a company here from Silph Co. This was quite surprising to James. But the thing that surprised the both of them were 2 things. As James explored the area, he could see cracks in the road. Some were small but others were huge. You could look down the hole and see nothing but complete darkness. It was quite unnerving. Ame decided it was time to go to Obsidia Park. But as she was leading James there, the 2 of them stopped. In front of them was a huge hole in the ground. It was too far to even try to jump over. They were stuck. Ame: Damnit! James: What do we do now? Ame: Let me think. Umm… Maybe we can get to the other side through the Obsidia Slums. James: Obsidia Slums? Ame: Yea. It’s not far from here. We just have to go down. I’ll tell you more about it when we get there. James: Alright hun. The 2 started walking down towards the Obsidia Slums. It didn’t take long though for a familiar face to appear before them though. Victoria: James! Ame! Ame: Ohh! Victoria! You’re here as well huh? James: What happened? Victoria: I… I’m not sure what to do. I’m sure you’ve noticed that the main road is blocked off thanks to the plants destroying the city. Ame: Yea. It wasn’t a pretty site. Victoria: Well I was gonna go through the slums to get to the other side. But it’s too dangerous! James: Why? Victoria: These men. They kept trying to attack me and it was like the debris in there was moving or something! Ame: Moving… debris? Victoria: Yes! Wait. Are you both planning on going through the slums? Ame: Well of course. James: We have to stop these crazy plants! Victoria: Well… Ame, you’re more than capable of going but you should stay James. James: What? I’m capable of going through though! Victoria: I’m just… I’m just worried. Ame: … You 2 should have a battle. If James wins, he stays. If he loses, he stays. James: Huh? Ame: I never really got to see you truly battle. Plus, you can test your strength against someone who might be on the same level as you. Victoria: Yea… Yea! That sounds like a great idea! James: Well… fine. If this was anyone else though, I would have declined. Our rematch Victoria! The 2 trainers threw out their PokeBalls and the battle started. The battle wasn’t difficult but it also wasn’t hard. Even with James limiting himself to only using 3 Pokemon so it’d be an even battle. Despite that, he was able to win the battle without losing a single Pokemon. Ame and Victoria both seemed very impressed with James’ Pokemon strength. Ame: Wow! Not bad hun. James: Thanks. Victoria: Well I guess you’re more prepared than I am. Just promise me you’ll be careful alright? James: Wait Victoria! Victoria: Hmm? James: Look, we don’t know what we’re fighting out there. And the more people we have with us fighting against… whatever this thing is, the better our chances of us beating it. Why don’t you come with us? Victoria: Come with you? But wouldn’t I just slow you both down? Ame: Nonsense! You’re a great trainer. Think of it as some more training too. You wanna be stronger right? Victoria: Well… yes I do. Ame: Good. Then you’re coming with us. Victoria: Well… alright. If you 2 don’t mind. Ame: Alright. Let’s get going. We’re almost there. The 3 set off to find the slums. With more people added to the group now, their chances of beating this plant attack were more successful. Soon, they ended up in front of the entrance of the slums. James: So… this is the Obsidia Slums huh? Victoria: Yea. It’s weird in there. Ame: This place is basically for the homeless to come and live or for people that are doing drugs to hideout here or just to even drink. James: Wow. That sounds… Victoria: Scary? James: No. It sounds sad. I feel sorry for them. Ame: I do too. If I could just get enough fundings, I could make nice cozy little homes for them to live in but I don’t… James: Hey hey. It’s ok Ame. You’ll be able to do it some day. But for right now, let’s focus on getting to the other side. Ame: Yea… You’re right. Thanks hun. James: You take the lead and me and Victoria will follow behind you. Ame: Alright. Just a warning though. They will probably want to battle you. James: That’s alright. Victoria: Yea. I’ll feel more confident with people beside me now. Let’s get through it! The 3 friends walked into the Obsidia Slums. The journey to get to the Obsidia Park was only just beginning and it started with getting through this dreadful, disgusting place. Pokemon Team Character Ratings
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    Those colors don't mesh too well. I'd suggest making the blue a bit lighter and the pink a bit darker. I made shinies of this line as well.
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    I mean considering it’s a Pokémon game- I realized that things would be easier if you had a tank, I mean who’s gonna stop you at that point, a Pokémon?
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    Another case of not liking a character but liking their theme music (and most remixes/arrangements of it), which I may as well bring up since I wanted to post about Lyrica Live's new Lyrical Touhou adaptation. Eiki Shiki's theme from Touhou 9 (PoFV). I'm not a fan of songs with any sort of 'intro' (for lack of a better term) even if it fits her lectures, so I count the song starting at 35 seconds. The fairy chorus is a nice touch along with her being able to successfully sing over them for the most part. As per usual, her 'judgments' at 3:20 are the best part about her for me......this part just flows so well while being accurate to the characters she is talking about. It's kind of sad that I only really like her for providing more insight into other characters, especially since she is one of the few genuinely well-meaning Touhou characters.
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    Shelly is definitely S by the time you get to challenge her gym, she's hard af. And i consider her the first filter of this game. If you are not committed to Reborn by the time you challenge Shelly, you will never win and will end up most likely quitting.
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    First off if you're tired of answering the when XXX is out, don't answer the question. Someone else can do it. Second, waiting times are really long so why not try to find another game to bond over. And no, this is not a shameless Kiseki plug. Nope, not at all. And third, just have a preset message on a notepad if you're really tired of answering it. No need to put in more work for a commonly asked question.
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    Is the Reborn follower mod still being updated? I want to use it but I didn’t know if my Alola Pokemon would follow me.
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    Hello everyone, I'm happy to announce the release of the following Pokemon for episode 17. This mod contains sprites for all of the Gen 5 and 6 Pokemon and most of the Gen 7. It would have nearly all of the Gen 7 Pokemon as I have sprites for nearly all of them, but regretfully formatting them takes a long time and real life demands makes me not have the time to finish them off in this version. When I have the time I will release an update containing the rest. Some Screenshots: A very, very important NPC who you'll find in most Pokemon Centers + a few other areas: You must talk to them to disable follower Pokemon before changing versions of Reborn or else the game will crash upon launch. (I got many PMs about this, talk to them first please!) How to use: Extract all of the folders from the download just like normal Reborn. DO NOT MIX AND MATCH FILES FROM THIS AND NORMAL REBORN Pokemon will start following you after the use of a healing machine/having a nurse in a Pokemon center heal your party, and they'll be disabled when partnered up with an NPC trainer. So there is no need to start a new file. Some additional features include: The ability to cycle through party members with the A key, so that you don't have to go into the party menu every time you want to change leads. You can press the control key to toggle follower Pokemon. Not sure why you'd download this to do that, but it's here. Area specific messages in quite a few maps. Flying types, water types, and pokemon with levitate still follow the player when surfing. This however leads to a bug that if your lead pokemon is the pokemon you are surfing on, it'll still follow you. While you are surfing on it... Known bugs: Credits: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2ibudciemw1lhud/Followers+for+E17.rar Please report any crashes or major bugs I may have missed! UPDATE: DRAG AND DROP THIS MAP FILE INTO THE "DATA" FOLDER, IT WILL FIX A MAJOR BUG. Map181.rxdata
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    their blind jubilation will be their undoing
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