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    Not too terribly pleased with how this came out. The rooms didn't all match up properly despite my best efforts to stretch or shrink them to fit. I also didn't bother trying to show the trash placements for the puzzle or adding the barricades, mainly because I felt that portion of the puzzle was more or less self-explanatory and that it'd really clutter up the map.
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    Got 2 tvg cards with my ticket, a Detective Pikachu and Magikarp... It could have been any card related to the movie, but it was Magikarp... Considering my past here, I really can't be mad
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    Hacking complete. Bladestar takeover commencing...
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    Pokemon Unbreakable This first official release of the adventure is here! -===============================================================================================- STORY: -===============================================================================================- Features: -===============================================================================================- Screenshots: -===============================================================================================- Download: This version only goes as far as the first badge. MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!mds3CIyb!53n83Yj8DnXFwHY3IDqjag Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MSkRnxtJpeEfAmbo0NrczYhy4A5M_q3x *If you played the DEMO make sure to start a new game* -===============================================================================================- Bugs/Glitches: I am currently the only one working on the game so there are bound to be mistakes or things that I have missed, not an excuse but an explanation. So please report any bugs, imperfections, and glitches you find. Below are some known problems: - -BGM not starting in one or two buildings. -Screen flashes and the intro only cover a fourth of the screen on Large or full screen size. -The Date on your Trainer Card is sorta... smushed. -===============================================================================================- Help: If you would like to help with the development of Pokemon Unbreakable in the future, especially with sprite work or scripting. I would be very grateful for you're assistance. Either send me a private message here or email me at theAquaMacaw@gmail.com. -===============================================================================================- Credits:
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    Hello everyone! So I had first discovered "Reborn" when it was only Episode 8. I had loved what I had played of it (I made it up to the poison gym leader back then) but at some point, had stopped playing for awhile. Now re-downloading it to start again for the first time in awhile, seeing that it is now 18 episodes, I am amazed. I love the improvements, like the new beginning cutscene, it's all really neat. I'm looking forward to how this game develops, and the "Online Feature" seems fun, since I have another friend who likes this game and this would be a great opportunity for us to play Pokemon together. Anyway, as an intro thread, a little about me.... I grew up watching the Pokemon anime, the first episode I ever remember watching is when Ash's Charmander evolves. I remember when the first movie was new, never got to see it in theaters, but got it on DVD. Can you believe it's been 20 years?! I love to listen to music, watch anime, play videos. write, develop visual novels and RPGs, etc. Looking forward to meeting you all ^^
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    Can you please can't seem to get your user correct keeps saying doesn't exist My user is Snorlax
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    I just need a lileep to compleet the pokédex. Anybody want to help me out? I have almost everything else.
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    Welcome to reborn. i'm just going to leave these here these are your best friends. consult them if you want to know where specific stuff is. but by all means play through as much of the game without them as you want. they're good refrence points that's all.
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    Why does this work so well? NOTE: This is not the original song. This is just Silvagunner meming.
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    So I know you can find Zangoose in the alleys but I can't find him at any of the alleys. Any specific things I should do to trigger the event?
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    It needs to have rainy or any other weather then clear and it first shows in Peridot alley then it's supposed to be randomized in alleyways
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    https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/nuzlocke_forum/the-terribly-titled-reaction-locke-of-pokemon-reju-t18470-s660.html#p1655430 Alternative title: The Guy who got Dragged Through Time. Also for anyone not aware there's a migration happening sometime in the next few months from Tapatalk to a new forum called Xenforo (Really suspicious name I know) So I'll probably embark on this perilous journey as well since the only good thing about Tapatalk is the unlimited image posting (which Xenforo has) Won't effect you guys much though. You'll still get your updates here. Which are the only joy in your miserable lives I assume? Okay go read this chapter then come back and tell me what a sexist pig I am.
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    EDIT: Trade completed ^^ Currently in need of a Fire type that is at least level 20. Don't care what fire type Pokemon it is, so long as it has fire moves lol. As far as what I have to trade.... unfortunately not much, since I've only made it to Jasper Ward. But if you're looking for Shinys, I have two. I have a Shiny Swadloon at lvl 20 and a Shiny Combee albeit at lvl 14. So if you'd like one of those to trade with, I'll be happy to oblige. I'm also willing to take a slightly lower level Fire type if I must, like 15 or something, Thanks for taking a look!
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    I'm happy you enjoyed the game and appreciate that you took the time to read all of the Data Vault! SMOOTHIE SUBUNIT + SONG + REAL NAMES Lemon + Lime subunit name Lymonade song name Spring Sprites Orange + Strawberry subunit name Sugar Rush song name Caramel Carousel Cherry + Blueberry subunit name Wild Berry song name Fruit Punch real names: Strawberry's is mentioned to be Hana in Spork, because Palletite used the idol Hana as a reference when making her sprite. Idol research for the others' names was done in April , before Delicia's Return to Dreamland was thought of. Lemon's name is Ami, after Horikawa Ami Orange's name is Raina, after Oh Hye-rin (stage name Raina) from After School and the After School subunit Orange Caramel Cherry's real name is also Cherry, after Cherry from Happy Platinum Lime's name is also Lime, after Lime Grape's name is Jiyoon, after Jeon Ji-Yoon from 4minute Blueberry's name is Sakurako, after Tanio Sakurako from Himekyun Fruit Can (who Orange was originally going to be named after, but I learned that Himekyun Fruit Can also have a fruit theme like Smoothie, and Tanio Sakurako's fruit is blueberry) Nosy Nosepass will interview the members of Smoothie in Delicia's Return to Dreamland where their real names will be mentioned, but aside from that they'll always be referred to as the fruit. Similarly, Frank/Sierran/Spade will be called Apple/Raspberry/Watermelon while performing with Smoothie for consistency.
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    i have larvesta, torchic, charmander, slugma, cyndaquil, ponyta, turtonator, houndoom. choose whichever one and i can lvl it up to 20.
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    Ahh I should mention advertising isn't allowed on the forums. (I think you're fine for now since I asked you about your work.) Perhaps I'll check out these visual novels sometime
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    Welcome to Reborn, Kokoro~ If you love Reborn, then you'll just love Rejuvenation as well ^^ (No worries, I won't talk any spoilers) Also, you mentioned you develop visual novels and RPGs: What have you made so far?
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    So I was right in thinking that you made those sprites. Lol. Those are incredibly nice.
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    PL0T TW1ST ok but y'all have better had liked this battle recording cause man making all those sprite recolors was nothing short of tiring lol
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    Hehe Idk what came upon me to have Terra kiss Vanilla but it turned out funny. And Vanilla falling to the floor because of that Guess Terra used Draining Kiss
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    I am the Senate.
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    Not Vic news but I feel like being a dick because quite a number of people believed Jim Cummings did terrible things but... For all you lying sacks of...potatoes let this just be an example that not every MeToo wins. She had a police report too. That was one I called and I guess I was right. Now hopefully the Haberkorn stuff gets resolved and we can have the main show of this thread be slow wrapped up in the coming months. Always gotta look at the facts. Also, I'm not going to cover the Youtube drama stuff. I don't even want to touch the Jared stuff with a ten foot pole especially. I know people are going to say Youtube is terrible due to the Pedo ring, Nappy, ProJared, and whatever the heck you call the Etika stuff, but that's just stuff that comes with every walk of life. I don't think ProJared will face jail time as he did get a "Hail Mary" when the Tumblr he did this stuff on got deleted.
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    James’ after-team rocket-hours life.
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    Great game i really enjoy this one the main story and and the characters are just perfect took me a long time to read all those explainations and the work you've done on the chara at the end but damn it was amazing !
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    This sometimes happens when a)the browser's cache is filled to the brim (or there's some kind of Mega cookie problem) b) You had the browser open for a long time and then proceeded to download from Mega. You must be referring to that particular sequence. There's two requirements: See my reply to Anthony. In short: clear your browser's cache, or at least restart your browser and then immediately download the game. Newest Firefox seems to be working fine. Please update your game everyone. UPDATE 3.5.0 Hello ladies and gentlemen, a new update is here. This still isn't episode 4 (it'll come eventually), but a lot of improvements have been made - improvements that warrant a current episode update. This is a bit more than a simple qol update - most of the bugfixes and changes are minor but there's whole bunch of 'em. It is the recommended version for anyone wishing to start a new playthrough as well. Changelog: Aside from that we'd like to announce that we're now accepting: ==========SIDEQUEST SUBMISSIONS!============ Make sure you're done with the episode first, spoilers ahead: Have fun!
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    The next day, James and Ame woke up from their peaceful slumber. They both felt great and refreshed. They cuddled for a couple of minutes before getting ready for the day. Ame: So today’s the day huh James? James: Yea. My very 1st Gym Battle ever. Ame: You nervous? James: Somewhat. I’m more excited though. Ame: Well just remember what I told you. Every Gym Leader has a full team of 6. James: Good thing I also have a full team as well. They put on new clothes, packed up their stuff and were fully ready for their day. The 2 went upstairs. When they reached there, Ame stopped James quickly. James: What are you doing? Ame: You see that person over there? James: Yea? Ame: That’s a trainer. While you were gone, I called a couple of people. Anytime you need training, just come here and someone should be standing near the counter there for you to battle and train your Pokemon. James: Aww. Thanks Ame. You didn’t have to do that though. Ame: It’s ok. They actually wanted to do it. They get bored sitting at their homes doing nothing. James: Well that’s great. I’m gonna go train for a bit then. Ame: Alright James. Good luck. Ame went to 1 of her workers and started to talk to them about something. James went up to the trainer and he agreed to train his Pokemon up. It wasn’t difficult training up his Pokemon and their power didn’t increase dramatically but it was enough that James felt comfortable taking on Julia. He thanked the trainer and went to go exit the Grand Hall but heard Ame’s voice telling him to stop. He turned around to her. James: What is it Ame? Ame: I know I already said this but I just wanted to say good luck with your Gym Battle against Julia. James: Ohh. Well thanks hun. That means a lot. Ame: Also, before you just go through her Gym, I need you to do something. James: What’s that? Ame: There will be a computer terminal when you get into her gym. I want you to go to it and press the call button. James: Huh? Why? Ame: It’s a surprise. Now get to it. Big day for you. James: -chuckles- Well alrighty then. See you later. The 2 leaned in and kissed each other. James then left Grand Hall and walked to Julia’s Gym. He kept thinking about what Pokemon she would have other than her Electrode. This was gonna be 1 of his toughest challenges he had ever faced in his life. When he got to the big yellow building, he went inside. Remembered what Ame wanted him to do, he searched for the computer terminal. Once he located it, he went over and pressed the call button. It rang for a few seconds and then Ame’s face popped up on the screen. James: Ame? Ame: Hey James! James: What’s this? Ame: Well this computer terminal is for trainers that need advice on Gym Leaders their about to face. James: Ohh. That sounds helpful. Ame: So for Julia, her Electric Field will make all of her same-type attacks even stronger and add a jolt to some other attacks like her explosions! It’s standard fare but if you have something that can tank Electric attacks, you’re almost home free. James: Sounds complicated. Ame: Maybe. Hey. You have that app where the Field Effects can be read right? Did you take a look at it yet? James: Actually, no. I haven’t. Ame: Maybe you should before you go facing her. Anyways, good luck James! James: Thanks Ame. The screen shut off. James took out his Pokegear and looked at the Field Effects app. He found the 1 that said Electric Terrain and clicked onto it. There were a lot of notes on this Field Effect. James: Well, I guess I’m gonna have to use brute strength in this battle. James started to battle the trainers inside the Gym. At the end of 1 corridor, there was a Voltorb. It turned around to James. He didn’t know what to do so he went back to the entrance. The Voltorb was following him which confused him. He decided to have it just follow him since it didn’t seem dangerous. But he couldn’t go further beyond a steel grate. While thinking of what to do, the Voltorb went up towards the steel grate and started to glow. James: Voltorb? What are you… Ohh no! James jumped back away from Voltorb. It exploded, creating a hole in the steel grate. James couldn’t believe it. Julia’s Gym puzzle was to use these Voltorbs to blow holes in these steel grates? Well, it suited her. He got up and started to get through the Gym. It didn’t take much but he finally got to the end. He entered the next room and wasn’t much surprised to see a banner on the ceiling that said “KABOOM!” He could see Julia who seemed more hyper than usual. Julia: James! Hi! James: Hi Julia. Uhh… Are you ok? Julia: I’m great! I just had a lot of coffee! James: Ohh. That makes sense. Julia: But allow me to welcome you to the Super-Duper Ultra-Hyper Electro-Dazzle Happy Boom-Time House of Cheer! James: The Super-Duper what? Julia: Ohh yea. Please ignore all the superlame machinery junk. But I think I need more banners! And streamers! And… hmm… Fireworks! James: Wouldn’t that be more dangerous? Julia: Probably! James: Wouldn’t that also be a safety hazard too? Julia: Absolutely but who cares?! James: I do! Julia: Ohh yea… Hey! Don’t think I’ll go easy on you just because you helped us out earlier! I have pride to upheld! James: I didn’t expect you to. I want you to go all out! Julia: James I have to tell you something. James: And that would be? Julia: I am in fact… a former captain cheerleader! The Onyx Trainers’ School’s honor depends on me! OTS, we represent! We pack a punch and don’t relent! James: Where did that… You know what? I should expect this. Julia: Alright, alright, alright! I’m wired! So let’s fight! The 2 grasped their PokeBalls and threw them out. The battle started. James was actually having a decently easy time against Julia. He wasn’t expecting this. Maybe he trained up a bit too much. But when her Electrode came out, that’s when James started to have a little trouble. But luckily, he was able to knock it out and be victorious in his 1st ever Gym Battle. The both of them returned their Pokemon back to their PokeBalls. James: That was a great match Julia. Julia: Mrrrrr… James: Uhh… Julia? Julia: Whateverrrrrrr. I’m gonna go take a power nap. James: Wait! What about my badge?! Julia: Hmm? Ohh yea. I almost forgot. Fiiiiiine. Take your whatchamacolit Badge. -hands James the Volt Badge- James: Wow… This is amazing! Thanks. Julia: Yep… I need coffee… James: Uhh… Are you ok? Julia: I’m just tired. James: Ohh. I’m sorry. Julia: Yea… Well I’m going sleepies now! Good night!~ James was amazed when he witnessed Julia literally lay onto the ground and fall asleep right away. He looked her over just to make sure she was ok. When he was sure she was just fine and actually sleeping, he made his way out of the Gym holding his shiny new badge. When he got outside, he could see Victoria. He hadn’t seen her since the previous day. James: Hey Victoria! Victoria: Huh? -turns around- Ohh! Hey James! Wait. Did you just win your 1st badge? James: I sure did! Victoria: That’s great! James: Thanks. So are you here to challenge Julia too? You might have a hard time trying to wake her up. Victoria: Huh? What do you mean? James: She went to sleep almost as soon as she gave me my badge. Victoria: Ohh… Well I was going to but I heard something awful! Apparently something weird is happening in the Obsidia Ward. James: The Obsidia Ward… Florinia said something about that last night. Victoria: She tell you anything about it? James: Just that there was a situation going on there. Victoria: Well the plants are coming to life and attacking people. James: Huh?! How?! Victoria: I’m not sure. But it doesn’t sound good. As soon as I heard though, I knew I had to go over there and see if I can help! James: I think I’ll join you for that. I just gotta heal up my Pokemon 1st. Victoria: Alright. I’m gonna go then. See you there. Victoria left and headed to the Obsidia Ward. James went to the Pokemon Center to heal his Pokemon. When they were fully healed, he too then ventured to the Obsidia Ward to see if he could help with this plant life stuff. Pokemon Team Character Ratings
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    This is to people complaining about this thread: If you don't like it, don't read it. Or takeover to help cover the news in your spin. So Toye and Rial's Lawyer, Casey Erick, decided to play a funny little game of trying to get Vic's deposition and getting out of Ty getting any deposition or evidence claims for 90 days. Yeah, this just escalated quickly as Nick's livestream is going on and Erick didn't even contact Ty Beard for a new date for Toye and Rial's deposition. So this backfired really hard as Rial and Toye are going to have to go to a court trial EARLIER than intended asking questions regarding all of this. So things seem to have gotten quite interesting so we may be getting some major news in June. So yeah, I'll cover this if it develops. Edit: seems like Ty Beard sent a counter claim which has all the emails. Not much needs to be said but dear god their lawyer really is exceptional or sketchy as hell. In other news, dick pics of ProJared after his whole divorce from his wife over cheating have surfaced. I unfortunately caught glimpse of said object. Don't Google it. Please don't.
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    Question: do any of y'all worry about like, the possibility of this community just dying? How long are we gonna last before the forums fade to nothing? 5 years? 10? Because I pretty recently decided to come back on, but I totally could have just never done so, and then the community would have had one more person gone forever. Does this scare anyone else, or am I just crazy?
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