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    Will probably be accepted as an intern on a National Marines Troups museum Oo :hope:
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    Happy birthday, hope this day is filled with fiery good memories and that the year is filled with many warm memories for you and your loved ones
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    Happy happy birthday Q-Jei! Just ignore the “Gold” part
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    Here's a photo of awkward me 6 years ago: Still awkward now tbf
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    James double checked everything he had with him and then started to battle other trainers. When he tried to go onto the bridge, some kinds blocked the way saying that it was their bridge and that the only way he could get through was to battle them and beat them. They were terribly tough battles but it was enough get James even more excited about training his Pokemon even more now than he usual would have. As James was training, he could hear someone yelling. ???: What are you doing?! You either do what we say or you’ll be thrown over the edge! You got that?! James ran over to see what was going on. When he got closer, he could see a couple of boys bullying what seemed to be a Pachirisu. But as he went to intervene, another boy stepped in the way. James: Hey. Get out of the way! Boy #1: We’re busy here. Can’t you see that? Now scat! James: No! Boy #1: Are you stupid or something? I said scram! James: No! What you guys are doing to that Pachirisu isn’t right! Boy #1: It’s a wild Pokemon. We can do what we want with it! You know what mister, you’re getting on my nerves! I’ll shut you up with a battle! James: Fine! I need to get my Pokemon stronger anyways! The 2 threw out their Pokemon and the battle ended as soon as it started. They both returned their Pokemon back to their PokeBalls. James look at him in an annoyed way. The boy looked down at the ground and moved out of the way. James rushed up to the other 2 boys that were bullying Pachirisu. James: Hey! Leave it alone! Boy #2: Huh? What are you doing here?! James: I said leave it alone! Boy #3: Wait. What happened to the dude that was supposed to not let anyone bother us? Boy #1: He beat me ok? Boy #2: Ugh. Useless! Look dude, it’s a wild Pokemon. We can do anything we want. James: Ok. Then battle it or catch it. But don’t threaten it. Boy #3: Whatever. We don’t have to listen to you. Boy #2: Yea. You’re messin’ up our game here. Now shoo fly. James: I guess we’re gonna do this again huh? -grabs a PokeBall from his belt- Boy #3: You’re gonna battle us? Psh. Fine. Don’t cry when you lose though. James threw out 2 Pokemon as the 2 boys threw out their Pokemon. It was a decently hard battle but James came out the winner. The 2 were definitely mad but they had no other choice than to give up their bullying. James went up to the Pachirisu to make sure it was ok. It climbed up onto James’ shoulder, rubbed its cheek up against his and then ran off. James was happy he could help the little squirrel Pokemon. It felt good to do something right. After that, he decided it was time to head into the Peridot Ward to continue making his Pokemon stronger. There were loads more trainers here than on the bridge. But he was winning all of his battles and he was loving every second of it. He was used to losing a lot back in his Team Rocket days. Now he was winning, winning, winning. He loved it. He finally made it to the big yellow building but when he went to open the door, it was locked. He then noticed a note on the door and read it. James: “Julia, do consider curbing your soporific tendencies before agreeing to rendezvous during your “naptime.” Nonetheless, we will proceed to the factory. Join immediately.” Wow… These seem like smart words. And this person is friends with her? What a weird place. But it doesn’t seem she’s here then. Maybe I should try to check any factories I see while I look around the ward. James continued his exploration of the Peridot Ward. It was a very big place but a lot of the buildings still looked bad. They were made out of weird wood and steel plates. He felt bad for the people here. They had to live in these houses and buildings? He wish he could help them somehow but all he could do was just hope that things would get better for them eventually. Luckily for James though, there were a lot of trainers in the ward and he could tell his Pokemon were getting stronger and stronger. At 1 point, he came across what seemed to be a factory but he couldn’t see anyone there. So he continued his training. For the next couple of hours, he kept on battling trainers more and more which meant his Pokemon were gaining experience and getting stronger. He was happy with the results. He had not lost 1 battle yet. It was starting to get late and James was exploring the last bit of the ward he hadn’t seen. He came across a big blackish/gray building and in front of it, he could see a green haired boy in front of it. As he walked closer, he could hear him talking. ???: Ugh! Where are they? They said to meet at the old factory. Well I’m here and they aren’t anywhere to be found and… Wait. Did they mean the other factory! They should have specified! James speculated that this person must have been talking about Julia and the person that wrote the note and left it on her Gym door. James went up to him to ask if he knew Julia but before he could get a word out, the boy turned around and saw him. He looked annoyed James was there next to him. ???: Hey. What are you looking at? James: Huh? Look, have you heard of- ???: Wait. Do you have a problem with me? James: What? No. Why would I have a problem with you? We just met. ???: Well I hope not. I don’t think you quite know who you’re messing with. James: But I’m not doing anythi- Fern: Hush loser. Name’s Fern. Yours? James: I’m Ja- Fern: Don’t care. Listen here, I’m the cool cat and the top dog. Got it? Because I’ll be honest. I don’t think you do. James: Geez. You’re such a… a… a twerp. Fern: I’m sorry. I must have heard you wrong. Did you just call me a twerp? James: Yes because you are 1. James: Alright man. What happens next isn’t my fault. Just remember that. Get ready for a lesson in class! The battle got under way. This Fern person was stronger than any of the other trainers he had fought since he had gotten to Reborn. He could tell that his Pokemon were at a higher level. But somehow, James was able to come out victorious. Fern was obviously annoyed with the outcome of the match. Fern: Whatever man. I don’t have time for this. You got lucky anyways. I could tell your Pokemon weren’t at that high of a level. I was just… distracted because I have places to be. Unlike SOME people. James: Making up excuses on why you lost ehh? Fern: Nope. I’m just stating the truth. Do you think you’re all high and mighty just because you’re doing the Gym League challenge? Psh. You don’t even have a badge yet. Talk about lame. James: Look, I didn’t come here for trouble. I just wanna know where- Fern: Go work on getting a a badge and then we’ll talk. But right now, I am required elsewhere. Later loser! Fern left the area. James was highly annoyed and furious at how he had treated him. He was a real twerp in his eyes. Although he didn’t find out anything about where Julia could have been, he was happy that he was not there anymore. It was now evening time. James decided he should go back to the Grand Hall and spend the night there. He was really missing Ame too. As James was walking towards the train tracks, he heard something. ???: HEEELLLLLP! SOMEONE HELP! James: What the… A loud scream for help was heard. James listened again for the scream. When he heard it, he ran to the direction of the noise. Luckily, the woman never stopped screaming, so James was able to locate her quickly. He came up to a house. When he opened up the door, he could see 2 people dressed in all black cornering a frightened woman. Suspicious Man: Stop screaming! It’s useless. No one’s going to help you Miss. This Pokemon now belongs to Team Meteor. James: Hey! What are you 2 doing?! Suspicious Woman: Huh? -turns around as does her partner towards James- Who the hell are you? James: Nevermind who I am! Who are you 2?! The 2 looked at each other and smirked at each other. They then started to do poses. James had a sense of deja vu right now. Suspicious Man: Well now that you know we’re here… I’m afraid you’ll just have to be eliminated. Suspicious Woman: This is an attack! Suspicious Man: So brace for impact! James: Umm… This sounds very familiar. Suspicious Woman: To eliminate this infestation! Suspicious Man: To restore the art of God’s own nation! James: Has the same melody but the words are different. Suspicious Woman: To break apart the world above! Suspicious Man: To find what lies beneath truth and love! Duo: Team Meteor! James: Yep. I’m pretty sure I know what this is. Suspicious Woman: Resonating with the eternal light! Suspicious Man: Run away now! Don’t try to fight! Duo: For justice! That’s right! James: You ripped off Team Rocket’s motto didn’t you? Suspicious Man: We didn’t rip it off! We simply made it better! Suspicious Woman: Shut up! We need to make sure we deal with the problem at hand now! James: Good luck with that! Both sides threw out their Pokemon. The evil team, which seemed to be called Team Meteor, were actually pretty good but in the end, James was able to double KO both their Pokemon. They returned them back to their PokeBalls and seemed to debate what to do. Suspicious Woman: Grr! Damnit all! If we continue, we jeopardise our main objective! James: It’s over! You either leave now or be dealt with even more! Suspicious Man: Tch! This isn’t over! Suspicious Woman: Retreat! The 2 ran past James and out the door going to wherever. James was relived that he had helped someone in need. He went up to the woman to make sure that she was alright. James: Hey. Are you ok Miss? Woman: Yes. Thank you for coming to the rescue. James: Were they trying to kidnap your Igglybuff? Woman: Yes. Apparently it’s a very rare Pokemon. James: Well I’m glad I could help out. Woman: I’m sure they won’t come back here again. I don’t know how I could repay you. James: It’s alright. I’m just glad I got here in time. Well take care now. Woman: Good bye! James walked out of the house. He searched around the area of the house just in case the 2 were still around and were waiting for him to leave just to go back in and steal the Pokemon. When he made sure there was no 1 there, he started his walk back to the Grand Hall. He knew he had to tell Ame about what had happened about this Team Meteor. Pokemon Team Character Ratings
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    Happy birthday
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    Happy Birthday Q-Jei~ Make sure to eat cake if you can~ And then visit your dentist
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    We had to take the cats' food bowls away temporarily because they were swarming with ants, and Cooper is very upset about this. To the point she keeps following me everywhere while meowing loudly.
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    Strange. The only time I have ever seen that happen is when the .rb file is not in the correct location. IIRC, the path is case sensitive. "<pokemon reborn folder>/Data/Mods". If that is not the issue, then try re-downloading the mod and copying both parts to their respective folders. If that does not work, the only thing I can think of is to zip up your reborn folder and send me a link. Then, I may be able to diagnose it.
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    Like the new profile pic
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    Happy Birthday Q-Jei , i hope that you will have a great day
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    @sanwinner Here you go! Brand new savefile with (almost) 3 full boxes of eggs! Unfortunately, since just adding the Pokemon one by one and changing them into eggs (with one step to hatch btw) took so long, I did not have a look at the IV's and they don't have egg moves... BUT I did add one of each evolutionnary stones in the bag and some specific evolutionary items to make up for that. As well as a TON of Rare Candies. Have fun and good luck! Game.rxdata
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    Actually, I have and a lot of them in fact. The fact of the matter is, if you know anything about fan-manga's, is that they are sold all the time. Literally. Go on Ebay or any manga-artist's website and you'll find tons of fan works being sold. The caveat there is that they aren't being mass-produced, whereas these have been individually published and printed to be sold by me and me alone. No re-seller involved. Also, there isn't enough being sold to where Game Freak has given me a Cease and Desist. And if you're curious, I sold well over 250, thanks to conventions and my University supporting my project.
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    In today's episode of Hunger Games Live: A mini-drama fittingly titled A Cursed Love Story. Don't leave your seat now~ Ready, go! (keep in mind, some parts will be totally our of context) *Screen changes to show one part of the Arena* Noooo T_T What a gut-wrenching turn of events! I'm moved to tears! T_T But such is fate. On a separate note, another explosion took place earlier and Nick Crash perished in it, as well. A personal hard blow, for I don't know why I have a feeling that had he not been a tribute and I hadn't been a fantastic glittery and sweet Show Host beloved by all of the Capitol, he would've been my 2nd husband. Who knows, amirite? uwu Nick Crash has fallen! They were [ T_T]! --- I am very pleased with the amount of tributes that have been perishing this past couple of day phases. I mean, I knew my strategy of shrinking the Arena size and then making a lovely new item was exactly what these Games needed~ Now we have a lucky number, 7, of tributes. That means it'll be difficult to find each other even in the new Arena... so guess what? I'm going to shrink it further! Muwahahaha This is the final size of the Arena. 5 more tributes to go, everyone Night Ten has started! Roll and die, tributes! Tributes 1- Alaris 2- Jason Grace (Fallen N2, Poison) 3- Quillish (Fallen D10, Heartbreak) 4- Amethyst 5- DigitalAmber (Fallen D9, Shot) 6- Nano4 (Fallen N7, Poison) 7- Yahy 8- Yahen (Fallen N0, Bloodbath) 9- Dragoknight (Fallen D9, Explosion) 10- Astra125 (Fallen N5, Feast) 11- Jelly (Fallen N5, Poison) 12- Caimie 13- Nicki 14- andracass (Fallen D8, Shot) 15- Newt (Fallen N4, Poison) 16- CrimsonDragon21 17- ECT 18- Lía (Fallen N6, Feast) 19- LykosHand (Lost wincon) 20- Bok Choi (Fallen N0, Bloodbath) 21- Bazaro (Fallen D7, Shot) 22- Alistair (Fallen D9, Shot) 23- Corso (Fallen D5, Shot) 24- Hypurr (Fallen D10, Shot) 25- Jace Stormkirk (Fallen N6, Poison) 26- Nick Crash (Fallen D10, Explosion) 27- GenEric (Fallen N5, Modkill)
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