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    (casually copypasting, don't mind me..) This script adds the ability for players to quickly skip through messages by holding the B button during them. It works by exploiting a glitch that jumps through messages when the text speed is set to a very high number. So... thank Bethesda for the inspiration or something. It's a feature now. Open your script editor and press Ctrl+Shift+F. Paste the following line: if (Input.trigger?(Input::C) || Input.trigger?(Input::B)) It should display a search box that returns a sole result in "Messages". In vanilla 17.2, it appears to be line 1258. Jump to the searched line by double-clicking it. Directly above that line, paste the following code: if Input.press?(Input::B) msgwindow.textspeed=-999 msgwindow.update if msgwindow.busy? pbPlayDecisionSE() if msgwindow.pausing? msgwindow.resume else break if signWaitCount==0 end end When done, it should look like this: ...and that's all that's necessary! You can change the key required to script by changing the Input::B part to another letter or key input, but "B" corresponds to the X key. Because RMXP is weird like that. If used, please credit: Amethyst Kurotsune
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    I hate critical hits in pokemon. So much. Okay so Samson was hell. I actually had to resort to seeds for a change because hawlucha was just too OP otherwise and would birdbang everyone. I did figure out a good strat though: lead off with tangrowth(I used shiftry later attempts since he actually outspeeds hariyama)to set up grassy terrain(boosted with amp rock), then send out Gogoat with elemental seed for the def boost/health regen. Stack up 3 bulk ups(4 if hariyama KO'd shiftry right away but it only happened once), KO hariyama(with grass pelt gogoat becomes a physical fortress on grassy terrain so hariyama can hardly deal damage) and samson sends out hawlucha. Hawlucha would always lead with swords dance, so I used leaf blade to bring him to yellow(or OHKO on crit which happened only once), next turn he would use roost which would remove his grass resist and get OHKO by leaf blade that turn. After that blaziken would show up, then mienshao, and lucario, all of whom Gogoat could take on alone provided she didn't get hit by a critical somewhere. Problem is, samson would nail a critical eventually every time I attempted this. Once it was a blaze kick, first time I pulled this strat off mienshao's first acrobatics was a critical. One egregious case was when hawlucha actually used flying press instead of roost, which he only did once out of the numerous times I tried this strat, and of course it was a critical. This had me suspecting that the AI *knows* when it'll get a critical and take appropriate action, as if flying press wasn't a crit it wouldn't have KO'd. Eventually I had a good stroke of luck and manged to get to conkledurr, landed a leaf blade to bring him to yellow, then got..crit by 9000 brick break :I Thankfully big top was long back by then and I had jumpluff use acrobatics boosted by the synthetic seed while samson healed with a potion, which didn't help him at all lol. But jeez that fight was frustrating. Being slightly underlevelled(63 was my highest for this battle) didn't help either, but hawlucha is just so stupid in this fight, as soon as he's on big top everything just dies. This badge took a lot of attempts, first to simply find a working strategy against hawlucha and then several attempts getting the strategy to work without being ruined by bad luck. I'm sooooo glad I got Gogoat though, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to win this fight.
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    Beheeyem Crest +20 HP Gains new signature ability Abduct: This Pokemon has a 30% chance to confuse the opponent with it's attacking moves.
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    Hacking complete. Bladestar takeover commencing...
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    Don't let this get to ya mate. Just go with the hype train and appreciate it while you play the last Ep. Maybe do something to remember it when you get older. Most of the good things in life love this "well guess i'll end" thing. Looking forward to it. Im even trying to learn how to sprite and edit thingys just like @Candy did on her Fairy Tale themed post. Maybe ill learn to program something by myself with this hype. Well, thats it bye nERD (im sorry) mate.
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    So I know that everyone here is counting down the milliseconds until Reborn is finished. I'm happy about it too and if you had of asked me a year or two ago about this moment coming up I'd be the conductor of the hype train. Now though... I'm starting to realize this journey is ending. I've been around since about V9 and so I've seen the massive changes and growth within the game and community and when the game is complete a lot will change. I only say this due to the fact another game I've been playing kinda completed a while back (maplestory, dunno why you give an mmo a final boss but w/e) and it left me feeling happy and sad from the first moments of downloading the game to the final chapter and closing the book. Obviously once I beat reborn it wont delete itself from my computer and lock me from playing again but I can't help but feel a little bittersweet about such a long adventure that I watched for such a long time coming to an end. Am I just getting old? Am I too in my feelings? Am I high right now? Do I ever get nervous? Am I single? I don't know. Curious how everyone is looking at towards the end and how long you've been watching the story unfold.
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    Just after WTC event you can get it, in around Ciel
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    They're in the PBS file which is publicly available through the FAQ. That comes with a bunch of .txt files, the one you're looking for is called trainer.txt These files have all the data on trainers and their pokemon. The EVs are listed at the end of each pokemon's line, with the important note that it's HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack, Special Defense. Essentials always puts Speed 4th since that's just how they coded it. If there isn't an EV spread at the end, as is the case for a lot of random trainers, all of that pokemon's EVs are its Level * 1.5, up to a max of 85 (85 into each stat is 85*6, which is 510). On how to read the whole thing
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    October 28 - Night Zero The ancestral home of the Fernández family was a particularly quiet and calm place to be in. Its halls and rooms were often uninhabited most of the year as the members of the family had been scattered in the pursuit of different interests. Among the family, only the Family Head and his wife stayed in the house to maintain its upkeep and tradition while the Main Line and Branch Family leaders only visited habitually in response to their obligations. At this odd time of the year, however, the ancestral home felt less empty than before as family members who had come from both near and far entered the home. The young children of the families were running around the narrow halls despite being warned by the housemaids to stop playing around because they might break the expensive antique vases and figurines decorated in the corridors and rooms. As more and more family members were gathered in the main room of the ancestral home, conversations began between some of the more acquainted family members. Mothers expressed genuine interest as they shared stories of their children while fathers and bachelors of the same age bracket compared their latest acquisitions and achievements. The ancestral home had not been filled with such a high level of energy, as only selected members of the family were required to assist in the preparation for the Day of the Dead in the past years. The Day of the Dead celebration was more special for this year, as it would be held in commemoration of the 1000th year since the establishment of the Fernández clan by Jose and Valeria Fernández. As such, all members of the family were invited and greatly encouraged to be present for the Day of the Dead. The jovial interactions were interrupted by the sound of the gong being hit by Carlos Fernández, the Family Head. Although he was 95 years old, his strength and youthful features made him appear younger. He began to speak. “As the Fernández Family Head, I thank all of you for travelling to our ancestral home for the Day of the Dead. It has been heartwarming and gratifying to see all of you here again. In celebration of this gathering, a banquet of food and drinks will be served, as well as, entertainment and music to last this night long first night of this reunion.” He took a wine glass from the table and raised it up to the air. “I hope you enjoy this night. Cheers!” Most of the members of the family enthusiastically raised their wine glasses. The night was just beginning.
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    Hello! This is not my first post (it's actually my third). I am playing Reborn for the first time and am really enjoying it! I love Pokémon, Nintendo games in general, D & D, computer programming, and chemistry. In Reborn, I am about to challenge Aya. I joined the forum to ask for a Metal Coat to help me evolve my Onix to beat her, as she is extremely hard. I am really enjoying it so far. I'm hoping joining the forum was not a mistake!
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    All eyes turned to the host in suspicion. "W-what?" he stammered, "why are you giving me that look!" "There weren't any party crashers!" one guest proclaimed, "you set us all up!" Several voices chanted in agreement. "That's preposterous!" the host exclaimed. "Why would I crash my own party?" No one averted their glare. The host hurried to the box, and discovered a note tucked underneath, "We bought you a pizza for the party, have fun! Love, Mom and Dad." --- Night 4 Starts! ... Just kidding! There's no way the remaining Night Actions could influence the Town's win condition, so Town wins! ... the ones that survived, anyways. Game Over! The Town has won. Looks like you were right after all. Everybody was Town all along! 1. DigitalAmber, the Bomb N1 2. Nano4, the Bulletproof 3. Andracass, the Doctor 4. PurpleCicada, the Doctor 5. Bean, the Driver 6. L'Belle, the Drunk N0 7. Alaris, the Jailer D3 8. Newt, the Leader 9. Jace, the Loudmouth 10. Lia, the Stalker D1 11. Astra, the Supplier 12. Kiet, the Supplier 13. LykosHand, the Templar 14. Caimie, the Templar 15. Alistair,-the Vigilante D1 16. Amethyst, the Vigilante D2 17. Jelly, the Watcher D3 Congrats to our survivors for figuring out the catch in this game, it was fun to set up and see in action. Me and the jurors will get awards out soon
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    Since some people happen to really suck at file sharing, I've taken one for the team. https://mega.nz/#!mWogWa4R!qrSlnIYM98KXLQld8yrvDBTm6NXqq0mC2SWszRwUk7I @Alphaverb @Shaytoplay @Hydrogen
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    Pokegear "Amethyst" Edition : (probably an "Emerald" and "Ruby" Edition soon, so that there's 5 themes to choose from... that's a lot of themes, in hindsight.)
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    Make unown great again Unown crest: Hidden power becomes super effective against all types and gains STAB regardless of type(If target is dual type then it deals 4x damage). Damage against it is reduced to half or one-third of its original damage
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    Crobat Crest: +20 Sp.Atk and gives it Sheer Force. If that's too much, then Sheer Force can be omitted. I just thought Crobat's special game was always ignored since it's not as powerful even though it has better coverage on the special side. These crests can help with that, hopefully.
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    So earlier today, Jan asked people for some ideas for Crests over on Reborn's Discord server and it was suggested that we also take it up here on the Dev Blog! So here we are. Let's get some basics out of the way for those of you who are not aware. What is a Crest? This is a crest. It's an species specific item much like Pikachu's infamous Light Ball or the Soul Dew of the Lati@s that gives them some boosts, often in the form of stats or something else. In Dusknoir's case here, it's base attack stat becomes 120, and it now gains an additional ability in Technician, powering up it's Shadow Punch and Shadow Sneak considerably! Others however can have different effects; Like these for example, acting as a buffer against weaknesses! There's no true end to what they can do. That being said these are primarily designed for weaker Pokemon, the only restriction is that no Pseudo-Legendary may get one. ------------------------------- What I ask from you people is to each ideas for a crest. We will then select the one we like the most and include it into the game! Better get cracking and creative if you want yours in then!
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    A little late on the realization there. About 11 versions late, to be exact. Melia's an actual name that I can use because it's not copyrighted. So, I did. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Name it Jan anyway, imo.
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    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Can't and won't estimate because it never works out, lol.
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    Got some game-changing info Bois
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    So, like I did with last episode in Reborn with Rock Climb, I got curious and went looking for all the locations you would (in theory) be able to Dive. Of course, remains to be seen if all of these areas will stay the same! Happy theorizing~
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    Happy Birthday , i hope that you will have a fun day
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    It's funny because I only put up the thread yesterday out of impulse. Really? It's sorta weird hearing people express their surprise about the status thread already being up. I was stressing myself out because I thought a month was too long, haha.
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    Don't you love it when you're told you'll be out of somewhere by x time, then you're still there 6-7 hours later? Yeah, great day.....
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