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    Rejuvenation continues! We're on Route 2... also we kicked it up to Intense Mode! https://www.twitch.tv/amethystblack
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    She is definitely the young girl from the orphanage that everyone recognizes. In episode 18, she even mentions taking away Lauras pens to trigger her if you had Laura with you while stopping Pulse Abra. Though at the moment it is still unknown how she aged so much or if its even her real form we are seeing whenever we encounter her. My guess is that her current body is some type of indestructible avatar she is controlling from afar.
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    remembered I have a twitter acc from about 2 years ago. might aswell just use it, right?
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    Hi everyone, My name is Michael, and have been an enormous fan of Pokemon Reborn for over a year now. It is everything I've always hoped a Pokemon game would be and at least my favourite Pokemon game I've ever played. I've played through twice and have over 700 hours in my main file :) This site has been invaluable for helping me move towards completing the final quest I have left....completing the Pokedex (currently have 715) Wanted to say thank you to everyone who has worked to make this game awesome as well as the community that contribute (especially the fan theories that I enjoy reading). Best wishes
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    @Commander I updated my Hajime's submission. Thanks for the E18 Release! Will play it after i watch some movies.
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    Nah, I don't care about that, wasn't planning on adding em to the team, just told my friend that I'm playing along with that I want to get all of them out of spite and I'm keeping to that promise.
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    I see you've met the garchomp. Three things: 1. This is not the forum to post for trades... Post on Online Play for that, On The Hunt is supposed to be for things one can find in their own game like side quests and stuff. 2. You don't need to beat that garchomp for the story to progress. You don't white out, the cutscene progresses regardless of what you do. The most difference you'll make is 2 lines of dialogue. 3. I can trade you a swablu, don't need any shiny just gimme a rattata or smth. Online name is Proxima.
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    Try going to route 9, there's a time crystal there..somewhere
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    This might be the cutest thing ever... choose your Rowlet
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