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    Hi everyone, My name is Michael, and have been an enormous fan of Pokemon Reborn for over a year now. It is everything I've always hoped a Pokemon game would be and at least my favourite Pokemon game I've ever played. I've played through twice and have over 700 hours in my main file :) This site has been invaluable for helping me move towards completing the final quest I have left....completing the Pokedex (currently have 715) Wanted to say thank you to everyone who has worked to make this game awesome as well as the community that contribute (especially the fan theories that I enjoy reading). Best wishes
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    I see you've met the garchomp. Three things: 1. This is not the forum to post for trades... Post on Online Play for that, On The Hunt is supposed to be for things one can find in their own game like side quests and stuff. 2. You don't need to beat that garchomp for the story to progress. You don't white out, the cutscene progresses regardless of what you do. The most difference you'll make is 2 lines of dialogue. 3. I can trade you a swablu, don't need any shiny just gimme a rattata or smth. Online name is Proxima.
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    Go to this spot here, and you can surf up to the mudkip. Note: It actually took me a while to figure this out.
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    My boyfriend likes playing beast alot himself, my friend Gingy likes Fane or any undead character though our other 2 friends don't seem to have a preference so far
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    Great games. My wife and I loved co-oping both of them on the PS4! I found DOS2 to be far superior and fixed a lot of the issues I had with DOS1. I played the Red Prince whilst my wife played Beast.
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    I'd take Nexus' Charlotte voice over his Tania voice any day. Also Twit duped them all out of an encounter.
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    ahh I'm too late. gomen nasai. go eat some noodles as compensation. next up is Q-Jei, naturally
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    Fanart of my favorite character from Reborn. Save the world, or let it burn. I don't care.
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    next to taka and solaris, you guys can probably tell who my other favorite character in team meteor is
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