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    Are you ready? This is where it all begins. Let me introduce you. Pokémon Silver Lifeline. Introduction: Welcome to the Opal Region, where crime and injustice never rests. You are the child of a crime organisation leader. The crime organisation's name? Team Silver. They will rest at nothing to achieve their goals. Join the team and pursue your dreams of finally becoming a Pokémon Trainer. ..And prevent the catastrophe from occuring. And in time.. All hell will break loose. Features: All 802 Pokémon. A story based off on what you do. 18 Gyms Total. Rejuvenation's Tilesets. 4 hours of gameplay (So far, at least). Field Effects (Ame has let me use them.) Credits: Jan: Letting us use the Tilesets in Pokémon Rejuvenation. Ame: Motivational support and letting me use her field effects. Reborn: Giving me motivation to do this. Rejuv: Giving me motivation to do this. Also for the tilesets Desolation: Motivating me to finally do this. My team: Helping me to develop it into where it is right now. Discord https://discord.gg/snnFfkk Screenshots -My Development Team- ###Development### Want to join my Dev Team? Here's a form. https://goo.gl/forms/DK2OmZHkih3kwkDq2 For inquiries, please message me on discord at Memoires#1024, or leave a post with your question on it. Thank you.
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    Thanks. It might be a couple of days before the next video comes up. I just bred the Pokemon I caught in the last episode and now EV training them. Hopefully I'll be done by tonight or sometime tomorrow. Thanks though!
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    Ok I'll try when I'm playing tomorrow and post the answer here
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    YYYAAASSSS!!! you finally caught skrelp though I forgot to tell you that you should name it Nemesis since it is a male opps...(lll¬ω¬) but don't worry hopefully Dragalge will be a great contribute to the team its op sp.defence definitely save my hide a lot but then again it might get outshine by Chiko 〒▽〒
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    It's called 'Hypeitis' and it's a serious condition we all have. Our recommendation is to replay Rejuvenation or Reborn using a challenge mode (If this isn't your first time playing the respective game) and document your findings for release when V11 drops.
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    Pokémon lay eggs? I thought we had no idea where they came from
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    She is trying to watch pokemon lay an egg
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    I like schoolgirls, a lot! But not THIS one... Please erase her Please erase her Please erase her Please erase her Please erase her (Looks at Sirius and his Chandelure...)
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    After 4 months here is the death montage