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    Desolation isn't dead. However, that doesn't necessarily mean I have good news either. I made the developers mistake of promising a deadline that was impossible for me to meet and for that, I'm incredibly sorry. I made this post to confirm a few things: 1) The fans here are truly incredible. The knowledge that my fan game hasn't died yet is truly humbling. I owe it to everyone here to give the best possible experience for the next Episode. 2) Yes, I said, "next Episode" which means Desolation isn't dead - it's coming (slowly). 3) University is rough - med school doesn't really give you any free time here, that is where my lack of time comes from. I'm still working on the game. I will make further updates when things are coming up, otherwise, I won't really be on this forum too often. Thanks again for the continued support. This fanbase is incredible - the attitude from the fans here really inspires me to keep going with this project
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    I accepted a little challange.. Rep me if you like me. Important btw.
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    I still remember these old Wii Commercials
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    Reuploaded Spork with the following fixes and updates: -changed Guzzlord's victory theme to the rest of the UBs -fixed typo in an Olidroll Pokemon Center NPC's speech: "My team are exhausted" -> "My team is exhausted" -fixed typo in Stryker's dialogue when he gives the Thunder TM: "It's accuracy isn't the best" -> "Its accuracy isn't the best" -Changed Umira and Mt. Comet's music to this, as I mentioned I was going to do -Changed Virima City's music to this (and Virima Hotel as well) -Changed Cianosa City's music to this -Changed Norall Mountain's music to this (Norall City's music is still GlitchxCity's Christmas Medley 2016 and will stay that way) I didn't experience any chest pain yesterday! I'm feeling a lot better now.
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    First day of move-in in the appartment , feel so good !! Soon Soon
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    1. Why are you always absent? It might be depression. General bad times. I also tend to put pressure on myself if I don't perform well, but I try to remind myself I'm with people who don't mind. 2. What's your favorite type of candy? other than Prince Candy I dunno! Food is hard for me to pick favorites of, so a few of my top?: cotton candy, candy corn, rock candy, licorice jelly beans (I've yet to try real licorice ;m;), root beer candies, cinnamon hard candies. Yeah, I might have the taste buds of a heathen I know. 3. Where would you like to travel and/or live? Now that possible nuclear war is defusing maybe US? I know it sucks but a lot of things happen there and talking Spanish is like, more energy for less effectiveness . There a latinx communities so I can still find places w the good food. Also I miss temperate climate though I definitely need to get acclimated. 4. What's your favorite animal? I bet it's the cat uwu I already gave the name backstory YA'LL THE ONES WHO STARTED CALLING ME CAT!! I like rabbits actually. Gentle buns. 5. What's your favorite type of weather and why? Thunder and rain. It's good to listen to and adds a chill atmosphere with the calm grey skies it brings. It's actually currently cloudy so I'm hoping it at least starts raining. 6. Do you have a collection of plushies? I'm supposed to but currently I'm afraid my mom threw them away and I haven't the bravery to ask where they are. I will get them back when I move out. And will probably increase collection then. 7. What kind of job would you like to have? I honestly don't know. I'll see where my passions take me. 8. Any good book/game/movie you'd recommend us? I'm reallyyyy bad w this, I always liked Rosaura at 10 o'clock but I wouldn't recommend it cause I don't feel like it's a thing people get into. It' a murder mystery novel where the case gets unraveled through the different views of different characters. I find myself empathizing with the paint restorer but if you read it that's not necessarily a good thing. Funnily enough my cousin hates this novel and I know it's gotten memed on by the seniors during high school (you read it in the final year) to the point where I already know the plot twist, but I didn't know how it played in until I read it. Games? Uhhh be sure to play PMD: Sky? The game means a lot to me. I also enjoy people getting into Pokemon Uranium and Rejuvenation CAUSE SOME PEOPLE HAVEN'T TRIED. Aaaand I'm not a big movie person at all. 9. Favorite type of pokémon? Dark!! Best mons, ( like Mandibuzz and Mightyena and M-Absol and Yveltal and) best moves (nasty plot, foul play, taunt, knock off), and a possible dark fairy would be so cool! Or at least I hope I like it.. 10. Ever taken the Myers-Briggs personality test? if yes, what was your result? IS something J. Eh, let's redo it. ISTP, all right all right.
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    Tfw running through avatars way too quickly. I need to pick one to stick with for more than two weeks. Or at least find a Kuro I like so I can pretend I'm consistent
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    I I've got a new idea, Wide Guard, since it protects the user and it's ally in a double battle from moves like Rock Slide and Heat Wave, it's perfect in Charlotte's gym
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    We found the new daedric prince of bad decisions and populism!
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    Don't apologize for that. Take care of yourself 1st and worry about the game later. It's wonderful with everything you've done so far.
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    It's from The Rebellion Story, sequel to PMMM. I like Luffy and it fits you a lot in my opinion. 9/10
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    Happy Birthday , i hope that you will have a fun day ^^
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