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    Pokémon Miracle development topic * Introduction Hello, everyone! I’m Amanojaku, and I’ve been lurking around the forums for some time without much activity. Miracle as a project has been planned for quite a long time, but I’ve been ironing out some kinks to make the story flow better. So, without further ado, let’s talk about the game. * Plot Atlas is a region known for its rich mythology. While some tales resisted the test of time, others have been buried into obscurity. It’s the duty of an explorer to investigate those legends and bring the truth to light. You are a talented student at the Sigma University, one of the most prestigious in the region. The local professor, Alexander Cercis, has heard about your accomplishments and invited you, along with some of your fellow students, to be his assistant. Now, you’ve been tasked with gathering information from myths all over the region. In fact, you already have a mystery to work with. In your dreams, a person named Vega appears and claims to want to give you their assistance on your mission. Who are they and why do they want to help you? The answer might be related to the same legends they want to help you research. * Features - Gen 4-styled graphics and tilesets - 14 Gym Leaders and an Elite 4 - Following Pokémon - IV/EV checker - Advanced Pokédex - All 721+ Pokémon, starters included - A morality system that completely changes the course of the story - Changes in some Pokémon’s movesets, abilities and typings - Custom terrains - Difficulty modes * Characters * The Atlas Region A mountainous region surrounded by the ocean. Atlas is split in half by Mt. Aureum and, as such, the north and south halves are almost like two different regions. The capital, Eridan City, shares traits from both halves. Atlas has suffered heavy losses from a war that happened a decade ago. As a consequence, the Pokémon League is heavily militarized and its members have important political roles. * Progress * Beta testers * Screenshots * Credits
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    We need some more Titania love here. I made this one quite a while ago, actually (it was still 2015 even, I think). I seem to have forgotten about it until now...
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    You can click the "Quote" button in the bottom right corner of the post you want to quote like right here -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------^^^
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    I was forced to pose for the newspaper. Here is my face, I am long hair guy. It is awkward as hell but my hair is guhreat.
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    I'm on my way to getting a nice sidecut eventually. Since I previously had an undercut, the new haircut turned out a bit shorter than planned, because the previously shaved parts haven't grown out long enough yet. But I'm still satisfied with it. Plus, I got my colours back. Now if only I'd stop looking like I'm 16, I'd appreciate that.
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    Caz said around two months ago that he was suddenly dealing with major IRL issues, so development is now on limbo indefinitely until everything's sorted out.
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    teal is always a good ass color for hair tbh
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    NOT ACTUALLY FUNNY! - but sharing for the feels
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