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    It is a secret side-quest. Try inspecting the statues near Narcissa's battlefield.
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    i drew another cain also im doubleposting because this is art and i need the posts he's uh... lookin very nice. my very handsome husband/son/dad i swear next time i post here i'll post something serious (as in, uh, not a sketch with no bg/etc) im open to suggestions too but only if i like the character i still have to draw florinia tho bc best girl idc #blamemiguel
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    I'll have to do a better version at some point in time but im enjoying these new colors personally ive been sitting in this goddamn chair for like 2 and a half hours though i've had enough that said, have my boy cain. this thread gets me super hype to draw so ill be here more frequently than before to just put out some sketches and warm up stuff. i know wooper isn't his type but it's so happy and it's lowkey one of my fave pokemon so :]
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    So, I decided to throw some of my music on here (well, rather, it was suggested to me and I thought it was an excellent idea) I won't link my old stuff for now because I HAVE CRIPPLING CONFIDENCE ISSUES WHEN IT COMES TO MY MUSIC, But from now on if I make something that I think is half decent and upload it to youtube, I'll add it to my collection here I guess. This way I can stop taking up valuable Status update space with my self-advertisement (woooh...) I guess, here's a link to my Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/juuzou-72353936 and my YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX-rRfgODq54EgjgNJzr0KA I try to upload stuff every now and then but I get busy sometimes o.o (Often) Also, there's a lot of stuff on the YT channel that isn't on Soundcloud and vice versa, that's because I'm terribly unorganised and only recently started uploading to both (I started using Soundcloud for Videogame BGMs) WELL, THAT'S ENOUGH OF MY LIFE STORY, how about some music. I'll update this list when I add new stuff and if I make enough stuff I can be super neat and divide it into little categories but for now it's a messy list, bare with me. Without further ado: Undyne's (Non-Genocide) theme, SPEAR OF JUSTICE from undertale (Orchestral/traditional remix): Spider Dance remix: Spooky Scary Skeletons Remix:
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    did breakfast make you do this you damn pyromaniacs get off my property
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    Goo my 7ft, fiery- wristed, ninja chicken! Burn it to the ground!!
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    We don't need no water, let the Flower Garden burn!
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    ^this is how I feel I'm going to have my Typhlosion out and burn it to the ground as soon as possible ​
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