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    Excerpt from Patreon:
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    Hey, so it's been a while and I realize there hasn't been many updates on what's going on, so I'm writing this up to shed some light. A sort of mini Q&A. Why is development slower than usual? - TL:DR, I've been in a pretty poor spot health-wise, which has resulted in me barely working on the game. Motivation and energy are very low right now so it's hard to do more than one or two events a day. I'm trying to do as much as I can, but I ask that you be patient with me during this cycle. I'll get back into the groove of things sooner or later. Why is this thread locked? - I don't necessarily like this thread being locked, but based off previous threads eventually turning into nothing but off-topic conversations, posts that say nothing but "x% hype!!", and the occasional impatient user asking why such and such isn't out yet, I've decided that this is the best course of action, at least for now. It also makes archiving and viewing posts much easier. Even if development is slow, don't you have something to show? - So, you're right, I do have things to show, and I will admit, a downside to this thread being locked is that I don't have a reason to check it unless significant progress has been made, and as such a lot of the juicier updates are posted on my Patreon. I've neglected this thread quite a bit, and that's why I'm writing up this post right now. I have to make more of a conscious effort to update the public whenever I can. Soooooo, from now on, one week after a post has been made on Patreon, I will then update everyone on here. I have exciting things to share with you, but I don't want to just text dump after doing this mini Q&A... So I'll leave you with this.
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    Hello dear friends and children! Where is Episode 19? I don't know, keep playing Sword and Shield. Can't afford a Switch? That's what this holiday season is for. * this message approved by Nintendo of America And you know what else the holiday season is for? Parties! As many of you know but some do not, Reborn hosts two online social events every year, and this Winter's is coming up! Let's take a look at this year's schedule and events. The 2019 Winter Revel will take place on December 28th! Festivities will officially start at 7pm GMT+1 or 2pm EST, and will run for a full 12 hours! Anyone and everyone is welcome to pop in drop by or drop out as they please, so the least you can do is come say hi! Here's this year's schedule! Now as usual, let's talk about each event. Main Events- Members of the Year Awards Hot from their hit debut last year, they're back! Vote for your fellow community members in dozens of categories of awards for the year! Old favorites from last year will return, such as the ever-coveted Smelliest Auth Award ... but will the title change hands? hm.... Joining them will be a fresh shipment of MotY categories. Look forward to new ones such as last year's direly-missed Most Likely To Win Third Place Award, or such new gems as the Hippest Himbo Award! Categories will be officially announced on 12/21 and voting begins on 12/27. Winter Wondertrade The runaround is back! All day long, we'll be heating up Reborn's wondertrade servers with exclusive event mons sponsored by our mods and our leaders! In addition to that we invite everyone to get those bidoofs outta there and put on their best gift 'mons for the holiday season. Keep those trades moving and there is no telling what you may get! Super Secret Santa The classic secret santa shindig returns from last year as well! To participate in this, you must be willing to share your address with us and to spend real money. Participants and their wish lists will be entered into a drawing, and then everybody will be randomly (and secretly??) assigned another participant to buy and ship a gift for! Last year's was a lot of fun, and I still treasure the gift I ended up with, so I hope more folks will give it a shot! More information will be posted for this along with sign-ups on 11/20! There are some restrictions, so make sure to read the thread thoroughly when it goes up. Sign ups will be open for one week until 11/27! Smash Ultimate Tourney Another pow-wow writes itself into the schedule! For those of you who are confident in your brawling prowess and the Switch Online account to back it up are invited to beat each other senseless in another Reborn Party classic Smash Tourney sponsored by the one and ever-absent, Godot! Game Room- The Cockamamie Caucuses A brand new game joins the line up this winter! In this experimental game, the rules are made up and the points don't matter, but no matter whose line it is, it's sure to be a riot! Our expert candidate participants will line up and, in a manner surely most befitting of our nations' leaders, answer perfectly sensible questions such as What's the best way to build a horse out of ketchup, or How do you explain the undeniable connection between Dexit and the historic surge of criminal clown sightings back in 2016? Audience members will then be invited to torment-- I mean, engage the speakers with any questions they may have about the subject matter. At the end, the audience will vote for who was their favorite candidate of all, and that person will be crowned the Cockamamie Caucus Conqueror! Curses One of our favorite recent Summer Social games, Curses has been shifted to the Winter Revel's line up instead! Join us for one of two rounds of increasingly chaotic and destructive wordslaughter! Each player asks each other questions, answers them, and assigns 'curses' in the form of quirky typing conditions, restrictions, etc to the other players. Fail to uphold your curses and you could be called out! Who will be the last one standing? These games tend to get crazy after running for a while, so they are limited to 8 players each. Taboo A classic party game returning after being introduced to last year's party! Taboo features one keyword that must be guessed, but watch out! Each keyword comes with several banned words that you can't say! Make the other person guess your word with other clues before time runs out and collect points to beat out the other teams! Queen's Game The surviving Reborn party staple! Derived from the Japanese drinking game, King's Game, Queen's Game takes the 'dare' out of 'truth or dare' leaving only a wraggle-taggle mess of soul-revealing inquiries to strip you down to your core, embarrass you in front of your friends, and leave you feeling funny about it the next day. Only one rule stands: What happens in Queen's Game, stays in Queen's Game. Lie Alive Snowdown Last year's headlining event is now back as a returning game! Your powers of truth and deception are tested in this tournament-style contest of 2 Truths 1 Lie! In order to survive each round, guess your opponent's lie while keeping yours under wraps to knock them out and advance to the end! A final challenge may await whomever makes it to the top... Free for All- As ever, free use rooms will be available for those who want to start up their own games of Town of Salem, Jackbox, Boardgame Online, Hunger Games, Cards Against Humanity, or whatever else may strike your wicked fancies. Join us in the music channel too as our resident DJs bring to your the local holiday tunes to heat you up and cool you down amidst this frosty frolic! And that's all she wrote! These holiday parties have been a long-standing tradition for the site, and I for one am looking forward to another great year. I hope to see everyone there on December 28th!
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    I thought one was already too many, but I have high hopes for the second! So hi! Great news for today, in that we are welcoming two new members to our moderation team! First up, we have someone many of you may recognise from the time they spend helping in the troubleshooting section: @Starry Knight will be joining the team as a forum moderator! Secondly, we have someone that many of you may recognise from around the discord server, chatting and spreading positivity: @Azzie will be joining the team as a discord moderator! I hope you can all give both the new additions a warm welcome and wish them well! Beyond this, just wanted to add a quick reminder to everyone that, with Pokemon Sword and Shield coming out in a few weeks, we will have a spoiler lock in place for a month after they do for people that don't buy the games right away, so please keep that in mind!
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    My future in 3 years
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    I can confirm Newt's skill with a gun. He had no trouble using one to murder Nicki. =p
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    Old Content: #################### | Map Updates (50%) #################### | Script Updates (0%) #################### | Misc (0%) New Content: #################### | Story (5%) #################### | Mapping (35%) #################### | Scripting (0%) #################### | Sidequests (0%) Gen 8: #################### | Spriting (0%) #################### | Mechanic Implementation (Just say Scripts) (0%) #################### | Updating Rosters (0%)
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    Also yes, disclosing Vanilla NPC is the best choice we have right now. They are confirmed town anyways, and I'm pretty sure @Alistair wouldn't be evil enough to not give them any ability on a DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS SETUP AM I RIGHT ALISTAIR [Reveal] Vanilla NPC
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    hello i am video :
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    hewwo!I have just finished drawing my first fanart and I'm now shamelessly posting it here to show everyone that I can draw wow what a surprise. ps: pls tell me how it looks I accept constructive criticism :3
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    Maybe it's because I've been here for years and seen all kinds of talk about difficulty, but I just don't see why you guys are all so adamant about seeing him fail. The moment he fails the run will take a turn for the worst for the mood and it won't be as enjoyable as you may think. Basically think of it as if he fails the run is over. He's doing a good job from what I've seen and while it is doubtful he will make it to the end, he probably will make it pretty far. ------ Now for releasing an AI patch, Ame may as well release all the E19 content right now by that logic. Even if the AI is perfected, that kind of patch would bring next to nothing beyond spoilers and leaks. Won't also really change the game. The AI is phenomenal compared to the old E15 era. The old system was so broken it took 6 hours per leader to be somewhat functional. So keep making up those excuses why this guy is still at it and not lost. Really doesn't make you all sound desperate.
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    i would really like to live in a world where every game i want to make doesn't turn into a multi-year project, but i don't think this is that world also hi this post is brought to you from my actual desktop chair which i haven't sat in in weeks. and i am still only half-sitting. but i'm gonna call this a win anyway. still nobody expect anything from me yet though ;~;
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    DAY SIX - END All three of the survivors faced off, locked into a bitter struggle. There was Bok, the Monk. He had managed to survive last night, despite being attacked by his own fellow villager, for he had previously chosen to become Ethereal. This state, although a blessing at night, was a curse during the day. He could not contribute to the fight for Sunnyvale and was doomed to be a mere spectator. I wonder... would things have been different, had his role been revealed on the fifth day? There was Newt, the Second Blood Hunter. He had started as a humble man, without special powers of any kind. Then when he saw his friends and fellow countrymen fall before his eyes, he mustered the resolve to pick up the fallen Astra's weapons and became the living incarnation of vengeance. While he did make some mistakes, in the end he was the bastion that stood between light and dark. There was Nano, the Wizard. He, as you may have figured now, was the last adventurer. His friends were gone, defeated, yet he stood, unbroken and undiscovered until today. Gaining the trust of a few villagers? Child's play. Burning Lía to a crisp with his Fireball spell? An amusing sport. Stabbing Eviora to death in her sleep? Merely the latest of his misdeeds. Was he really about to prevail alone...? "You can do it, Newt! End this now! The Gods assist you!" Bok, powerless to change what would happen, cheered his ally on. Newt unsheathed his rapier and shrouded it in flames thanks to the power of forbidden blood arts. In front of him, Nano the Wizard merely laughed, waving his wand leisurely. "Gods, men, hunters and random chance... I've already survived them all. I am ready for whatever is coming." His opponent snarled. "Let's fucking end this." Newt lunged blade first, trying to strike Nano down in a single fell swoop, but the Wizard was ready. He was, in fact, quicker. His wand's tip traced a circle in the air, combined with the utterance of arcane commands. Just as Newt's blade was about to connect, the weapon suddenly flew from his grasp, landing too far to be reached. Losing balance, the Blood Hunter dropped to one knee. "Now..." Nano's voice was more menacing than ever. "Say hello to Lía for me." A chromatic orb of flames formed in front of him. Exulting, Nano launched it at his foe-- Saved by a last-second, animalistic reaction, Newt ducked and rolled out of the way. The orb missed and crashed into the stone wall behind him, scorching it. In the same, fluid movement, the Blood Hunter rose and pulled a hand-crossbow from under his cloak. As soon as Nano saw the device pointed at him, he understood. "Say hello to all the dead yourself." Newt pulled the trigger. Minutes later, two silhouettes emerged from Sunnyvale's mines. Having returned to the tangible realm, Bok helped Newt out of the half-crumbled exit. Both hesitantly walked down the village's main road. Sunnyvale was but a ghost town, now. Its habitants had prevailed, defeating the adventurers once and for all, but at what cost...? Only time will tell whether the village would ever recover from this tragedy. "This concludes my tale, little ones." Gandiet leaned back in his armchair, visibly tired. "Go to bed now. I need some rest." Impressed by the story's final developments, the children nodded wordlessly. That night, a few little halflings did not sleep all that well, suddenly aware that even in a quiet and happy little village, a malevolent few could bring gloom and doom to the benevolent many. Nano was lynched. He was the Mafia Wizard and the last remaining evil. His role is already known to you. TOWN WINS! Congratulations to the victors and thank you all for playing this game of Dungeons & Mafia. I hope you enjoyed it. 1. Aldo, The Second Artificer [Killed N4] 2. Amber, The Ranger [Lynched D4] 3. Amine, The Sorcerer [Lynched D2] 4. Seal, The Druid [Killed N4] 5. Nicki, The Artificer [Shot D2] 6. Bok, The Monk [SURVIVED] 7. Astra, The Blood Hunter [Killed N1] 8. Fali, The Warlock [Lynched D5] 9. Nano, The Wizard [Lynched D6] 10. Lykos, The Cleric [Killed N3] 11. Evi, The Rogue [Killed N5] 12. Drago, The Fighter [Lynched D3] 13. Bean, The Barbarian [Executed D1] 14. Arch, The Bard [Died from his Wound N2] 15. Lía, The Vanilla NPC [Killed N2] 16. Newt, The Second Blood Hunter [SURVIVED] 17. Kiet, The Paladin [Killed N3] 18. Bazaro, The Dungeon Master [Died from his Wound N3]
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    Kinda. Welcome to the next online league to bless this community! In the spirit of the Reborn League of olde, we have a gauntlet of 18 Gym Leaders for you. The league was started on the Reborn Reddit by resident Syco, and is hosted on its own Discord here: https://discord.gg/rvJS5fk It runs all day every day, as long as the leader is available and willing to battle. So let's go over some rules before you dive head first into a concrete block: First and foremost, this is a league being hosted for fun. Please respect each other and the leaders/staff. Leaders have already been selected, please do not ask to be a Leader. Battles will be done either on Pokemon Showdown or Pokemon Reborn (the game) Online. It is HIGHLY recommended you have a solid save file beforehand, preferably clear of mods etc. When you build a team, select any 9 Pokemon that are obtainable solely as of Reborn e18. Items can be changed at will between matches, but everything must be found in e18. Multiple of existing items may be used. No one (including leaders) may have more than 2 Field Seed items on their team at any time. Leaders also cannot use more than one Seed on Glitch or Underwater Field. Speaking of Fields, Leaders will likely use Field Effects. Leaders choose the field of battle. If you do not have a Reborn Game for whatever reason, leaders may accommodate to Showdown, at their discretion. You can challenge as many leaders you (and the leaders) want, but you can never receive more than 1 Badge each day. Lycanium-Z is banned. Respect the Field Effects. If you have questions, ask here or on Discord. Have fun! This is not optional.
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    tbh I'm pretty impressed with how he's been doing so far so maybe he'll continue the nuzlocke. I think he's still enjoying the story aspect of Reborn, if not the hard-mode battles. I think he's going to continue the locke until he legitimately loses (I think Solaris fight shouldn't count under the BS clause, since it was supposed to be an impossible fight that people managed to cheese out with very specific strats). I'll support him whatever he chooses, since I'd like him to enjoy the game how he wants- whether that is by beating the Nuzlocke as he likes to do, or by canceling the Nuzlocke to focus on story and theories.
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    Thank you for the introduction I hope to help as many people as I can, anyone is welcome to PM/DM me wether it be about troubleshooting or trade requests. I'm fairly new to this so take it easy on me sempai~
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    --Owahhh...!! Oh my gosh, everyone's art is as stunning as ever!! Kicks dirt... I used to be kind of active on the forums like, 5 years ago maybe? Is time real? My old bones are so weary... (I ended up ghosting a lot of people too, ahhh--!! OTL) I only recently thought to see how things were doing and MAN-- MAN!!! It's been so fun playing again, and now all I wanna do is draw, draw, draw I'M RAMBLING AHHH BUT TBH, I wanted to wait until I had a backlog of cool things to post but I'm just too happy about remembering my account info + being here again to enjoy all the art that I MUST convert everyone into loving Fern as much as I do via doodles once more! (--AHH ALSO MY FILES ARE TOO CHUNKY?! I hope links are okay-- It's a tweet presenting my revamp'd Reborn OC in addition!)
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    If I were in a room with you, Hitler, Stalin and Scep, and I had a gun with 3 bullets, I'd shoot you 3 times and free Scep
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    And I imagine that she'd use that term extremely loosely.
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    hi yes its been nearly a month since i last posted in here and i have been doing The Draws a bunch of them are doodles and half of those doodles are shitposts bc i was in a Funny Mood so enjoy as always comments are always appreciated!!! uwu
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    HENLO MIDDAY UPDATE PRESENTED BY YOUR HOST ALISTAArglglglgl *dies strangled by nicki* Unless I'm mistaken, which is possible because I don't like keeping tracks of votes, the current situation is: - Kiet: 3 (Bean, Bok, Astra) - Bean: 2 (AL, Newt) - Alistair: 1 (Nick) - Nick: 1 (Nano) - Lía: 1 (Lía) - Astra: 1 (Lykos) - Bok: 1 (Fali) Predictably this is going a bit all over the place. Couple things I've noted about the players tho: Kiet being maf is topmeme, a few people are actually starting to bw him, it's all pretty funny tbh. However, I kinda feel like this situation is indirectly giving him towncred, when he actually didn't do much of anything to earn it. I'm a bit on the fence about defending him. Nano did make his usual early claims, but both of them (vanilla infected and having received a fake gun) are pretty safe so that doesn't mean much imo. Newt's having too much fun which isn't allowed by the fun police. He makes sense overall, even if his reason for suspecting I'm Coach is flimsy. I just didn't forget about him. AL's behavior strikes me as super safe. It's not a bad thing in itself but I was expecting some more chaos from him. Falirion and Lykos spontaneously reacted to the early Kiet bw, expressing similar doubts about it. I don't think they're on the same side as the early bandwagoners, namely Bean, Bok and Astra. However, they could be on the same side as each other. Nick had a somewhat slow start then went ultra instinct with his analysis of scum roles. Doesn't mean that much, since putting some thoughts into how these roles work is something scum themselves could easily do. Neutral read on him for now. Aldo, Boat, Drago, Amine, Seal, Bok... not much to go by. Amine stands out somewhat, for trying to prevent a bandwagon against me when there was none to begin with, which is a bit surprising. Could just be his way to intervene despite not having much to add. Bok's vote on Kiet is definitely odd though. Lía and Astra's contributions are very measured. Lía's second post has an accent of truth to it but I can't read Astra for the life of me. Arch is the only player not to have said a word yet. [Eliminate] Bean This placeholder vote mostly aims to bring balance to the Force. I don't like the idea of a 100% Kiet lynch and would rather take the RNG chance if it came down to it. That said, there's still plenty of time for things to move.
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    Well, I did some research before the release of Sword & Shield. I'd have to dig up the materials, but for the most part Japan tends to have the highest sales for most non-remake Pokemon games. Despite that the United States still trails a bit behind, with the second largest number of sales(I don't remember if it was the United States, North America, or the United States+Canada actually). In any case, they likely avoided saying anything to the Japanese public since anything that was said would likely spark more outrage. They didn't want that so they'd avoided the topic. It's entirely likely that they assessed the situation beforehand and decided that Japanese outrage and the potential loss of sales within their own home country was worth it. They likely made a general assessment about the potential financial damage versus time, efforts and spending before they began working on the game at all. Sales information on the games in general is hard to find. I'd be really curious to see the sales information for Sword and Shield for this year, but I'm not sure if they'll put it out.
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    Pretty well said. Overall, I get it. We do need to fight and show some diligence towards boycotting if we want quality to go back to the proper level, rather than dropping lower. I'm a bit loathe to do this as I don't want to rain on anyone else's parade, and even those who are unaffected probably aren't happy seeing the protests, but there are valid reasons behind it. I also know that a lot of people in English speaking countries aren't the most determined people out there, boycotts don't tend to last long here in my opinion. Either way, I don't know if that's the solution. I really think overall it'd be nice if intellectual rights were receded from most media franchises. Intellectual rights in this area forces a lack of competition, and allows creators to do as they please, regardless of backlash. If some bootleg (group of) content creator(s) thinks they can do they can do better, then let them. It ups the ante. It ensures that each group strives for quality and allows people from all sides to see they could potentially be missing out on with one product.
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    Well I didn't buy it! And I won't either. And there is an important point here many are missing. The morality. The company lied. I'm pretty sure that can actually be dealt with in a legal fashion if someone had the money somehow. Maybe not. But it should. This kind of laziness is only going to worsen when Gamefreak realizes, as it apparently has, that it can get away with this kind of unethical business practice. Those pokemon designs are a mixed bag. Now I see why they took down Uranium. Frosthra and Astronite look ten times better than Frosmoth and whatever that new evo for Yamask is called. At this rate, the music and design quality will suffer. We're already seeing it with music, in my opinion, but that's admittedly a matter of taste. But the pokemon design is still issue. They are the draw. And they aren't made to look better? The Black/White animations and sprites had more liveliness than these things ever will. They look like almost porceline or shiny rubber in SWSH. I wouldn't play the games for that alone, frankly. The RBY era graphics, as ugly as they were, had soul. They were a form of art. All I see with SWSH is the typical CGI stuff we get nowadays. There is no soul or life there. With the knowledge that gamefreak lied, got lazy and did all that it has done with these new games, I can see the writing they're scribbling on the wall. And it isn't pretty. Honestly, true fans of Pokemon should boycott and complain. Because it can work and force the company to look at its bottom line and actually put in effort, like other, stalwart franchises and brand games out there. Currently, Pokemon is going the way of Disney's StarWars, Arceus forbid it, and hasn't slowed down. But if we force gamefreak to hurt with some tough love, there is hope of changing that around. The reason GF and Nintendo aren't presenting better products is because they know that they fear no such response. Because their consumers are becoming more and more like sheep. Eat whatever and be thankful. Not how art should work. Not how hobbies should be treated. That's my honest two cents and I ask everyone to please understand the genuine seriousness of the situation from a larger, societal perspective. And I don't mean to post here any further, having said my peace, and hope SWSH's flaws will reap enough woes for gamefreak to learn or for nintendo to intervene however it ought. Apologies if this interferes with people's good pleasure. But I've learned the hard way in life that what's pleasing, while needful, is not always what is best, and not often truly pleasing in the long run.
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    Now that the game is officially out I can confirm that I won't be buying SWSH. Honestly though, if GF is so burned out from the Pokemon franchise that they are unwilling even to keep up the standard quality from the hand held games, (going by a previous interview they want to make this the new standard) maybe its time for someone else in Nintendo to take a shot. This will be my final post on the subject unless GF turns the ship around and make the old pokemon DLC, (and of course fix the really bad bugs the games have at launch) the problems with this Gen is apparent, talking about this just bums me out and ultimately this is supposed to be a discussion on the game, I have no place here anymore.
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    Well now that the game's officially out and I won't get told off for "spoilers" since this was discovered as soon as the game leaked, What do you know, the models are in fact copy-pasted from the 3ds games! Ohmori's claim about remaking them all from scratch when was a blatant lie after all. I mean it was completely obvious from the trailers but it needed to be proven for sure since he made that claim publicly (plus some people in the fandom were in denial). As you can see from Noibat there, some of the Pokemon have had very minor touch ups, as in like "click two buttons in the modeling program to smooth out a surface" kind of minor. To say that this is "remaking them from the ground up" is still blatantly untrue. And you bought the game anyway! So Ohmori doesn't care.
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    My friend sent me an adoptable dog named Fern. She knows me too well, and this dog is TOO CUTE
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    Happy Birthday ~ Hope you have a phenomenal day!
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    Happy birthday @Lowkey7ft4 ,lets all groot it up
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    Crooked website won't let me post status updates, sad! Happy birthday @Lowkey7ft4, here's to your freedom.
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    Crap I should've played this on actual Halloween but wasn't checking forums to know this game existed rip but I'll give it a try anyway yay
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    From Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 66 Things that happened since August 19 and now: Pikachu and I followed Hazel and her stoutland to their rustic wooden hut. The first thing I noticed was the middle aged woman on the roof, who was shoveling the snow off of it. A bald man of similar age was sitting on the front porch, sharpening a bunch of kitchen knives. Taking a closer look, I realized that he was on a wheelchair. “Hazel is back, dear. We can serve lunch now,” said the woman on the roof. She wiped the sweat off her face, and climbed down the ladder to greet us. Once on the ground, I found that she was unexpectedly tall and with a very muscular build, almost as if she were a bodybuilder. “Mom, I found Aladdin’s girlfriend!” Hazel waved her arm and said cheerfully. “No, I’m not,” I quickly said, but the sound of awe from Hazel’s mother likely masked my voice. “Oh how nice! Aladdin will be so happy to see you.” “I doubt he will be,” I whispered to myself. She took off her right glove and then suddenly took my hand to shake it. I wasn’t sure why she was acting as if she were Aladdin’s mom, but I was rather desensitized to odd behavior after spending such a long time in Reborn. “I hope you will join us for lunch. I’ve prepared enough for everyone.” I told her I didn’t want to bother them, since I had only come to talk with Aladdin and then I would be on my way out, but Hazel’s mother insisted that I do, and so the arrangement was made. “Now come on in, err… What was your name again? Polaris, was it?” “Come on, mom. It’s Vanilla. Aladdin said Polaris was her nickname.” Hazel explained to her mother, but to be honest, I was now barely listening. A landmine had exploded inside my mind, deafening me for a moment. I couldn’t stomach Aladdin’s audacity in openly using that term to refer to me, as if nothing had changed since the time we went out. As if we were still on terms to call each other in endearing terms. The thought made me shiver with anger. The fakeness of this boyfriend business was at first mildly disgusting, but this had tipped it to a whole different level. “That bastard… how dare he?” I muttered under my breath. “Huh?” Hazel said, picking up my low voice. “Where is he?” I asked with a louder volume. “He’s resting in Arthur’s old room. He’s recovered quite well; he even ate a whole bowl of oatmeal this morning,” answered Hazel’s mother, but she didn’t know that I had zero interest in knowing how well he was recovering. What she did notice was my abrupt change in mood. “Are you alright, Vanilla? You seem distressed?” “It’s nothing. I only have one purpose in coming here, and it is to ask him a few questions,” I said, with my blood still boiling. “Whether he lives or dies after our meeting, it’s not my business. I’d even do him the favor to put him out of his miserable existence.” I couldn’t stand outside any longer, knowing that the target of my extended nightmare was somewhere inside this small hut. I was about to place a foot inside, when Hazel’s mother attempted to grab my arm. My instinct kicked in, and I slapped her hand off of me, but she insisted on capturing me. I knew I wouldn’t be able to escape if she successfully captured me, so I kept dodging her. However, in one such instance, my eyes diverted from the extending arms and onto Hazel’s face in the background. Her look translated how confused and scared she was, hearing unfamiliar sounds that didn’t tell her what was going on. In the end, that split second of distraction was enough for the woman to embrace me and knock both of us over on the snowy ground. Pikachu, who had been sitting on my shoulder, jumped off right as we hit the ground, and attempted to help me lift the woman off of me, but to no avail. She had me held between her two arms, and her legs were crossed on top of mine so that I couldn’t use my legs to push her away. Where could she have learned such technique of martial arts? “Mom? Vanilla? What is happening?” Hazel said, looking in our general direction, but paralyzed on her spot. “What is all this commotion?” the old man in a wheelchair approached us, and seeing the large woman almost squeezing me to death under her weight, he exclaimed, “Gwendolyn, what are you doing? You’ll asphyxiate the poor little kid.” “She was hostile against Aladdin,” Mrs. Gwendolyn said with a tone very unlike the one she had before. “We know nothing about her. For all I know she could be an impostor lying about being his girlfriend. Don't you think so?” “I never said I was,” I said with the little air I could squeeze out of my lungs. “Get off of her now. You’re always so rash,” the man said. “I’ve told you before that you can’t tackle people to the ground just for the sake of it. Now, get up before the girl faints from lack of oxygen.” Thank the heavens that Mrs. Gwendolyn listened to whom I assumed was Hazel’s father, for I was reaching the limits of living without breathing. I coughed and took some deep breaths, slightly horrified that I could have literally died right there and then. “Sorry that I tackled you. Are you alright?” Mrs. Gwendolyn asked, extending a hand for me. “I think I am alive, if that’s what you’re asking,” I said, taking her hand because I really needed it. “We have warmed up to Aladdin this past week he has spent with us, and I would hate to see him injured more than he already is. I would’ve shown you to him had you remained calm as you appeared, and not lost my trust. Well, I guess it never hurts to be cautious of who we allow in our home, especially in this time and age when Team Meteor roams around this region.” “You think I am a Team Meteor grunt or something?” I asked, almost laughing at the irony of that statement. “I’m only saying that I can’t trust that you won’t hurt Aladdin.” “I can’t trust myself on that, either, but I guarantee you, any pain he’s going through now and any pain he shall suffer, he deserves it a hundred fold. You talk of trust? Well then, I don’t know how you brought that monster into your home, without knowing anything but what he’s told you himself. I am not Team Meteor, but he might as well be as despicable as them.” By then, I was nearly shouting. Pikachu pulled on my dress, and he shook his cloth head sideways when I looked at him. “What? You know it’s the truth. Or maybe you don’t, because only I was there to witness his scumbaggery. I pity you all, because it seems that he’s brainwashed you all to his benefit. The only thing he’s good at is manipulating people, after all.” “Young lady, calm down, alright? No need to raise your voice like that,” Hazel’s father said. “Hazel’s hearing is sharp, so I’d appreciate it if you didn’t stress her.” “That’s no problem, dad,” Hazel said, then stretched both her hands palms up in my general direction. I understood that as a gesture to ask for both my hands, so I reluctantly acceded. What her father had said had made me feel remorseful for having a fit apparently out of nowhere. “It’s alright, Vanilla. I understand you,” Hazel said. “Relationships are hard. I know you’re frustrated. You’re so frustrated you could almost push your boyfriend off a cliff. But you didn’t, I mean, would never, because you love him deeply. And that also gives you another level of frustration, because you can’t stop loving someone who gives you this much frustration.” She said all that so quickly and with so much emotion, as if she had practiced reciting it for months, that I almost had no time to process it. When I did, though, I wasn’t sure how anyone could jump to a conclusion so far from the truth that it could be considered comical. “Is this your sixth sense talking again?” I asked. “Half my sixth sense, and half my extensive research on romance,” Hazel grinned widely. I withdrew my hands from hers, and sighed. At this point, I wasn’t sure whether to correct her, because even though her reasoning was completely off, the fact that I was a walking chunk of frustration still stood. “So, mom, please have more patience with my and Aladdin’s guest. You know how a young maiden’s blood can boil in the blink of an eye, and it’s not how they are, it’s just the frustration manifesting itself in a violent form.” “I understand that, but I still can’t trust her,” she said in a quiet voice. “Now that it seems we have all calmed down,” Hazel’s father said. “Let us all go indoors. Lunch awaits, and I’m sure everyone will be less stressed with a full stomach.” Right then, a loud clatter was heard from inside the house, and all of us looked in the direction of the noise. Mrs. Gwendolyn was the first to react and enter the house, but not before nudging me away from the door. “Aladdin!” she exclaimed. “What happened to you?” The rest of us followed her into the house, and there I found Aladdin lying on the floor, with Mrs. Gwendolyn and an Audino crouched near him to help him up. His limbs were all bandaged neatly. There was a broken vase near him, and water spilled everywhere. “You know you can’t stand up yet, not with those broken bones,” Mrs. Gwendolyn scolded him and carefully pulled his upper body up. “I heard… I-” he whispered. “Vanilla…” Then, with sleepy-looking eyes, he met my gaze for a split second, before his head knocked backward and he lost consciousness. Mrs. Gwendolyn stood up and carried him in her arms effortlessly, to tuck him back in the bed which was outside my field of view. When she was done, she left the Audino inside the room and closed its door behind her. “I’m afraid he is in no condition to receive visitors, even if I allowed it,” she said. “Now, keep out and don’t go near this room while I go get stuff to clean the mess in there.” “Mom wait,” Hazel said. “I can watch over Vanilla. Well, not actually ‘watch’ her, but still, make sure she’s sitting near me. Then would you allow her to stay a bit inside the room?” “I don’t know, dear. In any case, what would be the point? Aladdin is unconscious right now.” “Yeah, what would be the point? I have no business with a pseudo-corpse.” Hazel’s mother sent a sharp look in my direction, but I ignored it. “I heard Aladdin call Vanilla’s name, so I don’t know, I think he’d be pleased if he knew she spent time near him while he slept.” “Trust me, that would either scare him or give him relief, if he wakes up, that I didn’t ki-” I saw Pikachu shaking his head from the corner of my eye, so I coughed and measured my words. “I mean, didn’t do anything to him while he slept.” “Then let it be the latter,” Hazel smiled happily. “Let’s go, yes?” She extended a hand to me again. I looked at her mother, and since she said nothing but didn’t alter her look of disapproval, I took her hand and moved towards the room Aladdin was sleeping in. The sensation of my hand on hers made her face light up. I didn’t know why she was so invested in creating a narrative that was far-fetched, but I felt like maybe what I should do was play along. At least, her insisting I am still Aladdin’s girlfriend would probably let me talk with Aladdin- something forcefulness or open hatred would not get me. I sat next to Hazel in a wooden bench in the tiny room. There was not much free space- with the bed that Aladdin and the articuno occupied, the bedside table that had a new vase with water on it, Audino, and now Hazel and I with Mocha and Pikachu. “This was my brother Arthur’s room, before he moved out into Reborn City. He’s working as a police officer there,” Hazel said. “Ever since we started treating Aladdin, he’s been coming everyday to help us out with chores. You’ll probably meet him in the afternoon, once he’s done with his shift.” I didn’t say anything, but the prospect of meeting an officer didn’t particularly excite me. I mean, I wouldn’t be thrilled if he discovered I had been at the site of Aladdin’s fall, and arrested me for suspicion of homicide… which isn’t far from the truth, but still. Given that I was silent, Hazel changed the topic to see if she could get me to participate in the conversation. “Aladdin is actually doing better, despite how he looks right now,” she said. “I mean, he’s still bed-ridden because he broke both legs and arms in the fall, but his fever is going away, which I think means his wounds’ infection is going away and he’ll recover well.” “The articuno appears to be in worse shape than him, to be honest,” I said. “Oh yes. When we found him, apparently the articuno was lying beneath Aladdin’s body, so we think that it tried to save him and got the most damage. Thanks to that, Aladdin’s alive after falling from such a height.” Aladdin surely trained his birds properly after coming to this region, I thought. And yet he used to call his training in bird language useless, just because his family didn’t change their opinion of him even after learning it. It saved his life, quite literally. “He probably fainted just now because he placed pressure on his broken legs, and you know, that must hurt like a lot. The good thing about it is that if he can feel pain, that means his nerves aren’t severed, so he won’t become paraplegic like my dad,” Hazel commented. “He had actually not fainted at all since like four days ago. We even had some conversations, which I could talk to you about, if you don’t get angry like earlier. If it helps, most conversations weren't about you or you guys' relationship, because no matter how much we asked about you, directly or indirectly, he mostly brushed off the subject.” “I’m not curious to know.” “What?! How can you not be curious. The curiosity would be killing me by now, if I were you.” “You and I are very different people, Hazel.” I didn’t intend it a particularly sarcastic or offensive way, but my supposedly lighthearted comment made Hazel fall silent and look somewhat sad, despite keeping a smile. “Actually, I don’t think we’re that different at all,” she said. “You just didn’t meet me when I thought and acted like you do now. You are bitter, and I understand you because I’d also spent many years of my life bitter.” I assumed she meant that she had been bitter about her lack of eyesight, which I could completely understand. Right then, Hazel’s mother knocked on our door and announced that lunch was served. “I’ll tell you a little story, since it might help you,” Hazel whispered to me. “But let’s go have lunch first. I’m starving!” VANILLA RATES: REBORN CHARACTERS Also this was Pikachu when Vanilla snapped and was just a yuge pain in the butt this entire episode:
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    I'd also like to point out that if he wants to keep his team safe, his best grinding options are to grind on wild Pokemon that are like 10+ levels under him. The Grand Hall trainers all come with an exponentially higher risk of killing off members so he's best off grinding on wild Pokemon to not risk losing anything, and trust me that's bloody TEDIOUS. So yeah, it makes absolute sense that he doesn't grind much, it's just not very enjoyable and he hasn't really been in need of it as long as Belly has been around just soloing fights.
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    I haven't watched his videos in their entirety (I generally just skip to boss fights), but I don't think he's playing poorly for someone coming in doing a blind nuzlocke. In fact, I think he's doing pretty well considering the team he has. How many people beat all these fights on their first attempt in their first playthrough of the game without Nuzlocke rules forcing crap like Pidgeot onto their team? I sure didn't. Anyway, his pokemon are pretty limited in flexibility, and it's not great for the viewer experience that his best 'mon he has after losing his starter is something that leads to these stalled out situations where he just spams Lemonades while it slowly kills things. But he does use his other strong members when they can contribute (such as Kiki vs. Shade or ZEL) I do agree with the sentiment that he should just play through the game normally, he seems to enjoy it a lot outside of bosses, where he seems genuinely stressed because of the stakes involved in a Nuzlocke. Also it'd lead less to "oh shit, I can't afford to lose anyone so I am gonna spam potions on my tankiest pokemon until it chips down the enemy"
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