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    Happy Women's day to my fellow female members like @Candy, @Sayia, @Amethyst, @andracass, @lilyawaka, @BandorKitty, @Sopheria and @Ice Cream Sand Witch
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    if you haven't yet, I highly encourage you to watch Gen:LOCK season 1. it's probably the best first season any RT show has had thus far. good action, good charaters, good animation, amazing ost, it's just good. can not wait for season 2
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    I was quite lucky reborn finally decided to spawn rain, as cal would've been a lot harder if it hadn't. His fire attacks were dealing barely anything and he couldn't trigger the burning field, thankfully. Still took time to take down turtonator and magmortar though. Kiki gave me some trouble. Some of it was bad luck but I didn't have an answer to Lucario and his calm mind set ups would make him hard to KO and hit like a nuke. Didn't help Kiki kept healing him. Medicham was a problem too, as it would 1-2 KO everything with ice punch, while outspeeding everyone except jumpluff, who ended up winning it for me with a stun spore and two paralysis triggers. Overall it took about 5 or 6 tries. Taka was harder this time, as his team seems better designed to fight against grass types. Gligar's acrobatics deals a good chunk even behind a reflect, klefki is difficult to take down with just grass types, and chatot of course is chatot. Only one that wasn't troublesome was the palm tree, thanks to jumpluff. Took one attempt but I barely won. Solaris garchomp took 3 atttempts I believe? 1st time was a failed quick claw activation so I just reset, 2nd attempt I got roselia to land toxic and he was down to like a sliver of health where one more turn could've done it but solaris used a full restore lol. 3rd attempt I lead with focus sash shiinotic instead, used spore, then spammed strength sap and turned big bad garchomp into a wimpy garchump. One strength sap is enough for shiinotic to survive earthquake, and after that it was switching around, setting leech seed and screens and letting him suffer a slow and agonizing defeat.. Strength sap is a legit move. Cain wasn't too bad, since it was raining and ludicolo has swift swim so nidoking wasn't an issue like last time. Muk is still annoying though, and he somehow landed 4 gunk shots straight. Next is aya, urf. Not looking forward to this fight...actually if I was smart I'd do it before the rain goes away.
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    You know I kind of realized, Lusamine is so underrated in being a Pokemon villain. Nobody really talks about her but I personally feel that she's one of the best. She's mad and crazy and her back story was really great. Plus she fused with a fookin Nihilego. Imo she was one of the reasons that made S/M good story-wise.
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    You are alive and well, it seems. I am so happy right now. Now make Amelia x Lilith canon. Or not. It's your game. I just want to see how you build off of that massive twist at the end of Version 4. Also, Please don't Axe Scizor. I love him. Seriously, Someone like you visiting these Forums once is enough to get everyone excited. Even if the news is... less than favorable.
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    Verlisify got suspended on Twitter. Let's dance!
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    Happy Women's Day! Cheers for ladies! Also hello guys, Ima still alive somehow
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    This image is me @ Fern
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    Took nearly an hour but I finally beat her. Shelly is no doubt one of the hardest leaders in Reborn period. Illumise's rain dances are extremely annoying as anortih, easily shelly's most dangerous pokemon aside from yanmega, gets swift swim off it and becomes near impossible to outspeed at this point of the game unless you're packing a SSer of your own. Turns out my key to winning was leading with roselia and cherrim, having roselia set up a growth to take advantage of the field boost, and cherrim to use sunny day to cancel out illumise' rain. This also creates a rainbow field which is key, as nature power becomes a buffed aurora beam and with +1(as masquierain leads with struggle bug) roselia can OHKO both masquerain AND Yanmega(she can survive at least one air cutter, even a critical from full health). lso cherrim improves special defense while in sunny mode which is pretty nice, I'm surprised at how useful he's been so far. Keeping the rain off the field makes anortih so much more manageable, and illumise will keep spamming rain dance so long as you keep changing the weather unless one of your mons is in critical health which causes her to use struggle bug. Anorith outside rain is slow and gets one shot by roselia's giga drain. Araquanid looks tough but isn't really, a strong physical attacker can cut him down pretty easy, I used leavanny. For the fireflies I had jumpluff clean up via acrobatics. Easily one of the hardest fights thus far, but if you play your fields correctly and keep freakin anorith out the rain it's a winnable fight. Was roselia always this beastly? I used to think it was a novelty mon back in the day (pre gen 4) but it's an early game hero and MVP so far. It's easily the best grass/poison type early game. Also I have a leaf stone now, but who to use it on? Gloom, pansage, or should I save it for nuzleaf? I think I'll go with the last...
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    Pokemon Rejuvenation! Grand Dream City part 2, of like, idk, a gabillion probably. https://www.twitch.tv/amethystblack