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    Old Content: #################### | Map Updates (80%) #################### | Script Updates (0%) #################### | Misc (0%) -------------------------------------------------- #################### | Total (20%) New Content: #################### | Story (45%) #################### | Mapping (45%) #################### | Scripting (30%) #################### | Sidequests (5%) -------------------------------------------------- #################### | Total (31%) Gen 8: #################### | Battle Sprites (20%) (zumi's note: i'm going absolutely feral) #################### | Move Implementation (0%) #################### | Item Implementation (100%) #################### | Roster Changes (0%) #################### | Encounter Changes (0%) #################### | Event Changes (0%) -------------------------------------------------- #################### | Total (20%) -------------------------------------------------- #################### | V13 Total Completion (23%)
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    Before the release of the alpha i still have screenshots to show. I hope you guys are hyped for the release of this game as i am! Here they are:
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    It's because of the Iron Ball held item, pretty sure.
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    Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it! Great!
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    Now I know I'm not a great Witcher yet, but I think I parked my horse wrong...
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    As much as I'd love to give out details, there's very little set in stone at the moment. We'd rather reveal what we decided to add in once implementation of gen 8 is complete!
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    Fine I'll do it myself lvl 1 Rock Polish lvl 1 Psywave lvl 1 Embargo lvl 1 Zen Headbutt lvl 1 Fire Spin lvl 1 Rock Tomb lvl 8 Imprison lvl 15 Cosmic Power lvl 22 Smack Down lvl 29 Rock Polish lvl 36 Stone Edge lvl 43 Take Down lvl 50 Bulldoze lvl 57 Psychic lvl 64 Solar Flare (unique move/ Power: 120/ Type:Fire/ Physical/ Accuracy:100) lvl 71 Flare Blitz lvl 78 Rock Wrecker lvl 92 Blue Flare Ability: AnalyticHP: 90Atk: 110Def: 90SpA: 90SpD: 75Spe: 44-45 (one of the two)
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    If you were curious about the new route theme for Route 4... Be curious no longer!
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    Thank you both for your kind words! Just wait, E1 will be very awesome!
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    All Reborn exclusive shiny Bewear should be named Kurokuma like if you agree
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    Ampharos! Next to that, while I don't think these two are my favourite mons, the combination of Sylveon and Primarina has also served me incredibly well in my current playthrough. Crobat is also always a solid mon to have on your team in Rejuv, and I also like using Golisopod! 100% the flower parade this past year! It was my first year actually helping designing a float, and I probably couldn't have asked for a better debut with 2nd place, the 1st public's choice award and a plume for excellence in concealing actors on the float LOL I designed it along with my brother and two other guys from the workgroup! Have some pics and a video in the spoiler!!! It looks better in motion tbh uwu Maple trees are nice!!!! They have super nice colors in the autumn and I'm a sucker for bright autumn colors 1) 2) Someone mentioned that they put ice cubes in their milk on my discord and it ended up in the Great Milk Discourse of 2019 because it got WAY out of hand and the entire server was just yelling at each other (i'm on team "don't fuckin put ice cubes in your milk you heathen, put your milk in the fridge instead" by the way)
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    You remember Darkness. Maddening, twisting Darkness, the sort of shadows that creep into the edges of every corner and won't let go. You are undeniably mad, and then... You're nothing at all. -- You awaken on a cot in a dark, metallic room. Looking yourself over, you notice that you are a human, wearing a beige jumpsuit, with a large, golden sphere embedded in your chest. The sphere is covered in mysterious runes and etchings that seem to serve no purpose other than aesthetic. Small vents on the sphere emit a faint light. There is only one door leading out of the room, and several other cots each holding people that look identical to you...
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    Sirius wins the competition hands down to me! Seriously, this guy burned up the manor of the Beleose family, killed Corey’s wife, and incinerated Eclipse’s soul with no remorse. Plus, his behaviour toward Solaris in the Reshiram Route doesn’t help either. To me, he’s way more detestable than Lin whom he seems to be afraid of (And this to my greatest delight, of course!).
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    also /knuckle crack Member of the Year The big, the classic-- this is for the member who's made the biggest splash with the sharpest shine! Cass cuz damn when did you appear oh now you're running like half the show Comeback of the Year For the most beloved member who returned to us this year after a long absence! Nominees: Its the Jelly man The Carmen Sandiego Award For the face since missing in action that we'd most want to see in the crowd once more! Nominees: ROSE LIKE FURREAL The Sugarpop Sunbeam Award For the member this year who's been sweeter than any candy store could hope to be! Nominees: Ama i wanna says something about hot cocoa but my brain wont do it, interpret it as you like Caradius aka Colin he is a sweet lad with his gacha life The Auspicious Auth Award For the most helpful staff member who's been around to help out this year! this is definitely not a thinly veiled performance review. Nominees: DreamBlitzX one day i will return to mobage my friend ONE DAY does inuki count i want him to count he's cool Memer of the Year For the member who's posted the freshest, most crispy clean memes this year! Nominees: Im gonna hit the zumi with this memes on point The Profile Picture Perfection Award For the member who's had the best avatars around this year! Nominees: Abyss Reaper lookin kinda eyes emoji out here Writer of the Year For the member with the most compelling characters and dynamic language! Nominees: BITCH IMMA HIT YOU WITH AN OLD NAME I DONT GOOD GOD GOOGLY DAMN CARE IF HE HASNT BEEN SPOTTED IN YEARS @Sutoratosu AKA STRATOS MY ANGSTY EDGY MAN WHO STARTED ME ON RPS I DONT EVEN CARE, IF YOU EVER COME BACK DOBBY REMEMBERS MY GUY- Cass I hope you copy and paste all of that Archbishop of Banterbury For the member with the best banter on the block! Nominees: A sneaky hellscythe nomination theyre cool idk what you want The Hippest Himbo Award For excessive and unfettered flirtation on the community campus! Nominees: Can I nominate the character Cain? If not im sure theres a dedicated roleplayer out there The Terra Pierce Award For being s000 randum lol xD penguin Nominees: Cool Girl. it's the xD that does it. The Shelly Citra Award For the member who most definitely needs a lot of hugs immediately. Nominees: Can I nominate uhhhh everyone we're all a little fucky wucky The Julia Wilde Award COFFEEEEEEEEEEEE Nominees: Viri i dont give a damn if theyre gone im still voting we've established this keep up yes? Most Likely To Be Madame X For the member who has secretly been the primary antagonist of Rejuvenation this whole time. Nominees: im feeling 2tousent he's been gone for years doing something and i think its fucking with jans game Most Likely to Become Auth For the most helpful member who should totally be on the team! this is definitely not a thinly-veiled screening process. Nominees: Ama like yes? Most Likely to Become Champion For the member most likely to take the ranks when another gym leader champion inevitably dies or something! Nominees: SKITTY AND KAM. I REMEMBER. PEPPERIDGE FARM REMEMBERS Most Likely to Take Over the World For the member most poised to overpower society as we know it! Nominees: kURO, with these capitals. Most Likely to Gain a Gigantamax For the member who's probably about to get banned by Smogon! Nominees: Bibs is gonna put on weight with all the honey memes Most Likely to Start a Religious Cult For the member you'd most quickly offer your soul to in a ritual of deepest darkness! Nominees: Avatar of Grima. HE HAD A CULT IN THE GAMES CMON PEOPLE. Most Likely to Get a Regional Variant ...look we don't really know how to put this. Decide among you who is mostly likely to join the ranks of Stunfisk. Nominees: ame is personified in my head by an alolan ninetales with cat ear headphones, which is confusing when ive seen streams mind you, so like she wins that off the bat. Most Likely to not be a Real Person For the member who is just. impossible. Nominees: I think Frar is a bot programmed to ask bibs questions honest to god someone wants to know about that man. Most Likely to Die First in a Killing Game For the member most likely to stumble their way into last place! Nominees: Shanco. No im not justifying this. Most Likely To Really Be Ferdinand von Aegir They are Ferdinand von Aegir. Nominees: Ferdinand Von Aegir THEYRE IN THE DISCORD LIST SO ITS VALID Most Likely to Win Third Place Self-explanatory. Nominees: I feel like azery is in enough noms he ahs the numerical best chances Cna't Spel Awrad Fro thh menber taht jsut dosnt kno hwo 2 wrods! Nominees: i have to admit defeat, if i can nominate myself then yes like you can spot so many issues in this post alone at a guess, ive corrected enough already AWARD AWARD NJAB GOGOGOGP
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    Hey Everyone. I had the privilege of being a beta tester for the game and I want to give my likes and dislikes about it.overall the game was great and it was fun exploring the region while completing the side quest. Finally i would like to thank @MegaMew for his hard work and Enigma as a whole.
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    I uploaded a meme. When you finally get out from Reborn City:
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    Try the totem pole without the I'll dated doll
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    The rest of the Gen 8 updates can always be added in as a patch later on this year, but if we keep delaying this episode because of stuff like that, the final Pokemon Reborn episode will come out before Rejuvenation, lol.
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    O thx and hyena thx for offerings to help u both r the best
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    [Eliminate] nick As per custom.
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    @mimi i already know your role and since i want the game to go longer (eliminate) lia
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    Didnt think of defining a new pokedex, which might be the way to go. Im gonna take a look at it. Thx for the help.
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    sounds convincing enough. [murder] eric
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    @Falirion @YinYang9705 Alright I’d had enough fun You guys wanna say anything or should I say it myself.
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    @CandyaTth ouWdl eB aeBcseu Bane oldWun't eiGv eM eTh Flul oIfn I deedNe Lats gtNih. rsAta's Relo sI" aMiaf eebMrm ,"But owN I nuFod Otu hTta He sI gndiAle ihWt The" srkaeB" =wTon. [Unvote] Astra [Eliminate] Lia
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    I actually think i weakened Thyplosion, so it's eruption wouldn't do that much damage, and then used DDance, with a Rock Gem to kill both Darm and Thyplosion. I love to hell Shelly as a character, but she can go to the void for than awful gym battle. I think i later used a similar strategy to beat Charlotte, since i used an Omastar, and set both Tailwind and Rain dance with Whimsicott and Jolteon, then swept her with a Shell Smash, Surf and an Araquanid, i was pretty lucky, accounting the evasion drops
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    It’s no wonder he gets pretty high Vanilla rating despite his risqué jokes
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    Actually, I think it's confirmed that Cain is pansexual, so he can basically like anyone regardless of their sex or gender identity. There's a scene where you are with Radomus and Cain when you meet Adrienn and if your character is non-gender, he'll say something similar to, "Oh, so that's why (Your name) is so cute~!". Plus, he also said that he finds it arousing when Adrienn tells him that they don't prefer to call themselves a male or female. Oh, and, Cain flirts with you regardless of your gender. I'm playing as a female, and he still says the same thing to me.
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    Starry Knight is missing in The Auspicious Auth Award (Yes, I'm nominating her for that award)
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    Hi everyone, hope you had a good Christmas holiday. I’ve been thinking a lot about not only episode 5 but also the entire project. For the most part, it me mentioning that there will be NO wild Pokémon at all. The reason for that is that any player can simply KO wild Pokémon for EXP, and the entire team will be at maximum level of 50 and stampede the entire game. However, a player may intentionally lose a trainer battle to just get EXP; simply defeat 5 of the 6 Pokémon and intentionally use a non attacking move and wait for your opponent to eventually finish your entire team off. Should you put all eggs in one basket or distribute it to others? Putting all EXP in a single Pokémon would definitely give you level advantage to handle anything you want, but when it comes to Pokémon that you can’t handle (because they counter your only overleveled Pokémon), then you find yourself difficult to go any further. If you distribute EXP to other team members, you have more viable options if your other teammates are having trouble. However, because there’s no wild Pokémon, and there are finite amount of trainers, there’s only so much EXP you can gain. Realistically, you can’t get every single gift Pokemon I left behind to be on par against AI’s Pokémon. I raised just six Pokémon and it barely or slightly below par against opponent’s. And then comes episode 5. Remember when you had to face Primal Kyogre? Well, the next one is gonna be its nemesis, Primal Groudon! How do you even counter a level 45 Primal Groudon?! A Fire/Ground Type with BST of 770 is supposed to be 4x weak to Water, but it’s extremely harsh sunlight makes water moves useless, leaving only its 2x weakness to Ground moves to exploit. Not even Yusaku the mighty Sylveon Swordsmen can handle Groudon! That’s easier said than done, so I’m gonna make some changes. Branching Cave: Gabite replaced with Gliscor. Garchomp Level 40 and it’s mega Stone will be added next episode. And lucky egg will be a purchasable item in Norall City. With those changes and two added counters, I hope that this legendary Pokémon will be bearable to deal with. That’s pretty much it regarding my two cents. Anyways, here's my adventure of Episode 4 - Sailing Problems!
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    Just to clarify, you only get Julia as your partner during the battle with Solaris. Florinia is still your partner for the other two battles. Perhaps you misunderstood?
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    i've posted this in a few other places, so i'm also going to post it here because i can't shut up about zeroranger breath of the wild fe3h hollow knight FTL persona 5 celeste mass effect 3 undertale VLR Portal 2 reborn zeroranger
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    dont hate any member from team meteor coz I am gonna beat them all anyway at the end of the game and Lin will bow down before me. Also welcome to the cartel.
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    Wassup @Evi Crystal Glad you join us We running low on N0 targets
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    Lin is the best and most interesting member you don't know what you're talking about.
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    wtf should I do it? what if I die if I reveal myself? or what if my wrapper gets taken away? but you know I'm a bit curious the curiosity killed the fish but I'm a candy not a fish [Reveal] Candy
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    Happy birthday Sayia! May this day (or evening) be good for you and enjoy your Christmas break
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    so i was a bored and wanted to figure out what we the player will have to face later on in e19. this is just my speculation based on prior events leading up to it as well as information one can glean from the field effect manual, feel free to chime in and fill in any gaps i may have missed. saphira is up first, and the final gym leader that we'll have to face. it's probably no secret as to what field we will be facing her on so i'll just assume it's this one. well her dragonite is going to be a royal pain in the ass, but aside from that i'm going to go out on a limb and say her mega will probably be mega charizard x. even though it's not really a true dragon type, considering how utterly op it is on this field and her mother caroline having its megastone in the back of her gym, it seems the most plausible. definitely no kingdra considering how much its nerfed here and amaria already having it. ampharos, sceptile, altaria, salamence, garchomp, hydreigon and dragalge will likely not be seen as they are all megas and/or aces of other characters (besides sceptile). other pseudos in goodra and kommo-o will likely be used (assuming assault vest and clangorous soulblaze), as well as haxorus as they have not really been used by any other relevant characters. her last is likely a lesser dragon and what's left is exeggutor, flygon, druddigon, tyrantrum, noivern, turtonator and drampa. my educated guess would probably be either flygon, druddigon or tyrantrum but can't say for sure. aside from that she might use pokemon from the dragon egg group but not likely considering that all gym leaders battle using monotype for gym battles with the exception of noel's clefable, but how cool would it be if she used an unburden seed sceptile or marvel scale milotic? not sure if she is going to be fought in singles or doubles but going to go with singles since we just faced hardy in doubles, also not accounting legendaries for obvious reasons. from what's left in the tm pool, we get dragon claw after defeating her. to recap, my guess as to what saphira's team will be is: dragonite, charizard, kommo-o, goodra, haxorus, filler next up is the elite 4. not sure the order we face them in or if there even is one and we can fight them in any order (like in BW), but going to start with the next belrose sister in laura. jfc i know grass types suck but this just seems like overkill. ame is ramping up the bullshit to a whole nother level which i gotta say, you can never have too much of i guess. needless to say decontructing this will take quite a while but at the risk of coming off as a sadomasochist, this battle will be a 6v12 double battle vs laura AND bennett. the reason i believe that to be the case is as follows: 1) this field effect is meant to be fought in doubles and also boosts bug type moves 2) there is not enough room for bennett to be in the elite 4 after he has helped laura reclaim her position 3) it makes sense in regards to the overall plot to fight them both here 4) this is not unprecedented as the player has already fought in 6v12 battles during the glass gauntlet 5) it would be too easy otherwise of course the one argument against this format would be that it may be inconsistent with respect to the other elite 4 members, as the rest of them are likely to be fought 1 on 1 and them not having 12 pokemon. all i can say in response to that is they will also be equally difficult, but bug and grass aren't the best defensive types and is moreso a handicap on the player to make this fight as reasonably difficult as possible. there is also the possibility that we fight laura and bennett separately, but both on flower garden as well. because this is the elite 4, i'm going to assume legendaries and wild cards likely to be used. based on first impressions alone, this fight seems to be weather based and benefits from either sun with chlorophyll and rain to nerf fire types and not turn the terrain into a burning field. this of course is questionable as interchanging between sun and rain makes a rainbow field, which completely invalidates whatever the fuck flower garden is. while lilligant is guaranteed to be her ace, i think it's safe to say that she also has a cherrim considering how much flower gift utterly buffs her teammate and the terrain itself. flower veil florges in a similar vein, but less certain as it is adrienn's ace and idk if she will overlap and use it as well, also it not actually being grass type. her options for a mega are venusaur, sceptile and abomasnow, with the most likely being venusaur for obvious reasons. grass type legendaries include celebi, shaymin, virizion, tapu bulu and kartana with shaymin being a prime suspect. her last member(s) will most likely be support based and help set up weather. ninetales isn't too much of a stretch given its history with charlotte, nor is politoed as poliwag is indigineous to tanzan cove. hell she may even set up manual weather with something fast like jumpluff or whimsicott idk. to recap, my guess as to what laura's team will be is: lilligant, cherrim, venusaur, skymin, filler, filler as for bennett, i'm expecting him to stick to some of his core pokemon but still deviate a bit and benefit from the field effect. volcarona is pretty much a given, but i also think he'll keep his butterfree since it is his primary ace and can abuse 100% accurate sleep powders with tinted lens. flower garden also specifically buffs infestation, and a prime abuser of the move would be shuckle which would act as a defensive anchor to his team. bug type legendaries include genesect, buzzwole and pheromosa of which genesect would seem to be the most fitting given his scientific nature. choice in mega comes down to beedrill, pinsir, scizor and heracross. while bennett did have a scyther before, titania already used mega scizor with fern and solaris having it as well. it also conflicts with my guess in him having genesect so i think it's safe to rule that out, but going to go with pinsir as it metamorphasizes into something with wings, similar to a butterfly. not sure what his last may be as bug types are extremely versatile, could even be a wild card to cover his weaknesses so can't say for sure. to recap, my guess as to what bennett's team will be is: volcarona, butterfree, genesect, shuckle, mega, filler heather specializes in flying types and seeing how there are only two fields that specifically boost that type in mountain and snowy mountain, i'm going to assume she will be fought on mountain as the player has not really fought on this terrain, with snowy mountain being essentially the same thing but also making her much more susceptible to ice. this one appears vague and is subject to much more interpretation. not entirely sure whether or not she will be fought in singles or doubles seeing as they both are viable options, but going to assume the rest of the fights are going to be in the traditional singles format. based on her character profile, heather hates cute pokemon and prefers tough, powerful ones which makes it a lot easier to narrow down her options. she will also most likely employ tailwind to enable strong winds, which is important considering mountain buffs types that flying hates as well. salamence is no doubt her ace and doubles as her mega. she has a lot of options in regards to potential legendaries, but i think it's safe to assume she won't use one with more than 600 bst. this leaves the kanto birds, unovan genies and celesteela. of these, any of the genies seem to be the most likely considering they are the most viable, take advantage of mountain quite well and frankly are the least "cute" of the bunch. i wouldn't be surprised if she had more than 1 genie to be quite honest or zapdos for that matter. as for other pokemon that fit her strong and tough persona, gyarados and honchkrow come to mind which i wouldn't be surprised to see. talonflame and crobat are notable as well, with the former benifiting from prenerfed gale wings and the latter as a homage to her late father corey. there's not much else i can really see heather using aside from maybe a bug flying type as a sign of friendship with shelly, but nothing really comes to mind as far as potential wild cards go. to recap, my guess as to what heather's team will be is: salamence, genie, talonflame, crobat, filler, filler el is an expert in normal types, with holy field acting as his field of choice. There's not really much we know about el's team other than the fact that he will probably have a choice scarf imposter ditto to reverse sweep degenerates using blaziken so that will be fun. if anyone has played reborn in its early stages, they might remember that you could in fact challenge el before fighting serra at her mansion. he only had one pokemon which was snorlax at the time, so i think it's safe to assume he will still have it here. his potential mega options include pidgeot, kangaskhan, lopunny and audino. either kangaskhan or audino seem to be the most plausible as they can take advantage of the field much better than the other 2, but probably kangaskhan since it is more offensively potent. regigigas, arceus, meloetta and silvally are the only normal type legendaries, with the two former exceeding 600 bst and the latter two being the most likely. meloetta is probably his legendary of choice considering how buffed it is by the field and silvally being nerfed by being a dark type for some reason. also going to say that smeargle is a likely option given its vast toolkit and it generally being a good lead. his last can probably be anything, another legendary, a wild card, or a generic shitty normal who knows. to recap, my guess as to what el's team will be is: ditto, snorlax, kangaskhan, meloetta, smeargle, filler anna is a professional in psychic types and this is going to be the field she's fought on probably. anna's potential team is just as much an enigma as she is, but there are a couple pokemon that stand out here. jirachi obviously being her ace and choice in legendary, as it is the only pokemon known that she is alluded to have. her mega selection is pretty diverse, but i have no doubt that she will have a mega metagross to back her up as it is the one that benefits the most from starlight arena. starmie is also a very obvious pick as most of its moves are boosted and it is the only psychic type with illuminate which gets +1 sp atk upon switching in (also the fact that it's a star). those are three i think she will have for certain, as the rest of her team can be anything. i wouldn't be surprised if she had extra legendaries since a fair amount of them can take advantage of the terrain quite effectively like lati@s, victini and hoopa. nothing else really comes to mind in terms of potential wild cards other than maybe a cloud nine pokemon to negate weather which would eliminate her field. to recap, my guess as to what anna's team will be is: jirachi, metagross, starmie, filler, filler, filler lin is the champion that we need to overcome. i don't believe she is confined to any one type but i would wager that her theme revolves around legendaries. while this field effect isn't as egregious as laura's, i'd say it comes pretty close. what immediately sticks out to me is grounded pokemon have halved speed, no weather or terrain cheese and every legendary getting buffed. i'd expect nothing less to be honest. new world seems tailor made for lin's hydreigon, i just wonder if it won't be overshadowed by whatever else she may have up her sleeve. that being said, the creation trio as well as arceus seem to be likely members given their overall significance in reborn's setting and story and i would be surprised if she didn't have at least one of them on her team. we don't really know much about lin herself so anything beyond this would be pointless conjecture. hell she might even use gossip gardevoir as a pulse2 against us for all i know, but all in all seems like an actually challenging final fight so looking forward to whatever it will be. to recap, my guess as to what lin's team will be is: hydreigon, arceus, palkia, dialga, giratina, filler (mega?) well those are all my thoughts. not sure if this post counts as spoilers but it's nothing that isn't within the realms of possibility. regardless, hope ya'll enjoyed my supposition on what's planned for e19 :p.
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    Happy Birthday Cas , i hope that you'll have a wonderful day
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    Yep Lets see.....Angel+us (just kidding) Mew show up....plz
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    nature power sceptile should be A, instead of a great move pool you can span leaf storm mega drain and nature power and you are good, and some fields you get a lot for nature power that combined with unburden terrain seed its OP, and dont forget you can get mega sceptile before hardy gym fight. And plz dont forget the legendary mixed attack sceptile spammer of leaf storm and abuser of terrain, seriously you did dirty puting him on that rank.
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    After much procrastination, the Novelization run is finally off the goddamn Bote. have a read, if you're into that. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QBv4qYRtuAd7tyIoaEZPtx2fH9iPLQ91KlRNr1VYS0w/edit?usp=sharing
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