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    Howdy, everyone. I'd like to preface this with a couple things. I'm currently on my second full runthrough of the game and am enjoying it immensely. I've come to appreciate things on my new run that, previously, I had loathed to no end. To the development team, thank you for the great game, keep up the great work! As for this particular topic, I made a Reddit post recently that describes my original interpretation of this whole shebang. If you want some more context, click here: https://www.reddit.com/r/PokemonReborn/comments/coyvse/fuck_titania_and_amaria_both/ Anyway, on to the main topic of discussion. Strap in, it's a long one. Obligatory spoiler warning: don't read this if you haven't resolved the Titania/Amaria storyline. So throughout an average playthrough of this game, one runs into a plethora of interesting characters, some memorable and loved and others infamously despised. During my original run, I found myself absolutely despising certain characters and plot lines. However, for the most part, my second playthrough did much to change my perspective. I took this run through a lot slower than before and actually paid attention to the minute facets of dialogue and player-NPC interaction. Corey went from unredeemable edgelord to a man that reacts in a way that, realistically, any one of us could expect to act after what he went through; Victoria went from bland roadblock to a girl who incessantly wishes to protect those she cares about, a desire stemming from her mentor/mother-figure(?)'s fragility; T3RR4 may be slightly obnoxious, but comedy is subjective and, even if her style of humor doesn't sit right with me, that doesn't make her a bad character; even Fern screams insecurity in a way that might be fleshed out in the coming update. In short, a lot of characters that I previously was not a fan of now leave feeling empathetic; these are people reacting in understandable ways to the problems they face. However, there is one character who, despite my best efforts, despite hoping against hope that I might have missed something, simply fails to incite anything but pure, unbridled rage in my eyes: Amaria. My reasoning for this is manyfold. Originally, my opinion on Amaria was mostly a conglomerate that encompassed the entire Titania/Amaria plotline. Before, I thought that this part of the game was just melodrama for the sake of advancing the plot. I didn't like Titania much, but unlike the other characters I named, I wasn't sure why other than "hur dur melodrama and edge". However, upon replaying the quest, I realized two things. First, most of my hatred from Titania came from one source: her diary. As a person, it would be very out-of-character for me to go snooping around in other people's secrets. Conversing with them to help them is one thing but, given the opportunity, I would choose to leave a diary or other piece of personal affairs untouched. So when my character had to interact with the diary, I wasn't the happiest camper, and being yelled at by Titania for something I not only didn't do, but frankly had no interest in doing, felt massively unfair. I mean, I'm sorry you're dating someone you don't love, but how is that my fault? Just buck up, rip that Band-Aid off and don't force your insecurities on me! However, while I still disagree with being forced to go against my morals to progress, I understand. I understand that Titania had to snap somehow, so as to clue in Amaria that something was off and create a parallel to the IRL Rebon League. I understand that, given Titania's character, she would be unwilling to trust a stranger that just-so-happens to be standing right next to her darkest secrets. I understand that Titania can't just outright be truthful to Amaria, as contradictory as that might be with her "there's no such thing as a happy ending" mentality; she knows how unstable Amaria is, and as quick as she is to murder people for the sake of her own goals, she doesn't want unnecessary blood, especially from a close friend, to be spilled. If anything, Titania's choice to live a lie for so long might parallel my own choice in a similar position; I want people to be happy, even at the sake of my own happiness, and if that means living a life I detest with someone I don't care about romantically, then so be it. In short, I realized that most of my anger with the "Titania" half of this dichotomy is the forced reading of the diary, but it's still fine by me. It had to happen, her reaction was reasonable and her character is not only someone I can respect and admire, but relate to. However, after realizing this, I realized yet another thing: that the melodrama I hated about this quest stems almost entirely from Amaria. Oh boy, where do I start? Amaria, as we all know, has a host of deep-seated mental issues. She's suffering from severe depression, apparently self-harms (according to the wiki, correct me if I'm wrong), and even regularly contemplates suicide. Additionally, we know that Titania is the only thing keeping her going; upon meeting the two in their home, we see that Amaria fawns over her even while Titania appears aloof the entire time. I never read her journal in the Trainer School (though it has since been spoiled for me), but I remember listening to her dialogue and feeling sorry for her. "Wow, she's really going through it. Having gone through depression I know the struggle, glad she's found some support", I originally thought. However, her later actions turn my view of her sour. Her suicide tells me that Titania is more than merely a support network for her; without Titania, she cannot function, indicating that Amaria is not attempting to learn to cope, instead using Titania to bear the burden of her own instability. Of course, it only goes down from there. I have only done the Zekrom route, so it's the route I'm more familiar with, but in this route, her dialogue indicates that she even knows about the impact she has on Titania. I would theorize that she has always known that Titania feels shackled by their relationship, but refused to acknowledge it ("Does Tania care about me? She seems so aloof, I wonder if she feels the same way I do. Oh well, she hasn't said anything yet, I guess I must be wrong. She's my world, surely I must be the same to her"). However, despite knowing (or at least suspecting) that Titania isn't happy, she refuses to attempt to become functional enough to move on. This is further exemplified in the Reshiram route, in which she is overcome by a hatred for the player character, blaming them for taking Titania away (so-to-speak) and even going so far as to attempt to drown them for the perceived wrongdoing. This, ironically, finally drives Titania away and forces Amaria to come to grips with reality. The fantasy life she led is now gone, and where does that leave her? Nowhere, because she still cannot accept that, though depression sucks and may not be her own fault, it's still her responsibility to overcome it, to seek help from appropriate sources and to stop burdening those who attempt to help, but end up just shouldering the emotional baggage of the person that has since refused to help themselves. I think this is what fuels my anger at Amaria; when going through my own depressive episodes, I ended up dragging down those around me. It was only after years of this that I realized what I had to do. One's family and friends are, of course, necessary; they're the best support network one can ask for, or should be, at least. However, at some point, I realized that I had to actually work on getting better, not just unloading my baggage on those close to me and never working to change. So I sought therapy, learned coping techniques, and became a functioning human being again. Amaria, as I stated previously, has done none of this. She leaves her best friend in a state of perpetual worry that she might do something drastic, leading to a "forced" relationship that became a prison for Titania, and continued the depressed rants, suicidal ideology and overall instability whilst clinging to Titania with an iron-hard grasp. If anything, the truth/Reshiram route might end up being better for Amaria. With Titania gone, there's nothing shielding Amaria from her demons, and she now must face them head-on, or suffer. Hell, I likely would've gone down this route, were it not for one of my favorite characters: Taka. He shouldn't have to die for Amaria to shoulder some responsibility for her own well-being. In short, despite my original empathy for Amaria, her actions reveal someone entirely unable to seek proper help for her issues, instead relying on Titania to give up her own happiness to become the final support pillar keeping Amaria's "roof" from crashing down. If she continues to incessantly cling to this farce of a relationship, how can she ever hope to improve? More importantly, this all ends up forced on the player character; a misunderstanding becomes a catalyst for yet more blame placed on the player-character's shoulders, and the fact that Amaria's mental instability becomes the driving force in much of the story with no eventual payoff (unless one does the Reshiram route, but Taka's death is a major turnoff for me undertaking that route, especially since he still develops as a character and leaves Team Meteor in Agate). While I understand that this is somewhat meant to parallel the Reborn League, it still infuriates me to see Amaria acting like a leech and refusing to buck up and help herself. Anyway, that's that. If Amethyst or anyone else on the dev team reads this, I hope I didn't offend. I merely wish to share my perspective on a character, as well as some insight I gained about myself via my journey through this game. I also hoped to spur some discussion; feel free to share any thoughts down below. Thanks for reading!
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    heres some perlers i did! im thinking of redoing the non-rift aelitas since those were the one of the first ive made lol
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    These have been the hardest to make so far because I hand drew the hair and stuff for both, I hope you guys like them
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    ...so if you get trapped in a cage by nuzleaf, does that make you... nuz-locked? ...yeah i'll escort myself out
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    Seeing people have talked about the music that plays during the battle with Ryland and asking where it's from, learning it's from my fangame, becoming curious about it only to find out i've practically cancelled the thing is.... wild tbh In a way it makes me a little sad i couldn't have brought out a demo -- ESPECIALLY because of how much time I've put in the soundtrack -- but I just can't seem to get myself to work on a project i've lost passion for. I'll never be able to deliver a product that lives up to my own standards if i'm not driven to work on it, and I know other people will notice too so I just don't wanna do that, yknow?
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    I almost forgot to make this one
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    He's also lucky that Skuntank didn't have empowered aftermath
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    this might be a thing in ep 19 so I'll just post this here hope you find them great eggsamples of the summary versions
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    No one knows how long it will take to finish an episode but me. I decided to do it this version because I know what I'm up against in future versions. This version is the best time to do it. That's just it.
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    Hi Caz, Thank u for this wonderful game u're working on !! I had a freaking good moment playing on it !! I hope that u're doing well in your life !! Thank u very much for letting us believe that this game will be completed one day Because to be honest, i'm planning to play this game again again and again.. Freaking dope.. A masterpiece !! Congrats !! And good luck for the future of this amazing game !!
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    Awwww yes, I can put my Reborn memes in here! So I kinda made some for @DerogatoryTrainer's Reborn run but now I can put them here, enjoy me trashing (or praising) some Reborn characters must protecc taka (spoilers for reshiram route) fern training a kricketune in reborn I have made other memes - about Reborn characters I dislike - but I don't want to get hated in case I dislike someone's fave, so maybe I'll post them at another point xD
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    Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!!
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    Titania and Amaria *silently sobbing*
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    is been awhile! Here some chibi doodle ᐕ)⁾⁾ i've fought Terra,is really the classic 8bit style i love it! (next is ciel!) i've also meet Titania and know about her relationship with Amaria (is sad! (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`) i'll definitely draw them next pls stay tune.) ya' best boi Cain~ Vero and Shelly Cal and Vero Vero and Fern (I'm sorry,Fern is my most dislike character in this whole series..Also i happen to choose same starter as him ( ͡°ᴥ ͡° ʋ)) and last,Ya' big best boi Taka and his Chatot
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    I hope memes are okay because I'll probably end up making a lot of them. I'll add to it as I come up with more, if you have your own Reborn memes, throw them in!
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    When you train up a Trubbish/Stunky with Acid Spray for the PULSEs Also, not mine, but I must have found this on the forums some time ago because I had it saved in my ages-old Reborn folder. Wish I could remember the creator/context.
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    Every day I stray further from salvation.
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    First warning for deliberately posting after Night started.
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    ah, I see what is happening here. i am Cass. you are looking for Caz. he's around here somewhere, i'm sure, but probably not in this topic.
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    for the safety of our team members, the newest estimate for release is now summer of 2052.
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    There currently isn't, so I just made one real quick. Hopefully this works? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NcClePfb0B8rmJ4R_hF1C_Jo_ZiIlX6I/view?usp=sharing
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    He went in the department store and STILL missed the whole sticker sidequest thing... Anyway I'm not this "mysterious person" feeding him info, but if I was, or if that person was reading this, I'd add: How to get those field readouts he missed To read that darn Pulse Dex he was just handed (it's Shofu and the field effects all over again, seriously. DON'T LET IT BE SHOFU AND THE FIELD EFFECTS ALL OVER AGAIN. We already saw the beginnings of that this episode with Cacnea's Sand Veil) Link to my sticker guide Point out how and why Nature Power is actually really good in this game (he doesn't have anyone who can use it yet, but just let him know) Point out that he never got Opal Ward's static encounter, and the Magikarp for sale is an amazing choice (leave out the wild goose chase he'll be sent on, it'll be hilarious) In the same vein, point out the Onyx Rooftop and that the Pokemon from the Casino count as static encounters A warning that he'll miss out on content if he doesn't find all 5 police officers before a certain point A challenge to be as lucky as he was this time on the rest of the game
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    ngl I was shook ;A; I honestly didn't expect that tagging him would even ensure he sees the post to begin with, given how popular he seems to be feelsniceman 'specially since i almost never draw any more these days also just saying but I'd absolutely not put it past Fern to have a throne :^) I can only repeat how much fun I'm having with his playthrough. It's just so refreshing to see someone actually invest thought into the characters and setting with this much enthusiasm; I know lots of people do that, but it's not something I've seen a lot with youtubers tbh. And even if some of his theories and interpretations come off as really funny when you already know the game, I just love listening to him trying to put the hints together. ...Which also makes me sincerely hope that people will be able to keep their spoilers to themselves and not give away all the cool or shocking stuff to him (lookin' at you here, Garchomp battle). I was so ready to fight people when he started the vid saying he's been given clarification on ZEL, deadass thought someone went and spoiled the backstory to him zzzz
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    Pokemon Reworld Hello guys and welcome to Pokemon Reworld. What's Pokemon Reworld? Pokemon Reworld is a fan game created by me. What's this game all about? What does this game features? Pictures (main characters only) Protagonists: Rivals: Misc: Screenshots: Credits Progress Alpha: This alpha is only the beginning of Episode 1. Also if you are interested in being a beta tester for Pokemon Reworld please PM me.
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    In light of recent surprise release on Switch, I have come with a mess of an attempt.
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    Honestly? This version already looks better than Sword and Shield, and I've barely even seen anything yet.
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    The sun is shining, Vulpix is smiling, and everything will be okay
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    Going through my first playthrough of Reborn, when the time finally came for me to choose a split for the Zekrom or Reshiram routes, I personally chose the Reshiram route- after doing a bit of looking around I figured that a more blunt, or "truthful" route of this story fit the dark mood of Reborn more. And, oh boy, did it deliver. (Apologies if this is the wrong place to say this, as I know this is a discussion about Amaria, but I just wanted to comment:) You pointed out that on your second run of Reborn, your perspective on some of the characters had changed- which I thought was pretty interesting! Two of my favorite characters that you pointed out were Corey, and ironically, Fern (Yes, Fern). As for me, Corey already had a place of sympathy the first time I realized that he had been unmasked as part of Team Meteor in front of his own daughter- and his death was so sad (Yes, I cried-), and yet fitting, I feel. As for Fern, I never really hated him, I just thought he was a jerk but found his little jabs at the MC funny. As you said, there's a sense of insecurity from him, which begs the question as to why? (If his story is ever developed more I do hope it might explain why he acts the way he does), and the moment I saw him on Team Meteor's side, his character just piqued my interest more (that's a topic for some other time, this is about Amaria, not Fern!). Continuing: When I finally got to Amaria's gym, the part where she tries to literally drown the MC is certainly shocking, but I suppose you could say in her head, it was very much justified. Titania was the only person she could lean on, the only person who wouldn't leave her, and so obviously she depended on her so much it that Tania had become her lifeline- but it got to the point where it was so much, it was toxic. As you said, Amaria leaves Tania trapped- so it was certainly a tight spot for her to be in. She obviously needs help- professional help- and she wasn't going to get it herself- which just led her to spiral worse and worse until she just becomes unhinged and tries to kill the MC. Personally, Amaria didn't really bother me too much (?), as for the relationship between these two characters, I was more focused on Titania's side, since the idea of someone being trapped in such a difficult spot was interesting to me- as well as her breaking away from Amaria in the Reshiram route. However, even though my opinion on Amaria was typically surface level for most of the story, there is one part that really stung me the wrong way. It's when you try and find her in her gym, and she says: "I know- She doesn't love me. I've tasted the disdain on her lips a half-thousand times. I'd suck the venom right from her tongue a half-thousand more if it meant she would always be here..." The fact that Amaria is so vividly aware that Titania feels trapped in this relationship, and yet still keeps going, is so disturbing to me. For her to be so dependent on Titania and ignore her friend's feelings like that just for herself was really the moment I started to realize that something was really wrong. I wonder if Amaria's love for Titania is really love? Or maybe it's just some sort of twisted kind of dependence on her because she's never had anyone else to lean on. Either way, Amaria's actions could also be said as justified- her depression leads her to act this way- since she's in such a dark place, so she can't really see the rights and wrongs in her actions. However, I'm not the one to say these things, as I've never really experienced depression (so I hope I didn't come off as ignorant n~n;;), but sympathy for everyone who had to go through it. Yet at the same time, for her to act so selfishly is also shocking, as you would expect her to care more for how Titania feels in the relationship as well- and yet she doesn't. In the end, I would simply say she's acting human- someone who has been through too much, and never really got the help they severely needed, nor did they ever learn to pick themselves up and hold themselves responsible to heal, as you said. Both Titania's and Amaria's stories are sad, as well as so bluntly human. People make mistakes, shy away from standing up to toxic relationships, make the wrong choices, and sometimes even spiral down a painful path because there was never anyone to really help them get up- just like Amaria. I'm not sure if her actions can ever be justified- but I still think that doesn't take away the fact that the story of these two is so very much human.
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    Honestly? Same. tbh this is probably going be a big jumbled mess of opinions haha. Something that puts Titania at the bottom of my list of ''characters i care for'' is her unwillingness to leave behind someone who she knows for sure is toxic towards her. As someone who's also had a bad depression and knew a good amount of toxic people at the time, once I realized how toxic they were for my mentality I was able to cope and leave them behind (with the support of friends, of course), and I have been happier ever since. Thing is, Titania knows how bad Amaria is being towards her, and as we see in reshiram route leaving amaria was as easy as just saying a few words, and titania will be happier in no time. Amaria too, if she learns to cope. I'm sure its hard to leave behind someone you care for, but the realization that Amaria doesnt care for Tania's wellbeing should've been enough for someone who murders people daily. I might be sounding a bit salty here, but its frustrating to see someone else in kind of the same situation i was once in. I also have no empathy for a murderer, but i wont go into that here, haha. Anyway, i'm sure there's a bunch of people who think i'm biased with my disliking of Titania since I'm a massive Taka fan. Honestly though, I believe that Taka's character was wasted in Reshiram route as a means for tania to leave amaria. There's many other ways to deal with this sort of situation, but I honestly believe this to just be bad writing, or just killing off a beloved for shock value, who knows. Either way I'm saying I dont think Taka had to die for tanias change. This bit here is probably a bit of a random negative I have for titania, but Taka hinted at tania and MC in the WTC that he could be severly punished/murdered if he left meteor, a place he was born into. He's forced to stay there when Titania doesn't have the threat of getting murdered if she leaves Amaria. Her outburst at Taka really pisses me off, but then again, that could be why he left meteor in e18. idk lol
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    Feraligatr, but with Umbreon's color scheme *disclaimer: got the inspiration from seeing Pokemon Fusion Generation 2 and thought how cool Feraligtr would be with Umbreon's color scheme
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    No longer responding to trade requests from On the Hunt.... I mean come on people READ
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    I finally got to catch up with ttar's eps anddddd I'm really looking forward to the next ones I think what really gets me with his playthrough is his pure enthusiasm to learn about everything. Even though he was coached by the devil to nuzlocke the game, it's heartwarming to see someone who's genuinely having fun playing Reborn with almost zero rants. Kinda takes me back to the time when I myself started the game with little to no knowledge, all the while appreciating these foreign mechanics in a game I'm so used to I believe ttar can go all the way to E19 considering his pace now. He's doing a great job honestly for a beginner. I have high hopes. Since he got best mon Tiki, nothing's impossible. Edit: I also want to add that seeing the comment's section of his videos is so pleasant. He has fans that are playing along with him and enjoying it as well. It's really nice to see how his positivity had influenced people to appreciate the game as he does.
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    I'm just trying to spread the word as far as I can. To literally every website I can think of where you can make posts. The Amazon rainforest, the forest responsible for 20% of the Earth's oxygen, is burning in record speed. It has gotten so bad that the smoke can be seen from space. Please spread the word.
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    "you're a second rate duelist with a third rate ass" little brother incredible as always
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    “Y’all drew fanart of Kiki, Jaques and Tiki as the big three - thank you! Leave Belly out!” Absolutely not
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    From Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 65 I stared at the direction of the thudding sound, and soon the bathroom door opened. With an amount of steam that made me wonder if someone had been cooking themselves in there, came out a figure dressed in a white bathrobe. No, it was not the dead man. It was someone much, much worse. The worst possible scenario, right in front of my eyes. “Oh. My. Goodness. Look who’s here! You appear now when I just took a relaxing shower, and totally evaded me while I looked for you months on end?” Jasmin, looking dramatically different from how she looks with a face full of make-up, was now standing just a couple of meters from me. “I didn’t think I’d find you here,” I said. “Of course not. But isn’t it obvious that I’d come here, to the last place my boyfriend-” she paused and grinned widely, almost as if she were imitating Cheshire. “I mean, your boyfriend, was known to inhabit before he mysteriously disappeared?” I knew she was only saying this to upset me; she had always been this sort of person. Yet, she was managing to do just that, and it took every inch of my concentration not to show it outwardly. She stared at my eyes, perhaps searching for proof that I was distressed. After an unnatural pause, she stroked her long wet hair and asked: “Now, you wouldn’t know what happened to him, would you?” I forced myself to keep a straight face, but I don’t know if I succeeded. Turns out tensing facial muscles on command might not be the best way to look unfazed. In any case, my effort wasn’t enough to fool one with a keen sixth sense, a product of a purist lineage of police officers and commanders. “You don’t have to tell me, if you don’t want to,” she waved her hands. “Now that I’ve found you, I care not if Aladdin comes back or not. Our duty was to bring you back to Everland for a proper trial, and if he doesn’t come back with us, that’d just be more credit to me.” “You’re sickening. Don’t think you’ll catch me just because you found me,” I said, and reached to one of my pokeballs. However, just as I’d grasped one, a purple ribbon wrapped around my wrist and pulled my arm, making me drop the pokeball to the floor. I looked back at Jasmin, and widened my eyes in disbelief. The purple ribbon that had caught my wrist was nothing other than the ribbon tied to Jasmin’s hair. “W-what…” “Having my secret revealed to my enemy isn’t very elegant of me, is it?” The other end of Jasmin’s ribbon moved in almost invisible speed and wrapped around my other wrist. I tugged with all my strength, but neither side would let go or rip. Instead, it wrapped around even tighter, which I thought would end up severing my hands. “I like hearing you scream in pain. It feels rewarding when punishment befalls criminals, you know?” Since she said that, I clenched my teeth so that I wouldn’t give her the pleasure. She noticed, and grinned even wider than before. “Now, behave. If you don’t resist me, I won’t have to tighten my ribbon around you so strongly.” She pulled my arms with force, and that momentum made me fall forward onto my knees. “Much better.” I didn’t want it to end there. I still had to fight alongside the people I cared about. I still needed to return to Everland and overthrow the Queen. I wouldn’t be able to do either of those things from jail, or worse, from death. Right at that moment, Pikachu, who had been hiding behind me the whole time, leaped forward using my back as a springboard. It was like that time, when he had jumped towards Solaris’ large blue dragon in order to save my neck. However, this time was different. Pikachu used the move Astonish on Jasmin, and instead of Pikachu, she crumbled to the floor. The ribbons on my arms loosened for a moment, and that was enough for me to pull my arms away. I called Pikachu to run, and we ran with the fastest speed we could toward the room’s doorway and then the building’s exit. I could hear Jasmin’s angry shouts following me, and perhaps her ribbons might have actually caught my hair a couple of times, had it not been for Pikachu who slapped the ribbons away with his ghastly arms. Running outside of the apartment complex was going to be a problem, however, because of the perpetual snow on Ametrine City’s ground. Fortunately, that turned out to be an advantage I could exploit against Jasmin, who was still wearing her bathrobe and slippers. She tried following me for a couple of meters, but then withdrew to the building because she could not handle the cold on her almost-bare feet. I turned around briefly to confirm that she was standing at the building’s entrance, with a glare that told me the next time we met would not be a clean meeting. Now, I had to quickly decide where I would head to, before Jasmin could change her clothes and come looking for me again. My drive to find out about Aladdin’s thought process was at an all-time low now, given that he had evidently planned a trap that extended well beyond his last breath. However, I also didn’t want to go back to the circus, without having accomplished anything here in Ametrine. My head throbbed as I considered my options, and tried to choose the best option that increased my chances of escaping unharmed from Jasmin. My instinct was to just run through Ametrine Mountain full speed, but given my lack of judgment on several occasions, I wasn’t too sure that was the correct answer. Exiting Ametrine through the mountain’s interior was the most predictable route. Even the idiots of Team Meteor knew that, and placed the PULSE Avalugg to block that passage. Was there another path to leave Ametrine City? I glanced behind. No, but I could make one. I ran over to the edge of the cliff that had one large protruding rock. This had been the place Aladdin and I battled, and the rock the one that I deposited my entire life onto while we swung from my bubblegum dress. It was also the place where Aladdin had fallen God knows how many meters to his demise. “Pikachu, I saw you parachuting Shelly to safety once, when we were crossing the bridges to get to Calcenon City,” I said. “What do you say? Want to try taking another leap of faith?” Pikachu looked at me, then took a sneak peak at the bottom of the cliff, and jumped backward. Then he restlessly moved back and forth, perhaps trying to think of an alternative that didn’t result in our deaths. However, he must know that I already considered my options, and at least this path had some chance of survival, compared to the other one that was absolutely nil after angering Jasmin thus. Once Pikachu calmed down, he began stretching his disguise, which gave me another idea. After all, he wasn’t the only one with stretchy clothing. After 5 minutes of intensive work, we were left with two parachute-size clothes, which I combined together using the last two magical stones on my bubblegum dress. Now, we were ready to try out the life-or-death maneuver. I must say that, even though I had high hopes for this to work, it wasn’t easy taking that step down to the abyss, when I couldn’t guarantee my or Pikachu’s safety to the 100%. “Ready, Pikachu?” I said, trying to control the trembling of my hands. “Let’s do it.” We jumped off at the same time. The parachute worked in the sense that it didn’t just make us fall at 9.8 m/s^2, but given that the two sticky stones that held them together only did so in two spots, air still could pass between the sheets and we fell at a faster rate than anticipated. Pikachu noticed, and used one of his long arms to hold the two cloths’ gap, but still, the parachute wasn’t perfect. The other thing was controlling the landing spot; due to the air current, we did not fall in a straight line but instead in all directions, and I did my best to avoid plunging into the cliffside by kicking it when we got too close. In the end, we fell into part of the forest, not too far from the cliff. The landing was catastrophic because the tree branch I stepped on broke under our and the parachute’s weight and so we fell and got scratched all over with tree branches. Luckily, we didn’t hit the ground because the parachute got entangled in the branches and held us like a bouncy hammock. I cut through my dress to escape the bubblegum mess, and Pikachu also shrunk(?!) his disguise to normal size. The scratches hurt but I had suffered worse injuries in the past. Some sprays of Full Heal should do it for now. We walked through the forest, half-looking for the path to access either Agate Circus or Calcenon from the bottom of Ametrine Mountain, and half-looking for Aladdin’s corpse. That was all I could do in the present moment, for I didn’t know when Jasmin would be leaving the infamous apartment, where perhaps I could gather the information that, I had to admit, I was desperate to obtain. However, I could not find the corpse, perhaps owing to the layered snow. I was about to give up my search and focus on just leaving Ametrine all together, when I heard the sound of a branch break near me. The sound made my heart jump and instantly increased my heart rate by three fold. I thought that somehow against all odds, Jasmin had found out that I jumped off a cliff, and was now proximal to me; however, I was, to my relief, wrong. The person who approached me was not someone I knew. She appeared to be walking her dog, a large stoutland. “Is someone there?” she asked. I remained silent, because I didn’t care to chat with a stranger. She continued walking, the dog guiding her towards me. Even when she was within a 5 metre radius of me, though, she repeated herself louder. “Is someone there?” Then she added, “Sorry, I’m blind. I am looking for someone, and I thought you might be them.” Only when she said this, it dawned on me that her eyes were out of focus. “Yes, I am here, but I’m likely not the one you’re looking for.” “Oh, let’s see. You don’t happen to be Vanilla, or know someone named Vanilla, would you?” The question caught me off-guard, and I couldn’t reply straight away. How would she know who I was? Was she a member of the Everland Police looking for me like Aladdin and Jasmin? It was improbable. They wouldn’t hire a blind person precisely to look for me, would they? “Why are you looking for her?” I said, still precautious. “About a week ago, Mocha here found an articuno and a boy lying on the snow,” she said, patting her stoutland. “Both were cold but still breathing, so my dad and brother helped me to carry them to our house.” “Aladdin!” I exclaimed but I checked my tone. “So he survived the fall. Roaches always refuse to die.” “Dunno about roaches, but dad said he probably fell from Ametrine Mountain and his articuno tried to save him. It’s not often, thankfully, but we’ve found dead peeps around these parts before. I wish they wouldn’t choose Ametrine Mountain for sucide spot, or more like, I wish they didn’t choose suicide at all!” “Aladdin didn’t commit suicide, although he might as well have.” I don’t know why I said that. The girl looked at me funnily, though her eyes were not looking in my direction at all. “You seem to know this guy an awful lot better than I expected,” she said. “I think I’ll have to add to my previous statement that I wish angry girlfriends wouldn’t push their boyfriends off cliffs to solve their conflicts!” I flinched, but this was not the moment to flinch. “That’s not at all how it happened. But again, why should I explain things to a stranger? Just take me to where he is already.” “Stranger? Oh, that’s right! I haven’t introduced myself yet,” the girl said, smiling this time. “My name is Hazel, and my stoutland is Mocha. I think Aladdin might be asleep right now, since he still has a fever, but I’m sure he’d be happy to see you if you caught him awake. He’s in a much better shape than we found him in. At least that’s what Arthur says, since, you know, I can’t really see if he’s in a better shape. His fever did feel like it’s gone down a notch, though. Follow us, Vanilla. Our house is nearby.” “I didn’t say that I’m Vanilla,” I reminded her. “There wasn’t a need. I knew you were, when you said you were the guy’s girlfriend. Even in his feverish state, he didn’t stop calling for you.” “I didn’t say I was his girlfriend, either,” I corrected her with slight annoyance. “If he did that, it’s probably because mine was the last face he saw.” “You didn’t need to say anything. I already know everything. You see, since I don’t have my eyesight, I have a sharp sixth sense instead. You paint yourself as the one who attempted murder on him, but I doubt it. Why would you sound so happy when I said he was still alive? Pretty sure a killer wouldn’t be happy to know their target didn’t get killed after all.” I tried to correct Hazel’s misunderstandings all throughout the time we walked to her house, but my efforts were futile. What she lacked in both vision and sixth sense, she made up for in her stubbornness. VANILLA RATES: REBORN(?) CHARACTERS Yep. Just introduced a new OC out of the blue, and don't ask me why.
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    I got it to work finally, here's the improved version of the Jasper Iowa meme I made
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    I hate you lia drago baz newt lykos You are all backstabbing bastards @CrimsonDragon21
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    I think the thing that saddens me the most about the missed officer route is just the missed story, and IMO it makes the post-battle scene with Corey make less sense, and therefore have less impact. And I guess the helper thing is fully revealed now
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    As many of you may know, there is a very hard (often called impossible) puzzle present in Reborn. This puzzle is known as the Magic Square Puzzle. The goal of the puzzle is to create two magic squares: a 3x3 grid such that each possible line of the grid adds up to 15. Lines count horizontally, vertically and diagonally. It seems easy, but the hard part is that one move can transform the complete grid. Since I often see people struggling with this puzzle, I created a guide in which I will explain a way to solve it. Please note: this method is not the fastest or the most efficient way to solve it, although it is still better than Marcello’s program that used over 5 million moves. Let’s start with some terminology. I use a three-character-code for all my moves. The first character says whether you move a column or a row. The second which one and the third says whether it is to the right or to the left or upwards or downwards. Some examples: r3r (row 3 to the right) and c6d (column 6 down). Say the given board looks like: 9 7 7 | 9 8 2 5 1 6 | 2 6 4 8 4 3 | 5 3 1 There are several possible solutions of this problem. The only important thing is that the 5’s are in the centres. In this guide, I will try to get the following solution. 8 3 4 | 4 9 2 1 5 9 | 3 5 7 6 7 2 | 8 1 6 As you can see, each line adds up to 15. The strategy is to work column by column. You start at the most left column. I suppose that everybody is able to get the first column right. In our case, the grid looks as following. The used moves are: c1d, r2l, c2d, r3l. 8 4 7 | 9 8 2 1 7 2 | 6 4 9 6 3 5 | 3 1 5 Next we try to complete the second column. We will do this by using an algorithm. First, we try to get as many numbers in place by just moving the column. In our case, we can get the 3 and the 7 in correct position by just c2d. The grid now looks like: 8 3 7 | 9 8 2 1 4 2 | 6 4 9 6 7 5 | 3 1 5 Now comes the hardest part. The centre of the left grid should be a 5. Therefore, we search for the most left 5. In our case, this is the 5 in row 3, column 3. We now move the row until the most right correct number from that row (in this case the 1 in row 2) is left of the 5. We then move the 5 to the right row and we undo all the ‘row-moves’ by reversing. In this case we get the 5 in place by: r2r, c3u, r2l. 8 3 4 | 9 8 2 1 5 2 | 6 4 9 6 7 7 | 3 1 5 Now, we keep repeating the algorithm for every column. If you do not understand it yet, please try to follow the next moves. The 4 of column 3 is already in the correct position. The most left 9 is in column 4, row 1. Hence we can get the 9 in position by performing r2r, c4d, r2l. 8 3 4 | 3 8 2 1 5 9 | 6 4 9 6 7 7 | 2 1 5 Since the 2 in column 4 is already in the desired row (row 3), we first move it up. Then we can finish column 3 by moving row 3 once to the right and then place the 2 in place and reverse by moving row 3 once to the left. In total: c4u, r3r, c4d, r3l. 8 3 4 | 7 8 2 1 5 9 | 6 4 9 6 7 2 | 3 1 5 Now the left grid is complete. We repeat once more by first moving the 3 in position (c4u). Then by r1r, c5u, r1l we get the 4 in position and by r3r, c5u r3l we get the 8 in position. 8 3 4 | 4 1 2 1 5 9 | 3 7 9 6 7 2 | 8 6 5 The same way we first perform c5u and then r1r, c6u, r1l and c6d, r2r, c6u, r2l. Now the first 5 columns are perfectly fine. If you are lucky, the sixth one is also correct, but often two numbers need to be switched. In our case we’re fine, since we can solve the puzzle by performing c6u. We solved the puzzle in 31 moves, which is about 5 million moves less than Marcello’s program. 8 3 4 | 4 9 2 1 5 9 | 3 5 7 6 7 2 | 8 1 6 I’ll also show what happens when it is not the case that the sixth column is automatically solved. 8 3 4 | 4 9 2 1 5 9 | 3 5 6 6 7 2 | 8 1 7 This method uses the fact that in your desired solution, the bottom left corner and the bottom right corner contain the same number, in our case a 6. First, we move the upper right corner in place, such that the middle and bottom number of the sixth column should be switched. Then we perform r3l, c6d, r3r, c6u. In this case the puzzle is also solved. I hope that this guide was useful to you. If you have questions or are stuck, don’t hesitate to ask!
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