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  2. "Something between mask and us, something big, weight? Support? Okay, so there's a lot of weight on--well nevermind that I guess." Edmond murmured as their little game of charades came to an end. "Cicivexa, I'm not going to comment on the rashness of doing that, but as Cell has been explaining, take a look at that particular stone, there, that one. If we can brace it, and prevent it from shifting when the mask is remobed, it should be safe. Does the mask of vision reveal anything?"
  3. he discovered X items. I hope he forgets about them or the quality of his battles will drop so much.
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  5. Yeah, after opening the 9 badge Wispy Ruins door, we get a scene of Griselda’s death when talking to Spacea and Tiempa. Griselda says that Spacea and Tiempa are queens of the Kingdoms of Space and Time. If I recall, Griselda started a war against Kasura and the Kalos three, and said nothing about Space and Time. If Ghovora truly does represent Giratina, this lines up with official Pokémon canon, Giratina led a rebellion against Arceus and was banished for it. Thank you! The name just kept getting confused with Isha/Isiah in my head.
  6. "You're welcome, of course," said the tengu, as smugly as ever. With everyone fully aware of what her contribution was and the efficacy of as much. Ignoring the new arrival--another sort of boat tsukumogami, she could hazard, like that American they'd seen earlier, albeit built more compactly in such a way that she would guess she was meant to travel underwater--Masako reached over and helped herself to tea, not even bothering with subtlety as she dumped a not-inconsequential helping of both cream and sugar in her cup. She was more of a coffee person too, honestly--even if it was often trickier to get--but whatever worked. "Normally, I charge a hefty-but-entirely-fair-and-legitimate amount for the services of the finest detective in Gensokyo, but my assistants and I really are working a more important case--if you'd be willing to tell us what you know, I suppose I can waive my usual fee." She paused, then added, meaningfully. "I also suppose I can forgive the lack of snacks, if you do have useful information."
  7. Do we know for sure that Spacea and Tiempa had their own Kingdoms? It has been a long time since I have played, but I always thought they were part of Griselda's court (being her sisters) and probably obtained space-time powers by replicating Isel's (Is that the cursed king Name?) experiments after witness Griselda's transformation. Didn't Griselda start a war against all of the other of Seven Kingdoms, with the exception of the one that Isel ruled? If so, how are Spacea and Tiempa were free to come and go to Griselda's castle and were present on her poisoning? Also the Zygara king was Isel (again the name exactly) right? I think that was the name of the Labyrinth and the Castle.
  8. Potatough

    thick club

    ehy anyone know where I can get a thick club and do wild cubone still carry thick clubs in the latest version? Tried looking through the item guide here but I must've been blind if its written there and I missed it. Thanks!
  9. Hahahaha....Tinfoil indeed Anna is strange in some ways, but doesn't that make her even more interesting as a character? Reborn really goes all the way to present us a variety of different characters...We have easily hateable characters like our "rival" Fern who's just a trash talking piece of sh*t that thinks he's the big shot (sorry, but as much as i try, i can't take Fern serious at all....that guy makes it possible to laugh at him for how pathetic he is, and still hate him somehow at the same time), we have colorful characters like Cain, who easily puts a smile on your face every time he's around, and we have Anna, who appears to be a little crazy and seems be hallucinating a lot at first, but will soon prove that she can really see things that other don't see....
  10. For those of you who like little indie story adventures, Grimms Hollow was a very nice few hours, and is absolutely free. Has a few different endings too (mostly based on how much you level)

  11. Done Also thanks for the shiny scyther i was actually looking for one
  12. when i see a number that ends in 7 you know i gotta 12
  13. Glad to hear that, so i assume the TMs that are in V12 will stay the same in V13. Game Freak really did make a cut and removed things from the game whereever they could in Sword/Shield, huh? But would you consider adding a few new of the new Gen 8 moves as new, additional TMs into V13?
  14. I'm ready. My username is creeperskelly.
  15. I'll be on in bout 20 mins Tell me when ur ready
  16. I can trade you a cranidos a bit later today Maybe in like an hour or so
  17. Hey guys! i was wondering if someone had a magikarp they could trade me for my water type playthrough of the game, thanks!!
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