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    1% MORNING only. So, good luck.
  3. For Leafeon - finish help plaza quest building bridge, in Kakori village. You will have access to the stone where you can evolve eevee.
  4. As Poncio posed, he felt his old clothes fall away. Thankfully for everyone else in the room he was covered up by a glow, preventing them from having to see his lifetime achievement award. Next, he could feel cloth flow up over his body, meeting above his shoulders and stopping. Just by feel he could tell it was a leotard, which the others could see is a creamy white. Finally, a fairly comfortable metal corset closes around his torso before blooming into a dress of red and white, as a sheath and sword appears attached at his waist. Finally as the transformation completes, he stands and punches the damnable obstacle of metal and wood! ... Amazingly he doesn't hurt his hand this time although now he's elbow deep in the cheap door. There's a moment of near silence over the intercom as Commander Slate clearly laughs behind his hands at the actor now being slightly stuck in the door. After a bit of recovery, he finally starts to answer questions. "The wing you're in is the... medical wing. I'm not really sure how you didn't guess that, I mean, the beds and stuff.... I suppose it could be a barracks as well but those were a bit... difficult." You can almost feel an eyeroll at the next question. "Just keep breathing the way you are." Paul starts to speak before the commander interrupts him. "That arm of yours comes from some kind of... pocket monster? I have no fucking clue but there's probably something similar on this world, it seems to be fairly constant as a thing. That should allow you to manipulate and absorb water to repair damage, in addition to just hitting things really hard. Hard enough to smash apart rock I'm told." "As for you miss Orchid... I'm going to be honest I was waiting for you to ask because this is just too funny to me. So, apparently you also have magic... but it's based on puns around emo music, I trust you're familiar with that kind of thing? Basically, just sing a few bars from a song and think hard about what the pun is and it should work."
  5. The team is almost complete. The King of Fairies will reach the top in Sinnoh! 

  6. Yeah! That was a nice episode So, Vanilla VS Aladdin AND Shelly VS Blake confirmed! I like how badass and independent Shelly becomes through your writings. That might be quite promising, especially if she manages to beat Blake. Who knows? Maybe she won't, and Vanilla will arrive right on time to rescue her. But still, Aladdin risks to be a dangerous adversary for Vanilla, both physically and psychologically speaking. At least, we all know he has a Blaziken now. I look forward to seeing how important the role of Cal might be in the next episode
  7. Phi-Bi

    Pokemon Glory (in development once again)

    The addition of fakemon is nice~ How many fakemon is planned and how many has finished sprites, I wonder?
  8. Yikes emo amaria is really unlikable huh? I'm in the worse timeline apparently. I like nice amaria a lot more, though no I still dislike her gym even if it's pretty and has good music. The battle was still pretty easy though, 3 tries but I did have to change my lead since starmie was just too fast and I didn't want to lose toge before setting off e-terrain, so first 2 attempts were me trying to lead with toge and resetting when it didn't work out. Then I realized I could just sucker punch her with skuntank lol. Cryogonal shut down kingdra and ludicolo, tsareena tanked megaswampert(barely, thankfully I changed her -def nature to an adamant one earlier today) and beat it(his sprite looks cool btw), Deliverence is tanky as she was able to barely survive a high jump kick from Megacham, though it did her little good as she used curse oddly enough. Wishiwashi I tried to KO with tsareena but power whip missed(of course) so I just had weezing destiny bond it. No way I'm getting swept by satan's fish school.


    So now to ep 18 content, which I have yet to ever touch or even look at. Looking forward to best boy.

  9. Man you're a monster, it's incredible you're already this far. 30 tries? You've got killer dedication. I never knew that thing about corey's crobat not being able to hit steel types, that's actually hilarious. Funnily I find solaris/john slightly harder than fern/blake and whenever I lose this fight it's because of them. How does the game determine your partner anyway? I've only gotten Flobot on the solaris fight once but never again, it's always Julia now.
  10. Today
  11. Nevermind, just got another zigzagoon from wonder trade, just ignore this post.
  12. I accidentally wonder traded my zigzagoon HM Slave inside the cave south of Shade's Gym, can someone trade me a new one? I'm sorta stuck in the cave now.
  13. PrimeMaster

    Interceptor's Route

    Woah i didnt know this.
  14. wow my dude right here sweeping Reborn with 3 mons and I had to battle Shade ~30 times with a team of 6 psychic mons xD thanks to you I realized my meowstic could actually outspeed gengar if EV trained a tad bit, without that I'd still be stuck in endless resetting oof
  15. Episode 14 of Bonnie: Reborn's True Savior! has be uploaded! Time to get some help for Shelly! Bonnie goes to the Orphanage/Psychiatrist place and encounters a couple of interesting individuals! She also seems to have a certain feeling for 1 of them and the feeling seems mutual as well! After the events there, she tells Shelly and everything seems better but Victoria doesn't think so! The 2 have a battle! Who wins and what happens afterwards and what important lesson does Bonnie learn!? Read, Find Out & Enjoy! 😄





    Next Episode... New Capture...


  16. J-Awesome_One

    Bonnie: Reborn's True Savior!

    The 2 girls headed out of the PokeCenter with both their teams now fully healed. They went back to Shelly’s Gym and up to her living quarters. She was just sitting on the couch when they reached the upstairs. Shelly: O-Ohh! You 2 made it… Bonnie: Yea. We did. Victoria: Are you doing ok? Sorry it took so long. Shelly: It’s ok and umm… I guess I am… Bonnie: Well… That’s good. Victoria: -whispers to Bonnie- She’s so not good still. Bonnie: -whispers back to Victoria- Well what do we do? Victoria: I don’t know but I’m worried for her. She apparently knew him through her friend? Bonnie: Yea. Heather. Victoria: Well… I guess we should go get some help. Bonnie: From where though? Victoria: Hmm… I think there’s a psychiatrist in this ward. His name is Dr. Connal. Do you think if you could go see if he’d be willing to see Shelly? Bonnie: Yea. Sure. No problem. Victoria: -talking regular volume- Alright. Well, see you in a bit Bonnie. Shelly: H-Huh? Where umm… are you doing? Bonnie: I just need to do something really quick. I’ll be back in no time. And I won’t get captured. Victoria: Very funny Bonnie. Shelly: Ohh. Ok. Well… Bye I guess then. Bonnie: See you both soon. Bonnie exited the Gym and headed towards the building. Luckily, she found the place fairly quick. Unfortunately though, as she went for the door, it swung open fast and bashed Bonnie in the face. She stumbled backwards from the shock and pain, holding her nose. Bonnie: Ow my nose! Ugh! I just don’t have luck with doors do I? ???: Huh? Ohh! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hit you with the door. Bonnie: It’s ok. I’ll be fine… eventually. ???: Good. But if you don’t mind, I have to get out of here, right now… Finally… The girl ran away from the building as if she had just saw something terrible happen in there. Now Bonnie was a little nervous what she was gonna see when she went in. She placed her hand on the doorknob, twisted it and opened it. As soon as she was inside, she was greeted with a loud voice almost right in front of her. ???: Hi! Bonnie: Ow! My ears! ???: Ohh. Whoops! You’re not Laura! Bonnie: No I am not! ???: Did you see her? She just left. Bonnie: Yea. She kind of bashed my nose with the door. ???: Ouchies! But wait. Who are you? And why are you so glowy? Bonnie was somewhat unsure what the little girl meant. Maybe she meant her personality or how she 1st presented herself. Or maybe she was just plain crazy. Bonnie stared at the girl with confusion. Bonnie: Uhh… Glowy? ???: Come up here and let me introduce you to everyone! The little girl swiftly grabbed Bonnie’s hand and pulled her upwards more into the room. Bonnie didn’t know what she had gotten herself into but just wanted to get the Doctor and get out of there. Anna: So to start off, hi! I’m Anna and this is my Jirachi, Nostra! Bonnie: Wait. Jirachi?! Anna: Yea! Isn’t it cute?! ???: Anna, it’s just a stuffed doll. Anna: Noel, you know that’s not true! Your Cleffa, Nomos, even says so! Bonnie turned to see who Anna was talking to. When her eyes met with the boy she was talking to, she blushed. She started to feel like she had butterflies in her stomach. Surprisingly, the boy seemed to have the same reaction seeing Bonnie. Bonnie: Uhh… hi. I’m Bonnie. Noel: Hey… I’m Noel. Bonnie: It’s uh… It’s nice to meet you Noel. Noel: Same to you Bonnie… Bonnie: -talking to herself in her mind- Why am I feeling like this? I never had this feeling before. I wonder if this means something? Anna: So over here is Charlotte! She’s SO pretty! You just have to see through the burn scars. Bonnie: Burn scars? Bonnie looked over the girl Anna was introducing to her. She had a lot of red clothing on and her hair was pinkish red. But she couldn’t see any burn scars are her. Charlotte seemed highly irritated with the statement Anna made about her. Charlotte: Again with that Anna? I told you I have no burn scars? See? No scars. Noel: Seriously Anna. There aren’t any on her. Bonnie: I don’t see any on her either. Anna: But… Ohh! I’m sorry! I’m so insensitive! I promise I won’t mention them again. I was just saying you’re pretty! Bonnie: Uhh… Is she always like this? Charlotte: Always. Noel: Yep. Anna: Like what? Charlotte: Anyways, hi. So you saw Laura on her way out huh? Bonnie: Yea. She seemed relieved to be getting out of her for some reason. Charlotte: Yea. That’s no surprise. But that’s my sister and she’s also 1 of Reborn’s Elite 4. Bonnie was shocked hearing this. Throughout her adventure here, she didn’t expect to meet any of the Elite 4 Members until she was challenging the Elite 4 in official battles. Bonnie: Your sister is apart of the Elite 4 Charlotte?! Charlotte: Yea but awesome kind of runs in our family. No big deal. Noel: Might as well mention as well that Anna- Anna: Yea! Laura is SO cool! By the way, Charlotte and Noel are also Gym Leaders!~ Bonnie:… Anymore secrets I should know before she just randomly blurts them out? Charlotte: Yes but I’ll save that for a different time. Well if we ever meet again that is. Anna: Yeeeaaa. I’m gonna miss Laura but I’m glad she’s finally getting out! Bonnie: Why is that? Noel: Well the doctor isn’t really all that- Anna: The Doctor is super mean! Charlotte: Yea. That’s about right. See, this is an orphanage as well as a psychiatric place. Bonnie: Seems like a weird 2 things to combine into 1 building. Charlotte: Well the “good” Doctor only lets us go when we become of age or he decides to let us go. Luckily for Laura, today is her birthday. She gets to get out of this horrid place. Noel: The Doctor is scary… The sound of how Noel said that sentence melted Bonnie’s heart. She felt really bad that this person was being really mean to these children. Especially to him. Bonnie: That’s horrible. Anna: Yea! He has a really strong Electric Type Pokemon and he uses it in his “therapy”… It really hurts… Bonnie: What?! Why?! Charlotte: We have no idea. Anna: Nostra thinks some of his past patients have died. Bonnie: That’s… insane… Anna: I believe it! If you’re around him and you’re quiet enough, you can hear voices. Noel: Anna please. You cannot hear any voices. I’m sorry about my sister. She can be like that sometimes. Bonnie: It’s uhh… It’s ok. Anna: Ohh yea! Why are you here Bonnie? Bonnie: Something terrible happened to my friend and she needs the Doctor to help her get through this problem. Anna: Awe!~ I’m sorry something bad happened but no! You mustn’t bring the Doctor to them! That’ll only worsen the problem. Bonnie: Is he really that bad? Noel: She’s crazy but I agree with her on that. Anna: Wait… Nostra says he’s coming! Eep! Anna stood at the side of the room. Bonnie stared at the door in front of her waiting for whoever this was to walk out. The Doctor finally emerged from the doorway. Bonnie could instantly feel some kind of negative energy from this person. He even looked bad. He had on a lab coat of sorts. He seemed cynical. He walked up closer to Bonnie. She was frightened with his presence. ???: Ahh. A visitor. I was right to wonder at the noise. Bonnie: Ohh. I’m sorry. I uhh… I hope I wasn’t too loud or anything. Sigmund: Of course not. But greetings. I am Dr. Sigmund Connal but you may refer to me simply as the Doctor. Bonnie: Well if that’s what you want… Doctor? Sigmund: Indeed. So how may I help you? Bonnie: Uhh… Well you see, I uhh- Anna: She heard there were some Gym Leaders here and just wanted to check them out! Bonnie: Yea yea! That! Sigmund: Is that all? Well then. Well it is true. There are some particularly… gifted individuals in our care. Some of them were able to inherit or earn high ranking positions. Hrm… But that must mean you have some degree if confidence in your skill as well then hm? Bonnie: I think I’m pretty strong. Sigmund: In that case, Orderly, please conduct a brief examination of this challenger. Orderly: Yes Doctor. The Orderly walked up closer to Bonnie and took out his PokeBall. Bonnie decided to use Nidorina to have it gain some experience. It shockingly did a pretty good job, defeating all 3 of the orderlies Pokemon. After the battle, Bonnie could see that the Doctor seemed impressed with her skills. Sigmund: Most impressive. Bonnie right? Bonnie: Y-Yea. Sigmund: While that was a true show of power, I am afraid I cannot permit a battle with them just now. We are currently renovation the arena. Common areas are unsuited for battle. I also cannot allow any of them to leave. Regrettable I know but it cannot be helped. You shall have to wait until a different time. Bonnie: Ohh. Well uh- Anna: That’s too bad!~ Bonnie will just have to leave now I guess! Anna pushed Bonnie back towards the door. As she made it passed Noel, she waved good bye to him as did he. She blushed once again just thinking about him. When they got to the door, Anna started to whisper to Bonnie. Anna: Listen, the Doctor is NOT for your friend. Bonnie: -whispers back to Anna- I wish I knew how to help my friend. Anna: Hmm… Nostra says she can feel your friend’s sorrow on you as well… and also your sorrow. Bonnie: Yea… A lot’s happened that past 24 hours. Anna: Well tell your friend this and you remember this as well. Tell her to look out for the 1 who’s really hurt by this. If she does that, then she won’t have time to be sad herself! Bonnie: Yea… Yea. That actually makes a lot of sense. Thanks Anna. Sigmund: What are you 2 doing? What’s with all the whispering? Anna: -normal voice sound- Nothing! See you later Bonnie! Anna opened the door and pushed Bonnie outside. On 1 hand, she was glad she was out of there. The Doctor guy was really frightening and scary looking. And his voice didn’t help either. But on the other hand, she felt bad for everyone that had to stay in there with him. Especially Noel. She found it surprising that she had these strong feelings towards this boy. But she knew what she had to do. She walked back to the Gym and walked upstairs where Victoria and Shelly were. Bonnie walked right up to Shelly, who was still on the couch. Victoria: Hey Bonnie. Uhh… Where’s the Doctor? Bonnie: He, uhh… He couldn’t come. But someone there told me to tell you something Shelly? Shelly: T-They did? Bonnie: Yea. And it even helped me realize it too. Victoria: Hmm. And that is? Bonnie: You need to look out for the 1 who’s hurt the most by this. What we both witnessed was horrible but… Heather’s the 1 who lost her dad. Not us. Shelly: You’re… You’re right. What am I complaining about? She’s the 1 who lost her father. I don’t have any room to be shaken up with this. I need to find her… Victoria: It’s good that you are concerned for your friends feelings honey, but you need to stay here and rest. Bonnie: Well wait. If she wants to go out and look for her friend, she can. Shelly: Y-Yea. Besides, I’m ok. Really! Thank you Bonnie. Bonnie: -chuckles- No problem. Shelly: Ohh wait. I forgot. Umm, Victoria. Didn’t you come here for a Gym Battle? Victoria: Huh? A Gym Battle? Now? Shelly: I’m sorry! With everything that happened, I totally forgot… We can do it now if you want. Victoria: Ohh no no no. It’s fine. No need to apologize. Shelly: Ohh, S-Sorry… Ohh, oops. Victoria: Really, don’t worry about my battle. I’d rather wait until everything’s sorted out. Although, maybe Bonnie might want to do it? Bonnie: Yea! I’d love to have a Gym Battle with you! Shelly: O-Oh… Ok. I’ll go wait downstairs. Just umm… Just come whenever you’re ready. Shelly left her living quarters and went to her arena. Bonnie was starting to feel excited about this. She would be winning her 3rd Gym Badge. It would have been 4 but she didn’t want to think about Corey again. Bonnie turned around and started to walk towards the steps. She glanced back at Victoria. She didn’t seem happy about this decision but Bonnie continued downstairs anyway. As she was heading towards the door to the official Gym Arena, Victoria yelled out to her. Victoria: Bonnie wait! Bonnie: -turns around- What is it? You wanna wish me luck? Victoria: No. I just think… there’s better things to do right now than getting a badge from her. Bonnie: But you saw her. She’s all fine now. Victoria: She maybe fine now but she’s still hurting from this and I bet you are too. Bonnie: I mean it’s still awkward to think about but… I’m fine. Victoria: What if this stresses her out more? And you too? Bonnie: Victoria, stop worrying. She’s fine and I’m fine. I was able to beat those 2 Meteor Grunts back in the cave wasn’t I? Victoria: Did you forget how you were trying to do that? Bonnie: Like I said, I’m over it and she’s over it. Just accept it. Victoria:… Battle me. Bonnie: Huh? Victoria: Battle me. If you win, go have your battle with her. If you lose, wait until she feels better. Bonnie: Victoria- Victoria: You scared? Bonnie: Hmph! Fine! The 2 started their battle. Bonnie found it weird that she wasn’t able to come up with the best attacking moves against Victoria. As she battled, she thought about her battle against the orderly back at the orphanage. While she won that battle, she made silly mistakes and wasn’t really battling at her best and she realized she was doing the same here. But despite that, she was able to come out victorious against Victoria. She sighed and called back her last Pokemon as did Bonnie. Victoria: Well you won… But you noticed it too didn’t you? Bonnie: N-Noticed what? Victoria: You weren’t in your best mindset. You haven’t truly gotten over this horrible experience. You’ve accepted what happened and you’re starting your process to moving on but you haven’t fully moved on. And I don’t want that to happen to her. Or you again. Bonnie: I think you’re right. I just wanted to think I was fully over it but I guess it’s still there. Victoria: But that’s ok Bonnie. It takes time to get over stuff like this and it’s the same for Shelly. Shelly: -walks through the door- B-Bonnie? Are we going to have our, umm… Gym Battle? Bonnie: Uhh… Actually, can we wait on that? I just… I don’t think I’m up for a major Pokemon Battle. Plus, I think my team needs some training. Shelly: O-Ohh. Well that’s ok, I guess. Bonnie: I’m sorry. Shelly: It’s ok… Bonnie: Hey… Do you mind if I hang out with you for a while Shelly? Shelly: Uhh… If you want… Bonnie: Thanks Shelly. I’ll even help you look for Heather. Shelly: Y-You will? Bonnie: Yea. It’s what friends do. Shelly: Ok… Thanks Bonnie… Bonnie: No problem Shelly. Victoria: It’s good to see you 2 getting along. I think I’m gonna go though. Be careful you 2. Shelly: W-We will. Bonnie: Yea. What she said. And thanks Victoria. For everything. Victoria: No problem. Bye! Victoria exited the gym. The 2 young girls talked to each other for a bit and then went in search for Heather. Bonnie felt good knowing that she was helping Shelly more and was also making another good friend. Pokemon Team REBORN CHARACTER RATES
  17. Abyssreaper99

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    Ok everyone, don't expect many if any updates on any of Nappy's channels or his twitch until next week. Check his twitter for deets.
  18. Bridgett let out a rather annoyed sounding Tsk as the dust cleared after her blast. Judge was still standing and she didn't like that one bit. She never seen anyone stand up after using that much power. She felt like a failure for not bringing him down with that. Trying to get the those types of thoughts out of her head she flew up above the battle field and raised Mornings Arrow into the air. "If one blast doesn't work then just keep blasting that's what she was always told." She thought to herself as a larger magic circle appeared in front her and left over magical energy started gathering underneath the circle . "Charging Valkyrie Breaker....complete in !0,9,8,7...."The device chimed as it started to count down the charge. Bridgett starts charging Valkyrie Breaker Bridgett stuff to remember
  19. DreamblitzX

    Changing a pokemon's ball

    Only with cheating.
  20. Yeah--it's not a huge difference for most of his mons (see here), but it's fairly significant for his Crobat and Skuntank. Croagunk and Mareanie not having items in the Corrosive Mist field is also kinda strange. But more than that, the biggest thing that makes Corrosive Mist easier imo is that in that field, his Crobat cannot do anything to Steel types as Air Cutter becomes Flying/Poison. This means you can go catch a Klink in the Underground Railnet and it will solo his Crobat at base level. And yes, agreed on HJK. I run Wide Lens maybe more than I should because of it. @not Azery I accounted for the nidoking thing, but I forgot about the other stuff (it doesn't explain why he likes to tbolt Meowstic though)--straight up forgot Blaziken learns Focus Energy for example. I think in that regard I got tunneled on that it was close and I just needed things to go my way rather than creating a better, more efficient strat. Part 11: Nevermore (through Ciel)
  21. Tiger Eye

    Changing a pokemon's ball

    Is it possible to change the pokeball that a Pokemon was previously caught in? Also is it possible to modify whether or not a Pokemon is shiny, and can IVs be changed as well?
  22. Flannelmagician

    Fire Emblem On Forums: Mortal Transgressions (IC)

    She glances at Hinabe. "You know I could have done that without having to waste one of those, but whatever its your funeral." Tabitha to P5
  23. kj1225

    Trespassers: Director's Cut: The Bus

    Arminius sighs at the question. "I've been badly burned pretty much everywhere the soul bit touched, and... I feel guilty about it. I shouldn't stoop to the level of letting taunts get to me but... gods, she just reminded me so much of a paladin in that moment that I just wanted to hurt her, make her think twice about getting anywhere near me and expecting to be safe. It's disgusting."
  24. I forgot how unfair the Eustace fight is. Ironically harder than Titania, since you can't heal in between.

    1. Monochrome_Complex


      Beat him, good riddance. Okay harder than titania is a bit of an exaggeration but he's still one of the more difficult fights.

  25. Projeck

    Trespassers: Director's Cut: The Bus

    "That's sweet, Armi... I'm not sure if I'd be able to say the same. Death is... scary. I don't want to have to go through that." Calvera smiled, despite the grave topic, and put a hand on Arminius' arm, as if to hold it exactly right there. She rubbed his arm affectionately, though entirely to comfort him. She could relate with hurting those around her, and fearing the consequences. A long, deep breath then a sharp exhale, then she spoke up quietly. "It's hard thing to hurt those around you... regardless of it being intentional or unintentional. It's rough for everyone involved... I don't hold anything against you. I would be a hypocrite if I did... however, I am happy Satomi is still around, and living. How're you holding up about it?"
  26. XxSilentWinterxX

    Rejuvenation V11 | Conflicting Ren-union

    For Leafeon- there's this place in Terajuma jungle (Where you find Rowlet), and you'd evolve it there. Glaceon would be in the Evergreen cave, but it's bugged so you're unable to get Glaceon at this time.
  27. Blontary

    How can Angie be defeated?

    Medicham wasn't bad, and lycanrock too iirc. Your swoobat looks actually pretty useless here, though as It Is fast It May Be able to set light screen/ reflect
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