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  2. So I just beat Souta after coming back from a long break of this game (I think I just gave up on that battle) and now I am trying to get magnemite. From what I read you can find it in the kokori village safari zone. Problem is I don't know how to get back there. Anyone know how?
  3. in darchlight cave I got to the past where you have to make the mirror but at one point erin just gets stuck on the staircase and wont move and when i talk to her she just tells me to look at the books and bookshelves. ive restarted my game like 50 times and she still hasnt moved
  4. Honestly, their statement about doesn't seem like it's going to hold up. Someone on reddit did a bit of math, and while this is an estimate that'll be comfirmed later when the game is released- We'll have a confirmation on this later, but for the moment this is deeply concerning. Also over on Smogon forums there's been plenty of discussion on Dynamaxing and Gigamaxing mechanics as well as the loss of Megas and Z-moves. It's quite damaging to the competitive community. There's also a lot of ideas going around that if neither Dynamaxing or even Gigamaxing require a held item, and that damages the integrity of competitive, as it's very much random. There was even talk of Showdown not updating beyond Gen 7.
  5. dr jenkel isnt in the lab only a musharna [thats new XD] help i last entered in v8
  6. I can delevel my aggron or my toxicroak or both for you
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  8. Nemesis took a moment to look over his guns, inspecting them for damage incurred during the fight, then mechanically reloaded the revolver in case anyone else decided they wanted to try their luck. "Good," he finally commented. "We shouldn't spend time doing anything but pursuing our goal, anyway." Nemesis glanced out the shattered window by which the assassin had escaped, still trailing blood. "Do you have any idea who that was? With her escaping, the Monolith will have our descriptions."
  9. Zygarde Cell near help center was removed late in v11 development, and the one in the Munna spot only spawns during the day.
  10. In the interview, Masuda said we were going to be at over 1000 pokemon including alternate forms. This is really just a pointless statement since we're at 950+ as of gen 7
  11. LMAO that Alaris vote was a random vote from me. Ngl i never thought any would join that Bandwagon. Cause why wouldn't i vote Alistair or Corso, for dodging the triple lynch last dayphase? But i also wouldn't risk for a double Lynch with Corso on the line again. He broke the tie like some minutes before phasechange. He might do it again. But who knows. I suggest doublelynching Bok for the lulz, like Alaris.
  12. Ehh I can understand why Astra wants me dead but see… I have been told things….
  13. Hello guys, I have troubles to fight against Adrienn in the fairy-type gym. Does anyone has a strong steel or poison-typ Pokemon around lvl 70-80? Would be nice.
  14. "Now let's finish this!" Rory fires a shot behind herself, using the momentum from that to strike Marisa with her gunlance.
  15. Marisa's light show continues, warped rays of light continuing to stab upward from the earth at the party. The myriad beams of light threaten to converge on Hikari and Isobel if they don't avoid them! Isobel feeds Lamdba a genetically modified poppy, and the medicines quickly set to work repairing her as best as they could. She recovers [11] HP. LOTUS, meanwhile, gives Masako some brief advice on movement. Rory takes the opportunity afforded by the advice he recieved earlier to reposition. Masako dodges Marisa's danmaku while setting up her own spread, threatening Marisa if she tried to move in for a kill. Empi uses her own enchantment to counteract the one on Walmond, allowing her to cast spells once again. Yet more beams of light shoot upwards at the party, this time converging towards Lambda once more! Hikari casts an enchantment on Rory, increasing the power of her strikes once more. The surplus energy allows him to recover 6 HP. Marisa's assault continues, this time tracing lines from the ground through Isobel again and then seemingly through herself. Lambda manages to weave around the attack, but Walmond is struck for 32 damage, fried by a laser! Not wanting to take another hit, Walmond focuses on dodging, as does Lambda. Ritsu moves to patch up Rory, allowing him to recover [15] HP. Initiative Status
  16. You dont need to go there. You should try looking around in the town Mainly the gym and the main building.
  17. Hi! I think I'm stuck at terajuma island. Last thing I remember was a meeting in rangers hq. After that one of characters heard a noise from the terajuma shore. When I went there I saw a new boat by the dock but I can't get inside it and seriously I have no idea what to do. Pls help
  18. Scarlet was already moving towards Akihiro as she saw the kid take hits. She scowled at the man who apparently thought shoving alcohol down his throat was going to help, but chose not to say anything about it for the moment. "Hold on for a second, kid, this is probably going to hurt." She held a hand to him, and mentally commanded her nanobots to fix him up; they were too small to see with the naked eye, but they slipped through her skin and set to work patching his injuries as best as they could. Field Patch Akihiro for CON [8] HP.
  19. Sorry nut I will take a try at calling Seki now
  20. Mitsurugi remained silent as Ako spoke. She had a potential answer, but not one that was comforting to either Ako or herself. "A great deal can happen among mortals over a thousand years - and it is their thoughts on what I ought to be, not mine, which determines how I may change. All I can do is influence them to the best of my ability." Her voice sounded incredibly weary as she spoke, though she regained some vigor as she returned her attention to the shrine maiden and the situation at hand. "Perhaps I can make an impression in this place by defeating these youkai. First, though, we should find Susano'o. This world may be different from mine, but it cannot be a coincidence that one bearing that name is here."
  21. I'm pretty sure they are going by Dex# and those never count alternate forms. Galar must be adding a ton of new Pokemon, if that's the case.
  22. For starters, if your Gren doesn’t have Protean, give it an ability capsule. More importantly, I think Claydol is a good choice for coverage. It comes in on fighting and electric, which your team is weak to, and punishes them.
  23. Noibat has been confirmed. This may be bad news for my good buddy Crobat.
  24. I am from New Delhi, India. And it's hot like fire gym. Anyway, I don't have single friend in this community, been back after 2 years. So, Hi everyone. How are you?
  25. @Bok Choi MEKHANICS The 3rd Ability is Hidden to everyone except the person who plays the character. There are 3 ways to reveal a player's hidden ability: 2a) The player is lynched. 2b) The reveal ability vote has been successful. 2c) The use of specific abilities.
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