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  2. Hal Henderics

    [IC]TotMG:LF Post-Pre-Sequel

    Akihiro slowly stumbles to his feet, a stroke of fortune. He, quite frankly, should be dead. So many ANBU, so many Ninja, all bursting into his secret library at once. Different worlds? Then... no Hyuga. Or at least, none that know where he is. Who could track him across WORLDS, when Missing-nin often enough escape to places within his own unmolested? He looks around at the others, his unsettling white eyes unmoving in their sockets. He can't help but wonder whether it would be more disturbing to his new allies if he intentionally turned his head to look at them, or intentionally avoided doing so. "I... see." He feels so naked without his scrolls. He never even mastered the academy taijutsu, much less memorized the various scrolls he stole copies of. Without even a kunai to his name, he'll have to rely on the most basic of jutsu. Hopefully his... coworkers... won't leave him for dead. He should probably say something to... help ensure that. They will appreciate a straightforward approach..? "I am not a skilled fighter. My talents lie elsewhere. Do not leave me for dead." he says, sweeping his head across the room to express his statement to the room, before nodding. There. That's straightforward.
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  4. King Murdoc

    [IC]TotMG:LF Post-Pre-Sequel

    "Oh great, one of those. Fucking hell, have I not dealt with enough assholes today?" The teenager with the long, white hair, decked out in a hoodie and various armaments of varying sizes (including a back-slung something that looked entirely too large for her frame) was distinctly unhappy-looking, speaking with the irritated and weary tone of someone who has been in this exact situation and been less than fond. Truthfully, though, her heart rate was through the roof. One moment she was staring down a fungal mantis, her nanites giving the disturbing readout of just how dead her infection had her, and the next. . . she was here. No flickering nanite display, her arms seemed to work, they were even polite enough to grab her railgun for her. Not melted, so that's nice, I guess. But where the hell's the Reunion? And Sadish. . . She shook her head. They would be fine without her, or they were beyond worrying. Best to move forward for now. "I'm not sure he wouldn't give you indigestion if you turned him into soylent."
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  6. DragonRage

    [IC]TotMG:LF Post-Pre-Sequel

    "Gods damn it I was three seconds away!" Zoe Walker screeches to nobody in particular, "I'm sure it wouldn't have exploded this time! 65% of 23% of a... What did you just call me? I'll bite your legs off and grind them into nutripaste! Maybe. Slag, it did explode, didn't it. That's why I'm here. I was so sure I'd gotten through the DMCA this time. Ah, well. If I'm still alive that just means I get to try again~"
  7. grillinnn

    Lost Exp. Share

    I'm up for the trade. The username is grillinnn. Thanks.
  8. StormLord

    [IC]TotMG:LF Post-Pre-Sequel

    You all awaken bleary-eyed and groggy of head, sitting or standing in a brightly lit room. Wherever you were before, that was then and this is now. A few nice(if somewhat cheap) chairs surround a large oval conference table and the whole room follows a white/yellow/polished metal color scheme with a couple artificial plants in the corner, a single door emblazoned with an "H" and a large window. Beyond the window is black starry void, with the occasional distant meteor passing by. A few seconds pass for everyone to catch their barings before a screen suddenly drops down in front of the window and flickers to life. A man wearing a sharp almost handsome mask appears on the screen fiddling with some kind of device on his shirt before turning back to someone off screen. "Is this thing even on? Hello?" He seems to come to the sudden realization that everyone in the room can in fact hear him loud and clear and turns back to face the camera. "Goooood morning sleepy heads, you might be wondering where you are and what asshole is talking to you through a monitor, both very good questions I don't really care about. All you need to know is that I had my lad boys pull you out of whatever life or death situation you were in and put you here, saving your lives and putting you in my debt in the process." "My name is Handsome Jack and now you work for me, do well and I'll make you rich beyond your wildest dreams, fail and I'll personally take a shit down your throat, chop you into little pieces, and feed you to a bunch of Skags. Do we have an understanding? What am I saying of course we do, who wouldn't want to work for me?" Jack's face is quickly replaced by several diagrams, one showing a giant "H" shaped space-station, and another that focuses in on a group of small asteroids held together with a sort of gothic like architecture of copper and stone. "Now your first task is going to be a bit of cleanup duty, ya'see this asshole scientist guy set up a whole bunch of secret labs on the space-station and surrounding asteroids. My loaders have already taken care of most of them, but there's one that's guarded by these weird goopy black things, that's why I'm sending you." Jacks face flickers back over the diagrams about halfway through his description. He turns back to someone off-camera with a questioning glare before he returns to respond. "One of the lab boys just reminded me I should mention you're all from different worlds and that you shouldn't panic or kill eachother on sight. Whatever, the loaders will be there shortly to escort you to a ship." The screen dies down and quickly retracts back up into the ceiling.
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  10. Endlessblaze

    Trespassers: Director's Cut: The Bus

    Leo examines the sphere, looking over it, and doing some vague simple things to check it over, muttering a few diffrent spell words as he examines it.. He seems to get it pretty quickly "Well now, just where did you pull this from? Its not bloodmagic or alchemy, but rather its a mix of Enchanting, Cybermancy and Psionics. With a bit of golemancy and transmutation thrown in there. Part of its deal is its gathering data to do all this. Psychic impressions, Data on your Deck." "I don't think I can copy this verbally, at least not without some equipment to go with it, But I might be able to use some of its principles to induce elements of randomness into some of my other spells. Useful."
  11. would be odd for two creepy girls in the same game as they are a 3rd party and i doubt an Old Maid could copy a creepy girl's role and then send out a new doll alongside the circulating old one
  12. Wait... But... Why would you... What But... Why??? FeelsTiltedMan
  13. So I guess the doctor (if there is one) didn't believe Baz, which I guess is fair from the divide yesterday. At least now we have our answer. There are two big situations possible here Imo 1. The werewolves pushed the Lynch on Baz, but we're foiled when we worked towards a non-lynch 2. The werewolves pushed a Lynch on Baz, but then realized they were pushing too hard and would be screwed if he really was lynched, so they switched to advocating a non-lynch (or a Lynch on others) in the hopes they could kill him some other way. Also I think his death also confirms that Baz was in fact town, since wolves couldn't kill this night and vampires can't kill their own. I suspect the vamp went after Baz so they could recruit someone who couldn't be killed by wolves on the off chance Baz was a vampire. Anyways, what do y'all think?
  14. there could be the possibility of repeat roles in this scenario
  15. Oof why all the posts randomly talking about how to read reactions Perhaps that totem could be used to protect someone maybe so we dont lose someone important idk I really hope *somebody* had information to share, I cant see a pattern in these votes, and at this point Yahen just seems to be speaking to take up space. Purposeful? Idk. He defended Astra pretty vehemently yesterday, jumping onto unfounded voted, so thats something that definitely caught my eye
  16. @Jellysee my post on page 16, the second post right under yours, to see what comments on the astra bandwagon were made right before voting them if anyone, msyelf included seems sus i'd love to hear your thoughts on why
  17. [Day 2] Early morning had arrived and the towns people, while wary about yesterday's event, still tried to go on with their everyday lives. However, this would only be cut short when the local farm helper had hurriedly run in the town square while screaming "MURDER! THERE WAS A MURDER AT THE FARM!!" Local authorities were alerted and they had went to the farm to see what this was all about. Once they got there, they did not need to look far to see what had happened. The biggest apple tree was grotesquely decorated by human parts. Viscera dangling on its branches, as if it was a mocking design for a Christmas tree and prop on top was Bazaro's head. While this looks really gross, one of the investigators took note that this maybe similar to yesterday's case as there are no signs of blood to be seen anywhere and the person's body was desecrated badly. However, there are no signs that the two people are related to each other so what does this mean? They had found Bazaro's last will stating that his apprentice should obtain all his belongings as the Silver Knight when he is gone. However this apprentice is nowhere to be found. [The Apprentice is not Allowed to inherit this Role] While there seems to be a rampant murderer running around... the town is still hopeful that they can resolve this problem. Bazaro is dead he was the Silver Knight. You guys have 48 hours to discuss if you guys wanna lynch or no. @Hypurr I leave you in charge of this brats. Current Players: Cicada Jelly DigitalAmber Jason Grace Bazaro the silver knight [Killed by Vampire N1] Quillish Alaris Alistair Newt NickCrash LykosHand Yahen Seal CrimsonDragon21 Astra125 Walpurgis Bok Choi Dragoknight Jace Stormkirk
  18. ArcBolt27

    Dev Blog | V12 Status Thread

    hell i do the same as dave9 but not on nearly as severe a level, i have like 9 or so main mons i use, 6 of which are in my signature whenever i post and i have a good few others on rotation duty if i need/want them for a specific battle.......... for example if i dont want to worry about having a wall ill generally swap my golurk out for my vikavolt seeing as that thing hits like a truck (over 600 special attack with specs, modest and max special attack EVs/IVs at 100 according to showdown) then there's other situations where if i wanna stall out a normally unwinnable fight i.e. madame x at blacksteeple i use leech seed/protect/endure strats to weaken it enough
  19. wetvegan

    Dev Blog | V12 Status Thread

    Ok so let me get this straight. You're putting this much preparation for rejuv when its not on intense.
  20. Dave9

    Dev Blog | V12 Status Thread

    Any kind of gauntlet that this game could put us through. In Reborn episode 18, there was a very rough gauntlet that's basically a 6 vs 30 so in case Jan would do something like this then I have my cosmic power clefables (I have two since one is shiny), my quiver dance vivillon and ribombee (I can use my oricorio's dancer to my advantage), snow warning and slush rush if the bug is fixed the next version, even belly drum magmar. I have a huge set of strats to win any difficult battle in the next versions of rejuvenation but I won't get overconfident and play on intense difficulty despite the amount of prep I'm doing
  21. hamburger helper chili with garlic bread buns Mhm

  22. Hally


    It's not on the island, its just north of the torkoal rocks. I found over 100 of them before catching that kangaskhan.
  23. I'm sorry, ill stop doing that Some players complained about it in the other game too
  24. didnt even notice it. ive been very busy with classes and work so i mostly skim if there's more than 30 replies
  25. For people looking for a scripts file, I ran into this bug today and found a script file in this mod made for V11 that worked for me!
  26. DragonRage

    [OOC] [Sign Ups!] Devil May Cry: Scattered Tomb

    Izumi Nakamura
  27. Now that i'm comfortable around drakyle being my son, i see no problem in talking a lot with ze yet i've spammed sort of an offtopic here but i did a post (on the wrong section btw) about that
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