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  2. "So, i heard you wanted to bring back the national dex..." Dear god, i already love his smug face
  3. BRB, eating leek- wait, it's Sword exclusive while I was already leaning more toward Shield? Hah, I'm kinda, sorta, technically correct after all! ...But then, what is its counterpart? And even weirder, how is this guy our first new Fighting Type this Gen.?!
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  5. I defeated everything in Tanzan Mountain Team meteor and Steelix, got out finished all that, got back to the mansion to battle the next gym leader....Got beaten, but instead of sending back to a center or bed I got returned to the Tanzan Mountain Underground where you fight steelix......Is there any other way out of here? I saved then like an idiot so cant go back as theres no older save file apparently. Any help?
  6. Naomi giggled at Fallon's answer. "Well you could be hiding them until the right time to strike." She only turned her sight to Rhian when Fallon looked. She sighed, but wasn't surprised. "Maybe I don't need to be friends with the allied guard after all." She said in a low voice. "Humans are always like that, they fight and bully people who are different from them. And if they can't find any differences, they bully and fight each other. But you aren't like that Fallon, that's why I'm sure you're a vampire. I know you wouldn't hurt me."
  7. @IBW_3000 I don't think that that voice belongs to Arceus. All three times it speaks, it starts off with the same "hee hee... this is fun.". In Terra's computer world, that same voice states that it wants to thank the baby Arceus by setting it free, meaning that they are two separate entities.
  8. I see your connections, but Shade is pretty much confirmed as a girl that was somehow transported from the previous timeline to the current one. I believe her name was Euphie. You see this in the Void when you pass through a section and Shade appears briefly, followed by a girl in a black and red suit. I can post the sprite pictures if you want.
  9. Alex

    happy birthday jan!!!!!

  10. That Jools kid sure did make a lotta sense, can't wait for more meaty plot in the next demo. P.S. Where the fuck are
  11. knew it was clickbait but clicked anyway. so have some candy instead~ but hey it appears that I got twice the amount of internet cookies! oh, and welcome to forums yee
  12. *thinking wolf sounds*

  13. Ah, that's fair. You're really doing a lot for this run, thanks!
  14. It's truly amazing how many birthdays that Jan has had in the last two weeks.


    The free 6000 gems  made me want to reset along with Lyra's release.


    I rerolled and got the Kris and Lyra.

    Somehow I pulled three other five stars, but I'm fine with that. Btw best time to reroll cause free 6000 gems plus those nice dailys.

  16. I will if I can, idk exactly how long I will be at Dad's house helping him should be home in roughly 12-16h though
  17. Oh right! *facepalm* You are Best GirlTM LOL (realizes my autism is showing)
  18. it refers to me bc my girlfriend said so, but it can also refer to makoto since she too is very good
  19. I might try this out. I've always wondered what it would be like if I had Field Effect advantage for once. @andracass If your profile with the trademarked "Best Girl" refers to Makoto, then I am very amused by it.
  20. happy 26th birthday jan!!! gosh i can't believe how old you've gotten

  21. happy birthday jan! can't believe you just turned 24 today!

  22. oh, this is probably fine. there's stuff in both forums anyway so i couldn't tell you if one's better
  23. It will take me a few days before I can have again access to my laptop, so yes, if you can do the trade, that would be convenient.
  24. J-Dawg

    Happy birthday Jan!

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