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  2. Mira As soon as Mira left a large gash in Trick's burned body, she heard the distinct noise of large, heavy machinery rotating into place. Instantly, Mira took a step back from the incoming artillery, in the form of jumping off the roller coaster as the abomination exploded into vapor. Her landing wasn't the most graceful however, since all she did was crash feet first into the cement, but despite the loud impact that came from her and the ground, she still managed to land on said two feet, not even having to make a roll as she stood up and shook her legs a bit, "That makes two" the armored woman muttered to herself as she flipped her sword into a reverse grip, turning to the side and walking back to the entrance of the roller coaster, "I believe the entrance would be a better place to rendezvous. I'll head back to the officer and inform him that Trick is dead. Which leaves us open to deal with Brave." Mira shouted up to the others, managing to overhear Lyra's own comment about 'meeting up'. Regardless, Mira will begin heading back to the entrance of the park to do just that, unless otherwise stopped by something.
  3. "I am Lexiel. Formerly of the Boros and Izzet guilds, and current Strike Commander of Overwatch," Lexiel offers. Her story would have to come out some time, and some of the team already knew it, but... Even if it was painful to tell, every time made it a bit easier. "I was born human on Ravnica, an ancient city encompassing every part of the world it rests upon. I was orphaned, I know not by what, and taken in by an old Nivmagus of the Izzet guild, arcane scientists and keepers of the city's public works. However, one of his experiments ended in disaster, and instead of dying in the collapsing laboratory, my Spark ignited, sending me hurling through the Blind Eternities. I fell in with an... undesirable group, and sold my skills wherever among the worlds they would be best compensated with gold. "Until I found myself on the war-torn world of Alara, recently restored from the effects of a cataclysm that had torn it into five shards. In the Bant region, I happened upon a school being beset upon by a demon, and his army of undead. For all that I was not at that time what I would call a good person, I found I could not stand by. And as it so happens, those who die in Bant in defense of the innocent, having not committed crimes or heinous actions on that plane, are transformed instead. They... We become angels, or should our magical potential be great enough as mine was, archangels. Beings of elemental law and order to safeguard the defenseless for all time. But, as the magic could not see what I had done elsewhere, the transformation was flawed. Or perhaps it was not the magic that was flawed, but myself. My magic carries concepts unrelated and even antithetical to the mana of law and order; chaos, passion, creativity, and a thirst for knowledge and understanding. It did not always get along with the new infusion of power. "The conflict between who I had been and who the magic shaping my new form believed me to be was... unpleasant, but thanks to the efforts of Feather, former guildmaster of the Boros police guild on my home plane, my old friend Marisa, an expert in magical contracts and laws, and the philosopher-sage Zenyatta I have found a balance of sorts. I've battled for the fates of a dozen worlds, rarely with success, and taken part in countless police actions. This fight against the Trespassers has been by far the most important yet, and thankfully, the most successful."
  4. Tai Tai was lost in thoughts for a moment, trying to understand what that meant. Eventually, he figured out how he wanted to respond. "You know, you might not be ultra special in that way, but I still think there's something special about you." He paused briefly, before continuing. "Like how you could change. Really change. You were Silent Requiem, and now you are Astra. You continued with a different mech than the one that got you to the finals. If I were in the audience, I wouldn't be able to believe that the two mechs are really piloted by the same person." "As for the other competitors... Some have left, while others stayed instead. But even as the events in this tournament impacted our lives, at best we only change as a person - that mech you faced in Envy was exactly the same as when it faced the Revenant in Sloth." "That's the special thing about you. You're determined to change. Much more than any of us here. And I think that will get you closer and closer to what you really want."
  5. I downloaded it but what do I do next? I don't know what to do.
  6. Ako "Well, like I said, we might not even need to clear the inn room by room, depend on the demons. But I guess it's hard to say when we aren't even there, huh?" Ako replied, bringing her hand behind her mountain of black hair in an odd attempt to rub the back of her head, only to pause as Spicy got to work on her own project, raising her eyebrows in confusion, "... Flashbangs? I'm not familiar with that kind of phrase... Does it have something to do with gunpowder?" she asked. Soon enough though, Spicy presented the 'demonic flashbangs', at first making the Shrine Maiden even more confused, to the point where she even leaned in to see what had changed in the cores... Until one exploded with a loud pop, causing her to jump back with a shout of surprise. Thankfully it only took a second for her to recover, all the internal questioning ending with a nod of understanding, "Okay, I get it, another kind of miniature fireworks. Well, once we deal with the Inn, I'll be glad to help you work with that core. I think it's a problem of it being a bit to unstable with its demonic energy" she explained, before spinning around on her heel, "But THAT requires us to get there. So let's go, we've got some exorcising to do" Ako said in a bit too cheerful of a tone as she lead the group down the path once more, the one that lead straight into the straight side of the mountains, "So, I don't think I've gotten most of your names. I know the Great Kami's name, but not really anyone else's. Which I should apologize for, formally, because that was rather rude of me. I'm still a bit tired from this entire situation. But I'd love to hear some of your stories, as companions of a Great Kami. Like how you can handle demonic materials without too much trouble-" Ako says during the walk, gesturing to Spicy, "and why one of you have a Yurei following you around" she continues as she points at Kino, finally forcing attention to one of things that had been bothering her since first meeting this group, yet things had progressed too quickly for her to actually do so. Or had she just kept forgetting to do it? Crap, she didn't even know if she did anymore. She needed some more sleep.
  7. Breeding a roggenrola in 7th street only works if you received the stolen Pokemon at the time when their original trainer was listed as you, if the roggenrola was received during a more recent episode this will not work. Someone may come along and trade you one or you can ask in Online Play section of the forums there if someone will trade you a roggenrola that can be used for this quest.
  8. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  9. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  10. Happy Birthday Cass 😄, i hope that you will have a wonderful day 😄🍰

  11. Huh. Way to strike gold there. can we promote Sophie to ultimate sleuth? [Eliminate] Lykos
  12. Lyra felt like she was going to throw up at the sight. A horrific beast had just been destroyed, releasing its (thankfully unharmed) victims... ...And that was her one-liner? Not even the simplest of puns, or any kind of boasting at all? She couldn't be in the presence of a missed opportunity anymore, and, thankfully, other matters arose to distract her from the issue of poor post-battle taunts. "If that's the last of Trick, I'm going to go check if the three thugs I took out earlier are still alive, secure them if they are, and acquire their weapons. Should I meet you back at the park entrance, or the roller coaster?" Whatever the party decides, Lyra heads back over to the Huge Tent, picking up the weapons the thugs used and checking on their condition.
  13. I don't know what to tell you that would prove my innocence, Nick. If you think I'm the red cult leader and think the red cult doesn't have an apprentice, instead of wasting the lynch on Lykos... why not lynch me instead? The only way I could have proved my innocence was to have a tie, but people decided against that.
  14. No matter what it is, Nintendo and even the GF devs are tweeting about it. It will be important!
  15. It's ok don't worry But Sophiera it's strange that you ask me those things. Why should i tell you that? Oh, don't tell me that you joined the red cult, because you're exposing yourself too much with that post in my opinion I think Nicki might be the leader of the red cult like you said Nick and i'm sure one between Sophiera and Jelly joined the red cult. That's what i can say.
  16. Yes, I did this beforehand so I could start fresh.
  17. Nastasia Nastasia remained silent through the tribulations of the bo... young man in front of her. She understood, and yet she was overwhelmed. This was never quite a position she imagined herself in. She felt as everything changed about someone she knew, How the barriers she'd built up, the excuses to never think on something crumbled to dust before her own eyes. And, she felt as another went through the pain she had... but went through alone. Nastasia... she felt many things all at once as she watched Lain. As she felt his emotions physically, the shove away but the gentle grasp still there. The move to recollect himself. She felt his words, how at first he stumbled. How they first choked him. She felt the Lain's courage in saying what he did in his state of mind, of possible grieving over a parent. Nastasia looked away for but a second, her surprise genuine. What had been asked of her finally registered, for a moment her instincts kicked in. They wanted her to pull away. She'd only cared for one other person in her life before... and she had lost them. But... Nastasia was stronger than that. She immediately steeled herself, enough to look back at the man who asked her not to leave. She hoped he would not take offense to her wavering, even if it was but a moment. "I suppose I'm not as hard to read as they say." An attempt to the lighten the mood ever so slightly. "Lain... I. I'll admit I tried to deny those feelings. I tried not care." Nastasia looked down at her feet, unsure if she should continue. Her face obscured by golden waves, the beautiful blue eyes that filled with crystal droplets. Lain could see as they flashed in the light, as gravity enacted itself on her tears. This was the first time Lain could recall seeing Nastasia cry in front of him. She took a deep breath, the one that she'd use to propel herself forward, to fight through the fear. She too wore a smile, the best she could muster in all these emotions. One that wore the vestiges of melancholy. And yet, that smile was the strongest that Lain had witnessed pass her lips. That it could yet shine through everything, even as it cracked and wavered... it had a strength to it he'd never witnessed from her before. It was saying a lot for perhaps one of the strongest young woman he knew. "I... had thought you a boy. A privileged offspring of the divine. One who used that to selfishly attract who ever he desired at the moment. That you were the type to never let yourself be known and toss away those that you grew bored with. Perhaps I was right then... but that doesn't matter." she was unsure if it was okay to touch him, how close she could draw. She settled for reaching for his arm, A gentle grip, much like his from before. "What matters is even despite that... I'd felt this way for a long time. I can't say I remember how long, or when it started. But, recently as I'm sure you know..." she stopped a moment. She didn't want to say the next words. She... in this moment she was unsure if she'd ever said them before. And if she had, she'd numbed herself to do so, distanced herself from their true meaning emotionally so that she could. She'd put on her business facade. But Lain would know, this? This was Nastasia speaking. "My father passed away. I... didn't have anyone myself. I had to be strong. I never got to properly mourn him. I had a business to run... and I used that as an excuse to ward myself off. So, I'll stay. I understand how you feel. In addition, I want to be true to the way I feel. I see you now. I can't ignore the man in front of me who bore his heart to me. You've proven any false pretenses but that, Artifice solely invented so I may ignore what I truly feel for you."
  18. With a satisfying 'clunk', Iowa's crew slams the heavy breech-blocks home, and her main battery swings around again, ponderously elevating to target the hovering Trick. A fairy climbs out from her hat, shouting coordinates as the gunners deep in the turrets take aim with hand cranks and steam-powered mechanisms. "Range locked, distance locked, all guns ready... FIRE!" With a stunning, thundering report, thick, white smoke billows out from Iowa's heavy guns as three rounds crater the ground well behind Trick... And the fourth slams directly into the creature, penetrating deeply before converting the possessed monster into a fine, red mist with an enormous explosion. "Hah! Take that you savage!" Iowa shouts after Trick, "Who attacks people by licking? Gross!"
  19. I loved it! They're two Team Meteor members who ripped off Team Rocket's motto!
  20. im sorry lykoshand if it's not too much to ask, can you also tell us the culted roles? and what your spy knows it's ok if you don't want to
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