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  2. I concur, I never thought that the roulette was being planned to permanently kill Pokemon off, in that case he might as well be continuing the Nuzlocke. I suggest a 3-5 episode period for each roulette and with Nuzlocke rules discarded I see no reason he shouldn't be able to bring back Tiki and Belly.
  3. 3rd. Balanced stats. Will let it attack well at low levels. Very high stats (add them all together to get a total number). You can change natures to the optimal nature later. And physical greninja is eh later, so you can use physical early on, and then take advantage of special with those ivs. Plus it's female so you can breed more with compatible pokemon - a team of greninjas xD.
  4. I dont think the roulette should fully kill someone off, they should just be boxed until the next gym badge. Theres gonna be alot of content between gyms for this current arc of the game and this is where all trainers start to have proper Natures and Ev's. Not to mention how much time some of the upcoming puzzles can take. I get that he wants to add challenge but a permadeath every 3 episode might make him rush things.
  5. This is a great game; I downloaded it recently and played all the way to the moment where the doctor comes to the house about lv 40/50. The battles are much harder, and the resources are scarce leading to me choosing tactics that I've never thought of using before. I used a meowth pickup army to grab rare candies while I'm ev training my main pokemon, and sold them for 20k each, and then bought all the ev training items, and then ev trained even faster. Did I mention that chansey is a monster? The only thing I'm missing is toxic or seismic toss, and I'll rename it to god. The ponyta I got was hilarious, and I stuffed pp up on it's bounce. It can spread status like a boss, and raise its speed. It literally soloed the aphophyll gym leader. I didn't even realize I needed it until I was stuck on shade, and found it was the only other fire type I could get that wasn't bad. Simsear wasn't there I had a panpour, and slugma sucks. Why would I use a panpour when I have a greninja :P? There's a lot of good things to say about this game, but something is stopping my rating from being a perfect score. It's the performance - there's lag sometimes which makes the game unenjoyable; maybe there's a way to perform optimization?
  6. I'm glad he ended up battling Sirius since I battled Connal so now I'll get to see the alternate Belrose events.
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  8. Yeah...it only is easy because you dont have to deal with it. SWM writes over any code in RMXP so pretty much you would have to see if the error is repeated when SWM isnt being used and it isnt a bug with the base game. Everything is compatible but nothing is guaranteed to work. You should be fine with 90% of this stuff unless you are me reverse engineering the system.
  9. Try cleaning under your keys, works perfectly for me atleast the one called Game does
  10. Sorry to cut in, but I’ve been trying to find someone to trade with who has Shield, or the version exclusives from it. Could anybody help me and trade any?
  11. Hey guys I was playing Redux and I had this trainer crash at Agate Circus (the one who normally gives Shards)? Dunno why. I wanna say he was working before I beat Charlotte... but I can't fully recall cause it's been so long, lol. Then I wanted to grind and fight him and then this happened lol Edit: Just watched a friend play, I can confirm it didn't crash for him (he's before fighting Samson)
  12. Whynut who evolves into Wobbufect can be found in Ilolia valley
  13. It's probably programmed as an impossible purchase despite the sale's pitch similar to an impossible battle. You need the Bike Voucher. Do the gang side quest at the old woman's house where you'll obtain a stolen Pokemon (either Ponyta or Buizel depending on which gang you joined) and an evolutionary stone (either water or I'm guessing fire). Once you've got both prizes talk to your gang leader to complete the quest. You'll be transported back to your gang's base where your leader will congratulate you on a job well done and tell you that the Pokemon is yours to keep. Now return to that same house. After a cut scene in which a cop interviews the old woman about the robbery, leave again and start walking away from the house. The cop come out and stop you to give you the Bike Voucher. Forgive the stray from the topic but does that scene change if you didn't find all the missing police officers in the Jasper and Beryl wards?
  14. This isn't major but I found it strange nonetheless and thought it should be pointed out. I'm grinding my Swoobat who is called KingofHearts on Route 2 where Rufflet is a comment encounter during the day. I noticed that when Rufflet uses Sky Drop on KingofHearts, it says "It doesn't affect foe KingofHearts". It calls my Pokemon the foe. I also notice that it takes until my next move for the Rufflet's sprite to reappear after Sky Drop is over.
  15. Youtube Couldn't Spare a few seconds to put the Etika Mural in Rewind

  16. Knowing you the second gun would have already backfired. Maybe I shouldn't have killed him and let chaos happen instead, but I was worried I'd be your next target.
  17. Ttar: ~Calls Dishsoap and Peanut trash~ "I'm gonna go to the PC" ~Ignores Wanja AGAIN~ "I have nothing of value" *face/Palm* XD Damn Aya was pretty harsh on him. She didn't spam Sludge Wave so hard on me. She'd Heat Wave me with Slazzle and Dragon Pulse me with Draglalge. I also never got random status conditions from the field on either end but it only took me two or three tries. I'm pretty sure he meant in terms of personality not as a trainer.
  18. Go back a save state https://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/18748-a-guide-to-using-your-backup-saves/
  19. I went back and watched the episode again he didn't use a revive
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