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  2. How did you get a rotom this early? Got mine after Ciel
  3. Exactly this. It's extremely annoying and apparently I have no saves to roll back to even though I set it to backup. I really don't want to have to start again. Troubleshoot this please.
  4. You get a buizel by siding with team magma around the third gym. Floatzel has great speed and attack, carried me through most of the game.
  5. Are we going to get gen 8 starters? Thinking of holding on to my new playthrough till ep 13 releases.
  6. Personally, I'd advise AGAINST Flying-types due to the Rock Slide spam at all levels, which is funny as Flying is usually my go-to type. I usually use a Flying-heavy team, so my skills are kinda built around that type. If you want a solid Flying early, you can't go wrong with Pidgeot's line. Sure, they don't get good moves 'til much later, but they have solid stats and great abilities to fall back on. Can't go wrong with Keen Eye or Big Pecks, and Tangled Feet is actually surprisingly useful. (Basically a free -3 Accuracy for your foes. Saved my butt in the Psych gym.) Murkrow & Honchkrow are super-solid choices for this game. The abilities they have are swell (Super Luck is underappreciated) and they get some pretty killer moves as well. Foul Play is exceptional, and other moves like Pursuit and Quash actually come in quite handy. Prankster Murkrow with Quash can delay an opponent's Prankster for a few vital moves (REALLY helped against Shelly during the GG and saved my Flygon), and Haze is amazing for removing annoying setups. And, surprisingly, Murkrow can stand pretty well on it's own at later levels, and Honchkrow is a beast. Another option is Archeops, despite Defeatist. That Attack stat is stupid, and combine that with Acrobatics or U-Turn, you can do some stellar damage. Also, on the subject of Rock types, try Rampardos as well. Slap an Assault Vest on that guy and he's a king, or a good defensive item like the Rocky Helm, King's Rock, or Bright Powder. Red Cards work, too. (Downed a Mega Garchomp in one stroke after taking a hit. Rampardos is a monster.) Actually, just the Fossils. They're all pretty solid guys, and each can cover a Flying teammate pretty damn well. Something else to mention, slap that Bug Memory on Silvally if you feel your bugs just ain't cutting it. Silvally with U-Turn can actually cut a decent chunk in many. Finally, U-Turn. Best Bug move you can get via levelling if you ask me, most overlook it, and it can save you tons of time. It's like a free switch-in, and it's base 70 to boot so it's great early on. It's even pretty swank later on, a free swap does wonders. Anyways, that's my two cents on the matter. Murkrow, Pidgeot, Fossils, U-Turn. Be wary of Rock, play the long game, be defensive, BE WARY OF CRITS.
  7. Today
  8. Dracovish hands down. It's not just because he's good competitively. I find him adorable, despite the fact that he's probably choking. He has such a derpy, precious look on his face. He looks happy and that makes me happy.
  9. West Coast guy myself, not much else to say. Never been out of the US myself, though my fam's from Australia. Nobody knows my accent. It's brilliant.
  10. this is gonna consider when you can get 'mons (starter picks/mystery egg don't count), how much effort you need to put into training them, and their longevity so like, rip azumarill, blaziken etc also they're gonna be in order, left best right less best Normal - Diggersby, Snorlax, Lopunny (seriously don't sleep on this thing) Fighting - Heracross, Lucario, Medicham Flying - Honchkrow, Crobat, Noivern Poison - Salazzle (get up Corrosive field and this thing just wins, it's one-dimensional but also so stupidly good), Nidoking/Nidoqueen, Roserade Ground - Flygon, Excadrill, Nidoking/Nidoqueen Rock - Archeops (literally just better Aero and it's available way earlier), Tyrantrum, Rhyperior Bug - Heracross, Vivillon, Galvantula Ghost - Gourgeist, Chandelure, Mismagius (Cofagrigus is the best ghost in the game but it's basically useless until Samson and takes a lot of effort both to train and use so I axed it) Steel - Magnezone, Durant, Metagross Fire - Salazzle, Arcanine, Darmanitan Water - Sharpedo, Gyarados, Ludicolo Grass - Roserade, Lilligant, Amoongus Electric - Rotom, Magnezone, A-Raichu Psychic - Meowstic-M, Jynx, Alakazam Ice - Mamoswine, Jynx, A-Ninetales Dragon - Flygon, Noivern, Dragonite Dark - Honchkrow, Sharpedo, Krookodile Fairy - Sylveon, Ribombee, Aromatisse Also best starters are Blaziken, Incineroar, Primarina
  11. Psychic - Alakazam. It's been on my team ever since I rescued the little abra and has always come in clutch. Wonder guard is an amazing ability as well!
  12. Oh. That makes sense lol I'll remove it. Or edit it cause I don't know how to do that. Thanks!
  13. I can help if you want I can do this 2 ways the first is trading you them or I can insert them into your game if you send me the save
  14. Updated the timestamps again and fixed the playlist since somehow I managed to mess that up which shouldn't really be a surprise because I can manage to mess everything up.
  15. Steel/Ground - Excadrill. It's super late game unless you get lucky with the Jasper Police Ward egg, but even then you can grab one for free without any events.
  16. Rock- Aerodactyl, Lycanroc Fighting- Blaziken (In Reborn Redux i sweep Jonathan lv70 Mega Rayquaza with this Mega Ultra Chicken while he is lv45) Bug- Ribombee (This thing basically destroy Luna and Samson, also sticky web is always nice to have) Grass -Tsareena, Ferrothorn
  17. Togedemaru >> Tyranitar lol. That Zing Zap is stronger than I give it credit for, juussst managing to ko the Tyranitar. Also damn that's lucky that Sucker Punch fails against Nature Power otherwise that could've got hairy.
  18. Sorry, I don't have any of those Pokemon, but start again and go strong! Had the same thing happen to me after I completed E17 and quit for a while, but about a month and a half ago I came back and am even further than before. Don't give up!
  19. It's because of the Iron Ball held item, pretty sure.
  20. Episode 58 has just gone up! It's time for Matt and Taka to get the team together!... Although, is it going to be easy or is it going to be more difficult than they thought?! Find Out By Reading & Enjoy! 😄



  21. You can use a backup to before the battle
  22. Taka and I made it out of the Grand Hall. He was worried about me being by myself because I wasn’t all that good but I was determined to do this. He finally gave up trying to help me get everyone and went off towards the Beryl Ward to go look for Victoria. I went off towards the North Obsidia Ward to go to the club to see if Arclight was there. It took a bit for me to get there. A couple of times, I had to stop and take a quick rest because of my broken ribs rubbing up against each other from walking so much. But I pressed on, getting through the pain. Luckily for me, when I got there, Arclight was already outside the building. When he saw me, he waved me over. Arclight: Matt! It’s been a while. You look… terrible. Matthew: Heh… I wish I-it was just looks. I feel terrible too… Arclight: What happened to you? Matthew: I took a full f-frontal attack from a Tyranitar. I have some broken ribs and a bad headache. Arclight: Damn man. That’s rough. I can’t believe you’re even up and about right now. Matthew: I honestly should have someone with me while I walk around but- Ow! Ohh my sides. Ugh. I-I’m stubborn. Arclight: So what are you doing dragging your broken body up here? Matthew: Ame wants you to meet up with her and the others a-at the Grand Hall. Arclight: Ohh. She does huh? I have a pretty good idea what this is about actually. Matthew: Y-You do…? She hasn’t told me or my buddy anything yet… Arclight: Should have there earlier but I ended up getting pretty involved in the city’s business after Adrienn asked me to throw a tag out for xem on the broadcasts. Matthew: Adrienn? Yo-You’re telling me xe’s behind this and n-not Ame? Arclight: Well Ame’s helping out a lot but most of this is Adrienn’s doing. Matthew: -thinking to myself- Heh. I guess xe was able to fix up this city like xe said xe was gonna do. Arclight: Thanks to xem’s idea of having me broadcast that out, we had been able to recruit a lot of volunteers that way… though some of them just wanted to meet me. Matthew: W-Well you can’t blame them I guess… Arclight: So not too long ago, I got a call-in tip from a listener about… Well it was about Team Meteor. I know. I know. Big shock. Matthew: S-So is that what Ame what’s everyone to meet up about? Arclight: I assume so. I’m gonna get going. Matthew: A-Alright Arclight. I’ll see… you… Arclight: Matt? You doing alright man? Matthew: Yea… J-Just a… bit… win- -falls onto the ground barely conscious- Arclight: Matt! I had fallen to the ground in front of Arclight completely exhausted from the pain and the headache. I could hear Arclight calling me but I didn’t know what to do or where I was. I felt lost. I could feel someone reach onto my belt and call out some of my Pokemon. Then I felt someone pick me up and place me on something. It felt familiar. Whatever I was on was taking me somewhere. It was actually my Stantler that Arclight called out and had put me on its back to help carry me back to the Grand Hall. When we got to the front of the Grand Hall, Arclight yelled out to Ame to come outside. As Ame came running out, she was shocked to see me almost totally knocked out on a Stantler. Ame: What?! What happened to him?! Arclight: I’m guessing his injuries made him pass out from the pain he was feeling. Ame: Ugh. I told him that he shouldn’t have gone out. At least not by himself. Arclight: I’m betting he’s really mad about this right now. Ame: Probably. Did he tell you anything though? Arclight: Yea. He told me you were calling the team here. But I’m gonna head on ahead and clear out the area. Ame: Alright. You basically know everything about this anyways. Just be careful. Arclight: I will be. Ame: Actually, can you do me a quick favor before you leave? Arclight: What is it? Ame: Would you go to the Coral Ward and tell Adrienn to come to the Grand Hall? Arclight: You got it Ame. Make sure Matt here gets rest. I know you wanted to use him in this plan of yours but right now… he’s not in a good way. Ame: Yea… I know. Thank you again Arclight. Arclight: Right. See you in a bit Ame. Arclight started to head to the Coral Ward to talk to Adrienn. Ame was leading Stantler to the Grand Hall so she could tend to my injuries with the help of Nurse Joy. Meanwhile, Taka was in the Beryl Ward looking for Victoria. He was used how the ward looked all destroyed and distorted. This place now looked beautiful and so much better than the last time he was there. He remembered the last time he was there, he actually teamed up with that weird person ZEL to take on Matthew. He was glad he was able to defeat them both. Taka had looked all over the Ward but couldn’t locate her. He decided to go look at the Beryl Cemetery just so he searched the whole area. As soon as he entered the area, he recognized the dress she always wore. She was standing in front of a headstone. He headed up to her. Taka: Uhh… Hey Victoria… Victoria: Hmm? Who’s… there… Taka: Victoria? Victoria: W-Wait… You’re… Victoria noticed right away who Taka was. The last time those 2 had met, it was on top of Pyrous Mountain and Taka’s father, Sirius, used his Garchomp to kill Kiki. Victoria had rage all in her eyes. It took him a couple of seconds but Taka realized what was going on and backed up a bit trying to calm the tension down. Taka: Ok. Whoa whoa. I get that have some hatred toward me and my father and I understand that- Victoria: Anger?! I’m furious! You’re damn father killed my beloved Sensei! And now you’re here?! Planning on attacking the new Reborn Region?! Well I’ll NEVER let you Meteor jerks mess up this region again! Come on! Taka: Hey! I’m not here to do anything to Reborn! Victoria: Lies! You’re part of Team Meteor! I don’t know why you people want to destroy this region but it won’t work! Taka: Victoria, I swear to you I’m telling the truth! Victoria: I could never trust Meteor scum like you! Taka: J-Just listen! I came here because- Victoria: I will never listen to the likes of you! My teacher is dead! She’s dead because of Team Meteor! Taka: I’m seriously sorry about your teacher! I didn’t know my dad would do that! If it means anything, I was against that! Victoria: Well you sure did a lot to try to stop it or at least show any kind of remorse! Taka: I… It’s just… Victoria: What is it?! Taka: …It was hard speaking up against my father. There could have been dire consequences if I did but thanks to Matthew- Victoria: Wait… Matthew? What about Matthew? What did you do to him?! Taka: Nothing! He’s fine. Well… he’s still here at least. Victoria: What are you talking about?! What’s going on?! Why are you even here?! Taka: The other day, my dad, along with Team Meteor, tried to take something away from Matthew and his friends. They were able to stop them but not before my dad injured Matthew. Victoria: Injure him…? Let me guess. You did nothing about it that time too. Taka: No! I jumped in and defended Matthew and… well everyone there! I battled my dad and now I’m with Matthew and everyone else that’s fighting against Team Meteor. Victoria: So what you’re telling me is that you have turned against Team Meteor and joining with us? Taka: Yes. Victoria: …I’m sorry but I just can’t trust you. There’s a reason you’re “siding” with us? What is it? Is it to gather intel on us and report back to your father? Taka: No. I’m serious. I’m not with them anymore. If it wasn’t for Matthew… Victoria: The way you talk about Matthew… You make it sound like he’s the most important person in your life right now. Taka: He is. You don’t know how grateful I am to him for helping me find the light and to get the guts to not only stand up to my father but leave Team Meteor. If it wasn’t for him, I’d still be apart of that organization and maybe even… Well I don’t want to think about it but I owe everything to Matthew. Victoria: I… I still don’t trust you but I won’t fight you. For now. Taka: I’ll take it. Victoria: What are you doing here anyways? Taka: Ame sent me here to get you. Victoria: Wait. Ame sent you? Taka: Yes. She’s trusting me for right now. She’s letting me help out with whatever she has planned with everyone else. Victoria: Everyone else? Who’s all going to be there? Taka: Me, you, Matt, a guy named Arclight and some Adrienn person. Victoria: I see. Well… I guess I should head down to the Grand Hall then… I suppose you can tag along if you want. Taka: I would love to- Victoria: But understand this. I still don’t trust you. 1 false move or if I even think you’re about to betray us, I will hold nothing back and kill you. Taka: Uhh… I-I… Victoria: The fact that Matthew and Ame have some kind of trust in your is the only reason I’m even tolerating you around me. Taka: Uhh… Yes. I get it. Victoria: Good. Let’s get going then. Victoria started to walk out of the cemetery back to the Grand Hall. The whole confrontation with her had left Taka a little bit scared but he realized that a lot of people would probably have that same reaction because of his former affiliation with Team Meteor. He waited for Victoria to be a couple of feet away from him and started to follow behind her. Meanwhile in the Coral Ward, Adrienn was near xyr’s now fully fixed Gym, giving some instructions to the volunteers. Arclight came over towards xem to talk. Before they talked though, Adrienn finished talking to the volunteers and sent them on their way. Xe then turned his attention towards Arclight. Adrienn: Sorry about that Arclight. I apologize for making you wait like that. I’d like to thank you again for broadcasting about the renovation. We’ve gotten more people to help out. Arclight: No problem man. Glad I was able to help out. Adrienn: So what brings you down here? Arclight: Ame’s wanting to meet everyone up at the Grand Hall. Adrienn: Ahh. So is this what I think it means then? Arclight: Probably. Adrienn: Alright. Would you like to accompany me back to the Grand Hall? Arclight: I would but I’m gonna get a little head start. I’m gonna clear some of them out in the front. Adrienn: Alright. Be careful. Arclight: Ohh. Before I forget, Matt’s back too. Adrienn: He is? Arclight: Yes but he’s not looking so good. Adrienn: What’s happened to him? I’m not too sure but he collapsed when he came to get me. I brought him back to the Grand Hall so he can rest up. He’s supposed to join with us on this too but… Adrienn: I see. I shall go there right away then to see him and Ame. See you in a bit Arclight. Arclight: Later man. Arclight walked away from Adrienn and out of the Coral Ward. Adrienn got himself prepared quickly and then left for the Grand Hall. When he made it there, he walked inside. He looked towards the PokeCenter part of the building and could see a bed, Ame, Victoria and Taka standing around it. He walked up to it and saw that I was in the bed. I felt very weak and hurt and tired. My eyes were barely open. Adrienn: Ohh my! Ame: Ahh. You’ve finally gotten here Adrienn. Victoria: Hey there. Taka: Uhh… Hi. Adrienn: What’s happened to him? Ame: Well in the condition he’s in, he can’t really move much unless he wants to pass out again. Victoria: Yea. And it was this “ex” Team Meteor member’s father’s fault. Adrienn: Wait. Ex Team Meteor member? He used to work for Team Meteor!? Victoria: Yes. That’s what he said. I don’t completely trust him about that though. Matthew: G-Guys… Please… D-Don’t fight am-mongst… yourselves… Ame: Matt, you really shouldn’t try to speak. That won’t help with your recovery. Taka: You have all of these tubes attached to him. What’s that gonna do? Ame: Well it’ll heal him way faster than normal. He should be up around the nighttime. Adrienn: What happened to him anyways? Taka: My father… attacked him viciously with his Pokemon. Adrienn: Then your father will be dealt with when we meet. Victoria: I second that motion. Taka: I do too. Victoria: Mhm… Adrienn: So Ame, I assume that you’ve assembled us here to finally get storm the Team Meteor base that’s here in the city? Ame: Yes. It’s time to put that plan into action. Victoria: Wait. There’s a Team Meteor base somewhere in the city?! Taka: W-Wait. Is that true? Ame: I’m afraid it is. But since you’re here, I thought maybe you’d be able to tell us something about that? Taka: I would if I could but this is the 1st time I’m hearing about this. Victoria: Hmph. This isn’t helping your case of gaining our trust. Taka: I-I’m being honest! I don’t know anything about it! Adrienn: Well that’s a bit disappointing. Do we at least know where it is? Ame: It’s the Devon Corporation building. Adrienn: I figured as much. Victoria: How did you know that? Adrienn: I’ve been inside almost every building in this city but the Devon Corporation building barely lets you walk in the front room. Victoria: I suppose you’re right. The storefront looks shifty for what’s supposed to be an international company. Taka: So what are we doing? What’s the plan? Ame: Well, from what Saphira has told me, the leader is being hidden there. Victoria: Solaris… I’ll pay him back for what he did! Taka: Father? Ame: No. It’s not him. It’s Lin. Taka: L-Lin?! Ame: Yes. I take it her name doesn’t sound pleasant to you? Taka: I’ve only ever met her once but… it wasn’t a calm situation. Ame: Well that’s more than enough to confirm what Saphira said. Adrienn: Which is what? Ame: We can’t take any chances with her. And that’s why I need all of you. And I’m going too. Adrienn: Ohh? That’s surprising. I thought you were going to be staying on the sidelines? Ame: It’s true that Anna asked me to do that originally… Matthew: -thinking to myself- Wait. Anna asked Ame to stay out of this? Why would she do that? Ame: But at this point, if we can end all of this now, I’ll do whatever it takes. Besides, I wouldn’t be doing the right thing as the Champion of this region now would I? Matthew & Taka: WHAT?! Taka and I couldn’t believe what we just heard Ame said. The shock of hearing that had made me shot straight up in bed. Which wasn’t a good thing because that severely hurt my ribs and my head. But the shock of hearing Ame being the Champion of Reborn had cancelled out some of the pain. Matthew: Ow! Son of a- FUCK! Y-You’re the Champion?! Ame: Matt! You shouldn’t be- Matthew: J-J-Just answer my question! Ame: Yes! I’m the Champion! Wait. You mean you didn’t know? Matthew: No I d-didn’t! Ame: Ohh… Well I guess it’s not that surprising. It’s not something I like to just toss around or brag about. Taka: I… can’t believe it though. Ame: Well of course. I mean to be honest, it should be obvious. I did restart this League after all. Who do you think runs the trial runs for Leaders? Matthew: That’s… Th-That’s… Oogh… -slumps back down onto the bed- Taka: Matt! Are you ok? Ame: I think we should try to avoid more shockers like that around him. Adrienn: You need to rest for now Matthew. Victoria: Yea. I don’t like seeing you like this buddy. Ame: Anyways, that Champion stuff isn’t really important right now. Taka: Right. The plan. What is it? Ame: Well I’ve already talked this over with Arclight. Here’s the details. The main level is probably fairly secure, even if they don’t want to be seen. So we’re going to take a pincer movement with 1 group in the front and another approaching from the basement level which connects to the Railnet. We’ll rendezvous in the middle and tackle the upper floors together. Any questions? Adrienn: Yes. How are the groups decided? Ame: Well that’s somewhat… complicated. Victoria: Why’s that? Ame: Well I was planning on me and Adrienn taking the storefront. We would pretend to be there on city restoration business, as to not make us look suspicious. Then I was gonna have Matt, Victoria and Arclight come up under and behind them. Adrienn: But with Matthew like this… I see the dilemma now. Matthew: I-I can still do this… Ame: Are you crazy?! You can barely move right now! I would say that you won’t be able to move about on your own til we get back during the nighttime. Matthew: B-But Ame- Ame: No buts Matt. I appreciate that you want to contribute to this plan but I’d be putting you into danger and I can’t risk that. Victoria: So what do we do now? I mean I’m sure me and Arclight can still do this. Ame: Maybe… But I’d feel better about a 3 man team down there. Taka: W-Well… what about me? Adrienn, Ame and Victoria looked at the young man. They didn’t ever consider having him being apart of this. Victoria seemed like she was against this but Adrienn and Ame seemed alright with this idea at the very least. Ame: Hmm… Adrienn: I mean that could work. Victoria: Wait a minute. You’re not seriously considering this are you? Ame: Well it would make me feel better. Adrienn: And I’m sure he’s a strong trainer. Ame: And if what he said about defeating his father is true, he’d definitely be a good replacement for Matthew. Victoria: Ok. Look, I don’t mind him being here keeping an eye on Matthew to make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid but you’re thinking about letting an “ex” Team Meteor member go into a TEAM METEOR base and being around them and potentially telling them anything about us? ESPECIALLY Matt? Taka: Victoria, I don’t know what else to do to prove to you that I’m no longer apart of that team. But I promise you that you won’t be disappointed if you let me come with you. Victoria: I’m sorry but I- Ame: Fine. You’ll be joining Victoria and Arclight, Taka. Victoria: What!? Ame: Look, if he betrays us, we’ll deal with him then but… right now, we need him. Victoria: Are you kidding me?! What about asking 1 of the Gym Leaders?! Adrienn: They wouldn’t be able to get here to do this mission in time. We don’t have the time to wait for anyone. We need to do this now. Victoria looked at Ame and then back at Taka. She didn’t want the possibility of him betraying them and then giving them some kind of info about us over. She then looked over to me. I slightly nodded my head yes and gave a very weak but understandable thumbs up. She sighed and looked back to Taka. Victoria: Fine. You’re with us. But DO NOT try anything! Taka: I won’t. You’ll see. Adrienn: Great! If we all work together, we can show them what we’re made of and end this once and for all! Victoria: And I’ll show them the same mercy they showed Kiki… Ame: Then we’re set. We shouldn’t waste anymore time. Victoria: I’m sorry you can’t come with us Matthew. But you’ll be fine by the time we come back! Adrienn: Indeed. There’s something I would like to talk to you about when we get back from this too. Ame: Make sure you stay here and rest Matthew. I swear if I see you in there, you’ll be in trouble. Taka: Matthew, I promise to do my best to help out your friends and to take down Team Meteor. You can count on me. Matthew: I-I know I… can buddy… Kick some m-major ass out there… for me… At that point, I was too weak and tired to stay awake and immediately passed out to sleep. Ame, Adrienn, Victoria and Taka exited the Grand Hall and started to make there respective ways to the Devon Corporation building. Ame and Adrienn went the above ground way while Taka and Victoria took the Railnet to meet up with Arclight in the underground. Their mission was just about to begin. Pokemon Team REBORN CHARACTER RATES
  23. so i tried to battle my friend online and something weird happened... we couldn't even battle because a script error appeared on my screen and made me restart my game...when i turned it back on all of my pokemon i used for the online battle became stuck at lvl 100 and idk how to fix it...i would like to use some of these pokemon throughout my journey so if anyone can help me asap that would b great I had an Ampharos lvl 31, Swanna lvl 37, Roselia lvl 35, Alolan Sandshrew lvl 33, Camerupt lvl 37, and a Solrock lvl 33....tho i wouldn't be mad if i could get them all back at lvl 40 lol
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