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  2. I'm sorry, but that still doesn't really clear things up. Stuck how? Can you not move? Do you feel you're locked out of some kind of event? Is the game hanging continually? Because when I played your save, I nothing was stuck for me. If it's a movement thing on your part, I took a step back and re-saved. Game.rxdata
  3. so basically i went up to him and my game went to not responding and script hung. right before script hung the game saves because that's essentials' way of keeping save data and now i am stuck because i have not saved beforehand.
  4. Glad you're enjoying the Present so far, but what exactly is the problem? We can't just hop into your save without a little context. Is the game frozen? Is the event repeating itself endlessly, etc? EDIT: I went ahead and poked around in your savefile anyways and, uh, are you just lost? I'm not getting any error with the event, and I see that you've started case two, but haven't been to the Duchampe Residence yet.
  5. Relevant. Both links used together compliment each other well.
  6. Finally got around to reading all of this. Loved it. It sucks that the Dragonair is dead though. As to who the men in black were... well I doubt it was Team Rocket. And I hope Courtney is alive. I feel like if she were to die, Zane would go on a psychopathic killing rampage. But nice 1 dude! Can't wait to read the next 1!
  7. ayo what's poppin, started playing this game today and i can safely say that it is a whole v i b e. been having a blast as im on case 2, but im stuck because i talked to the boss guy at the water institute? i don't recall what exactly the place was called but it was with water. i would very much so appreciate if someone could help me resolve this problem, i really wanna continue playing this game hehe Game.rxdata
  8. But, I recommend breeding, since encounter may take a lot of time depending on your luck.
  9. Gäh

    Shiny Event Pokemon

    Alright, thanks alot!
  10. Probably. I remember getting a shiny litleo.
  11. Today
  12. Gäh

    Shiny Event Pokemon

    I see, but it should be the same chance as with any other pokemon being encountered as a shiny?
  13. Firstly first, I would like to congratulate you for having produced your own story! This is well made and I personally enjoy the dragon theme of this. I just started to read it this afternoon to be honest. And now, I feel you completely! This Dragonair looked very attached to Zane and didn't do any harm. She didn't deserve to die However, the perpetrator of this explosion must be punished. It should have died in the explosion That being said, I can't do much but making assumptions about the culprit. Team Rocket member maybe? And oh God, I hope Courtney is still alive too! There's nothing worst than learning that a pregnant woman has been killed with the child she was holding (Makes me vaguely remember the beginning of Kill Bill: Volume 1 for some reason.) Plus, I don't think the assault of the Gym will please Clair in any way. I keep my fingers crossed and hope the next episode will lead to a happier conclusion (Well, considering the tragedy that occured in Episode 2, I think I can dream on...) Lovely job, you have my support
  14. Beyond excited for Sword and Shield's release on Friday. I'm ready for a new adventure. 

  15. I think the chances are pretty low, same as that of getting a shiny starter.
  16. Gäh

    Shiny Event Pokemon

    Hey, I was wondering if Pokemon that are locked behind events can be encountered as shinys. Am i waisting my time with resetting? Thanks in adavance!
  17. That Mew has already a trainer as far as i know. Time to try something new, i call Zarc.
  18. Starting a new journey on reborn guys! give me some team suggestions and tips!

    1. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      While doing as many sidequests as you're willing to put up with is a must in the vast majority of RPGs, I'd recommend you pay special attention to the ones that reward you with Department Store Stickers for the early part of the game. Managing the EVs you earn is going to be very important for the later part of the game, and since early game will always screw your spread over (not much you can do about that, unfortunately 😓), being able to remove unwanted ones with the Friendship Berries is going to be a major boon. The Power Items will also be helpful for building up the EVs you want, since they'll give an extra 8 of their respective stat (8 Speed for the Power Anklet, for example). Both item categories are only available through the Department Store, which is ultimately what keeps the place relevant for most of the game.


      Another good idea is to keep a varied rotation of pokemon rather than just a team of six. This'll give you more flexibility against the tougher fights in the game, since being able to swap out a weak link for something more capable in the specific matchup (like, say, swapping a chesnaught out for a crobat against the Fairy Gym Leader) could very easily mean the difference between certain defeat and a hard-earned victory! It also helps you keep from going over the level cap so easily by spreading out the story-required Exp. gains a bit, though that does become a temporary non-issue between the Fighting and Flying Gyms (the level curve at that point is a bit wack).

    2. Q-Jei



      Is that your first run in Reborn? If so, I would largely recommend those three starters if you haven't made your choice already (Grass Type --> Snivy; Fire Type --> Torchic; Water Type --> Mudkip/Froakie). As for the mons you'll encounter in the wild, Poochyena is catchable as soon as you exit the Grand Hall, and it's pretty helpful to deal with the first four Gym Leaders. Make sure it has Moxie though. Also, any Fighting Type Pokemon like Makuhita or Pancham will do the trick when you'll adventure in Obsidia Ward (Post Julia battle). Fletchling is also pretty underrated in my opinion, try to find one when you'll have access to this place: Beryl Cemetery. Tailwind setters can make heavy difference in Reborn, and I'm not talking about Flying Gems combined with Acrobatics. Well, at least, that's part of my strategies ^^ Otherwise, try your best to locate and pick up any egg you'll see, since it generally contains decent mons that can only be encountered later in the game (Bronzor, Ducklett, Nincada, Deerlingn, to mention a few). Another protip: Tyranitartube's nuzlocke made me realize how tanky Gulpin can be for early game content. Don't hesitate to check the trash dumps in Lower Peridot Ward, this is where the Poison guy is hiding! I think that's about it!


      Glad to help, and good luck 🙂

  19. With that, there was no need for extra words. A quick view of Omega's info using the A-Comm, as well as her previous display of force, revealed a few things to watch out for. She used an unknown move, but it seemed to be physical in nature, were Emmanuel to guess. The plan was already clear. Solosis glowed slightly and raised a veil before the group, gleaming under the night sky. He just had to cover the grounds before he could mount an all-out offensive. Emmanuel sends out Solosis. Solosis uses Reflect.
  20. I find Silvally as a useful catch all mon as it almost always contribute to boss battles with the right memory so its superior compared to Slaking which i find a bit too annoying due to truant (especially in doubles if you dont partner it with something that can get rid of truant).
  21. That is the exact exemple of song that everybody had heard at least once in their lives, but never managed to find before Shazam was made. Timeless
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