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  2. I got stuck after a vileplume robbed me. I would appreciate it if you could help me. Game.rxdata
  3. Every time I download the v11 patch 3 full link it keeps saying '' Patch 2 installed '' I even tried downloading the small version and placing it into the v11.3 one still didn't work idk what else to do. Can someone help me please?
  4. So I got beat my dimensional rift Garbodar and after SEVERAL painstaking tries I was able to beat it but after I got beat by it the first time Melia kept glitched into the wall and on some rocks and when I went to battle it my character glitched into the wall and now I can't do anything. Anybody help please??
  5. G'day people, i am kinda lost, don't know what i'm doing. Recently started a new playthrough of the game, and decided i wanted to 100% this time (which i'm using a guide for, very helpful), which also involves getting all of the zygarde cells. Problem is, some of them seem to just not be spawning for me, for example the one right outside the help center where you get the gather cube. I probably need someone savvy enough to see if they've actually just not spawned, and who can then spawn them into the game for me, or at least someone who can find them in the case that they aren't missing. Fairly sure i've tried all times of day. EDIT Never mind, i have resolved the issue myself by tinkering a bit in RPG Maker, it indeed seems like the cell just didn't spawn for some reason.
  6. For people looking for a scripts file, I ran into this bug today and found a script file in this mod made for V11 that worked for me!
  7. @CrystalKing https://mega.nz/#!PT4RzYpJ!qrSlnIYM98KXLQld8yrvDBTm6NXqq0mC2SWszRwUk7I
  8. CrystalKing

    Can't pick up the egg

    This link is now dead — would it be possible to get a fresh one? Currently experiencing this issue myself. Thank you!
  9. I cannot get the egg reward from bandit at large quest Game.rxdata
  10. She is supposed to be right outside the hospital of hope, in a small cutscene, before the pokemon hospital, which means she is not in the pokemon hospital yet. I can´t complete this quest because of that.
  11. i thought she was supposed to be in the pokemon hospital not the hospital of hope
  12. I have just visited officer jenny in the hospital of hope, where ANA came in wanting the names of the children, during the ANA sidequest. Aftewards ANA was not outside the hospital of hope, like she is supposed to. I am pretty sure this is a bug. I am sorry if this is already known.
  13. i dont even know how i got it, i returned to an older save file where i was level 19 and there i have heart stamp instead of body slam
  14. shinymissingno

    Minor Bugs V11

    Uh... According to Bulbapedia... no. Not even a little. Level, tm, tutor, breeding - by all accounts, Neither woobat NOR it's evolution should be able to TOUCH the move body slam, unless the rejuv devs added it in for some reason.
  15. my woobat has the move body slam, is this even possible?
  16. DreamblitzX

    Infinite Magby and Elekid eggs?

    Picking up eggs has gone through quite a few assorted bugs over V11s release and various patches.
  17. Eggs are still causing crash to desktop after the 11.3 patch, and the Bulbasaur bandit reward also causes a CTD
  18. I'm fatally stuck within the ranger base, I can't find my character and I'm running through walls. I can interact with some of the people but I can't leave.
  19. For some odd reason I can keep on picking up Elekid and Magby eggs in Professor Jenner's room. I know for sure this is not how it is supposed to be.
  20. The Zygarde cell under the waterfall on Route 2 doesn't check a flag on the normal map -- so you can get it AGAIN in the non-pink Route 2.
  21. Yes, a new link would be great
  22. shinymissingno

    Can't Pick Up Eggs

    that mega link doesn't exist anymore btw. Still can't pick up eggs.
  23. Bandit at Large quest causes a crash to desktop when trying to claim my egg reward
  24. Pretty big bug, I can walk through wall and I cannot walk through doors