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  2. Clicking on the Cyndaquil egg at Mt. Caratos crashes the game. I can interact with all other eggs but that one though.
  3. There are some tile bugs at karrina's base But thats not the thing that ill talk about here On Venam's secret room there is a strange tile thingy that i dont know if it is intentional or not Im too far away so ill just mark some random gameplay print from youtube lol You can walk in the marked line of tiles
  4. I dont have a print for this (and i guess it will be pretty hard to reproduce) Spoilers lol Yet it didnt change anything (since i got stomped anyways sorwy) i guess reporting was the right thing(?)
  5. Probably an oversight but since Misty Terrain hard forces misty terrain while in dragons den it doesnt create the fairy tale field like it should according to the field manual. Edit: Just tested with mist as well and same thing.
  6. @Mr Ninjafish HAHAHAHAHA no need for such bruh. Just happy to help. Have fun!
  7. Update, I was able to fix it by running in windows administrator mode. I think its possible there was an issue with the font files I copied, although i am unsure how that would cause continual / inputs. But when i ran as administrator i got a message that it did something to the fonts and that i needed to restart the game. Afterwards it worked fine.
  8. sometimes restarting the computer might help, but this may or may not be such a time other than that i cant really say personally............. i mean i have similar issues but not just with rejuv as it happens a lot otherwise as well and thats due to my computer being a potato so.......................... not much help there sadly -_-
  9. Mr Ninjafish

    Pokemon Rejuvenation Erin bug

    Bro it worked omg thank you so much. If there is anything you would like me to do pls let me know, follow ur twitter Instagram whatever bro im so relieved man thanks
  10. Go to your local disc (your computer), go to users, and then saved games for pokemon rejuv. You'll see the saves you've accumulated and at the end, you'll see your Game.rxdata. What you want to do is delete that, as well as the save before that. Now, copy the NOW last save (supposedly was the 2nd to last save) and rename the copy to "Game". That should make you unstuck.
  11. Game will continually input / whenever a free type text box appears, this persists across game and computer reboots. Other input boxes outside of game window do not show constant / input. This makes progressing past the first password requirement impossible for now See screenshot below where I attempted to enter S as soon as possible when the prompt appeared Any advice is appreciated Edit: the issue also occurs if i disconnect my keyboard and get all the way to this input using only windows onscreen keyboard starting before game launch
  12. Mr Ninjafish

    Pokemon Rejuvenation Erin bug

    I would gladly do that if I knew how. If you can tell me how to do that that'll be great since im extremely stupid and cannot figure out how to replace my current save to an older save. That would mean the world to me right now since im addicted to this game and cant play.
  13. Is this the puzzle in which you have to make a darchlight mirror? I remember faintly that once I made a mistake in my first try, Erin would block the way to me getting another shard to try again. I can just suggest deleting your Game.rxdata currently, and replace it with one of the saves you had before you tried to do the puzzle to save you the time of waiting for someone who can fix it for you (I can't, but I fixed it through what I just said). Hope you find a way to fix it either way!
  14. Hey guys I got the Erin bug and I have no idea how to get rid of her after hours of research online so here I am. Can someone please help me to get her to move away from the orb so I can finish this stupid darchlight puzzle and complete the story. I really wanna play since I've been through so much in this game with intense mode on. Game (2).rxdata If this save isnt the right data you need to fix my problem pls let me know asap. Thank you so so so much to whoever helps me
  15. BananananaK

    Minor Bugs V11

    I'm in a bit of a predicament right now from a major oversight, so it would be cool if it was fixed or if there was a good solution: My current problem is that I'm trying to EV train some mons, and I figured I should level them before training to make it easier and I could just remove the HP evs later. Problem is, I finished the Turnabout Mosely sidequest too long ago to have a save I can go back to and after that quest the kid who sells EV berries in the lost camp stops selling them. This is technically not fatal, but I would argue is a major enough oversight that it could warrant a solution of sorts, as EVs are effectively permanent once you run out of berries if you didn't buy enough in advance. This could be more or less fixed with the debug menu mod in Dreamblitz' modpack (not the debug mod itself, as that seems to not function correctly) if you mess with EVs, but I'd rather not have to cheat to EV train.
  16. Same problem with the egg bug. Any idea how to fix it??
  17. TommySmiles

    Minor Bugs V11

    In Venam's secret area I cannot pick up the egg for what looks to be seviper. I saw on a different thread the solution was somehere in here but I cannot find it. Any help would be great, thanks.
  18. TommySmiles

    Rejuvenation Augment Error

    Nevermind, fixed it, had to transfer save file to USB then delete everything else, inclusive of the client and redownload the newest version.
  19. Alright, to start I know this is a Reborn site, but I found Rejuvenation is linked to it, I just don't see a way to post in Rejuvenation specific forums. Whenever I start the Rejuvenation client on my computer, I get an error message saying "AUgmentError, 'undefined class/module Control Config' pertaining to old saves and loads as well as pbSetUpSystem. I am extremely confused, the game crashes afterwards every time. Any help would be awesome, thanks. If needed extra info is: Section054:2138 Section170:54 Section170:156
  20. When I try to check my status screen, I keep getting this error and the game crashes.
  21. So I started the Mosley mission and when I got inside the hospital of hope I got defeated and now I can't get back in could someone help? Also I entered from the rooftop not the entrance door we flew on Mosley's Staraptor and landed on the roof at nighttime. Here my file: Game.rxdata
  22. Ill take a few mons if u dont mind as to whom im not sure, feel free to send whomever u see fit.
  23. seeing an Ame post here is both pleasing and saddening as its not about reborn e19
  24. One thing that you can do is to kill that Krokodile with medicham because it has an eq and focuses on Zetta after that
  25. just make sure to PM me if you want my pokemon and ill plop them in the sharedPC section and toss ya my personal file for it
  26. Yeah im aware of my Medicham and Blazikens lack of setup but i get no chance to do so in this fight so i havent gotten around to fixing. It, also i believe night lycanrock gets oneshot immediatly as he is alot slower