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  2. I chose neither because I feel like Crescent is more like the mother to the MC seeing as how she’s more protective towards them and more spiteful to others, as how she is ruthless to those who have done harm to us as she doesn’t care about others. She also warns up (somewhat) of the incoming danger that will soon approach and tells us to stay out of it while she doesn’t seem to care if anyone else interferes. I do view Tiempa and Spacea as admins though but their methods of doing things is just as ruthless as they recruit people or awake their team members powers.
  3. What's up people, I'm back from my Busy Zone with another theory and this it is based Spacea and Tiempa also Crescent. Spacea and Tiempa along with Crescent first made their appearance when saving Melia from Team Xen executive Zetta after that incident they gave MC, Melia and Aelita Time splicer necklace (Correct me if I'm wrong). However, Spacea order a Heracross to take back the necklace from Aelita. They must have known about Cella breaking the truth to Aelita would cause her become a Dimension Rift due to Garufan Magic while being comatose in an underground grotto maybe they wanted to this to happen who knows there intention behind all this is unknown. what I found is very interesting is that they said " We do what Her Majesty tells us to do." I think their agents or moderators Her Majesty who's that? I do not know it might Arceus or Crescent some unknown person we haven't seen yet in game. I strongly think there might a confrontation with them later on in the game revealing their true intentions. Next up is Crescent Crescent is like an observer of MC and Melia. In her mansion she has paintings of the other Main Characters also she's been observing Ren and the others involved in the prophecy. I think in the previous version she spoke to Nancy about something well she knew that Nancy wasn't human " She wasn't supposed to feel emotion." Also MC meets her in an unknown realm while facing Fate's Passage she gave MC another chance to avoid Fate also her true intentions behind it all are shrouded in mystery. So what do you guys think about this? Any more ideas based on them. Please don't hesitate to share your opinions in comments section. That it for now this is Hibiki Aozora -Over and Out!
  4. Yo what’s up with another theory, this time involving the interceptor! So, the interceptor, after everything that has been going on I’ve been thinking, what happens when the interceptor finishes their mission of sending the world to peace or destruction? Well I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s possible they may disappear with being remembered. Why do I think this you may ask? It’s simple. While Melia and Erin were looking for information about team Xen, our favorite heroine, Melia decided to look into our personal information without our permission in which we ourselves aren’t aware of because of our surpressed memories. She has told Erin about who we are and our purpose, in which case when the world is in grave danger, the interceptor appears deciding to save or destroy our world. We come and go as if we were strangers to the world once we have fulfilled our role. An example of this, the alternate future. If you choose to hand over the time diamond to Melanie, she’ll fool Melia and become one with her as Melanie being the dominant mind. As this has happened the interceptor has decided to destroy the world with Melanie as the current ruler, and dissappeared from existence, as Amber was struggling to remember who we are and soon after completely forgotten, who we are. True, this could also be a possibility that it was because of us being time travelers and going back to prevent this course of action, however Melanie had explained that even if we had used the time diamond it would (shatter into pieces being the fake one) send us back to our timeline, but would leave that alternate timeline in chaos because the MC and Melia going to the alternate timeline was like going to a different dimension. Therefore, we’d still most likely be remembered for our actions either leaving the world in chaos or peace. So my theory is if we finish our role of being the interceptor, we may disappear from existence without being remembered (or we might be remembered with those closest to us like in Pokémon mystery dungeon gates to infinity). Anyway TL;DR PMDGTI possible reference. Thoughts, other theories? The stage is yours!
  5. Don't forget Anast also befriends the deoxys when we defeat it in the past which would explain why Natassia then has control over the hoards of them that we saw earlier in the game
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    Thanks for participating.
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    Fairy is super effective against Dragon Psychic is super effective against poison. Water doesn't do well against poison.
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    Fairy and water!
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    One more round . Dragon and poison
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    Water super effective against ground ,electric weak against ground, Grass strong super effective to water, elective isn’t very effect against grass! You turn!
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    Ground and Grass!
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    Alright, bring it! Water and electric!
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    Dark is super effective against ghost. Bug doesn't do well against bug. Your turn . Time for round 2.
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    Alright! Bug and dark!
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    Xurai! Ready to throw down? Ghost and Fighting
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    This Event will take place in Rebornevo Rejuvenation Squad. This is rock paper scissors but with a twist .... Pokemon types all 18 . get your memories of playing previous games and fan games . If you want to participate in the event comment below to type your username and favourite and the type that you don't like. Also Me @Cerulean Azure Brawler and @Xurai will be participating for a taster/ exhibition battle. Good luck to all and see you then~ Ja ne~
  17. Pokemon Academy Life is a fan made game by Pokémon Visual it features Red from the Kanto region get accepted to Kobukan academy along with Blue , Leaf, Brenden ,May and all the other character the previous pokemon version and also you can choose elective types out the eighteen types for example I chose dragon and ice and you increase your traits when choosing the choice that are in front of you. Rating - 9/10 Link: http://pokemonacademylife.com/ Hope you enjoy the game~
  18. Name: Hibiki Aozora - The diligent and brave student Name of City: Tatsuyuki City - A city of pure courage and bravery Type: Dragon and Ice Badge: Tachi Badge- Standing Badge - All pokemon will obey regardless of the level Gym: Tatsuyuki Gym- the pathway are dragons and ice slide ramps No. of pokemon: 6 Flygon Dragonite Alolan Sandslash Alolan Ninetales Galceon Garchomp-Garchompite When I was a kid I was really into Dragon type Pokemon and also ice because of the cold I'm used to the elements. Yeah, Ice types are super effective against dragon type and I though maybe I could combined that weakness and use it as an advantage. Trivia: Tatsuyuki - Etymology- Tatsu- Dragon in Old Japanese and Yuki - snow in Japanese So what do you guys think? Share your opinion in the comments and hit that like. If you want to follow me @Cerulean Azure Brawler head to my profile and click the follow button.
  19. Giratina The Renegade Pokemon H/W: 750 kg/4.5 m - Watch out you'll get crushed into a pancake in other words -Flattened!! Type: Ghost/Dragon Giratina was banished for its violence. It silently gazed upon the old world from the Distortion World/Reverse World -the reverse side of ours, where common knowledge is distorted and strange. Shadow Force Type: Ghost PP:5 maximum of 8 Category: Physical Attack power of 120 Shadow Force causes the user to "vanish instantly" on the turn it is selected, rendering it semi-invulnerable, and then reappear the next turn to cause damage. Giratina has two forms Origin and Altered
  20. Hey guys, 久(ひさ)しぶり! I came from back from the dead and I lived. Today it's Mosely Carmicle. According to the Hospital Of Despair Files Mosely is missing since the age of 8 and in Goldenleaf Town and in the alternative timeline Mosely makes an appearance I positive that Carmicle escaped from Dr.Isha and sought refuge in Goldenleaf. What do you guys think. Share your opinion in the comments section below. and also shout out to @Jan thee creator of Rejuvenation my guy, @Amethyst for creating this website and @Xurai- san who participated in the RBT and sharing his theories. That's it for now, Mata ne~
  21. Yo what's up guys. I'm back from the dankness! Hope y'all had a great Valentines day. Yeah, yeah it's late don't judge me been busy, lol. Anyway, lets talk about the "best" doctor Isha! So, I've been wondering about this for a little bit and have come to the conclusion that the good old doctor, whom we shall call Sigmund #2, is a crazy old nut if it wasn't obvious. Don't believe me? Well that sounds fair. I'm just another dank protector, observing from the shadows. Not a problem. But as we have heard from Souta, He was killed by a jealous doctor. Know any good doctors of the past? Probably not since we haven't really seen one in the past( Nurses don't count). Not only that, an NPC from the past said and I quote "I hope they catch that crazy doctor", or something close to that I guess hinting Isha, no? I mean, hell even Lavender went through his files and saw some disturbing things, locking her up in the process making her stay because he thinks that she's not well, but she's perfectly fine(also it should be noted that the jealous doctor was said to have been killed, but somehow faked his death after what happened to his son). Fortunately, though it seems we may reunite with our favorite talking Pokémon, Braixen. Unfortunately, she lost her communication device that lets her talk English so she probably won't be able to explain everything that happened with her, Adam, Saki, and Valerie, unless there is someone else smart enough to make another talking device. So in conclusion, Isha is a evil, working with Team Xen, and has some serious issues to work out. Thoughts, comments, shout outs? Shout out to @Jan and @Zumi for making this awesome game, and @Cerulean Azure Brawler for being my first friend here! Also @Amethystfor making this badass website!
  22. In my opinion that sprite looks more like Karrina's VS sprite. And if dat's not Karrina's sprite I'm not sure if we can call the person on it "he". As for me that sprite looks more like girl's sprite.(dunno if I wrote that properly :''( )
  23. If Nancy's or MC's memories are stored in this box then it's going to be very similiar to a memory cube from "Hello, Charlotte". and then im gonna scream: DATS HC REFERENCE and be happy all day (maybe)
  24. Palkia Level: 70 Ability: Pressure: Raises Opposing Pokémon's PP Usage The Spatial Pokémon A legendary Pokémon of Sinnoh. It is said that pace becomes more stable with Palkia's every breath. H/W: 13'09/740.8 lbs. Fun fact. Never stand below this Pokémon unless you wanna get crushed. Moveset: Spacial Rend, Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Fire Blast. Spacial Rend Type: Dragon Category: Special, Power 100, Accuracy 95 Bio: Deals damage and has an increased critical ratio Palkia is one of the creation trio alongside Dialga and Giratina. Thus end another mythical data collection! Stay tuned for the next!
  25. Dialga Level: 70 Ability : Pressure: Raises the opposing Pokemon's PP usage The Temporal Pokemon A legendary Pokemon spoken of in Sinnoh mythology. It is aid that time began moving when Dialga was born and it is also said time flows when Dialga's heart beats. H/W: 5.41m/683.0kg This a mother-loving heavy Pokemon! Moveset: Roar of Time, Flash Cannon, Draco Meteor, Earth Power Roar of Time Type:Dragon Category: Special with the attack power of 150 Description: Dialga blasts the target with power that distorts even time. However Dialga can't move on the next turn and has to "recharge" like Giga Impact and Hyper Beam. Dialga is one the creation trio alongside Palkia and Giratina. That's it for my data collection Ja ne~
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