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  2. From that description, it sounds like the male player character, Frank (attached overworld sprites). I know that with the Holiday Pokemon and the Pokemon Center Pokemon, you can have more than one control switch active at the same time. For example if you turn into Adventurer Cradily, and then speak to Dreamer Musharna to become them without switching back to human by asking Adventurer Cradily again, the game will think you're both Adventurer Cradily and Dreamer Musharna at the same time, because both control switches are active, so there can be overlap issues. But if I understood the issue here correctly, you're switching to the wrong human player. I tested myself with Adventurer Cradily just now and picking the non-binary option, and correctly became them, so that's strange. I'm not really sure why it's happening as I wasn't able to replicate it, but some possible solutions to change back are: -If Spade is in the Pokemon Center, you could speak to them to change into them (if you've already done so once, Spade disappears, but if you haven't then you can speak to them) -You could try changing back through one of the other Pokemon Center or Holiday Pokemon if neither option works, I can try changing you back myself if you send me your save file.
  3. Have started playing this again after seeing it updated from Ep7, and after changing into and back from 'Adventurer Cradily' I went from the normal 'nonbinary' player character to this... redhead, in a black/purple jacket with greenish brown pants? Who be this? Is this a bug of some variation, or no? Because it's even changed my overworld AND in-battle sprite. They look cool, don't get me wrong but... this was most certainly not who I 'used to be'. Adventurer Cradily has co-opted some poor npc's sprites, I think...
  4. Ice is there a shiny charm? if so how do you get it?
  5. my breloom just evolved up but i wasnt expecting such a fast response
  6. Gave Drifblim max HP EVs and IVs, and also gave a shiny Roserade that I put in the shiny PC box. For giving your Breloom Drain Punch, I didn't see a Breloom in your party or any of your boxes, and I looked at your Pokedex and it didn't have the Poke Ball for caught next to Breloom's entry. Did you have a Breloom that accidentally got released somehow, or did you mean for me to add one from scratch? randomizer: someone asked if I was going to make one in December 2016 and linked a thread from Pokecommunity that had scripts for randomizer mode. At the time it was something I considered (but wasn't a strong consideration or priority, more of a mild interest/possibility). I looked through the thread and there were mostly people saying it works but also a few bug reports so I got nervous, and I later lost interest. Game.rxdata
  7. i hope this is it, i don't really care about the shiny because it was going in my box anyway, but could you give my drifblim full health IVs and EVs. and if its not to much of a task could you give my breloom drain punch Game.rxdata also have you tried to make a randomized version of the game before? if so was it effective or ineffective.
  8. I just checked the PBS file and the evolution method for Umbreon seems to be correct (HappinessNight) so I'm not really sure why that's happening. IIRC nighttime would start at 8 PM. But if you send me your save file I'll change the Eevee into Umbreon for you. (the post above yours has instructions and a guide link for locating your save file if needed)
  9. Okay I can't get my eevee to evolve into umbreon I've leveled it up at all hours of the night but it keeps going to espeon can someone please help me?
  10. Do you mean like having multiple save files each with a different team? If so, you can, and you don't need RPG Maker. You need to go into your PC's C drive -> Users -> your PC name -> Saved Games -> Pokemon Spork and in the Spork folder in Saved Games there should be a file called "Game". Change the name of the file, for example to something like Game1, and the next time you open Spork you'll have a new file which will be added to the Saved Games Spork folder. You can go back to your original file at any time by changing the name of the second file and then changing the original file's name back to Game. I'm not very good at explaining things, and I was going to find a video guide for how to find save files and such in Pokemon fangames in case it'd be more helpful to watch it being done, but I couldn't find the video I usually link people to. But there's also a guide on finding your save file on the website, here: https://www.rebornevo.com/index.php?/pr/save/ This guide was written for Pokemon Reborn but works with all fangames made with RMXP/Essentials. Do you remember any details about what the error message says? I haven't heard of an error like that, but if I'm understanding correctly, you got it when a wild encounter initiated in the grass? For the shiny Roserade, if you upload your save file here (using the instructions I wrote or by following the linked guide) I can give you a shiny Roserade; you can also specify the nature, EVs, IVs, moves, etc. that you want and I'll give them. @1.7 chance that's the percentage of the shiny rate; that's about as much as I'm able to explain since I don't know math beyond basic adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing (and even some of that wouldn't be easy for me if I tried).
  11. Is it possible for me to be able to change my Pokemon team from files? or do i need RPG Maker? I would also like to report a bug i found in 'Fork in the road' where when i walked into the left grass it showed a error tab and when i clicked off it my game closed (I think maybe a Pokemon wasn't coded right into the game at that point.), this was bad for me because i didn't save my progress of 2 gyms, a shiny Roserade, EV training, Clefairy leveling up from 2 - 43, Gardevoir and Gallade and vitamin buying (even though i wasted money on PP up and didn't just buy PP max) this loss of my save file kind of put me off the game but i did come back and i have everything back after 2 days (except shiny Roserade) by on and off grinding. Also do you know what the 1.7 chance means, like is it a 1 in 7 chance?
  12. Battle Error: - When starting out with Gastly, using Hypnosis against Emily's Buneary causes an error pop-up. Tile Error: - In Room 200 at the starting area, there is a tile left of the bed that is occupied by nothing.
  13. No biggie. It was 75% cheaper on Steam than on rpgmakerweb for some reason, must be a region thing. It's just a minor thing anyway and besides, if there's any issue with Hidden Abilities again now I can try and fix it myself. That's pretty high compared to the official games. But it's nice, now if only the shinies I find are pokemons that I would use
  14. I'm glad you got it to work! And sorry about you needing to download RPG Maker; it probably would've been quicker and easier for me to reupload and then change Venipede's ability on your save file for you, but I was burned out on reuploads so I was hesitant to reupload again until something major is added/updated (which would be the Headphones Badge graphic that Steffi is working on, and the map remamps that Enigma is doing). But I've changed the Venipede line's hidden ability to Speed Boost for when the time comes for the next reupload. The shiny rate is around ~1.7% as mentioned in the FAQ.
  15. Ok, managed to get it to work. Before it caused the game to get some sort of script error so I just deleted the whole thing and extracted it again. Thanks for the help. I wanna ask, is the shiny rate in this game high? I got like 6 shinies already.
  16. I don't mind trying but there are a few versions of RPG Maker so which one would you recommend?
  17. I'm glad you're enjoying the game! About third abilities: although in this case, since Venipede's hidden ability in the PBS in Quick Feet instead of Speed Boost, I'd need to edit the PBS file and then reupload the game. e9ucnjwijxw23-9un cvij ndskma I was really hoping I wouldn't have to reupload again until the Headphones Badge graphic and/or map revamps were complete, especially since all the download links are up to date now. I apologize for this but I really don't have the willpower to reupload at the moment or maybe in the near future at all It's possible if you have or are able to get RPG Maker you could fix this from your end by changing that part of the PBS file from Quick Feet to Speed Boost, opening the game in RPG Maker, selecting Venipede from your party screen, going to "Debug" (an option that appears if you're playing in RPG Maker/debug mode), going to ability, and then changing it to Speed Boost.
  18. Started playing this and been enjoying it so far. I'm at the forest opening and am trying to find a Venipede with it's Hidden Ability, Speed Boost but not having any luck. Is it possible to encounter wild Hidden Ability Pokemon for Pokemon with 2 normal abilities? Also, I noticed in the PBS folder, pokemon.txt said that Venipede and Whirlipede's Hidden Ability is listed as Quick Feet instead of Speed Boost.
  19. ok it seems i didnt talk to brutus, sry for bringing this topic up, it was really getting on my nerve
  20. Groniack is correct, you need to talk to everyone at least once (including Meda and Brutus even if you've already done the double battle by speaking to Ivan, and Litwick after Felicia brings it out) and the story will automatically proceed once you do. Also, this question is answered in the FAQ.
  21. You have to talk to every single person in the room to proceed any further. Maybe you have missed someone. Try them all again
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