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I noticed that everyone on this site is a great big nerd and yet we don't have a club for the most quintessential nerdy hobby, so I figured I would fix that.

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  2. Hi everyone i play dnd sometimes with some weird friends, but Yahy's sort of new to the thing. Next week i have a session i guess, pretty sure we play the 5 edition.
  3. wazzap geeks i play pathfinder mostly but have dabbled in 3.5 and 5e
  4. Hey whats up I have no experience playing DnD myself but I am looking at getting into it through whatever means necessary. Any tips or advice would be great.
  5. Thought I’d post a quick little blurb here. I play dnd 2 night a week currently, recently wrapping up my last two campaigns. I truthfully very much like to DM (though I love to play as well.) I have run Spy-craft (Stargate), 3.5,5, the life from 4, and am looking to start a Call of Chuthlu (either OG or SCP modded). If people have questions about DM’ing, or table top in general, I’d love to help.
  6. *Doots* Haven't actually done much tabletop, and my experience with DnD is limited to like three super casual sessions of 5e and a YT channel that tells stories about it. But I do very much enjoy roleplaying in any form, so I figured I'd drop by anyways I'd offer to be a horrible DM so we could get something going, but I'm not actually equipped to do such a thing right now >_<
  7. So we haven't seen much activity so I figured I'd ask before making any more topics or anything: Would anybody have interest in something like a character creation workshop topic or something like that?
  8. I have never been able to play D&D, but I have always liked the look of it and wanted to play. I hope I can be one of the players in the future!
  9. Yoo! I started playing 5e around February because I pushed myself into a campaign and I'm still a novice and bad w RPing but suddenly I'm a player in like 3 campaigns, one of which began yesterday. I dunno if I'll get tired sometime but for now I'm into it and I hope I can have a lot of fun!!
  10. oh hi owo Like Lía I started playing DnD not long ago, and like Amber my experience is limited to a dropped campaign, an ongoing one (as a player) and another ongoing one (as DM). The latter isn't even a trainwreck yet! I think. All 5e, I know nothing about the other editions.
  11. I could be exceptionally formal and start with "Welcome fellow nerd brethren..." but I don't feel a major compulsion to. My name is Amber as you can see. I have some experience hosting and playing(somehow more hosting then playing much to my dismay). That experience is 1 dropped hosted campaign, one ongoing campaign I'm in, and one last not yet failed campaign I am hosting. I enjoy making characters and ideas. I have an irrational hate towards Paladins, Monks, and, to a lesser extent, Barbarian. Why, I don't really know. Might be an irrational hatred towards high AC. All my experiance is in 5e.
  12. Wel hi, not much roleplaying experience. In fact I just managed to rope my friends into playing a campaign (I'm GM'ing), just to see if there is interest. So let's hope that goes well. Luckely the starter set seems pretty simple is while at the same time pretty detailed. Still wish it had one playable map, just to see if we prefer playing with maps over descriptions. I also played/am playing some of the video game spin-offs.
  13. ...wanders in l'll probably accidently forget this exists at some points cause l'm not so good with remembered Clubs exist but... we'll try l guess. XD ~~only saw this from the new topics window for example :P~~ but that's not really important... let's get the D&D stuff. l've played alot of 2nd Edition back when l was a young lad... back when there were 2 editions of D&D... the regular base baby version... and AD&D or Advanced Dungeon and Dragons. They've more or less forgone this system as it was just confusing honestly, but it more or less what the starter editions or the free pdfs with usually a starter adenture are nowadays. ~~with the actual Handbook being the equivalent of the AD&D stuff.~~ 2nd is one l love due to nostalgia reasons but honestly it's super garbage and not good for beginners cause a lot of themechanics are super outdated and mor complicated then necessary. ~~also Bards and Druids are horribly balanced in that... they are so garbage they might as well not exist.~~ a fair few iconic classes are also absent. ~~Barbarian and Monk the most notable.~~ so l don't really reccomend it. 5th is my preferred for ease of play and less... weirdness. THough l'm am not the most familiar with it as l don't get to play it often and haven't really at all. Most of my experience with it is watching online campagins, ~~that l'm sure most that enter here will be familiar with, but if not, think Critcal Role.~~ l used to be decent at DMing but l haven't in about.... 7000 years so l'd have to relearn how to do it honestly at this point... espcially as l'd probably not DM 2nd Edition. So that'd be a process XD Further l really abhor 3/3.5... so don't ask me to play it. Juuuust a heads up. Cause l'm not gonna XD.
  14. I have only played a bit of 5e and I began not a lot of time ago, but I already like dnd a lot.
  15. I have been wanting to try DnD for a little while and well, hopefully, this could help. Not much to say about myself outside of me liking general RPG's and being quite the nerd
  16. Give me a DM. I will exasperate you. Edit: I have minor experience with roleplay, next to none of the mechanics, most of the atmosphere and interaction. I once tried DMing my own DnD game, got bored trying to understand every mechanic detail and jsut made the players roll d20s all the time whilst i made up what i thought was funny to react to teh players.
  17. Hi everyone, I'm Marcello and I'm a big Dungeons and Dragons nerd. So the point of this club is to talk about D&D, plain and simple. We can share fun stories, resources, ideas, brainstorm, ask for help, or even look for players to sort out games! It's a fun pasttime that brings people together, and I hope we can all have fun discussing it here. Beginners and veterans welcome! I've made subsections for the most widely played editions, but if there's demand for other editions to get subsections, I'll happily make so to. Beyond that, I'd say this is a good place for us to introduce ourselves and our DnD interests, as so: I'm a 5e player (with a little bit of 4e experience) who has very recently began the foray into DMing. I look forward to talking to y'all! EDIT: As a heads up, I'm going to make a number of topics for discussion and such in the 5e subforum because that's the edition I'm familiar with, if anybody wants to make similar or non-similar topics about the other editions (or different topics in the 5e subforum) then feel free!
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