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    Emeral Brooch theory??

    The owners of each key does generally follow the seal's attribute not necessarily appearance. So they would follow what each seal stands for (eg Amethyst being the seal of the beyond so fits Anna perfectly). Also the Key's owners ended up being members of the E4 but this was by coincidence. Heather/Corey - She is the owner of the Ruby ring (the seal of pain). Heather has gone through a lot of suffering in her life with the loss of her mother during childbirth, her father's restrictions on her life based upon trying to protect her which only stifles her. Also with the loss of her father to suicide. This ring was originally bought by Corey as an engagement ring for his wife back in the times when he was a happy guy with his loving partner. As he says before he commits suicide, Heather and the ring were the only things keeping him going and he committed suicide as he felt unneeded after they both were gone. Laura/Amaria - For Laura, she was the original and final owner of the Sapphire bracelets (the seal of love). In her case it would probably be her love towards nature and her sisters. Also how much she cares for her friends. I could also extend this to what seems to be a budding romance between her and Bennett by what they say in E18 and I believe they dated at some point during the online league. Laura's parents initially bought the bracelets as it reminded them of their eldest daughter (Sapphira). Laura. would have been distraught at when they were lost in the fire and found by Titania. In Amaria's case, it makes sense that she was not the original owner. Her love for Titania was built upon a lot of falsehoods and whilst she may have loved her, that love was extremely destructive as really evident within the Reshiram route. Radomus/Anna/Zina - These two both have an attribute that allows them both to be prime candidates for the Amethyst Pendant (The seal of the beyond), the fact that they both have some element of power that allows them to see through the facade of people and to see some elements of the future (the methods for Zina is unknown but Anna can through Nostra). Radomus to an extent says this when he says that Zina was the only woman to have seen him for what he is. Anna obviously also manages to see through him in the Glass Workshop too. Radomus initially received the jewellery pieces after stealing them from Meteor and sold some of the other pieces to hide their whereabouts (this being the method he made his fortune). He kept the pendant for himself to give to his wife and then passed it on to his daughter when his wife died. He then put his children into Sigmund's orphanage in order to protect anyone who would hunt for the jewellery. He could be a candidate for the pendant for his ability to foresee what others may do (due to his chesslike thinking).Miss Direction could potentially be another candidate for the Amethyst pendant due to her foreseeing powers but she's not one of the main cast so. Sirius/El/Luna - Within the jewellery room in Agate city, there's a diary that points to Sirius being the creator of the jewellery that holds the keys. Like Corey, Sirius was once someone who was naive but had this illusion ripped away from him which turned him into the sadist he is today. This change also symbolises his loss of faith in people, this is ironic because he also loses the Emerald brooch (the symbol of faith) via El potentially stealing it from him. El is another candidate for the emerald brooch because of his faith to Arceus (probably due to its power). As we all know, El was initially blind until Arceus' power restored his sight and has since tried to communicate with Arceus again. However, El also has the Emerald Brooch taken from him by Luna. In Luna's case, I believe her faith is faith to her family. However, this isn't to her blood family but rather her Adoptive family (Claiming Radomus as her father and Serra as her mother). You would initially think Luna as a candidate for the Amethyst pendant due to her otherworldly nature and knowledge of the void. However, this wouldn't be the case as she cannot predict the beyond like Anna and Zina can. I want to talk about your candidate choices for the Emerald Brooch being Lin, Fern and Florinia. Lin - Even in this penultimate episode, we do not know too much about Lin and her motives. She seems to tolerate the MC meddling in her plans with ease compared to other people who have. I guess you could say she has faith that her plan will succeed but I don't think she would qualify for the key. Fern - He doesn't seem to have a lot of faith in people and seems to constantly berate them if things don't go his way. Fern is someone who is very lost at the minute to the point of falling in with the Meteor ranks. He would not qualify for the key. Florinia - Once she may have had faith in people, perhaps she still does. However, she has had to suppress this along with her emotions in order to protect herself. She does seem to have faith that she can deal with her brother but it's not the sort of faith that the key would symbolise.
  3. So I'm not sure if this has been brought up at all on this forum, buuuuuttttttttt I'm gonna talk about it because frankly, I've thought about it for a long while, since e16 I think? Well anyways, one thing I noticed was the owners of the keys matched- color wise- with their respective key. Anna has purple as her general color and carries the amethyst pendant. Heather owns the ruby ring, and while she isn't red, pink is a tint of red, so technically she fits the bill. Plus in her battle Sprite, her hair looks more reddish? Not sure about why that is. Now, for the sapphire bracelet, while the original owners ARE Saphira, Charlotte, and Laura; but seeing as how they wounded up loosing it in a fire, only for Titania to give it to Amaria, I think Amaria is the 'Official Owner'. The color scheme says all basically, but it does bring up an interesting idea: that there's some outer force in the game that already chosen the keys "protectors", which could explain the color coding as well. But there's one that threw me off, and that's the emerald brooch. What we do know of the brooch is that it came into El's possession by Solaris, and gave him his sight back somehow, and Luna made off with the brooch and claimed Randomus and Sierra as her parents.(E18 potential spoilers under cut) With the above said, El isn't the brooch's "Owner". Luna is a maybe, but not very likely. But listen: After Obtaining the Brooch, El gets practically mania and becomes extremely religious, to the point of being a sacrificial cult leader. He's obessive. After running from El, denouncing him as her father, and stealing the Brooch, Luna claims Sierra and Randomus and her parents, and her family values, especially in the latest episode, are very much highlighted upon, as if family is her top priority. A trend with this brooch is a strange obessive quality comes to the people who own it. So here's what I think: To know who the real "Owner" of the brooch is, they should/most likely possess these qualities: -color pallet consisting of greens mostly -obsessive over something (it's past two owners obsessions have something to do with two, incuding the owner, or more people involved with some sort of "togetherness/organization"; a common ground in a way.) Annnnddd we are down to three candidates. Lin, Florina, and Fern. Now, the color thing is self explanatory, so let's talk about the obsessions side of the deal, starting with Fern. Fern isn't likely, but more likely in my eyes than Florina, but he does kinda have some lead way I guess, so I'll give the benefit of the doubt. Fern is obsessed with kicking your ass from the get-go it seems. Honestly he's just obsessed with you in general. After no show for a long ass time, he comes back from nowhere to fight you in route 1, then later JOINS TEAM METEOR JUST TO SPITE YOU FURTHER. This kid is the definition of petty. The only issue with this criteria, but also could be a standing point for it, is that there's no "organization" or togetherness between Fern and the player. How this could be a standing point is that we aren't sure if the brooch will affect the "Owner's" differently compared to those who had it beforehand. It could very well be that the true owner will rupture a disconnect with organizations and/or togetherness between others or themselves. Also the alternative timeline thing that the Beryl ward witch lady brings up. In a word where you don't exist, Fern is the one to take up arms, and that's your togetherness. You both are different sides of the same coin. Florina doesn't have much going on in her case. I could argue that she's obsessive with being emotionally cold and/or finding her brother, but it's not as pressing or as notable as Ferns rivalry with you and Lin's obsession with power. That's why I don't think she's a likely canidate. Now Lin. Lin is probably the most likely option of the trio. It's only in reborn's style to make the evil OP lady also be the true owner of the brooch. And not to mention her obsession with power. Like I said with Fern, maybe the brooch affect the true owner differently, by making then against the idea of togetherness, like Lin. She's the epitome of rugged individualism and teases those who rely on each other. Also the brooch has shown to have some sort of magical properties to it, seeing as how El can see now, and he wasn't even the true owner. If it was in the hands of the true owner at any given point, I'd imagine it's properties would increase dramatically, to the point where, oh I don't know, you can make things out of nothing? Sorry if you couldn't follow along at all, it's 1 am and I'm all over the place mentally and I'm also very tired.
  4. This is probably it I'm curious to see what happens when we finally meet her Ok so Changed the title of the topic because as I'm going through E18 Reshiram path I'm finding out some very interesting things I'll write them out here as I continue through because there is some stuff that I have missed and/or am discovering due to now being on the Reshiram path So in Zekrom you wake Anna up, and she says now isn't the time But in Reshiram You get something very different. She says this You made it! Buuuuut it's not time to wa- Wait, what? No this isn't supposed to- It wasn't supposed to be like this... The boy with the broken wing wasn't supposed to-- Wait... No, I can fix it-- We can still fix this! Um. You just do your thing don't worry about it!!! Good night! And then she doesn't talk if you use Heal Bell So We just found out in letting Taka die we just f*cked something up. That's right Not only are we living with the pain of Taka's death but turns out in doing so we might have doomed us all! Reshiram path, what the hell are you? If I find anything else I'll post here. If you guys found anything interesting feel free to share!
  5. All the Eevees are our pals. They usually specialize in something, like how Eeveelutions are mono-type. I'm thinking the doppleganger is the child Lin whose lines we keep hearing throughout the story, starting when we chase El down the grand staircase.
  6. Ok So playing through E18 again and found something interesting. So when Hardy falls asleep you can take Glaceon to him after opening the elevators and try to wake him up. Turns out he just had a very interesting dream. Yo, I just had a dream with a Glaceon... There was... A machine, and, like, an Eevee-lution King, and I don't remember how I got there, but... ... All the Glaceon were like... Tired.. ... So the Eevee King was... like... A really really big Dragon-type Eevee And you were totally there, <Player>! You like, appeared and were helping me fight it, And all the other Eevee banded together with us... I think. But then it turned out the Eevee King was the one who got us there in the first place. Like... Fighting the Eevee King was what it wanted all along And even it was fighting itself with us Like a doppelganger or... I dunno... So let's break this down Hardy's dream involves him, the player, and all the other characters represented by Eevee fighting a Dragon Eevee-lution "King" who had a machine I think it's safe to assume that the Eevee King is Lin, and the machine is her PULSE 2 Hydreigon or the ARC-PULSE. And apparently the Eevee King wanted the player to succeed which confirms a suspicion I had that Lin is just letting the player do everything for her while taking out anyone who might inconvenience her later, such as the Champion Ame. This is easy to figure out. Then there's the Doppelganger. So Lin is obviously not human The fact that she casually walked into the lake Agate is built on top of and got the power source is evidence enough. So my pitch is this. The Lin we know is a robot, or maybe an artificial human created to be as she is. Like Mewtwo. So the doppelganger could be several things. It could be whoever created Lin, or maybe a clone of some sort. Either way it's someone close to Lin and seems to bear a very strong resemblance to her. Or it could be Lin herself, we don't know. If it's the former then they will in all likelihood be there to help us in the final battle. This is yet another mystery that we will have to wait until E19 to find out. Let me know your thoughts, and remember. That's just a theory. A Reborn theory. Thanks for reading.
  7. I believe you have something here it is more plausible with e18 now whats in store for e19 that will give us more
  8. Might be. We'll probably find out what this is about in E18 as it's called "Void Kissed"
  9. Gothitelle, in the library, says: "You will meet the void. It will embrace you. This much is inevitable. What happens after that, however... that, not even Arceus must know". Is it related?
  10. So upon reading this theory I realize some new facts as they came to light. Mainly for this verse The sleeping star invokes a wish From there the suited girl disappears And that future follows shortly after So when everything falls apart, Arclight and Fern die, and Cal goes back to his petty rivalry with Blake But what of Anna and this lady in black who we have yet to meet? Anna makes a wish. Meaning that there's a chance that Jirachi may actually awaken soon in the game, but that's not important. What is important is Anna's wish in the other world. What could it be? Answer: A wish to reset the world and bring forth a warrior who can stop Meteor. The player. I mean, think about it. Where did we even come from? Why were we going to Reborn in the first place? And we conveniently always seem to stumble upon Meteor and not die even after multiple attempts on our lives. We are a wish made by Anna. Which could explain why we apparently glow to her. Though there are a couple other things. Jirachi grants 3 wishes. So what were the other two? I think one was to transport the "suited girl" into this new timeline, as she vanishes before the timeline does. But that still leaves one wish left. With everything going to pieces you would think that Anna would use all 3. So what's the last wish? Or was there only one in the first place? You decide.
  11. I kinda have a reborn theory that could sort of fit the prophecy. Be warned it involves time fuckery. Shining armor strikes I choose to take this as literal armor and not emotional armor. Currently we only know two characters who wear armor or anything similar to it: Titania and Lin. While this could mean that Titania takes up her Aegislash to fight,I choose to believe it means Lin due to its inclusion and Fern/Titania having a bad relationship. I included Lin in this because it says 'shining armor.' As in, 'knight in shining armor.' Who is known to be a knight at one point in time: Rylin. Alternatively known as Lin. The sleeping star invokes a wish From there the suited girl disappears This can be taken to be interpreted as Anna making a wish and then disappearing, or it can be interpreted as Anna making a wish and Lin disappearing. The first interpretation is because one can take 'suited' to mean "suited to a task", of which Anna is suited to wish granting through Jirachi. It could also mean paired. The second interpretation and the one I choose to believe is the one where Lin vanishes. Suited could mean Rylin/Lin disappears(Suit of Armor). Alternatively it could mean bodysuit, of which Lin is a girl who wears one. Why either girl vanished is unknown. Anna might have vanished because she was the wish caster, or maybe Lin vanished due to being forsaken for some reason. Perhaps because she uses a Hydreigon, which can curiously be summoned at a holy alter. Kinda like summoning a demon in a church. Arceus locked her out of salvation, which might have been what Anna wished for. What my theory could be would be that Anna wished for salvation or a second chance. As a result, the timeline was reset. Except, Lin never got reset with the timeline. Lin was teleported from the end of the original to the start of the new timeline. Her older self replaced her younger self over and over, explaining how Lin is old and yet her younger self in the orphanage existed. The player has only existed prominently in two timelines: a previous one and the current one. In a previous one, the player might have been allies with Lin, who believes you can be swayed to the dark side like in a past life. Your existence as the hero has thrown all altered events apart and made knowledge of future events completely unreliable. Also: Why did Lin enter the orphanage? Was it non existent parents, or was it the fact that she was regarded as insane due to babbling like a child about the future. She was taken in for treatment and fought back. Just a crackpot theory.
  12. Well that's interesting Can't wait to see Zero's reaction if they appear in E18 Which I would imagine Ame did say almost every character does I wonder who's being left out though
  13. they are indeed eve and lumi i can confirm
  14. Uh Hold I see 3 others I don't recognize Two up top on either side of Terra And the one next to Anna Who the heck are the- ...... Hmm Girl to the left of Terra and the one next to Anna seem to have the same hair pin. Eve? Lumi? That you? The one to the right of Terra I'm guessing is the one who speaks after you leave the place where you fight Dit-Arceus And finally Miss Red and Black ..... The final E4? Because we know El and Bennett are members Heather is another one While Anna is suspected of being the final member there's been no confirmation, and Laura's been kicked. So it could be her.
  15. did i join this club to comment maybe fuck BUT resident ZEL lover @ZEL did make this tumblr post noting the girl in black and red. Her sprite was shown in an abandoned writing project of Ame's. Middle bottom row. So she might surprisingly be a character we have yet to meet :0
  16. Tilt Titania's color palette a little bit darker and you'd get the black and red.
  17. Hello I revive this club for a new theory. And it's time for another prophecy. In case my Shade one didn't make it obvious I like them. So in Jasper Ward post restoration there's a fortune tell Though her name is Miss Direction So.... Eh, I'm sure it's fine. So here's her dialogue What I see in your future....... .....is hard for me to understand. It is a future where you do not exist. It is a future where there were never any traces of you existing. This is strange because you are the only one I will ever see such a thing for. But let me tell you about this world you are not in. During a time that this ward is still garnished with deadly flora, a boy with a beaded tooth necklace steps forward to destroy the chaos. He earns friends to fight alongside him. A man with spiked bracelets. Another with azure hair. A girl blessed with a sleeping star. And a taciturn woman in black and red. Together they cut the tainted roots from this city. Purge poison from the lake And chase fire from the mountain peaks And then... The city streets crack Spiked bracelets splinter in the fissure below Shining armor strikes Azure hair is re-dyed red An enemy of his own blood stands before him, And beaded hope breaks apart upon the tattered stones of a city forced to live up to its name once again. The sleeping star invokes a wish From there the suited girl disappears And that future follows shortly after ......... From looking at your time that is all I can see I hope you come to understand it better than I will Well let's begin to understand this shall we? So this isn't a prediction of the future, but rather a "what-if?" scenario Let's start by looking at some of the characters A man with spiked bracelets. DJ Arclight Simple enough Another with azure hair. This is Cal We know from this line Azure hair is re-dyed red; An enemy of his own blood stands before him Key word: "Re-dyed" Meaning it was already dyed red at some point, as was Cal's. And enemy of his own blood? Pretty sure that's Blake. A girl blessed with a sleeping star. Anna. Because this trainer has a connection to Jirachi, as one can tell from the line The sleeping star invokes a wish Sleeping and granting wishes is what Jirachi is known for. And a taciturn woman in black and red. Taciturn: reserved or uncommunicative in speech; saying little. Now you see this and think of Florinia But someone in black and red, I don't know who that fits. The only person who I can think of that dresses in those colors is Charlotte But I think we all know she's not taciturn And according to the prediction once she leaves everything goes as well. Now there's one character left The hero A boy with a beaded tooth necklace Now Here's the thing I'm pretty sure I know who this is And it's the last person you'd expect The hero of the parallel world The one who gathers the others to defeat Meteor ............ Is Fern You think I'm kidding I am not Of all the male characters he's the only one to have a beaded tooth necklace You want more evidence that that's what he has Google it and you'll see similar looking necklaces So unless a new character is introduced, which I don't think so it's a bit late for that, then that means in a world were we don't exist Fern heals Reborn Until he's killed that is beaded hope breaks apart upon the tattered stones So yeah That's what I've taken away If you have any idea who the woman in black and red is feel free to let me know But that's just a theory A Reborn Theory Thanks for reading
  18. To make sure everyone succeeds to create a theory of their own, we gathered these simple and easy guidelines to help you: 1. Set your goal Write down the goals of your theory paper clearly and succinctly. Start with a topic sentence, making sure that your argument engages or sparks interest for both you and your audience. You can't hope to interest your reading audience unless you're passionate about the subject, too. Do keep your goal in mind during the process of coming up with a written theory. 2. Wonder "Why?" Look for patterns between seemingly unrelated things. Explore the root causes behind events, and try to predict what will happen next. If you already have the seed of a theory in your head, observe the subjects of that idea and try to gather as much information as possible. Write down the "hows," the "whys," and the links between things as you piece them together. If you don't have a theory or a hypothesis in mind, you can begin by making connections. If you walk through the world with a curious eye, you may be suddenly struck by an idea. 3. Think outside the box. Yes. I know. Everyone says that. And it's true. Most of the theories I came up with are because I began thinking outside the box, taking pieces of information and putting them left and right, to see where they could fit. Some failed to produce anything, while others took form and evolved while being supported by the information from the games/movies. 4. If you think you're wrong, dig deeper. I cannot tell you the amount of times where I gave up as I reached a point where I began thinking "Nah, that's impossible.", only for me to return and realize it was possible. If you think your theory is wrong, think again, search for more information. 5. Take one good look Compile and organize the findings. Does the hypothesis still hold true? If not, rework it according to the results. Try and figure out how X fits into Y, and why it doesn't fit into Z.
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    These are few rules I've thought up but will most likely add to these if need be these are fairly standard 1. Don't be inappropriate ex. if your theory deals with with uneasy subject matter try to be tactful about it 2. Try to see if your theory hasn't already been posted on here somewhere if so please try to add on to that theory if you wish that way people can be more involved. 3. Don't try to disprove other peoples theories these are theories and we are meant to have fun with them pokemon game specific rule 1. Just as in the normal forums when a new episode comes up try to put a spoiler warning in the beginning up until its made available for public release if your theory does cover something spoilery from E18, E19 ( anything outside of those 2 are fine in the description of the forum I mentioned that spoilers would be likely) other pokemon fangames and mainline games maybe also use a spoiler warning up until 2 weeks after they get released beyond that its okay That should be it for now have fun and theorize to your hearts content