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  2. The first is Rescue Team and the second is Explorers I just don't know how to format it well :[
  3. Silvermyst

    What Pokemon Are You?

    First, Rescue Next, Explorers: I found a place with the Super questions. Unlike previous ones, the traditional natures are no longer used. Instead you have Sunny, Calm, Flexible, Serious & Cooperate. It is a 1 or 0 system of you either choose that trait or the turn off answer for that trait.
  4. BandorKitty

    What Pokemon Are You?

    You put so much work into this, how can I not answer? I guess I'll just edit when the other questions come out. Keeps it all in one place. So first off: Red/Blue Rescue Team! And now for Time and Darkness Will edit later to include the other quizzes!
  5. So far, it's been like this for me.............Red,Blue/Time,Darkness/Sky/GOI/SMD Docile- 7/10 Hardy- 15/32 Jolly- 12/28 Impish- 10/22 Quirky- 12/0 Relaxed- 10/12 Brave- 23/46 Lonely- 4/22 Timid- 6/2 Naive- 6/32 Sassy- 4/36 Hasty- 8/8 Calm- 15/24 Bold- 0/30 Rash- 0/10 Quiet- 0/20 Male So, I'm a Brave guy fundamentally Machop/Pikachu SMD: Sunny- 1 Calm- 1 Flexible- 1 Serious- 1 Cooperate- 1 Personality- Yuttari (Comfortable) Q6- Rich Cobalt Q7- Oldies So, I'm a Mudkip and my partner is a Bulbasaur. THE BEST TEAM!!!!
  6. ^title~ Below are the personality quizzes and results in PMD Red/Blue Rescue Team, Explorers of Time/Darkness, Sky, Gates to Infinity, and Super Mystery Dungeon. Post your answers to the questions and what pokemon you'd be~! Mind you, each quiz is quite lengthy, set some time aside for yourself and pick your most preferred test ^-^ or do them all, I'm not your boss ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ PMD Red/Blue Rescue Team quiz: If you're unsure of how to post your result, you can copy my post as a template: