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Club for academic help, or crying about school in general. (Not Danganronpa related.)

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  2. I'm Yahy and i have attention deficit. I'm at third semester at college. Im pretty damn smart but i cant focus on study and on some researchs cause i just end up sleeping or playing pokémon. I would like to do some research so my curriculum get an upgrade or something. And i'm hungry rn
  3. Hello, my name is Yana (you may refer to me by my username, though) and I'm from Russia. I'm a student of 8th class. I am totally freaked out by the perspective of obligatory English exam introduction, because I think that I'll fail my speaking exam. OGE waits for me in 9th class too(obligatory Russian, Maths and possibly,English + 2 other choosable subjects), but I hope that I'll pass it.
  4. Ok first of all: I feel really stupid at asking an help here, but I really don't know how to do and I have not many alternatives I'm studying the electric field at school, and I have all the formulas under my eyes but I can't solve as the same the exercise. Can I give you a couple here? Just so that you explain me how do they have to be solved so that I can work out by myself everything else. Thank you so much guys! A Q charge produces an electric field of E = 2.0×10^-7 N/C in a P point distant 40cm from it. How strong is the charge Q? Two positive charges 9.2×10^-7 and 4.15×10^-7 are 6.47 cm distant and immerged in a liquid. As they repel with a power of F = 39 mN, calculate the relative dielectric constant of the liquid. Trust me, I've tried so much but always failed... I'm sorry if some specific terms are wrong, but I don't really know how to translate them in English from Italian. However, I would be really happy if anyone could help me!
  5. Hello, you can refer to me as my username and I'm happy to be here. I'm currently a University Student struggling v much but. What gives me hope in 'Despair Academy' is seeing clubs like this though. Overall I'm p(pretty lighthearted though so you might get so kaomojis from me yay
  6. Guys, please post more in this group. I like reading what you guys have to say and it gives me the motivation to keep on doing what I love to do.
  7. I got four weeks to finish my presentation about why the earth is flat. I haven't started and I am going to present it tomorrow. RIP
  8. I am pretty sure I belong here Hello fellow students! I'm Solviera, and I recently just enrolled in this branch of Despair Academy. Hope we can all get along! First up, I'm currently a senior in high school. I know that might not sound as bad as those who attend uni, but believe me, things are not easy for me cause I am me. I've had a whole bunch of essays, packets, and mostly exams since last week. I was so nervous for my music test. >_> At least I breezed through 60% the math exam. Luckily, I've gotten through everyone of them! And now I have spring break....with a tedious 51 page packet to do and another packet that's 29 pages long. RIP.
  9. TFW you get through your first term test on friday.... and then have 3 more on monday/tuesday/wednesday EDIT: 2/4 done now, 2 to go... EDIT 2: Just one to go now! FINAL EDIT: Woo all done now! don't know the results for some of them yet, but I'd say #2 went the worst, and that was 75% so I'm pretty happy with this
  10. We need to invite more people. We need highly educated people here so they can do our homework for us. The earth is not flat!
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    I'm behind on... 3 assignments? I think, plus an exam tomorrow, so I'll edit this OP to something more proper later on but yeah somethingsomethingsomethinggenerdaldiscussions
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