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About This Club

Prince Candy here~ So a little blue bird has chirped and told me that there is interest in a overly dramatic, blossoming, charming drama (RP?) club! As your unofficial Prince on a white horse, I have taken the liberty to answer your wishes. *Bows for the applause* Don't be shy, my lovely princesses and handsome princes - everyone is welcome to join :)

  1. What's new in this club
  2. ANIME ALREADY IN production.
  3. She must be talking about Ansatsu Kyoshitsu. I liked the anime, I believe you will love it!
  4. Took me about 4 hrs to figure out what the heckles I was doing but finally I think I've managed to create the gleam dream of servers! Dramatic Drama Club is here *screaming* *more screaming*! Let's see if stuff works as it's supposed to... Take a look at the RULES when you join so y'all can avoid making oopsies and daisies I'll be asleep for Idk how long starting now so enjoy your supposedly automatic Rookies role meanwhile~
  5. Even if he wanted amorous love, I can't do it, or someone special for me would get angry with me.
  6. I can give you both, but I'll refrain and give you friendly love (for I do not want to anger my badass princess)
  7. Nonsense dear lad! Everyone here deserves love! (Plus you’re a cool person who has contributed a lot to the forums) Do I deserve your love? With your hair flips, you have all you need
  8. I can't give you a amorous love (you don't want that), but I can give you a friendly love. <3
  9. Oof Wolfox-kun already learning the hairflips from the pros ;_; I'm a proud sensei
  10. Awww... Y'all are so cute! It's so nice to talk with y'all, guys and gals!
  11. That's pretty rad pick up line fam Yer already on yer way to becoming heartbreaker Romeo~ And that is impossible because everyone deserves love, including but not limited to the uggly, the stoopid, the annoying~ Since yer not any of those stuffs, here, have an extra flower
  12. I can attest to the dazzling handsomeness of my sweet prince Candy. And Thundermaze is very kawaii and a cute yandere. But I’m here cuz you’re all fantastic people and are super fun to talk to!
  13. I guess I'll just stick to my joke opening lines. Like this newest one: Violets are Red Roses are Blue I suck at Poetry But I do like you