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about time we had an actual Fire Emblem club by now, don't you think? Welcome to the FE Club, Reborn's unofficial home of all things Fire Emblem~

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  2. I like swordsmasters. Their high avoidance can be incredibly broken. Then again, this is coming from someone who's first game was birthright ( Played all the other 3ds games afterwards ) so a lot of why I like the class is because of how broken Ryoma was.
  3. I like Pegasus Knights because the flier mobility is always useful. I'm also a fan of Troubadours, even if that whole "can't attack" thing makes them hard to invest in. But if I do actually promote them there's something satisfying about them becoming untouchable dodge tanks if they're lucky.
  4. Myrmidons and thieves, because I enjoy speedy sword types. thieves are also important for looting treasure chests, so I like them to be not dead meat if an enemy so much as looks at them. On the other hand I basically never use Archers, because their lack of a melee attack is annoying to work with during enemy phase, and Armor Knights because they're so slow in basically everything. In some games even their movement on the map is slower han everyone else...
  5. Everyone has their favorite and least favorite classes, but everyone also has that one class that they can't go without. Which one is it for you? And why? Please share! Now, mine should be obvious, it's the Lord Hero. WHy I always use them is due to their great balance and rarely, if ever, really having a strong weakness to exploit.
  6. Just discovering the fan clubs, heh heh. I don't know if this one is really active anymore though. But hey, nice to meet you all ! On the subject of FEH, they decided to give a potato mode experience with the 300 MB space needed instead of the 1.4GB, although i find that really great for the old phones that can't keep up i hope that will not hurt the overall quality too strongly...
  7. As in you have <4GB in total, or <4GB free? @Sirius FEH is 1.3 GB
  8. the japanese media machine backdrop really wasn't very interesting for most players and the combat skills really left a lot to be desired and also disappointed players familiar with either series' combat systems. It even felt like a bit of a rip off of what they did in P4 Dancing All Night's story. I was hoping for better and didn't even get close to finishing the game.
  9. Really? I thought it was an absolutely amazing game. I enjoyed it quite a bit and feel that it is underappreciated.
  10. We don't talk about that game. I mean, it was quite the forgettable experience.
  11. You forgot Tokyo Mirage Sessiosn #FE.
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    Fire Emblem games

    This is more of a list for myself than new members joining in wanting to try play any FE games but there's so many Fire Emblem games (and so many of which don't have western releases) that its probably worth me making a thread listing all of the games, and for other players to post their favourites and suggest any games to newcommers etc as well~ Context for any newcommers: Hi! Thanks for joining and showing your interest in FE, if you don't already know: Fire Emblem is a tRPG (tactical role-playing game) by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo that started in 1990. As of the time I'm typing this (March 2018), the franchise includes 12 original games, three remakes, two spin offs, and is playable across multiple systems including NES, SNES, GBA, GameCube, DS, Switch, Android, and iOS (many of the older games are unavailable at reasonable prices nowadays and can only be played via emulation). One notable gameplay aspect in FE is its 'permadeath' permanent death of characters in battle, removing them from the rest of the game should they be defeated. Although, newer titles differentiate its 'Classic Mode' with a 'Casual Mode' for players that would rather their defeated characters rejoin their playthrough in the next battle. Dragons, knights, magic and a royally treasured weapon or shield called the 'Fire Emblem' are recurring themes in the series. Fire Emblem characters have also crossed over to other series, such as Smash Bros. #1 | Shadow Dragon & The Blade of Light (JPN: 1990) NES #2 | Gaiden (JPN: 1992) NES. Same setting as FE1 #3 | Mystery of the Emblem (JPN: 1994) SNES. Remake and Sequel to FE1 #4 | Genealogy of the Holy War (JPN: 1996) SNES #5 | BS Fire Emblem (JPN: 1997) Stellaview. Prequel to FE1 and FE3 Thracia 776 (JPN: 1999) SNES. Set in-between the events of FE4 #6 | Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade (JPN: 2002) GBA #7 | The Blazing Blade (NA: 2003, JPN: 2003) GBA. Prequel to FE6 #8 | The Sacred Stones (NA: 2005, JPN: 2004) GBA #9 | Path of Radiance (NA: 2005, JPN: 2005) GameCube #10 | Radiant Dawn (NA: 2007, JPN: 2007) Wii. Sequel to FE9 Shadow Dragon (NA: 2009, JPN: 2008) DS. [Second] Remake of FE1 New Mystery of the Emblem (JPN: 2010) DS. Remake of FE3 #11 | Awakening (NA: 2013, JPN: 2012) 3DS #12 | Fates (NA: 2016, JPN: 2015) 3DS Heroes (2017) Android & iOS. Spin-off Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (2017) 3DS. Remake of FE2 Warriors (2017) N3DS & Switch. Spin-off Planned 2018 Switch title
  13. I've been thinking to myself that there ought to be a club for FE, so thank you for setting this up.
  14. I have quickly to learn that any Hit% below 40 is guaranteed to miss, unless the hit would kill the target- then it's guaranteed to hit. R.I.P. Elise...
  15. I'll put my Feh friend code here soon :>
  16. What are the chances of this going up within a week of me being able to play one of these games for myself for the first time? Apparently higher than I expected... *Ahem* Anyway, hi everyone! May this little get together head somewhere pleasant~!
  17. Oh yeah i'll put my fc up later too
  18. I was gonna do a video game art dump in the suggest an avy topic tomorrow, but I might just post all the FE stuff somewhere in here.
  19. well i shall start out with here is my friend code for feh (fire emblem heroes)
  20. aaaaaaaaand I think we have lift off? Club should be good to go now? It's long overdue anyways while the club's gaining more members and is still small 'n learnin to walk Let's just keep everything in this one Topic forum for now, and then modding, extra Topic forums/categories/whatever they're called and all that extra fancy admin stuff can be done over the next week or so~ As different topics start appearing I'll sort them into different forums. I'll keep an eye out for potential mods/mod suggestions too. But for now, knock ya selves out guys! i may be but a lowly FE newbie so this club's yours!
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