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A club where you can asks for HQ, shiny, or even rare pokemons. This is also the place to trade with each other. So be nice and have fun!

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  2. @Zarc @Sayia @FairFamily @Ainz Ooal Gown @Mr. Finn @LykosHand Is this topic still open?
  3. Hi @Zarc Is this topic still open for requests? If so, could I ask for the following 'mons? doing a speedrun with my brother: 1 Horsea 2 Dratini 3 Charmander 4 Budew 5 Ghastly 6 Nidoran (M) 7 Starly 8 Growlithe 9 Lapras 10 Riolu 11 Zorua 12 Noibat Thanks in advance
  4. Hi @Zarc, been a while since i came here. Can you provide me with the following mons so i can breed the eggs? I'm already looking for a few mon to catch like rowlet, but others are unavailable to me or a bit harder / weather or time dependand. - bulbasaur - squirtle -chikorita - cyndaquil - totodile - chimchar - chespin - rowlet - litten -popolio
  5. Can anyone help me? I need a Modest Chlorophyll Bulbasaur (or it's evolutions) and a jolly/adamant evee. Don't have much to offer
  6. hi,im looking for a breeder to breed my pokemon.So i have a murkrow that needs to know perish song by breeding.if you willing to help me i'll really appreciate the help.
  7. I NEED A charmander for pokedex quest and also i would love to have evolve him and give him charizidite x plz my in game name is junaid
  8. I'm looking for a comfey with 6 IVs in each stat, however I can offer nothing to little in return. Or well any Pokemon with 6 IV in multiple egg groups.
  9. @Zarc @Sayia @FairFamily @Ainz Ooal Gown @Mr. Finn @LykosHand, Hi, ^^ I would like a zubat with 6 ivs, brave bird and venon drench, and jolly nature. If possible, holding a teluric seed, and having infiltrator. AAnd if it would shiny it would be perfect, but it is not necessary.
  10. @MegaRekhytX Still need Drillbur and Gardevoir? I can breed them with those natures, can't garantee the abilities though
  11. Hi all; Figured I might try here as well! I'm looking for either a Staryu or a Tympole. IVs and EVs don't matter all that much so long as they don't have horrible natures! I'm offering my Mystery Egg Starly or an Adament Shiny Sewaddle. Sorry, I'm at work and don't have their specific stats currently available. I'd be available to trade any time this evening after 6pm CST. Thanks for any and all help! Trade username is CodeCass. UPDATE: Trade's been completed. Thanks!
  12. Hey can anyone give me a shiny gardevoir with trace ablity of modest or mild nature? and a Shiny dilbur with mould breaker ability with jolly nature?
  13. If someone gives me a marril I can breed it with good IVs and adamant. Might solve both your problems. idk.
  14. I'll see if I can remind some of the other mods about getting you an Adamant Huge Power Azurill. Anything else in particular that you'd like? I might be able to do it myself, if I can find my Marill. I know a had a Huge Power Marill somewhere, and I know I've got the Sea Incense.
  15. Hi, uh. Is this thingy still going? I am in need of a mon for my monotype fairy run is possible.
  16. Thanks sister. I'm waiting for request Edit : Thanks again
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