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Welcome to the Reborn Mafia Club - a club where you learn the art of deception, understand and build trust, and find meaning in doubting and analyzing. We also have a small community where you can express yourself and build bonds with others. Join the club to learn more!

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  2. Ame enjoys rping in maf games so Idt that means much regarding who she is. The OP states that Monokuma cannot die "Under most circumstances". Whether or not this assertion covers day lynches seems up to interpretation. Regardless, Evi's reasoning is good and I dont see anything incriminating her yet. I like the idea of revealing Chiaki because it tells us whether Nano is lying or not (still, the downside of giving info to the blackened shouldn't be understated). [Unreveal] Hajime [Reveal] Chiaki Based on their personalities and habits, I'm inclined to think both Nano and Yahy have made genuine roleclaims, which is quite bad for us because they absolutely didn't need to do it and are now painting targets on their backs for free. I'd like people to avoid roleclaiming unless it absolutely can't be helped. Idk who to lynch yet, but I'm leaning towards people who have posted (meaning they at least have minimal awareness of what's going on) but haven't really contributed to the discussion.
  3. Henlo everyone~ Did you miss me? Whether or not you did, I certainly missed you I'm back again with the juicy scoop, just in time to start a new day in the Hunger Games Arena! Last night we saw a huge shift in Arena layout, brought to us by an earthquake that caved the midsection of the field in, so that it was virtually inaccessible. How have our tributes fared since then? Let's find out! *Screen flashes scenes of tributes running away from the earthquake's epicenter, some nearly falling to the abyss in the process* No tribute passed away during the earthquake, though we recorded a few who were caught in landslides and were injured. As for the rest of the night, one tribute succumbed to the poisoning. Jason Grace (Dive) has fallen! They were [Insert Nickname Here]! What, only one? But If I recall correctly, there were three poisoned tributes due to pass from trackerjacker venom, were there not? In an unforeseen twist of fate, the other two poisoned tributes managed to find a field of curative herbs just before they lost mobility and perished. Call it beginner's luck or whatever, but I guess we'll have to wait for more tributes to fall. Well, I dearly hope that the new Arena layout will provide us with more action and blood. You know, Veronica, an update on Katniss and Peeta would be coming in great if you have some time during the day to make a segment about them. Okay, Prince Candy. I will check on them and report on them hopefully during the day. It's been rather difficult to record them together, because they aren't actually traveling together as far as I could see, and Peeta being talented in the art of camouflage doesn't help me localize him in particular. However, I will do my best to find him, and if not I'll be sure to interview Katniss at least. Thanks! So, look forward to an update on the Capitol's favorites later today~ Bye! Candy, out Day Three has started! Await for a message from Prince Candy on what went on during the night! Tributes 1- Alaris 2- Jason Grace (Fallen N2, Poison) 3- Quillish 4- Amethyst 5- DigitalAmber 6- Nano4 7- Yahy 8- Yahen (Fallen N0, Bloodbath) 9- Dragoknight 10- Astra125 11- Jelly 12- Caimie 13- Nicki 14- andracass 15- Newt 16- CrimsonDragon21 17- ECT 18- Lía 19- LykosHand 20- Bok Choi (Fallen N0, Bloodbath) 21- Bazaro 22- Alistair 23- Corso 24- Hypurr 25- Jace Stormkirk 26- Nick Crash 27- GenEric
  4. That entire post reads like a Sonia soft-roleclaim, Ame, although I guess there's nothing to stop you from RPing Sonia if you got, say, Hiyoko.
  5. While it is true that none of us could be aware of that, it can only seem reasonable to me that with two opposing Third Party roles in play, one of them would transform in a way that would be beneficial to town, and another would transform in a way that would be beneficial to our blackened comrades. With that and the obvious connections in mind, I do not think that our friends are wrong to be cautious of the role. I am sorry but I am afraid cannot comprehend your logic in saying this. It may be ghastly to consider, but there are plenty of ways that you could perish independent of Akane's actions. Especially since the scenarios proposed by Miss Eviora account for scenarios in which you are both protected by Akane and in which you are suspended out to dry by her. This, too, seems to me to be misguided. Miss Eviora's initial comments regarding Monokuma were based primarily out of a since-corrected misunderstanding, and her stance therein since accomplishes much the same effect of verifying the transformations that have been left shrouded in so much mystery. More importantly, we are all aware that characters do not know their own secondary abilities, so does it not stand up to a reason that Monokuma and Usami would likewise be unaware of the effects of their transformations? Therefore it could arguably be beneficial for those roles to want to reveal their own transformations to know what was coming. Of course, it would not change what course of actions they would be required to take, but nevertheless... I do not believe there is cause to suspect Miss Eviora based on this reasoning! That must have been me that you were thinking of. I have had the feeling that it might have been more enjoyable this way. In my old country, I was required to play every game the same way-- as myself, and as the figure they wished me to be. Now that I have an opportunity to do otherwise, I feel it would be a dearly missed opportunity to not try and enjoy the time I can spend with you all to the fullest by messing up a round a little bit and taking on a different role or two.
  6. y he is confusing yvy w amey i read yvy as maf rn but i'm not voting them so quickly lol sowwy yvy nano is kinda trigger happy
  7. Nano i think you're confusing Eviora with Amethyst, i believe Eviora wasn't in friday night mafia at all.
  8. Maybe in this game they're role playing as Serious Evi I'm changing my reveal to Chiaki, the more I think about it the more I doubt Nano's claim. Becoming immortal because someone tried to kill you sounds a lot like a second life cop-out to me. [Unreveal](?) [Reveal] Chiaki Not sure who to lynch vote yet, but we have plenty of time left.
  9. You do realize that if I'm Monokuma, I can't be killed by lynching, right?
  10. Also correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t eviora usually role play in these mafia games? Like in Friday night mafia when the role played as someone who kept stuttering
  11. I feel like eviora could be monokouma based on how they don’t want monokouma a secondary to be revealed for my suspicions I shall place the first vote [eliminate] eviora
  12. Massclaiming D1 is never a good idea, especially with a setup like this. Any character can be any role, so it only helps the mafia, because they know who they are and can target the important roles. Town doesn't get anything from this.
  13. Why would someone other then our third party roles lie about their role though? Role is not indicative of alignment in this game
  14. tbh i think the more roleclaims we get today, the better it will be for my safety we could also pick someone lying and get a lynch but thats not a good idea, right?
  15. I'm the only killing role in the game besides the blackened, iirc. If Nano was indeed Chiaki, i wouldn't worry about that. he could be fuyu or one of the mono's too, but i'm inclined to believe his claim for the following reason: it makes sense: his ability is becoming an AI once he dies, probably. also cause i really attacked him (seriously i attacked him i promise) as long as we win the game, i don't care dying day2 in exchange for a night without mafia kills.
  16. The theory was that Mahiru is the watcher and would be able to see who Akane was, thus telling the mafia who the roleblocker, which is always a prime target, is. However, this suggests we can somehow confirm Mahiru is in the mafia, which we currently can't, and that we understood Mahiru's role correctly. Mahiru only sees shard visits however, so it wouldn't work at all.
  17. Could you explain this cause I don't follow? Only the hope shard visit is covered i made a mistake, here, my sibling explained
  18. Reveal Chiaki I like Eviora's reasoning on revealing Chiaki since it checks whether or not Nano is lying. The only downside to this is that the blackened get info on how Chiaki's abilities work and figure out a way to get around that. As for Yahy, he is probably Peko since he questioned Nano what his role was before he said anything about his role, though can't tell if Yahy is blackened or not. Could you explain this cause I don't follow?
  19. this proposition does put yahy in a bit of a bind if the mafia decides not to kill.
  20. You only claimed your role and attempt to kill Nano after he had already claimed to be attacked. That's not really proof of anything. For all I know, there could be some sort of Ultimate Imposter third party role causing people to make inaccurate claims. That would certainly make a lot more sense than for a spotless Peko to roleclaim.
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