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    • LykosHand  »  LucaMXGaming

      Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰
      · 0 replies
    • firey

      Hey guys! I know I keep asking for help, but this one's got me particularly stumped. 
      Noel's Clefable -- heck, even his Cinccino -- are quite frustrating.
      Hgd - "Higgledy" - Musharna - Synchronize - TwistedSpoon - Future Sight - Calm Mind - Psychic - Charge Beam
      Sligma - "Sligma" - Magcargo - Magma Armor - Quick Claw - Flamethrower - Infestation / Nature Power - Ancient Power - Clear Smog
      LesbianHEART - "Les" - Meowstic-M - Keen Eye - Metronome - Psychic - Charge Beam - Disarming Voice - Fake Out
      Linus - "Linus" - Liepard - Unburden - Lax Incense - Snatch - Sucker Punch - Play Rough - Shadow Claw
      Ghily - "Gilly" - Arcanine - Justified - Expert Belt - Close Combat - ExtremeSpeed - Flamethrower - Retaliate
      LAST SLOT TO BE DETERMINED?? I've been toying with the idea of Charizard, Fire/Flying Oricorio, 
      The Pokemon I am most likely to train / have trained are in my signature. Not listed, however, is a Fire/Flying Oricorio that could prove useful if anyone has any tips? 
      Usually, I take out Porygon-Z with Higgledy (Musharna). Unless the RNG decides to be annoying and add a status along with Tri-Attack, Higgledy manages to to take Porygon-Z out with two (or, rarely, three) uses of Psychic (boosted by the TwistedSpoon). 
      Next up is usually Swellow. At this point, Higgledy is usually too worn-down to survive anything from Swellow long enough to use Charge Beam (which, even then, has a chance of missing), so I switch into Sligma (Magcargo). Swellow's Flame Orb lets it use a powerful Facade, which still deals a surprisingly large amount of damage even to a Fire/Rock type like Magcargo. I take it out with Ancient Power, which leads to Noel sending out either Bewear or Girafarig. 
      If Bewear: 
      Easy-peasy. I send in Les (Meowstic-M) for a Fake Out + Psychic combo. 
      If Girafarig: 
      I send in Linus (Liepard) for Sucker Punch, although I am considering changing this to some other Dark-type move if I can. It usually works, albeit at the cost of a chunk of HP due to Thunderbolt as well as a virtually unavoidable paralysis when Girafarig has a chance to use Thunder Wave. 
      So, at this point, the team is still somewhat strong. However, my team has typings that can be taken out by most of Cinccino's attacks. And in comes Cinccino. I usually end up wearing it down until I'm left with Les, Gilly, and an extremely weakened (and possibly statused) Higgledy. 
      Clefable comes next, and it is not fun. Les uses Fake Out + Psychic (STAB + Metronome + Psychic's simple power??). I once got a crit and almost took it out with Gilly, but, keeping in mind Clefable's possession of Hidden Power Ground and Noel's possession of three Hyper Potions, you can probably guess how that turns out. 
      Higgledy is last to go, and there's not much that can be done at that point. 
      · 1 reply
    • Pyrolusite

      Guess who's back ?
      Pyrolusitium Z Battle UI Final (hopefully) + SWM integration :

      · 1 reply
    • Wolfox

      Verlisify got suspended on Twitter. Let's dance! 
      · 0 replies
    • DemICE

      Part 31 where Starlight Field puts me through the wringer
      · 0 replies
    • Wolfox

      if there's even an RTX in the Netherlands, you best believe I will be there
      · 0 replies
    • Monochrome_Complex

      Man episode 18 is craaaazy so far. That "one" fight was brutal, I was getting super salty about it too lol. I almost won once but didn't realize I still had a pokemon left, earthquake'd my volcarona and proceeded to die to the last pokemon. UGH. Oddly enough the last fight actually glitched out on me(I believe psychic terrain had something to do with it). But at that point I just wanted to get it over with lol, which was easy since the AI wasn't doing anything.
      I did kind of see this happening though, in regards to a particular somebody. But yeah some pretty interesting stuff is happening. 
      · 0 replies
    • Wolfox

      My favorite thing of the ET podcast is Burnie a d Gus arguing. Why? Fight fight fight! Kiss kiss... 
      · 0 replies
    • J-Awesome_One

      Episode 15 of Bonnie: Reborn's True Savior! has been uploaded! Shelly and Bonnie attempt to find Heather but aren't successful! But then they come across an Alolan Meowth! Bonnie learns some more facts about the Reborn Region! She then tries to help the Alolan Meowth but something amazing happens when she does help it! What is it and what are some of the facts she learns?! Read, Find Out & Enjoy! 😄
      · 0 replies
    • Wolfox

      Decided to give Dragon Quest a try. Starting with 9. And I made my character to resemble Lucina
      · 4 replies
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    • Such unnecessary, unjustified violence. Despicable. Let's focus on the bug tho 😛
    • I wan the one who was supposed to get a drillbur, I was also told to come here and back up that guy if he needs anyone else to testify for him, and I can at least prove we both have the same cloned frogadier. Also, while this is completely besides the point, I'm currently going out of my way to find and kill every metapod I see. He knows why.
    • sorry I'm late I fixed the white dot but Idk why the outlines are fuzzy and not defined?
    • i was trading mons with a friend, (frogadier for a drilbur) and we both ended up with cloned frogadiers, and the drilbur disappeared. I checked and i didn't find this previously happened, thought i'd report it.
    • @Commander ANN isn't gonna get hit, this will most likely bankrupt them. Although that would probably just make an even more biased newsletter take their place I was actually gonna go to Pensacon, but they might have more problems than Vic since the Bomb threat was made and they claim it was done by a Vic supporter, but they did not even contact law enforcement or the FBI about it probably because they did not want the local news to find out they were threatening to arrest any Vic supporters that would attend the con. (If they did thats a 1st and 5th amendment violation) and that would easily bankrupt the whole convention. They also uninvited people that were taking a NEUTRAL stance on the subject (because being neutral still counts as supporting Vic appearently) Not sure if Goku needs to be fired but Samantha Inoue-Harte faked a swatting and Marchi who wished physical harm and promoted violence toward him should be fired even if he is guilty
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