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    • Dylanrockin

      I've been having some bad heart problems lately. Financial stress and overworking yourself is highly not recommended.
      · 0 replies
    • Maqqy

      If you are looking for a good mobile game, I really recommend playing Oxenfree. It’s one of the best out there. It’s also available on steam.
      · 0 replies
    • Wolfox

      question. how was Red Blood Cell actually reliable in an End of the World situation?
      · 0 replies
    • Energy Man

      Issei is the Red Dragon Emperor, and that reminds me all too much of this boss from Rayman:

      Why, cruel world?
      · 2 replies
    • Wolfox

      yo... Sly Cooper for Smash
      · 1 reply
    • LeonVermillion

      Some shithead decide to burn Kyoani studio https://english.kyodonews.net/news/2019/07/7cc0f7f7c6e2-dozens-injured-in-fire-after-man-sprays-liquid-at-kyoto-anime-studio.html
      I give my thought and deep prayer for the victim’s family.
      · 0 replies
    • ShadeStrider

      Current Society prioritizes messages and representation over good storytelling. 
      It’s one of the reasons a lot of movies today turn out bad and still get critical success.
      I hate it. I want a story that makes me feel, or think. If you want messages, then fine. But putting Messages over Story is guaranteed to give you a preachy, boring Movie or Book. 
      And it’s made its way into our Video games. A game can still sustain itself with good gameplay, but story is still part of the package. Prioritizing Messages over Story will make the story suck, and weaken the overall package.
      · 1 reply
    • ShadeStrider

      Of all the Metal Gear games, why was Metal Gear Solid 3 chosen to be on the Nintendo 3DS?
      Is it because it was the most popular?
      · 0 replies
    • Eagleby18

      Man these first encounters aren't working out for me.  Two Lilipups and neither even had the decency to have Pickup
      · 0 replies
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    • They grew a lot.The style,the choiced music(now,most of them are from USUM,Super Mystery Dungeon and Remixes of GlitchxCity),the story...we're only 4 versions before the last(12-16),so I think that they won't disappoint us,like they never did it...so,I'm getting hyped.
    • If we can fight with him,we'll lose...he can win absolutely doing...NOTHING.
    • While Anne was definitely wondering what the heck kind of maid his sister hired, he certainly wasn't opposed to talking with her. It provided something interesting in his life, and it was certainly a more interesting flirt than a couple of the lady customers he'd get. He had mostly overcome most of his initial embarrassment, so he merely continued to smile and nod throughout the rest of her somewhat strange comments, though enjoying the description of a 'rugged mountain man' she put on him. He particularly enjoyed being called one of the best Annas.   "Haha, yeah I had a bit of a tendency to hide! But hey, it'll be a nice experience. And it's nice to be able to meet you too, Chance! I'm sure we're gonna get along juuust fine, especially if my sister trusts you!"    He didn't really mind the strange, large smile that Chance gave to him, thinking it was somewhat cute if anything. Even if there was some sort of trap to be held within it somehow, buttering him up with compliments than having the handshake go elsewhere, he totally fell for it and happily shook her hand quite firmly.
    • 1. Was the Amanda we meet supposed to be a robot from the start of development. Jan seems to be writing as he goes (it has to be a pain to update the past content to fit the current narrative.) - Ren's character was written terribly assumably joining team xen because we saved his town it sounded quite geniune, but he apparently joined to save melia but why didn't ren just leave team xen when he found out she was alive. We meet ren when we are looking for crawli but that's the last time we meet him until v11 where he is a VERY important character. The MC and the cast should have had more ineractions with him between the gap. 2. Are we going to actually battle flora seriously? We fought Ryland who was controlled by flora, she even says that ryland's Pokemon were disappointing. Bladestar had a terrible defeat they got destroyed in the judicial district off screen, the mechanical rayquaza also vanquished dozens of them. They took the limelight for a while just to be slaughtered. 3. Is the ANA side quest going into the main story? It is a amazing sidequest with unique content. 4. How are you going to distribute mega stones and z-crystals? Sidequests, some in the main story? 5. How are hard is it going to be sprite all the gen 8 Pokemon from scratch add abilities, move sets and implement them into old and new areas. Are you going to add additional gen 8 features as well? 6. Was Pokemon rejuvenation intentionaly made to give off an anime feel? It just gives off the feeling, with charcter interactions and such implying the latter, same with the story and the format of the game ("arcs"). Many people are also asking for romance. We get our starter 1 hour into the game and there are many segments were its just story with there being an apparent lack of gameplay, the game also contains tons of text (also before battles your screwed if you lose, for example ryland battle if you lose you have to spam a).   Thank you very much for creating this amazing, and innovative game it provides a unique view on the Pokemon world an experience the main series could not emulate. The sprites, art, story are all fantastic.    
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