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  2. I know, but is it intentional? in rejuvenation you can still get evs even when you are at the cap level
  3. That's my main worry. Too many villain arcs have yet to be wrapped up. I really hope the final boss of the game is Madame X or Indriad, but I'm worried it'll be Freya, who gets revealed to be the mastermind behind all of this. That would be stupidly anticlimactic, since we've battled her so many times already.
  4. Hello I’m doing a mono water run and I didn’t get a ducklett from the obsidia slums egg. Would anyone be willing to trade one to me? Thanks
  5. I think you can get one through the lottery in onyx if you get 3 or 4 numbers if you pm me I can offer you one though
  6. Today
  7. Accidentally released the pokemon that held the exp share, any way to recover it?
  8. Yeah we'll be porting over to Game-Z(MKXP) for V13 ourselves.
  9. I believe seeing it somewhere or it might of been another game over all but will V13 have game-z.exe? (MKXP)
  10. Sounds like you're on your way then. I just wanted to say that it isnt necessary to iv or ev train, although ev training can be easy once you get the hang of it, but just be ready for reborn to change the way you play.
  11. This is the best game which I play every time. And to enjoy the all pro features, I mod it with a mod application...
  12. when your at level cap you dont get any evs
  13. you need to decipher every message, then follow the instructions and interact with the rocks until something happens
  14. hi for future reference could you post anything relating to being softlocked in the troubleshooting section please also you are not softlocked
  15. Can someone help me with this puzzle, I've deciphered the braille messages and I've tried interacting with the northeast message but nothing happens I fell like I'm doing this wrong.
  16. i am the meme god

  17. help i softlocked myself Game - 34 - Deft - 36h 14m - 7 badges.rxdata Game.rxdata
  18. I have a question : where or how to evolve charjabug
  19. I think i remember finding a Lotad in the Keneph Jungle, if not, then I definitely saw a Lombre on Route 1
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