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  2. Crash stared out as Sting picked up the rather unfortunate bee girl, her eyes narrowing. "Ah, fuck." Next was a long sigh, and then Crash trotted out to jog after Sting. "Sting, put the bee down! Sting-- oh, for the hunters' sake, let the poor girl go!" Meanwhile, the ants and the other bee... "Yeah, no, nevermind, I think he's just waiting for us to say something." "I have to establish strength, Unbending." "...sure, Bright, whatever you say. Hey, bee, hold up for a few minutes and we'll finish the briefing and send you off."
  3. It sounded boring. Where's the fun in looking at the sky anyhow? The sky isn't going anywhere. It looked really pretty, though. All flowers and circles and dots and...she didn't get it. Was it fun? It's not an adventure. Or anything big, flashy and name-getting. Sting merely hugged Stardust tighter and bounced up and down. Faster. And sideways. And are they bouncing along randomly and along the rest of the path? Yes, they are. "Weeeee~!!!", she giggled, picking Stardust up and spinning round and round in circles. Now, this was fun. For her. Probably not for poor Stardust, though.
  4. This game is so much fun, i wonder whats gonna happen in this version.
  5. Should I or should I not join Team Shadow, what are the benefits of the two choices like battles, items, Pokemon to capture, etc.?
  6. Yep, should be this if you're chasing after Aqua gang members. There will be an Aqua grunt a little over to the left of Shelly's Gym, by some garbage cans if I recall correctly. You'd battle them to continue. However, if you joined the Aqua Gang, then you'd battle a Magma Grunt that's hanging out in the Northern part of the Obsidia Ward. That Magma Grunt should be to the right of the grand staircase, hanging out at a tiny road that's busted up(south of the nightclub).
  7. Anti-loser


    Banned for being so god damm AWESOME
  8. Okay will try a couple different things, idk exactly how to fix but going to try
  9. "I'm just here for the ride. No self preservation and all that, you know! So, if you'd be so kind as to just cooperate, this will all go extremely smoothly." Not making a show of it, Liliya kept an eye on the rest of the bar. If this guy had friends, or anyone using this as a distraction to get out, they needed to know that.
  10. Rory grinned in a way that said just how much joy she took in hearing those words, which was surmarized nicely as "Too much". With a playful "Aye aye!" the snake person reared back and pitched the small woman into the clearing, before quickly going to his hiding place.
  11. Masako nodded back at Youmu, then returned to her final preparations. The box was already opened in the trees, the ropes tied and the feast laid out within; a splendid repast (albeit primarily of cooling street food) that few mortals could resist, let alone a (literally) hungry ghost. The hiding places for the rest of the party were prepared nearby, little good as it would do should the mistress of this place fail to take the bait, and much as she'd refused to explain her idea to the others beyond the most basic details. Masako hardly appeared concerned about that outcome, though. Possibly because it hardly left them any worse off than not planning anything at all. Barring a few scrapes and bruises here and there for one soon-to-be unfortunate assistant. "Now, remember. Make sure you make plenty of noise; it's best if you attract the most attention, given you can't die. Two pulls if you should see a pink-haired ghost woman, just one if something else wants to eat you. Once we get both pulls, I'll ensure you get away with minimal injury." The tengu finished tying the knot around the AI-fairy's tiny waist, taking but a moment to admire her handiwork and notably refusing to clarify what she'd do if only one pull was received. Once she seemed satisfied, she nodded. "There. Assuming nothing chews through the twine, that should hold for our purposes. Now, let me think..." Masako pondered, for a moment, the fairy still in hand, and the other end of the long length of twine in the other. There was just one last thing they needed to do, now. But there was a word for it she wasn't recalling. Something that Usami girl had used, once. What was it? Oh, right. "Rory," she said, holding out the fairy to the faunus. This part she'd already explained to him, even if she'd only given LOTUS the details necessary to convince her, and the others hardly anything at all. Once he'd taken LOTUS, she gestured with her newly-empty hand towards the mansion. "It's time to yeet the fairy."
  12. Damn our boy recorded 2 episodes the day his computer died and now we gotta till he gets a new computer to see em
  13. It wasn't long until the party passed into the Netherworld. The change wasn't obvious, at first, but there was a certain feeling to the place. The normal sounds of animals and leaves rustling in the occasional breeze faded to nothing. That's not to say the animals were gone; there was still the occasional bird flitting through the sky, and a pair of golden eyes belonging to a wolf tracked the party as Youmu lead them towards a hill. The fairies that had seemed nearly omnipresent were nowhere to be seen, replaced by and large by floating spirits. Youmu slowed down as they gained progress toward the mansion. Chen glanced at her nervously as she came to a stop, peering in the distance. "It looks like she didn't leave Hakugyokurou. I don't want to go any further if you have some sort of plan for dealing with her, though." Youmu looked at Masako and Rory expectantly. "She might be on her way right now, so you should do whatever it was quickly."
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  15. With a very loud cry of "Shit" Jack runs back around the corner, slipping a little on the newly melted snow before regaining traction and running for his ship, which should be approaching now. Looks like they were going to have to give chase, and the faster they did so the less likely they were to lose the beast.
  16. Travis ends Tank It early and then Defends.
  17. I'm having a common problem, it seems. Beat Aelita, trying to meet Erin or Melia, and it's no dice. I did register for the tournament way early (I didn't know what to do), so maybe that's it. Game - 475 - - 63h 49m - 12 badges.rxdata
  18. OK, so new problem. I'm at the part where I gotta meet Erin and Melia and go the Scholarly District, but for some reason I can't find Melia and co. I beat Souta, I had Melia open the box...am I missing something? I've been up and down the route, been in the District...IDK where they are. I accidentally registered for the Grand Dream Tournament awhile, did that affect anything?
  19. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  21. tbh this should not be happening normally
  22. If I remember correctly, The AI actually has a bit of a 'mercy' mechanic where they'll give higher priority to moves that have a chance to leave you on like 1-10 HP. For the PP saving mechanic I think they still pick ones that will definitely KO, though it tends to put them in a bad spot of you heal when they're doing so. Sometimes this makes them look fairly silly, so I'm kind of hoping that this'll be disabled at least for dark mode in E19 (@andracass )
  23. And therein lies the problem. I did not know he was part of that. Thank you!
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