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  2. Joaquin just gave a sad smile as he shook his head almost pityingly. "You know, listening to you, I'm reminded of someone I knew back on Solo Nobre." The man turned to his partner. "Wouldn't you agree that this gal seems kinda like her?" "Don't really see how that's relevant-" "Just answer the question." Alex sighed and nodded reluctantly. "I guess she does seem somewhat similar in attitude, at least. There a point in comparing our only source of medical care to people she wouldn't know right in front of her?" Joaquin tilted his head back and forth in an exaggerated manner, as if he was literally rolling his thoughts around in his head. "Oh, I was just thinking of a way to tell her her sarcastic behavior wasn't terribly unique or interesting. Want to tell her make it fuck off before I fall asleep right here where I'm sitting." "And thus your pattern of insulting doctors continues. Which, by the way, also isn't terribly unique or interesting. And I'm telling you to make it fuck off before I knock you out right where you're sitting." "Hey, I'll have you know it's-" Waving his words away, Alex turned to Scarlet. "Don't worry too much about him. He's always like this." "Don't be patronizing, Alex! I'm sure she already knows that we're the comic relief who are supposed to die near the end to signal the permanent change in tone," "If you want me to do some punching on your behalf, Scarlet..."
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  4. Travis Hoses down the damaged rock man with machine gun fire.
  5. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

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  7. "So many lives to be lost..." Life-Recorder pulled from the back of her belt (just behind her cloak) a sharpened wooden ring. Not the deadliest weapon, but it could be thrown a long distance, yet was quick enough to wield in a close scuffle. Perfect for self-defense. "Very well. I swear that not one bug on this field will be forgotten." And so, with a burst of sudden alacrity did she rush closer to the front line, hoping to make out the details of the wounded lancer's face while he still stood. Life-Recorder to D11
  8. My pokedex is done, ,give me what you want
  9. Hi there! just downloaded the mod but i have a question. do i have too start a new game in order for the mod too work on a froakie starter ?
  10. Happy {belated] Birthday Raion! I hope you've enjoyed some yummy food :3

  11. It isn;t but it becomes wild underwater in the housing area
  12. Yeah i can trade you a corsola. I know you can also find an event corsola on apochrpyl beach up north twoard the small cave when its raining there, pretty sure you just need a pokesnac. Im not sure if thats possible after city restoration. What is possible as well is post city restoration with azurine lake back to being surfable there are dive spots with houses underwater and there is a chance to encounter corsola there.
  13. Hi Zumi! where I get Thick Club in rejuvenation

    1. Zumi


      Can't answer that for you since I don't know it off the top of my head, but the Item guide sure can!


      Here's a link:  



    2. didajpa


      thanks ️

  14. where I get Thick Club in rejuvenation
  15. While I was playing the game, I x'd and then I selected Pokedex. All of a sudden the game just crashes with the message from my title etc. I went on troubleshooting on this site and I have already attempted the previous save file method to rid the corrupted file through Game.rxdata etc. However, even going back the same problem remains. I'm afraid that it was corrupted for a long time and I just didn't click on my Pokedex for a long time to notice. I made so so so much progress without saving without concern so selecting Pokedex at that moment and instantly losing it all is quite discouraging. If anyone has a solution thank you.
  16. Not really that much of a reskin, only made the colors of the default battle boxes a little darker to match those of Pyro's UI. His Battle Boxes do have similar colors to those after all.
  17. Ah alright, shiny icon is fixed now as well. Nice reskin btw
  18. Thx for the fix. However, it seems that i have another case for you. The shiny indicator is also suffering from misplacement XD Oh, and if you wonder why the colors are a little different......i already took the liberty to give it some changes, since the rest of my UI is still Pyro's after all XD
  19. @ShogokiXalright ty, it's fixed now, downloads at the top are updated. Also the textures are all in the mod folder, and everything displayed comes from those 4 spritesheets. If @Pyrolusite or someone else wanted to so small edits to the textures or a reskin to fit with their texture pack they should be able to do it without editing any scripts.
  20. V3 of pokemon Angels comming tomorrow, hm strength problem fixed
  21. In Pokemon Desolation, is the Abandoned Power Plant in Blackview or is that further into the game?

    1. Kalios


      It's in Cellia Central, a little further in the game

    2. J-Awesome_One


      Damn. Ohh well. Thanks for letting me know!

    3. Kalios



  22. Hey, can someone pls fix my savefile? Im before the Garabodor fight. Ty! Game.rxdata
  23. Hello, can someone unstuck me pls? Ty! Game.rxdata
  24. It looks like an impressive project! Do you have plans to add the Pokémon sprites following the trainer? And also the difficulty of the game, will it be something easy or will you have the option to choose between Casual / Normal or Hard?
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