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  2. I mean, you just have one vote Cherry you don't have to worry about and i might change it There's still time so i'll think about it. Meanwhile i'll continue to follow these tracks owo
  3. You may also take advantage of the ability pick up if you need blast powder to mine a rock again.
  4. By hard, I mean time consuming.
  5. It is just generally hard to breed full IV pokemon. Togepi just need loads of pokesnax to get obese evolve which is not really hard when you use meowth to pick up millons of pokesnax.
  6. Lykossss i believe you really are a good person, so can good persons dont kill good persons? unless you're a bad person sheltering another bad person But it's okay if you still wanna kill me, i know what i said sounds suspicious and i understand my risks heheh
  7. You can find the last one in the same place where you met Tristan for the first time under the totem at the top of Silver Rise.
  8. Today
  9. [Sheet in progress. Please watch warmly while it is made ready]
  10. I don't know which version I am playing on I just downloaded the latest one from here.
  11. Can I [eliminate] Bean just for that string of wtf-ery?
  12. Hello, i was wondering if anyone would happen to know a way to add 3d battle sprites. Ive searched the forum and did a quick google search no avail. Any help would be much appreciated!
  13. anyone know where the 4 boss pokemon that u track down for the blackview city side quest is? Ive found azumarill, clefable and togekiss
  14. Lykos heard an alarm coming from outside, he immediately ran to the door and noticed that it was half open. "Someone tried to get into my house...oh, there are other tracks here..." and so he immediately went back to work wondering where these tracks would led him this time. @Daniel Blackworth Tell again how works the Dreamer, i forgot owo For now i guess i'll vote... [Eliminate] Cherry i think she trying to make a bandwagon against Dive
  15. {Giving Out a likeness would be bad for business as a Great Theif! ...or would it? I'll get a mug later if I get in.} "Hey woooah... I feel the happies heehee~ You okay George...? Where are we anyway? PSSSH WHO CARES!? Wherever we are there will always be something to steal in the name of JUSTICE! Or I'd not be the Great Theif, The Luminous Butterfly!"
  16. Kotsiaris


    Oops, i guess I wish you luck in your endeavors then! At least you now have a togepi
  17. Yep, pokemons I give out for tradings are 5 IV or above, and it will be really hard to breed whole IV togepi as it is in undiscovered egg group.
  18. Kotsiaris


    Whoa everything 31! I now feel sorry for the the Togepi i sent haha. I never learned how the whole IV thing works, just some ol time pokemon fun
  19. I don't have the items needed to do so. (Yes, but actually no. jpg)
  20. Kotsiaris


    No prob man, have fun!
  21. THX A LOT, , Here's you 6 IV gible.
  22. Kotsiaris


    do you need more help with evolving?
  23. Keeping improving on Photoshop , here is my Prinz Eugen from Azur Lane deviant :





  24. Can you help me trade evolve some Pokemons?
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