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e. yes.
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  2. (now i sit rarely to both due to genshin absorbing me)
  3. So.. Uh.. Its really hard, but, i focused last weeks, on Legends Celebi (Now its pokemon the fairy tale of johto) AND OH MY GOD ITS GONNA BE HUGE
  4. Honestly, i forgot, since, i focused too much on legends celebi, cant really sit to lazyjuv due to onion hype...
  5. a fangame thats it wanted to make fangame, yk? so, i started, and its p good
  6. Thing is, lazyjuv, will be always new, never same, except, pocket dimension. It stays, the same, and always will be coming back, eventually ill change its design But, thats all, nothing else/ Quest will change 100% Or either, i make npcs in every place, where you can insert a password for rewards from earlier quests. Thats it, thanks (Im working rn on Mawile-Absol quest)
  7. Mawile and Absol are now mega evolving with scope lens! Due to.... Well super luck, or should i call it, sniper luck, (yes, its renamed in-game, sniper doesnt exist) is very broken, and aim in here is to make everything very broken.
  8. So, there's new way, to get Mega Z-Ring, post surf, i made a quest for it Back to darkrai quest, its getting reworked i say, how it looks, once i end making it
  9. funfact: you can only report, when you find, if you find more, you cant do report 1-2-3 so please, remember, to report!
  10. So, first, im working on quest, with darkrai but its hella buggy, atleast on my savefile, due to me modifying few maps, it bugs, which makes game unplayable in GDC (thats where quest happens) Quest for now looks like this: Go meet one person, some type of grunt, for darkrai Her name is Lorelei She says, that theres puppet nearby.. you have to find 5 puppets, and report, every puppet! quest doesnt have sense otherwise, dont report every at once tho... once that is done, doors got opened... now you can go to the circus where you meet another 4 puppets once you find all of them, you go trough the ,,doors" and thats it for what i have.

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