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  2. oh my god an early update holy moly Doc has been updated! we're actually very close to finishing up Gen 6 already hot damn, just a few more to go and we can move on! Also just a little note we have had over 1000+ submissions since the start of this project which is absolutely ridiculous, cheers for all the support and the work y'all! Posty
  3. I'll throw in what I said elsewhere about bewear, donphan and Raichu Bewear's a pretty good candidate for High B, imo. he's got great availability, (and getting him sooner wouldn't do it too many favors considering Connor and Aderyn would trounce him) and it's kit is surprisingly good in deso -great bulk with fluffy, strong stats, and he gets access to payback and aerial ace easily, meaning he gets to check more stuff than fighting/normal would suggest -available for the tristan vibe check and the battle against Amelia earlier Donphan's a strictly worse mamoswin
  4. I'll share a few thoughts on some Pokemon I used in my playthrough: Vivillion: A solid early game mon and an incredible sweeper midgame once it gets quiver dance, compound eyes-boosted sleep powder and bug buzz (and later, compound eyes-boosted hurricane). Since it's a bug that evolves incredibly early, it's quite strong early game with a 410 BST at level 12 (you might think it gets destroyed by the fire gym, but I found it to be the second best pokemon on my team after rockruff in the fight.) It falls off somewhat after, until it gets all the tools it requires to sweep, which give
  5. I think that whenever I use Scolipede, Baton Pass is really contingent on having good mons to baton pass to. A lot of the best sweepers don't necessarily need Scolipede to work, though they do appreciate it, and others just don't cut the mustard to sweep, even with boosts. Deso threats are fast. We're talking at least one 130+Speed pokemon on most boss fights from Addenfall to Blackview. Scolipede either wants to dedicate to making the best sweepers stronger, or to work in between (Scolipede doesn't have the tools to sweep by itself currently). The former doesn't really highlight Scolipe
  6. I feel like you're undercutting Scolipede a little bit. It can't properly sweep teams with its movepool right now, but the fact that it can delete fast threats and then Batton Pass out to boost the next Mon is worth a lot. Using it only for either half of that is imo a waste. Scolipede is the only natural Baton Passer that gets something to pass to the next mon just from staying on the field and with natural access to Protect it gets a lot to give real fast. Earlygame also isn't quite as bad if you use Rollout at the right time, although the rather late first evolution hurts and Aderyn is
  7. So I know that when you beat Amelia in the Celia Fight Club that you are supposed to then be able to talk to her and she gives you the Mightenite. But now that I've defeated her she is no longer sitting in the Fight Club, so where am I supposed to go to talk to her?
  8. Desolation V5 In-game tiers Howdy! I’ve decided to compile a viability/ in game tiers This type of list is inspired by Smogon’s series of In game tiers. Typically these tiers are for quick runs of the maingames, organizing Pokemon by tiers based on how they perform in the game with criteria like availability, in-game movepool, notable matchups, and overall strength at all stages the mon is present in. Reborn’s idea of limiting resources is largely based on the Orre games, so I think that those games make a good reference as to how these lists work. Most of the “goo
  9. "we're running out of shinies" Update! Well this is still a thing lol, hi all! Apologies for the long delay! I've been mainly focusing on Uni since I'm in the midst of my final year project so as you can imagine, its been a bit hectic. On top of that I'll be honest we haven't had a lot of submissions lately which does tend to happen near the end of each Gen. However we prevail and today I am pleased to announce that with the latest doc updated, we have completed Generation 5! This means that we can now move onto Generation 6, therefore all submissions from now on should only be fro
  10. If Scarlett dies at the roof, you will battle Hardy in the Celia Tournament before Rosetta’s battle in Scarlett’s Place.
  12. To be specific, Reborn, Rejuv and Deso all have a shiny rate of 700 / 65535
  13. Nice The chances of finding a shiny Pokemon in Deso is the same as Reborn and Rejuvenation. So that's about 1%, which is more than the shiny chances as gen 6-8.
  14. My dreams have been crushed. Upon further consideration I think I may have needed a better dream to begin with.
  15. So, I just started playing the game yesterday, I was farming up my team to at least level 14. And out of nowhere, I find Shiny Grubbin. I catch it and proceed to train that one up too. Not even 10 minutes later, I find a Shiny Poochyena. So that has gotten me to question, "What in the world are the shiny odds in this game?" I really want to know if the shiny chances are the same as the gen 6-8, or it's slightly more common to encounter shinies in this game. Thank you for reading!
  16. This should be shot down on the premise of using the word "drip" alone. Damn kids...
  17. There are no current plans to add drip John Cena into Episode 6. However, I will take this post into consideration and have extensive discussions with my team for the potential of a drip John Cena spinoff game. More details to come in the future.
  18. Agreed fully. Bring back the legendary battle pretty please?? :') @Caz @Posty
  19. Yes, you can see it being shiny when you first get it. I only know this because the first one I got was shiny.
  20. Is it possible for the Elekid (Buzz), which you receive in Celeste City for trading a Houndour, to be shiny? And if is is, is it possible the see while receiving it or should i summary it to double check? This is what i know: Nature changes ID changes Gender change
  21. If you are using Mods... remove them and restart your game... if it doesn't help.. just delete the game_folder and extract the game again from the zip
  22. PLEASE HELP i am at the dreamsape wildlands, episode 5.1 second save file, it never happened nor does it happen at other save files I didn't do anything weird...no modes or cheats **Script 'PokemonField' line 1616: NoMethodError occured** **undefined method 'spriteset' for #<scene\_Intro:0xd-------->** the last six characters seem randomized... please help.. thank you~
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