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Welcome to Pokémon Empire! Here we’ll be posting all of our smaller updates toward the game; join to receive first looks at our content! Posts aren’t limited to the developers, feel free to make one with questions or to discuss the game.
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  2. Episode 6 in Antares Academy. One of the puzzles will offer a choice of either a Metalmorph or Dawn Stone!
  3. I don't think both evolve currently, in this episode.
  4. so im kinda new to this game i wanted to know does chemera evolve and how would i evolve meltan
  5. well i want ok to be a beta tester for report bugs and glitches for fun.
  6. As some of you may have already noticed, Episode 2 is now live! We also have a discord available on the post as well, don't forget to swing by as it's the easiest way to stay in-touch with us!
  7. I can help eith ep 3 beta testing if you guys need me to
  8. Episode 2 is almost ready for launch! We've mostly wrapped up our internal beta, but wanted to start our new discord server by giving a few people a sneak peek at what's to come! So if you're interested in playing the episode 2 beta and want to give us some feedback, let us know and we'll send you an early access link to our new discord server!
  9. Which is the TRUE master race??? https://www.strawpoll.me/15718838
  10. Hey everyone! We're just finishing up season one of the EPL, or Empire Premier League! The EPL is a draft league Pokemon battling format that operates pretty much the same way as the Pokemon GBA. If you're unfamiliar with the GBA, check it out on YouTube. It's a really fun way to battle by drafting and using a team of Pokemon from all the different Smogon tiers! It isn't just the usual showdown ladder grind. Anyways, for season 1, we had membership reserved to the Empire dev team itself. But now, we're looking to add a few new teams for season two! So if you're interested, post a reply or pm me and i'll send you over some information. Hope to hear from you soon!
  11. It's difference from the normal fire and fairy types would be a reason for using it, like new movesets.
  12. Looking for some feedback from you folks: As you know, we are planning on implementing a few fakemon in Pokemon Empire. Our original plan was to introduce 3 or so new original fakemon into the game per episode. These pokemon would all have a unique or rare type combination, fill a specific niche (like for a weather team), and/or have a design/lore that is new or really interesting. Recently, we've decided to scrap one of our fakemon designs (or at least not release it in ep1). the pokemon was going to be a fire/fairy type based off of a wallaby/kangaroo. it would be cute and have a fairly low Base Stat Total. It would function as more of a utility pokemon, but still be able to pack a little punch offensively. And while we don't want to reveal the front sprite, here's a tiny shot of one of it's overworld sprites--just so you get the idea. The overall points of this are: first, does anyone care about us introducing fakemon that are designed more for the early game? This isn't to say this wallaby fakemon won't be good or have a unique niche, but it probably wouldn't be in the same competitive tier as other fire- or fairy-types like infernape or gardevoir. And second, oare concerned that this fakemon doesn't have a particularly interesting backstory, and that making a wallaby into a fire/fairy type might feel a bit... forced. So, what would make you want to use this fakemon in your playthrough? Better design? Better stats/power level? More interesting lore? Something else? Or should we scrap the idea entirely? Any thoughts or feedback will be taken into consideration. Thanks, everyone!
  13. Here’s a future look! While this won’t be a mon that will make it into E1, E2, and maybe even E3 or beyond, it’s very possible that one Pokémon we’ve conceived will have an ability that sets Trick Room upon entry. We’re thinking that a possible look for this mon could be a grandfather clock of sorts, but there are already quite a few Pokémon that seem to be possessed objects so who knows?
  14. This is a quick spoiler regarding some changes to moves we have been considering: when looking at moves such as rollout and ice ball, we realized that, plainly, these moves are terrible. And this sucks. Especially when looking at rollout, which has kind of a legendary place in the history of Pokemon as being the move that Whitney's Miltank would smush your entire team with. So we wanted to give rollout and moves like it a better chance to shine (without changing their core mechanics). Here are our proposed changes: increasing accuracy from 90 up to 95 Yes, I know, it's not 100 accuracy. But when rolling out at an opponent, you figure there's a chance they can move out of the way. But when you're trying to land a move 5 times in a row, having a 10% chance to miss every time can really derail any hope you'd have of landing that ever-so-satisfying 5th hit. Rollout no longer 'locks you in' to the move This is the biggie. Being 'locked in' to rollout is a tremendous liability. You can't change moves, switch out, or do anything. Your opponent can easily switch out to a Pokemon that resists the hit or takes the move well and proceed to do whatever it wants, knowing you're stuck doing the same thing 5 turns in a row. By giving the rollout user the freedom to change actions, they have more opportunities to make the move successful and not just be stuck there looking silly when it doesn't work out. Everything else regarding rollout, ice ball, etc. will be the same: base power, the effect to double power every time it's used, up to 5 times, etc. Oh, and yes, you can DEFINITELY expect more custom rollout-type moves to be appearing in Pokemon Empire. But we'll leave that for another day. This is Octavius, rolling out...
  15. Wanted to post this awesome shiny golett (potentially available ep1) that @Dypatome has been working on: Anyone recognize the reference?
  16. Hey everyone! Not sure if we'll be posting a teaser photo of the tavern interior immediately, but we do actually have the interior completed. And actually, those were some really awesome suggestions for the name! I think we've finally settled on one, so we'll have to wait and see how we decide to debut it. Probably going to wait until we have NPC's placed and events and dialogue set up so we can give some more involved screen shots of the various things the player can interact with. And as far as the interiors of other maps are concerned, we should actually only have a few days of map-making left. All of the outside maps are DONE, minus a few unique tiles we need to finish for key events in the episode. And once we're done with interiors, we'll be well on the way to testing and, of course, the launch itself. So all in all, we're actually getting palpably close to the testing phase and wanted to thank everyone who's been here from the start. We'll be able to show more and more tidbits as we start implementing our events and NPCs onto our maps and work on streamlining our product. So stick with us and we'll be doing our best to keep the ball rolling towards launch.
  17. The Sawsbuck's Rump (haha), The Dancing Deerling, The Ursaring's Respite, The Forest's Curse, The Harbor in the Arbor (or the Arbor Harbor), The Frenzy Plant, The Laughing Leafeon, The Hunter's Harbor, The Arbok's Glare, The Smoking Charmander, The Thirty-Point Sawsbuck (based on the local legend of a 30-point sawsbuck), The Hunting Hawlucha. Well that was fun.
  18. Can I get something like a photo or something, coz it would be easier to think then. If not, then I'll just think of any name and let you know.
  19. We are currently deciding on what our Hunting Lodge-themed tavern should be called. So if you have a cool name or idea, post it below! You never know; it might actually make it into the game!
  20. I have one idea here: How about G.Escavalier? It'll be Flying/Steel type(Rayquaza's blessings). It's pokedex entry says that it flies at high speeds but it can't learn Fly. Wow. Hence, the guardian one will be Flying type. It's ability will be Stance Change. Due to it's hard unbreakable will to protect its fellow pokemon friends from oppressing evil humans, it stood as the first line of defense and flew at high speeds and decimated the human army almost all by itself. In order to shield all the local pokemon from an incoming missile impact, it's lance evolved into a shield, with the blessings of the protector Rayquaza and the three regis. The new shield shined brightly and it used King Shield to block the missile impact and saved the environment. It learns Superpower(an attack common to all regis) instead of Bug Buzz, Drill Run instead of X-Scissor, Acrobatics instead of Fell Stinger and Sky Attack instead of Megahorn as a level-up move. Megahorn now is a tutorable move only and X-Scissor is TM-only. King Shield will be present from Lvl 1 and not forgettable. Appears in defensive forme (defenses of 140) when encountered. Learns Fly by tutor and HM. Also, its Sp.Atk and Speed stat will be interchanged. (20 is not high speed). Offensive forme possesses average defenses (base stat 70). I know a flying-type escavalier is tough to imagine but give it a feathery or cottony armor instead of a steel one. The shield will be made of metal only.
  21. Voting for all of them! Oh wait that means we have to do extra work, welp guess we'll be extra busy.

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