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  • Boxing with my development responsibilities


    I categorically did NOT make this topic purely for the terrible pun in the title.


    So, I've been slowly but surely fighting the AI to make it work, but this isn't about that. AI, of course, is not the only responsibility I have on Reborn. Sometimes it's important to pay attention to quality of life features. And Gen VII added a few of these which we have yet to catch up to. Well, E18 will come with one of my favourites of those features included:




    (Get it? BOXING with my responsibilities? Because you can send your pokemon to the box upon getting a new one? :]]]])


    It should also be noted this doesn't just work with wild pokemon. You're given this same option with Event pokemon and, on top of that, even eggs! (And yes, that also means if you so wish, you can either add eggs straight to your party, or send them to the pc, no trips back to a pokemon centre necesarry anymore!)


    Well, that's been this small update, and so I have to go slink back into my AI hole, I hope you're all excited for E18.


    But seriously, I have no regrets about the pun.

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    Oh! I completely forgot to add, a big thanks to @Waynolt for letting me adapt some of the scripts from their Egg Picking mod and repurpose them for this. We initially asked to use the scripts from the mod for a totally different purpose, but it turned out to be far more useful as a basis for this system!

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    Good job! A quick question, since Gen VII (I think) you can get experience when you capture a wild mon so is that feature not going to be implemented in Reborn? It's perfectly fine if it doesn't nonetheless.

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    This is a good update. 


    Speaking of Boxes, is there any plans to add more box management tools? things like the orange multi-move cursor or selecting a group of boxes and applying sorts to them


    also good luck continuing to make these silly pixel people less dumb

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