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  • Frequently Asked Questions

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    • We consider Chatspeak to be the abbreviation of any single word, for instance "u" instead of "you". In order to keep a clean environment, we ask that you type out your words!
      • There are some exceptions: 
        • For instance, "lol" is perfectly fine, since it's an abbreviation of multiple words.
        • We also offer leniency on chatspeak for certain things cannot be expressed in normal typing. However, it should not be a default communication style. 
    • Warning Points are the big-bads that you don't wanna rack up around here. Users who break rules will be warned and given points by moderators. At 10 points, a user is banned!
      • There are other actions leading up to 10 points. For a full detail of warnings and consequences, see this topic
    • Users cannot do this themselves, but if you politely ask a staff member we will be more than happy to!
    • We do not accept mods on application. If we are in need of additional staff, we may decide to offer a position to a user of our choice. Therefore, please do not ask. 
    • Voice status is one of the perks of Ace Membership! Ace Members in good standing get Voice automatically!
    • Another perk of Ace Membership, Aces can apply to have a room on the server made for them provided they have enough active members. Max one room per Ace, please!
    • Opposite to Warning Points, EXP is Reborn's good karma! At 1,000 EXP, a user is eligible to receive Ace status!
    • EXP can be earned by:
      • Earning user reputation
      • Providing good answer to users in need on the forum
      • Helping users out in the Showdown and Discord servers
      • Participating in Reborn Events
      • At other users' requests
      • Randomly awarded by staff for good deeds.
    • EXP can also be lost if you're given a warning point, so stay on the Nice list!
    • Ace Membership is a status for the elite users in Reborn! Here are the requirements:
      • User has been a registered member for at least 1 year.
      • User has 1,000 EXP points.
      • User submits an Ace Application to the Samaritan's Speakeasy and is selected by staff.
        • We will select several new members each month! Most of what we're looking for is already covered in the process of gaining EXP, but we'll also consider other contributions to the community as well as past incidents. 
    • Sounds complicated, but it's worth it! Here are some perks of being an Ace Member:
      • Greatly expanded forum privileges
      • Access to the hidden Ace-only forum
      • Voice status on the Showdown server
      • Custom sprite on the Showdown server
      • Eligibility to request a room for the Showdown server
      • Beta testing access for new releases and games!