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  2. Pokémon Catharsis [IC] [Event #3]

    "I'm so happy, Minish, Coming here allowed me not only to expand my artistic horizons, but to also help someone else come closer to their desires. Cirrus, thank you for making this possible. It might sound weird or far-fetched, but you made me feel much better too." As he was watching minish fly around in joy, he talked to his sentient amulet. "Morgenstern... despite any of the negatives that happened so far, This last trip, made all of them worth it. I haven't felt so happy for a long time. And I also have received the means to make you slightly to quite happier too, depending on the results. No one knows what properties will that original creation hold.
  3. before agate

    i'm doing a 7th gen run and i'm about to go to agate city my main team is primarina, tsareena, raichu, toxapex, oricorio and silvally all properly ev trained in the pc i have shiinotic, bewear, ribombee, dugtrio, sandshrew and palossand (all are ev trained but underleveld) any tips to new additions to the team or other things i should do before going to agate
  4. It finally happened:



  5. The Tale of a Firehead - Flannery in Reborn

    This was great! Loved the whole teaching Flannery how to catch a Pokemon scenes. Although, I will say that the flames you used as Will-O-Wisp were really shocking. They looked like they were burning alive. XD Then again, I guess none of us really know how it looks when a Pokemon has been burned. Anyways, nice job on this 1. Can't wait for the next update!
  6. I cannot copy paste pictures from lightshot on posts anymore , everytime i try it say " Pasted as rich text ". Any ideas how to fix this ?



    1. walpurgis


      I don't see why would that suppose a problem, but maybe try right click > paste as plain text (not sure how it is in french) or ctrl+v+shift

  7. Rejuvenation | Dev Blog [Status Thread]

    Gym leaders also use megas iirc.
  8. Pokémon Catharsis [IC] [Event #3]

    "Minish try to be careful when your flying, I know its the first time that you ever flew. But seeing that you can fly really fast tells me that you would have to learn about controlling your speed. Too much speed and you could end up crashing into something and you can bruise yourself pretty badly if your not careful. I been there before, but if you let me I could teach you a thing about flying. Heck even Serin can join us and could help me assist you in the way of flying. But I think this is the first time I ever saw you this happy before Minish." I hope that Minish knows what she is doing when she is flying, it would be a pain if she manages to injures herself badly if she crashed into the wall or into the ground.
  9. Pokemon Postscriptum: Fated Epistle

    Got two more bugs to report, I'm afraid. First: Second: I don't think you're supposed to be able to reach this, but, you can, and the ratata has no dialogue.
  10. Pokémon Catharsis [IC] [Event #3]

    “Hmm… You’re right, I did tell you that I was rather jealous of you. Perhaps now, I could fly.” Minish starts levitating into mid-air and starts flying around Shirone. Then without noticing, she picks up the speed and starts going fast, not knowing how fast she was in her Sky Mega. Minish can’t help but to notice that she was giggling, and going at fast speeds, flashing through and around the presence of other people with the wind veil around her. “Shirone, I can fly!” I wonder why in this Mega Evolution, I’m in such a good mood. I'm flying at such a fast rate, as this is rather unexpected. It's a little bit thrilling, yet scary at the same time... what if I could fall? What if I stopped my Mega Evolution and fell from intense heights? I need to be careful, but there's a part of me that doesn't want to be careful. I'd rather have a lot of fun with this.
  11. Because e is clearly not a boy, and I chose to give im pronouns appropriate to his sexual orientation Can't be Violent-Vanilla if there ain't some punches and kicks, right~

    32 I heard the new staff may visit us in the future
  13. Reborn characters Hurt/Heal (post E17)

    We earned the badge from Kiki and Corey before they bit the dust, but they got invalidated. So yes, even if Titania dies after you get her badge, it will be invalidated.

    31 Why??!? Ali?!? I thought we were friends
  15. Hey @Zarc if its no trouble for you, could I have a tynamo? Doesnt have to be shiny or have a specific nature or ivs. Thanks
  16. Pokemon Word Chain

  17. I crossed the lake thanks to my captain talent , and now Kiki and Victoria just told me that i had to climb a mountain... All of this just to meet one of her student and lover , Cal. So i had to fight him too ( yeah well it's pokemon ). Vs Cal screenshots : Before the battle begin , i look at the sky and... suprise surprise mot****** the sun is shining ! And i'm about to confront a fire user. ( and i will edit later cause pc is laging )
  18. Today
  19. Mafia, thr only game where giving an idea and admitting its flawed gets you lynched. I will actually fully roleclaim if it gets to that point where I will be lynched. I can’t really help the town as much as others and in a few nights I get try to be lucky.
  20. Of Witches and Staff

    Congrats!! Thank you for helping me when i asked for helped, you totally deserve it!!
  21. About that cave on route 2

    @walpurgis No, unfortunately that way just doesn't work (anymore) @Zargerth Thanks a lot, I did it by going through Ametrine
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