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  2. S3 Redemption Sign-Up Thread.

    Vero Sprite and Burning Flames Card Team
  3. Today I Learned

    today I learned that there are luigi mansion arcade machines and mario kart arcade machines
  4. I'm online now, same name in game.
  5. Do I have to do all this homework?

  6. [IC] Trespassers of the Multiverse: Director's Cut

    Lilly seemed to be about to say something. But then stopped. Ador was looking at her. After a moment, she followed up on the talk of cleaning up the bay. "I've considered using telepathy to get the sea life to help in removing the wreckage. But I'm not Sure if I could get a large enough group....Are there any additional problems that might come up in such an attempt?"
  7. [Day Three] WitchHunt!

    @DigitalAmber I think if the court targeted someone people expected it would be more...well...official like, with guards escorting Nagasi to their execution.
  8. [IC] Trespassers of the Multiverse: Director's Cut

    One of the most clearly nervous people in the office was Satomi, who was kind of lacing her fingers together and then unlacing them repeatedly so she had something to occupy herself with. See, Satomi knew that if she opened her mouth it was extremely likely that she would screw everything up, because she could tell that even some of the mundane staples of this world were wondrous to her, and pretty much a thrid of anything that anyone wanted to talk about was going one hundred percent over her head. Parahumans? Tinkers? Shakers? Power testing? She was lucky that they were mostly talking about things like "disaster relief" that she could figure out fairly easily, but she still didn't say anything. Just sat there quietly and nervously.
  9. [IC] Trespassers of the Multiverse: Director's Cut

    Harry sighed. That could have gone better. Could have gone a hell of a lot worse too though. "I'm all for testing and paperwork. I will need a bit more info on whether I'm signing away my soul by being an affiliate. And, pardon my ignorance, what extra requirements, commitments, and perks would be gained by signing on as full members?"
  10. Microtransactions

    Honestly yeah: If microtransactions are for cosmetic stuff like a different house look/clothes, go for it. It's actual content that people made that someone might enjoy. If the microtransaction is required to be competitively viable (like an item/thing that beats everything else) or to finish the game (like a locked level/item) that is bullshit and honestly the game dev should either change that or the user base should disappear cause especially for a "free to play" game, that's essentially scamming.
  11. [IC] Trespassers of the Multiverse: Director's Cut

    Frigus entered the room and sat, politely waiting for the others to finish speaking. Once they had he spoke up to answer Ms Piggot's question about their future plans. "As for what we've got planned. I believe we had decided to work on cleaning up the bay, removing the sunken tanker, clearing out what druggies we can, that sort of thing. We got sidetracked with Lung." He shifted to address the other two as well with his next statement, "If you're interested in power demonstrations I'd be happy to show you, but I hope you've got an appropriate location in mind, some of us have...expansive powers."
  12. Pokemon Word Chain

  13. Pokemon Word Chain

  14. Microtransactions

    I would have much preferred a free to play (F2P) game to have a paid and free version. Like, free with limitations (ads, timers), but then paying once you like the game removes limitations. That would be fair. If you don't like timers, you don't have to play the game nor spend money. I rather appreciate that anyway, it kind of forces me to be less on my phone. Shit goes wrong when you have a game like Candycrush. My wife spent 40$ on a game that at most I would deem worthy of 5$. Why? Well, you pay some to remove the limitations. You play a while. Then your benefits stop, you basically have the F2P game again. So if you get frustrated, you spent money AGAIN to keep going. What is 0.99$ anyway, right? Consider the low cost of developing these games and the low quality that is possible on the phone, that 0.99$ may well be a fair percentage of the value you get from this game. It's a kind of evil. When you are lucky enough that people find your game totally addictive, they just pay and pay without you actually giving them the game. It's still limiting these players. DLC is not like that. You buy extra content, and developers work (I hope they work hard) to offer that for sale. Of course, that DLC needs to be -- extra -- on top of the regular game. Nothing worse than buying an (expensive) game, then they tell you you need to pay extra to finish it. I also second Wolfox on everything he said. Pay to win and Pay to finish are hardly moral.
  15. Beat a Gym with 3 mons or less.

    Several times actually. Noel with Arcanine and Greninja (Flare Blitz 'till death then Hydro Pump) Samson with Crobat, Arcanine and Greninja (acrobatics is OP, Flare Blitz on Lucario, and Greninja to pick up where Crobat left off) And the best one, literally just Greninja on Terra (5 Hydro Pumps and a bunch of Extrasensory on Rawrchomp, got a flinch 3 times). Needless to say, Terra got RAWRED.
  16. [IC] Trespassers of the Multiverse: Director's Cut

    With a war cry that is less than intimidating Fingers gets to bashin' druggies. Arminius inspires Fingers.
  17. Little reminder : for those who need a " normal " pokemon ( it mean random IV ) or shinies , anything you want , it's here : http://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/27009-zarc-professional-provider-of-pokemon-and-shiny-ask-me-anything/
  18. Pokemon Spork Blind

    My inspiration for the first dream sequence with Gina was this thread I made: http://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/17305-what-if-a-reptilian-ghost-girl-who-doesnt-trust-dr-phil-asked-you-for-a-cheeseburger/ The second dream sequence was done from scratch as I was making the scene, with the exception of Litwick's appearance which was always planned. The inspiration for the third dream sequence was another post I made on the forums, but I don't remember which thread it was in. What I remember about the story is that I was making a cup of coffee that came to life in an elevator, then I either fell asleep or lost consciousness and woke up in a rock paper scissors tournament where I lost in the last round because someone cheated. The coffee cup, a kangaroo, and some other being that I don't remember who I substituted Rayquaza for in the game proved I cheated, so we went again and I won. We would go on to have many more adventures together. I could've sworn I swapped Clefable for Aromatisse on Pandora's team...I changed it to Aromatisse because it fits Pandora more, since Palletite gave her a perfume theme. Maybe I switched it in the second battle but forgot to do so in the first?
  19. [IC] Trespassers of the Multiverse: Director's Cut

    (15, 11) Piggot spends a long moment in silence. "Fine. I'm going to make you a very simple deal. I'll pretend to believe you, even though none of it adds up, and you all register as Protectorate Affiliates." "That means Power Testing, Paperwork, and a Heads-up if you decide to do something that flips the board of this city's carefully balanced situation again. You want to help Brockton Bay? I'd like to keep it in one piece, and a bunch of ignorant parahumans running around without any supervision, oversight, or coordination with local authorities is going to rock the boat entirely too much for my people to keep a lid on it." "In a perfect world, this would be the part where I convince you to Join the Protectorate and PRT as full members. But I think we both know that is hoping for too much." Her grimace is pronounced at this point. "You've all shown up with one good mark on your record. That makes me want to believe you, and it also means I can't. It is not made easier with very strange behaviors you are all too willing to claim are a ruse. Being willing to work with us, however, will." The lady on-screen at this point pipes up. "I'm very interested in just what you all have planned, this many new parahumans, Tinkers, shakers, and all, are bound to quickly become a powerhouse if your potential is cultivated. I'm sure Piggot would also be interested in such plans, if you believe they will help with disaster relief." Armsmaster nods. "I agree with Dragon, simply having seen what your Tinkers are possibly capable of, I would not be opposed to working with you on joint projects. I'm sure we have much that would be worth sharing between our groups." It is at this point that Piggot Steeples her hands together. "I want to know a lot of things about what is going on here." "But I will be satisfied if I can get your cooperation and disclosure of what your plans are."
  20. Today
  21. Pokemon Word Chain

  22. Pokemon Spork Blind

    Chapter 12: "YOU IDIOT!" After defeating Aurora for our next badge, we decided to tackle the Underwater Hotel. As we were heading there, we ran into some old friends! We decided to head through the cave, only to be absorbed through LSD "Dream Portals". What the hell is happening? YOU TOO?! I thought you were just an NPC?! That wasn't all, however. Snooze then received this: Afterwards, what more sensical way to continue our adventure than with a rousing game of Rock Paper Scissors? I'm curious as to what your inspiration for this was, @CynTheSylveon. I'm fine with this scene, but I'm also quite baffled (in a positive way). After we won first try (hell yeah Rock), we were sent out of the acid trip in order to see who was truly responsible. Indeed, it was time to fight! Eventually, we made our way to the Underwater Hotel, where we found that Team Portal had made their entrance. We decided to continue onward, only to see that... that... OH GOD NOT AGAIN! Of course, with Delicia defeated, the logical thing for her to do would be for her to eat the pillar blocking the elevator... ...WHAT?! After taking a moment to process Delicia's insane appetite, we continued onward to the top floor, where we ran into another admin. It was time for another battle! After our victory, Quinn was forced to deal with Triston, a member of the elite four! Quinn explained to Triston that he invaded the Underwater Hotel for a bottle... ...wait a minute... they're called Team Portal... a bottle... ...THEY'RE GOING TO USE HOOPA UNBOUND! So what does Triston do? LET THEM GO WITHOUT ASKING WHY THEY WANTED THE BOTTLE! TRISTON, YOU'RE A FUCKING IDIOT! YOU'VE DOOMED US ALL BECAUSE OF YOUR ARROGANCE! SNOOZE WOULD HAVE SAID SOMETHING IF HE COULD TALK, BUT SINCE HE CAN'T, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT FALLS SOLELY ON YOU! ...anyway, with our victory, we decided to take some time completing side quests. We had already done a couple side quests with the police officers off screen (all except for the one with the dentist), so we completed the ranger side quests this time. Here are some highlights: Next time, we are going to fight the dragon type gym leader for our next badge! Current Team
  23. Beat a Gym with 3 mons or less.

    Does solo'ing Samson with Espeon count? 'Cause that's a thing that happened. Admittedly, it was pretty close. Altaria almost did ruin it. Psychic OP pls nerf. I also don't actually remember whether or not that same Espeon solo'd Terra. If she didn't, then I guess I beat Terra with two 'mons. Just can't recall for the life of me which other it could have been. Chances are it'd be Klinklang? Tbf I have a terrible memory for this stuff and don't tend to remember what I used if it wasn't memorable. So there's probably a bunch of battles that were won with ~3 mons, I just didn't keep track.
  24. [Day Three] WitchHunt!

    Why does everyone think the Coven targeted Nagasi? The court could have targeted someone. Or the court killed Refty, we(townies) simply don't have info yet. I hope the priest using dead yet
  25. Eevolution run on Hardcore [ The end begin ]

    Vs Jonathan ( rematch ) :
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