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  2. This sounds like a pretty interesting concept. I think in order for it to work with the pokemon you've caught and put into your PC boxes, it would have to only choose a certain box, otherwise you're forced to keep every pokemon trained so you don't get handed something massively under-leveled. What I think would be cool is a game where you play the whole game with pokemon issued in the factory rental mons style. Maybe with a few restrictions on what mons you could trade for after a win to keep massively over-leveled bosses out of the player's hands.
  3. Mythos League Weekly

    Here's the fourth edition of the Mythos League Weekly, congratulations on all of the 2 people ( @pyrromanis and @Shinyrio) who got to the E3, you're all either lucky to get so far or either you're shocked in fear of fighting the E3 (sarcasm but some moron might kek. Not gonna lie, I wouldn't be surprised if someone complained about c-teaming again even though it was an obvious mon being brought. Although I'm fairly sure no one else would be after Sunday!) Lisa, Aine, and I also fought Brick and protected his roggenrolas. Sadly, Helen got haxed :[. Regardless, here's ya winrates: So, with bracket switches finally happening, Percy and Sheryl have swapped brackets. Have fun lads! Tips N Strats B1 - Usual stuff, nothing noteworthy B2 - Nothing noteworthy either, maybe Brick might do something new since he gets Stakataka and Lycanroc-Dusk now! B3 - Amon sticks to singles mainly, no triple matches yet! Carmine still has the same stuff but a lack of challengers this week meant both of his challengers got stalled. Monica meme'd on people. They'll be more info on those 3 in the next section! B4 - Skala's still not got enough matches! I love Spongebobbu, but that's because I just got him, peaked at 1627 monotype ladder using him! Also Percy succs, but he played a decent game against DW apparently, maybe B2 will be better for him! Replays B1-https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/reborn-gen7xleaguesingles-99873 Edgelord gets swept by an edgy cosplayer!, https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/reborn-gen7xleaguetrip-100003 Coldsteel the Hedgehog's birth, and https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/reborn-gen7xleaguetrip-100106 (Fun, yet idiotic) Two rats fight over a piece of edgy sewage that can recite Shakespeare. B2- https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/reborn-gen7xleaguesingles-99939, minor hax but overall solid match~!, https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/reborn-gen7xleaguesingles-100031 mans forgetting evs :////,https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/reborn-gen7xleaguetrip-100005 Demolished! B3- https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/reborn-gen7xleaguesingles-99938 When a misplay costs the match!,https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/reborn-gen7xleaguesingles-100029 Haxmanultrax in action!, https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/reborn-gen7xleaguedoubles-99877 Wigglytuff going in!, https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/reborn-gen7xleaguesingles-100037 A quality P2 set!, and https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/reborn-gen7xleaguesingles-100123 Yin finally beating Monica! B4- https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/reborn-gen7xleaguesingles-99870 My debut!, https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/reborn-gen7xleaguesingles-99879 (Fun) When Togekiss rekts a man and leads to you being called a cunt. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ubers-661849327 "C-teaming" Also me destroying Jman a second time this week :D (https://pastebin.com/ndvmLVPh - have a pastebin as well). https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/reborn-gen7xleaguesingles-99869 Percy's debut!, and finally https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/reborn-gen7xleaguesingles-99935 the only match Percy played decently! Interview This week, I'm interviewing my older sister, Lisara or Lisa for short!
  4. Sorry, I've barely been home lately to do any work. That's why the progress bar has barely made any jumps. Things should pick up after Thanksgiving is over.
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  6. "Heya, wannabe boss and Belros. Let's get a move on, shall we." F25; 'Play' for Cade and Bel
  7. It seems like every time net neutrality rolls around there's a greater number of people legitimately arguing against it.

  8. ??? i watched that like, one time 2 years ago during some sort of japanese music binge. how the heck does it just now turn into an earworm? the human brain really is a bizarre thing...
  9. Pokémon Catharsis [IC]

    All this arguing and bickering. What, sizing each other up? Swearing and death threats? It's like I'm back at the Crimson Talons. Prudic wasn't usually this quiet, but he deemed the situation quite applicable for silence. Lyra's calling out of their collective error didn't anger him too much. To be honest, he had faced worse when he was running off burning libraries. But what did annoy him the most was that Elysian had paused for so long before pulling out a piece of evidence. He really could have pulled that in the first place instead of letting others be called names and threatened. Seriously - was he just stalling purely for dramatic effect? Does he think he's some sort of hero in a story or something? All in all, he just sat at the back and quietly waited till either Lyra stopped acting like a headless Ekans and started talking, or Elysian could get out of his hero complex and they could finally start to do something. To him, neither Lyra or Elysian was acting any better than others. Lyra was not acting like a scholar and clearly not telling the truth, and Elysian was not acting like a general and exposed his team to a bunch of unnecessary evils. Children, both of them. Though Prudic didn't like the kid called X, he did agree on one thing. This whole business was a time waster; people were dying out there and here they were, talking philosophy and bickering with insults. Maybe I'm better off reforming the Crimson Talons...but I'll stick around a little longer. Maybe this will get better.
  10. Gotcha fam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lNZ_Rnr7Jc&t=57s
  11. Hey Hooligan you're a samaritan now :D, congratualtions ;) 

    I wonder who is that person that gave to you another reputation point xD

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    2. Alistair


      man, it took me over a year to win 4 days... winning days wasn't a thing at first tho

    3. SilverHelio


      Yeah, and I can vouch that Alistair's a real nice and great guy. Congrats Hooligan!

    4. Hooligan


      Thanks, mate! :D These points aren't necessary, they are irrelevant points, but these points show the respect a certain person gets. But of course, if someone gives me a point, it is always good. Like I mean, I don't really need to win a day to be a nice person, I need to be friendly and kind to be a nice person, so yeah, I don't think I did many things to deserve many points, it's the fact that the people seem to be very friendly and want give points to some to someone. In the first day, I've got one point, but I've got around 15-20 points in the first month, since I didn't know how to help people very well, at least I tried to help them as much as possible, and that's what I like to do, to help people. Thank you guys for making my day. It is awesome to be one of the most recent players with one of the highest reputations among them. Thank you so much! :D <3

  12. Yesterday
  13. Pokemon in Space [IC Chapter #02]

    GROUP 1 (FREDERICK, SHELLY & KAI) *NPCs at the scene: Uno, Betani* roll: 85,4 whoopsssssssssss As Kai reaches for the vines, attempting to tear some off, she feels something jump onto her back all of a sudden. It's a Wurmple. "Kill it, kill it, kill it!" Betani exclaims. "Ew, a bug..." Uno adds and the two girls look at each other momentarily before frowning and looking at Kai. "What will you do with it?" It doesn't seem to be hostile. It just kind of squirms on Kai's back disgustingly, minding its own business, leaving a sticky trail on the girl's clothes... [What will you do~?] ------------------------------------------------------------------ CORRIDOR 3 (EMM, RADOVAN) catch roll: 0,04 success! /Emmanuel successfully caught Oddish 2!/ Emm earned 10 EP for catching a Pokemon Poochy and Woobat earned 45 Exp each Poochy and Woobat earned 5 EP each With the battle over, Emmanuel and Radovan could continue their journey. [The water fully restores your Pokemon]
  14. Pokémon Catharsis [IC]

    With more noise than this enclosed space would be able to handle, Dominicus dropped back on the ground, losing his focus on maintaining Magnet Rise, and Face-tailing. Of course a general would carry solid proofs of his rank! Sigh... He turns to Lyra in disbilief, "The runner of the center of knowledge of this nation really didn't know this?"
  15. The Pokemon fan game community has been something I have been in love with for quite a while now and its always fun to play through the games that come from it. Especially with a game like Reborn, I find myself playing through it dozens of times over the years. One thing I always like to do is try to make the playthrough interesting for both myself to play but also potential onlookers, and the thing that currently intrigues me is randomization. I've been toying around with randomizers on the main series games and am also aware that it is possible with RPGmaker and rom hacks, but something I've always wanted to try was something that allowed me to randomly select which Pokemon I WOULD USE. Randomizing wild pokemon is nice because it forces me to catch and use ones that I usually wouldn't play with, but after a few badges I find myself using the same 6-10 members as I would have anyway, minus the odd legendary. Ideally, what I would be after is something that will clearly and randomly decide my team for me that I can utilize at my will to add for a more random situation. Here are the ways I am seeing it play out in my head: 1. A script or event in RPGmaker that does it for me. It can take 6 Pokemon from my Box and put them into my party every time I chose to run it. Or it can simply suggest six by placing them in a separate box or in some way indicating them, perhaps through text or images popping up on the screen. Would likely work best for single Pokemon at a time if possible. OR 2. an outside tool or modification that allows me to randomly select team members instead of RPGmaker. My ideas in the past have been to number each slot of the box then use a random number generator to select slots OR to add every single Pokemon to my box using the script from the Reborn Sandbox then use the Random Pokemon generator websites out there to make the choice for me. The problem with the first option is its not very obvious which slots are which and it confuses people (and my self some times) because I have to make artificial rules to make it logical. The problem with the second one is I have to heavily cheat in the game and that's not really that fun either. In the end, all I want is the Pokemon I'VE collected organically to be randomly chosen by something other than me to assure true randomness. Is this possible? Do you have any ideas that can make this a reality? I know there are a lot of talented and creative individuals here so I am hoping to hear something that can help me make this type of playthrough a reality. My idea for it would be to do a run were any time a Pokemon died I would roll the randomizer to pick a new one out of my box for me and have to use that, sort of like a Nuzlocke but with less limitations. I've also considered randomizing a new team of six for every time I complete a major section of the game, like a battle with a gym leader or an evil team admin etc. Anyway, thanks for any advice you guys can give!
  16. Would someone kindly explain to me why male Salandits don't have an evolution?

    1. YinYang9705


      according to the Ultra sun pokedex, the females take all their food, so they're malnourished 

    2. SilverHelio


      Poor male Salandits.... :( I say one brave male Salandit should stand up and dethrone Salazzle and reunite the good citizens of Salandittown!

  17. Create a UB! (Potential Spoilers.)

    W H E R E A R E TO H E P R I M E N U M B E R S Y O U F O O L S
  18. Welcome to the Apocalypse - Director's Cut IC

    For just a moment, Nader stood there and breathed deeply -- fighting, punching, and then successfully killing a horrible semi-koala-beast-razor-mouth-monster brought its own little rush and ebb of adrenaline (and, behind his mask, a wild grin: that's the power of FORENIA, baby!), but he WAS still in active combat after all, so he straightened himself and began noisily running towards the cart, to go help out with pushing it lest the mad bomber blow the thing to Jannah. There was one soldier left, but his little popgun wasn't much of a threat to Nader, and it looked like he was under control anyway. The tiny plates on his palms making clink sounds as they made contact with the edge of the cart, Nader dug his feet into the badlands ground, gripped tightly (in case whatever the hell was going on with the ground tripped him up), and pushed. Nader pushes the payload!
  19. Pokémon Catharsis [IC]

    Lyra takes from what Dominicus says and looks at Charnoa and back at the group, “I think it’s about time I call the authorities to remove you from this very spot. It’s obvious to me the fact that you all are incapable of thinking individually, and with sound logic and knowledge. I find it funny how you haven’t redeem in any way what you’re doing, so you resort to name-calling, because obviously name-calling and threatening others is your only way to challenge the situation when you realize you’re completely being ignoble.” “Elysian claims that he talked with Avalon, but I don’t know why he’s being so… arrogant right now. It’s uncharacteristic of him because of how he talked with me.” Elysian looks at Lyra and Lyra glares at him, “Do you want me to challenge this situation then?” “Well, you can do that by actually proving yourself. Actually show me that you have the mental capacity to handle the situation, because otherwise you’re just full of hot air.” “I bet you I could end this right now.” “Oh? Is that a bluff?” “Bluff this, you moron.” Elysian pulls out from his pouch, a necklace, with a grey medallion with a symbol of Avalon’s symbol, shaped like an arch. “....” “Here’s your proof. My badge of being a general in Avalon’s task force.” “I knew she was completely incompetent.” “And if you’re wondering if this is stolen, I can put my element into it and it won’t hurt me.” Elysian charges the medallion with his Dark-type energy and it didn’t explode. It glow. “……..”
  20. Create a UB! (Potential Spoilers.)

    UB Umbra Shadmazane
  21. FML. No one told me Wind Waker had the Water Temple in it.

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    2. KosherKitten


      So far the WW one is only really annoying because the puzzles are all reliant on a timed device that you have no control over whatsoever. This leads to a lot of waiting and makes retrying things when you make mistakes a pain, when they usually don't feel as such in Zelda due to the immediacy.

    3. Hukuna the Undying

      Hukuna the Undying

      Ye l vaguely remember that one from a playthrough l watched. Timed puzzles are always a pain to wait for which is why l wish they'd put instant reset switches for those puzzles some where usually so you can just start over again much more quickly. ((hopefully them starting the cycle back enough that it makes getting to step 1 not a hassle.))

    4. Ice Cream Sand Witch
  22. seriously, i even chatter my teeth to the tune and it's much shorter than usual ear worms and really annoying. song in my head.wav
  23. Pokémon Catharsis [IC]

    "Elysian... is this your way of handling this? You obviously know something we don't, or have missed, that can shut down her desperate attempts to deny everything. Meanwhile X is on a temper timer, and i am well aware that the only thing i serve as at this moment, is as an obstruction of his vision. So try to add your 2 cents before this escalates further."
  24. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

  25. Create a UB! (Potential Spoilers.)

    Cognition - Furnace Pokémon A hulking, heavy, bipedal figure seemingly made of a lava like substance, covered up in a shell made of spinning cogs. The cogs turn fast enough to cause small flames to scatter. It can generate flames so hot that it will turn a small village into cinders in a flash, even during a storm. Striking its hot body seems to create more sparks and embers, only increasing the risk of flash fire. Type: Steel/Fire Ability: Beast Boost HP: 97 Attack: 113 Defense: 97 Special Attack: 53 Special Defense: 127 Speed: 83 Total: 570 Height: 10.8m Weight: 753.4kg Level Up TMs Tutors
  26. Anyone else just get really nervous and confused whenever someone reps their stuff? Like, I just sit around trying to figure out why (unless it was something humorous).

    1. Hukuna the Undying

      Hukuna the Undying

      l don't really pay attention to it really *shrugs* not something l've overly worried about so l barely even notice when it actually happens lol.

    2. Wolfox


      It confuses me that people actually like what this fool of a Dutchman has to say

    3. Alistair


      reps you and studies your reaction

      Jokes aside, rep is a mysterious thing. I got a good amount just for existing. Okay, granted, there was this time I wrote a repbait status update. But I did it only once. I swear.

  27. E12 Download

    That should be the aswer, I play in two PCs and post the save on the dropbox to take it. I'll see at the other one if everything is right, if not, they are gone :/ thanks @DreamblitzX
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