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Member Appreciation Thread: 2018 Edition

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Those who I've known for quite some time already know how I feel towards them, so I'll use my post here to talk moreso about people I've recently come to know/talk to.



So for the longest time you were kind of that person a lot of my friends knew and talked to a lot but we never really interacted much. Glad to see that's changed. You're a wonderful person to talk to with knowledge in quite an amount of areas, something I I wish I had. Best of luck in any endeavours in the future. 



Look at this nerd man. Doing a Maths masters degree and still can't count up to 16 correctly. smh

Honestly by far one of the coolest people I've come to know period. Your work both in the Reborn Game and the community as a whole is massively appreciated, you have a great sense of humour - thank god for that - are a genuinely inspiring person and are all around amazing to talk to. I feel like a lot of the things I've just said blend together and seem samey but I really look up to you tbh. Keep going Willy.



Man I actually used to be terrified of talking to you. Crazy since you're so chill it's genuinely surreal. Probably the admin position. That's in the past now though, great to have banter with, conversations are usually pretty fun. r8/8 m8.



i needed one more person on this list and ur nice i guess. D-don't get the wrong idea, it's not like I think you are cool or anything...


that's pretty much it. oops. I'm horrible at this sort of stuff. feelsbadman.



forgot a nerd.

@The Grinch

denko was a mistake. been nice getting to know you over the past few months thanks to @Morshu and @Hycrox. memes are usually on point, wonderful person, we should meet up and go beat up marc at some point tbh js.



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Alright I know I'll end up forgetting some people, which hey what goes around comes around!

Let me just get this one out of the way.

Yeah you, dingleberry, @Amethyst yeah you need another god damned notification so here have it. Also I usually enjoy our periodic conversations. You also showed me how League of Legends works which was cool! Even if it ain't the game for me. I'm surprised you're still so dedicated to the Reborn game after all these years, props to you for finishing what you started.

@DJ Mewdeon ft Dan Punk - oh jesus christ it took me so long to remember what your name was on here. You seem to be in a better place with your mental wellbeing and that really makes me glad. You will always be that guy that I argued with every single time for better or worse and I appreciate that you would keep me in check instead of just letting me dictate the course of conversations on certain things.

@Arkhi My figurative younger brother, and the first person I really felt genuinely friendly with around here. God where have the years gone???? We should talk music again sometime. so long as it's not past your bedtime!

@Rosesong I feel do various circumstances we were able to confide in one another and it certainly helped me at times. Yeah your responses may have been sort of straightforward and brief, but you're truly a great listener and don't try to impose. If you weren't a musician I'd tell you to be a psychiatrist tbh.


@Tacos I don't really have any specific thing to say. You were always involved and your maturity has always been beyond your years. However, you unlike some others knew how to mix it up and not be a boring dork while being mature when the situation called for it. You have always been great at balancing work and play.

@Kurotsune Not many people around here would take serious jabs at me for whatever reason, and me secretly being the masochist I am (only slightly) rather enjoyed being knocked down a peg or two. Your diversity in knowledge and skills in many matters has always been something I respect and envy. 

@Maelstrom That dude. The one dude who is older than all the other dudes around here. That dude who has been friend with Ame for longer than some people here have been alive. The dude who is for the most part pretty chill and fun to hang out with. If I ever cross through your neck of the woods lets have a beer. 

@Godot Uh. Well... you tell dad jokes? 

@Azeria You were genuinely the first person I saw who really learned from their flaws and became a better individual from what they learned.  You restored my faith in many people and reminded me that people aren't necessary lost causes. It's hard to believe what you were at one point to what you've become now. Also you let me vent at you. Thanks. 

@Zumi not like you're ever around anymore. MRRRRRRRR. Anywho your art skills and.... jubilance are always something I appreciated about you. You're really good at making people laugh, and know how to laugh at yourself.

@Morshu #MakeDatBoiGreatAgain

@Juilliard You've always helped me so much with battling and never expected anything in return. It's always fun to see you mess with Kam being so savage, but then you turn right around and are just the sweetest thing. I'll never forget my first days on the server just being some dude who'd never really battled before in my life and you just stomped me time and time again. You're genuinely one of the most pleasant people to be around.

@Kurusu You're that one dude who reminds me of me, even if we have some different interests. Even if we don't talk all that much anymore, you're still my homie. 

I know I forgot a handful of people, and if I did @me and tell me why I'm a scrub. 


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@Hukuna the Undying Glad to see in 'my' club, you're really awesome person, and I wish to talk with you more ♥️


@Ikaru Same as Hukuna, you also like one of my fav anime all the time - Seraph. I will like to talk with you more sometimes, but I'm  always afraid I'm bothering people 😅


@Plok I have a lot of things to say, good things - don't worry, keep your humor and smile, keep bullying Bibs, and don't change (unless for better). People like you the way you are, so do I 😄 


@Alex & @Azeria I just wanted to know I appreciate you both. Yea Az, I appreciate your annoying ass too.

Jk 😄


@andracass Thank you for being with me in the club, I'm glad you accepted, cause you're lovely, lovely person 🙂


@DreamblitzX Awesome person, wonderful modo, and nice sense of humor ^^

Keep it up!


@Quinn ♥️ - do I need to telling you more? I missed you so much!


@Maqqy I still wish to know you better, exactly the same thing going for you @mar_mar, to @Arys and for you @seki108😉


@Amethyst Glad to know ya a little bit better, stay awesome 😉


I hope this time I mentioned everyone who I like 👀


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I was intending to do an appreciation post here a while back but I totally forgot. Well here we go...


@wcv , @J-Awesome_One , @uberle, @Chiko, @LeoYT, @Xiri, @ProjectIceman (Probably forgot to add a few people. Feel free to kick my ass and say "Y U forget me dude!?"):


The whole penta-op experience has been more enjoyable than other lps with the fact that we have a whole topic on talking about it and trash talking them n stuff. I'm enjoying talking to y'all whilst the series is going on and loving the memes. The series will be continuing for a while yet so let's continue to enjoy the series and laugh at their miseries, jokes and goofs.




Thanks for creating the mentioned topic above dude, I probably would have gone back to lurking in a corner somewhere if you didn't create this topic. This has given me the excuse to be a lot more active within the Reborn community so I'm thankful for that. Also shoutout to ya for trying to keep track of the carnage that this series has created for the squad. Couldn't believe you kept track for as long as you did. 




We don't really talk at all but you have an awesome taste in pokemon fanart and are just in general an awesome person. I'm just here to say thanks for being here and making a positive influence within this community. 




Thanks for being an awesome mod, I also enjoy some of the stuff you say/ put up on the Penta-Op thread so thanks for that. Continue to be the awesome person you are, ok?




Thanks for talking with me on here about half the stuff I post, sometimes it stuff that I randomly think of that is just brain diarrhoea (almost spelt this dang word correct but added in one letter to many, thanks spell checker). Also you contribute greatly to the penta-op thread with some jokes and laughs at their expense. I think you would be one of the people on here that I would consider a friend and I don't really make online friends as such easily so thank you very much.




I know it was a long ass time ago but thanks for helping me with starting to learn how to battle competitively, that long ago that it was back on the Pokemon Showdown (?) server for the community.


@Ice Cream Sand Witch:


Thanks for being an awesome member of staff and for the free ICSW's I guess.


And finally @Amethyst, @Inuki, @Marcello, @Jan, @Caz:


Thanks for developing/ helping to develop awesome games. Reborn, Rejuvenation and Desolation have all been games that have helped me to be better at pokemon and have helped me develop as a person. You've given me an experience that a mainstream pokemon game could never give and the closest to that was B2W2 challenge mode. Make sure not to burn yourselves out whilst continuing to develop your games and thank you all for creating a community where many people can feel safe and discuss things where they may not feel safe to on others forums.


There's probably more people that I want to thank but I don't want to waffle on any longer. Thank you to the community as a whole for supporting each other and making sure any positives always outweigh the negatives.

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I would've posted sooner if I knew this was a thing, so sorry about that.



Thank you for this topic and the theme you picked out for me, I really appreciate it.


@Ice Cream Sand Witch

Thank you for your fun topic (What I think each member sounds like) and being a nice person.



Thank you for your awesome Lets Play of Pokemon Reborn


@Starry Knight

Thank you for the help with my topic and getting galladeite. I greatly appreciate it.












Thank you for helping with my topic, hopefully many people found it useful.


@Filthy Casual

Thank you for your Pokemon Reborn Community In-Game Viability Rankings topic



Thank you for this awesome fan game and the community you have built up.


As for my final shout out it goes to the person who made the image for my old team in my signature, I tried finding the topic so I could find your username but I can't find it, sorry about that.



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16 hours ago, Abyssreaper99 said:



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I know it was a long ass time ago but thanks for helping me with starting to learn how to battle competitively, that long ago that it was back on the Pokemon Showdown (?) server for the community.

No problem! Did you by chance go by another name, this one doesn't ring a bell. whoops!

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5 hours ago, Jericho said:

No problem! Did you by chance go by another name, this one doesn't ring a bell. whoops!

Yep maybe amazingmagicsam rings a bell ( what a lack of imagination I had as a kid)? 😅

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Soooo , apparently it's the fashion to edit our members appreciation list so here i go



@Ikaru i met you not so long ago and i can already say that you are a very nice guy and i'm glad both of us are getting along well ! Fellow Seraph of the End fan ! 



@andracass same as Ikaru , i started to talk with you not so long ago and you're very kind , i'm glad you are in our club 🙂 



@DreamblitzX i already knew you but we didn't talked that much before , you're a nice dude and i'm glad we can both share similar discussion ! 


@Quinn you will probably never see this message as you're almost never active there , but i love talking with you , especially our LoL discussions 😄 We Love Quinn tagline when ?? ^^ 


@impulse we started to talk to each others very recently and i can say that you're a very kind person , i hope i can know you better in the future ! 🙂 


@Hukuna the Undying same as the others , we recently started to talk to each others , but you're a kind and funny guy , i hope we will continue to see you in the club !



@SilverHelio you seems to love my cats ! ahaha me too ! Anyway , i'm glad i'm talking with someone as kind as you , don't change ! 🙂 



@Reignited'Light well , i talked with you only like two times , but i can say that i appreciate you , so i hope we will know each others a bit more in the future ! 



@Kamu same as Reign , you seems to be a very kind person , hope we will know each others more in the future ! 



@Plok no hard feelings for the final huh ?  And more seriously , i know we both had a little misunderstanding in the past , but it's past. And i respect and appreciate you a lot , we also have a very good friend in common ^^ Thank you for joining the gang ! 



@Kuro von Einzbern you seem to be a bit distant , but i want you to know that i appreciate you and i hope we will know each others more in the future ! I also send you a request in MAL 🙂 Thank you for the advices in LoL too ! 


@Ice Cream Sand Witch exactly the same as Kuro , i hope we will both know each others more in the future , you seems to be very kind while you're kinda distant ! 


@Arys same as the previous ones , i hope we will get along well in the future ! Welcome to the gang ! 🙂 



For the others i already mentionned in my previous post , nothing changed , i love you guys ! 🙂 

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Thank you for being a cool person. You're very kind and down to earth. Hopefully you get that trainer card figured out lol



Thank you for being awfully generous with your pokemon. Thanks to you breeding has become so much easier for me.



Thank you for Reborn Redux and giving me a fresh new experience of Pokemon Reborn!


@Amethyst @Jan @Caz 

Obviously, thanks to these people and the rest of their development teams I have experienced Pokemon in a whole different light. For that I thank you all.


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I'm not someone who's very active in this community but i'd like to appreciate everyone for making it a fun and kind place to be in.

It's always enjoyable to come here and check what's new and fool around in a couple of threads which always have fun and interesting people AND topics such as this one so thank you.

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