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FLCL: Progressive / FLCL: Alternative

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So FLCL has been my favorite anime for a long time now. Really ever since I saw the original series on Adult Swim back when I was a teen, this show just struck a chord with me and I've never given it up! 


Now we've got two new seasons and I'm loving it so far! 


FLCL: Progressive aired it's first episode last Saturday (June 2nd) and I was blown away. Hearing all the great music both old and new from the Pillows hit the nostalgia key hard for me! I really enjoyed the new characters as well! That ending monologue and ending credits were the cincher for me though! 


I know I'll be tuning into Toonami again every Saturday night while this is running. 


What about you guys and gals? I noticed a lot of folks here on the forums seemed to tune in as well when I brought it up!


Are you guys enjoying the new series? What have been you guys' thoughts? Always fun discussing my favorite anime with fellow fans! 



Remember; "It takes an idiot to do cool things...that's why it's cool!" Queue "Ride on Shooting Star" baby! 

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Did anyone else check out episode 2 on Saturday night? 


The series seems to be going in an interesting direction. I just hope it doesn't try to get too deep. We don't need a whole series of...whatever Episode 4 of the original season was supposed to be....

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