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Reborn 17.1 Lag

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I'm running into a lot of lag, while playing 17.1 on a high-end computer. 32 gigs of ram, and i7 processor but I can hardly seem to pull in over 5 fps.
I've attempted to:
-Use the RM FPS Control.
-Ensure the laptops power settings are set to performance/power savings off.
-Run in Compatibility modes for Windows 7.
-Set the application to high, and real-time priorities.

I'm stumped. I played episode 16 on a far inferior computer and I don't recall any glaring performance issues. I probably missed something quite simple, so a fresh perspective or experience with this issue would be appreciated.

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There generally isn't a lot we can do about lag, and you've tried a lot of the things we'd recommend. In terms of overworld lag, the main thing to do is make sure that as few programs are running as possible, as reborn seems to need a disproportionate amount of power to run with less lag. If battles are really laggy, you might want to try disabling attack animations, which you can do in the game menu under options. 

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