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Bok Choi

The Master Crown [CW/Feedback/Discussion]

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This is a story of how the multiverse came together. As with any massive change, some people came out better, and some people came out worse. New bonds were forged between time and space, that would remain unbreakable for eternity. Other bonds were shattered. Completely and irreparably.

But the seeds of the events you see before you were sown long before these beloved heroes were brought together. In fact, you may come to find you don’t know these beloved heroes at all. You may come to find that the heroes and the villains are one and the same.

They all have something to hide.

And they all have everything to lose.


Hi everyone! I want to just say have fun (hopefully) reading, but I should probably put a few introduction tidbits.

1. This is loosely, and I mean very loosely inspired by Smash brothers. Long story short, the new game is coming out, so I replayed Subspace Emissary and thought "If I were to write a crossover event, what would I want it to be?" Well here we are. Sorry if your favorite characters aren't in a spotlight at some point, but I don't want to overcrowd the story


2. I don't claim to follow the lore, backstories, or mechanics of these games 100% at all. I've taken a few creative liberties in changing a few things, so don't expect things in this story to follow every bit of history from these games at all. THAT BEING SAID, I don't want characters to be unrecognizable. They are still the video game characters you know and love, just with a small twist. (Think Once Upon a Time but with Nintendo characters)


3. Feel free to give feedback, thoughts and discuss in this thread, no need to PM, and I don't think I'm going to make a separate thread for feedback. As you will see a few chapters in, there'll be plenty to discuss.


If you're still reading, wow I'm impressed, and thank you. Without further blabber from me, here we go~ 


Chapter Links


MADE YOU LOOK! There'll be stuff here when the story starts getting somewhere


Prologue 1: The Sorcerer


“It’s time”. The sorcerer floats towards the computer before him. “All these years. All my patience. It will finally pay off”.

A raspy, cackling voice boomed over the holo-transmitter in the middle of the room.

“Make us proud. If this works, we may be able to get what we want. Victory”.

Circular portals flicker on around the room, illuminating the area with a calming blue and gold glow. The circles each show a place across the multiverse, all essential to the plan. It’s the first time everything he needed has lined up exactly the way they needed it to, in exactly the way they wanted.

The sorcerer turn towards the window, and watches as the machinery spreads over the land once again, controlled by the crown in his hands. Someone else has tried this before, and failed. This time though, the machines would stay. This time, he would win.

He focuses on the circular hoops and concentrates his power, placing the crown on his head.


And with one snap of his fingers, the sorcerer brings the multiverse together.


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This one's a doozy.


Prologue 2: The Mushroom Kingdom


The two brothers chase after the airship, leaving the castle behind and dashing across the picturesque green plains. Impossibly held up by large metal propellers, the wooden galleon sails through the sky barely faster than the two brothers and their allies can run.

Yet again, the brothers find themselves catching up to the same large airship before them. Yet again, they find themselves chasing down the same princess, kidnapped by the same neighboring king. The older brother, whose name is Mario, calls out for some special help, as he usually does nowadays, and on command, a number of large star shapes appear before them.

Drawn towards the stars, the brothers and their allies are enveloped in energy, and in an instant, the four of them are shot at an astounding speed towards the ship sailing through the sky. Shooting high above the land, the green prairies shrink as the team of friends land with a powerful thump on the stern of the airship.

Each of them sets down a small magical token on the floor under them, and begin making their way inside. As always, they’re met with the king’s army. As per the usual, the fighting begins.

The two brothers fight with machine-like precision and accuracy. They’ve done this countless times before, each time more successful than the last. No matter what tricks the Koopa King will throw at them this time, they can handle it.

The same can’t be said for their two allies. The green dinosaur, Yoshi, holding his own against the hordes of attackers, forgets to watch his back, and the Captain of the Toad Guard forgets to cover him. Good thing they have their magical tokens. Right as they’re both about to fall, they’re enveloped with a blinding flash and appear back on the stern of their ship where they started, without a scratch.

By the time the two have made their way back, The brothers have cleared out the room of enemies.

“You gotta be more careful”. Luigi, the younger one, smiles as they run across the now mostly empty room. The downed enemies have disappeared, much like how Yoshi and the Captain did.

It’s another routine rescue that shouldn’t take longer than it usually does. The four of them aren’t worried.

However, they should be. Little do they know their whole universe is about to fundamentally change.

For the umpteenth time, the four of them burst through two large red double doors to the room where the princess is always being held. From the back of the room, beside the king, Princess Peach calls out from a large metal birdcage.

“Mario! Luigi!”

“Yer getting better at this,” Bowser, the king, remarks with a deep laugh. “But this time I’ll beat you”.

“You say that every time”. Luigi smiles as he takes out his large wooden hammer. This has become more of a fun little regular fight at this point, the king with new tricks, but never being able to beat them properly.

His son the prince (aptly named Bowser Jr.) beside him, accompanied with a new crowd of soldiers, they charge towards the four allies.

“Watch your left, Captain!”

Luigi yells as he jumps onto Yoshi, who is trying to attack with his signature egg shaped bombs and his quick moving kicks. The Captain, fending off the young Prince’s brush sword with his pickaxe, is pushed back towards the door, while Mario pushes Bowser backwards towards the cage where the princess is being held.

Then Luigi notices something strange. A bright, glowing hoop, floating in the corner of the room, up near the ceiling. Spinning, the circle is pulsating with energy and in the middle… A figure. It’s draped with a regal blue robe, and holding a bright golden-

Without warning, a beam of energy shoots from the center of the hoop towards the back of the room, right where the princess’ cage sits. Energy engulfs the cage with a near blinding blue-red glow, and the princess shrieks, trying to endure the blast. Everyone in the room freezes.

“Dad?” the prince shouts, “What are you doing?!? Stop that thing!”

“It’s not mine!”

With astounding speed, Mario crosses the room and reaches up towards the ring, the source of the beam, attempting to pry it away. As he aggressively grabs on however, Energy courses through his body, nearly dropping him to the floor. However, he keeps his hold and pulls with all his strength.

Across the room, the Princess Peach cries out again, unable to resist the magic coursing through her, reaching into the very depths of her soul. She feels it. It’s looking for something, something deep inside her being.

Bowser, desperate, approaches the cage and winces, feeling the energy emanating from it. Releasing heat and fire from his mouth, he decides to try to heat up and melt the bars of the cage.

He grabs onto two of the bars.

At the same time Bowser grabs onto the bars, A blast of darkness goes from the cage up towards the hoop.

At the same time the blast is up towards the golden ring, Mario, with all his strength, nudges the ring just the smallest amount, and loses his grip, stumbling directly between the cage and the ring, interrupting the beam of energy.

As the blast of darkness slams into Mario’s back, the immeasurable amount of energy contained in the narrow beam between the ring and the cage simultaneously explode outwards, blasting Luigi, Yoshi, and the captain violently out the door they came in through. On the other side, the wall to the starboard side of the ship is blasted outwards, sending the young prince flying out and towards the ground below.

Up above the planet, Rosalina, protector of the cosmos, in her light blue gown, sees the shockwave wash up from the planet under her, and shakes her flying observatory ass it passes. As it disappears into space, Rosalina is caught by surprise for one of the only times in her life. She and her Lumas watch as across her field of vision, all across the vastness of space, hundreds of thousands of stars and planets simply blink into existence.

At the same time that Rosalina’s observatory shakes under her feet, Princess Peach’s elderly aid jumps as he sees the ship, off in the distance, careen towards the ground.

And at the same time that Toadsworth turns to organize a search party, Mario, Peach, and Bowser disappear without a trace off the face of the Mushroom Kingdom.


Does he ever wonder?

Wonder what?

Why you keep letting yourself be taken. We both know you can take care of yourself.

Can I though? I feel trapped. There’s no way I can ever have what I want.

You can. And you can be free. I’m here after all.

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Now we can start getting into this~


Luigi: Aftermath


His whole body hurts. Groggily stumbling to his feet, Luigi looks up, seeing a large purple Luma standing over him.

“Luigi!” He seems more flustered than usual. “Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!”

“Lubba? W-what happened?” His eyes sway in and out of focus, and all he sees around him are bits of wood and metal debris. The field in the immediate area is scorched beyond recognition and rubbing his head, he tries to take a healing mushroom out of his pocket.

“Hold still, give me just a teensy second,” Lubba says, concentrating some magic in his purple nub-like hands. A pulsating heart shape appears and lands on Luigi’s head, refreshing his energy and healing his wounds. “There. Now where are Mario and the Princess? We need to leave pretty much right now”.

As Luigi’s vision clears up, he freezes in his tracks at the horror in the distance.

Hundreds of mechanical ships are pouring out of a hole in the sky, descending on the castle, Toad Town, and everything in the distance. He hears screams quietly echo across the sky.

“Hey, Luigi! You listening? It’s not long until the robots get here,” Lubba gently shakes Luigi, snapping him back to reality.


“Yes. Robots. Where is the Princess and your brother?”

“I-I-” Luigi looks around, not catching sight of them. “I don’t know”. He looks back towards the hole in the sky. “How long was I out?”

“The airship blew its top an hour ago? So that probably means you’ve been out for an hour”. Concerned, Lubba scans the area again and points towards Bowser Jr. He’s scratched up, and digging through the rubble, with a distressed expression on his face. Surprisingly, Bowser Jr. lets Luigi approach.

“Um. Where’s-”

“They’re dead”.

“W-what?” Luigi, taken aback, doesn’t know how to respond.

“It don’t work no more”. Bowser Jr. holds up a small token, similar to the ones that kept Yoshi and the Captain safe, but is engraved with King Bowser’s insignia. The token seems to have lost its luster. “They ain’t coming back. I’m only here ‘cuz I have a shell, and you’re only here because the big purple Luma saved you”.

“I didn’t know that-”

Before Luigi can finish his thought, Bowser Jr, seemingly blinking back tears, turns and runs off away from the wreckage, clutching his father’s coin.

I didn't know those could turn off.

Luigi feels Lubba grab his shoulder. “He might not be wrong”. Lubba is holding Yoshi’s token, and it too has lost its glow, looking dull and grey.

“Is Yoshi good?”

“He’s fine. The captain is too. I got to them early. But we have to go now. If he’s okay, your brother can take care of himself. Let’s not keep Miss Rosalina waiting”. Lubba points towards the Comet Observatory and Starship Mario, both of which have landed not too far away.

“What about the townspeople?” Luigi asks as he watches more and more of the robots pour out of the hole, descending on the kingdom. Screams rise from the distance, and he sees mushroom shaped spaceships, rise against the robots.

“The Toad Brigade and all your friends are trying to get as many of 'em out as possible. We can’t help much from here”.

“We have to fight back. Rescue them, right? That’s what Mario would do”.

“I was hoping you’d know something, but sorry to say, Mario ain’t here. Not a trace of him. The Princess too. Good thing is, that means I can hope they're perfectly fine”. Lubba’s eyes widen as he sees robots begin to appear in the distance, crossing the plain towards the observatory. The citizen’s screams continue rising eerily across the sky. “Rosalina firmly believes we have to leave. It’s now or never”.

Tearing his eyes away, Luigi nods and begins heading towards the observatory.

I have to thank you. I had fun today.

No problem.

You don’t get it. This meant a lot to me. I don’t ever get to get out like this.

… I really should get going.


What is it?

Would you like to come in for a few minutes?


Next time: Welcome to Inkopolis~

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