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E18 Theorizing

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I have no theory myself, but I thought this would be a useful topic.

E18 is supposed to be more story oriented

We're also supposed to face Hardy and Saphira for our final two badges.

At least I'm assuming as E19 will be the league.

But everything else?

Who knows?

What do you think will happen?

How will the two paths differ?


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A few things that absolutely need to be discussed


 - The Disappearing Force

Facts:If you try to visit Noel and Anna in Calcenon City after (I could be wrong on the time) the Reconstruction, you'll be told that they've gone missing, and so have several other people in the city. Cain and Charlotte refer to this as a disappearing force.

Speculation:The disappearing force is almost certainly related to Team Meteor, and is likely a PULSE machine of some sort. It's possible that it's a PULSE Alakazam, as a PULSE Abra was shown to have teleported things and people, but an Alakazam would be controllable by comparison. Really, it could be any Pokemon that knows Teleport, or even an entirely different one that's Hypnotizing parts of the population, or even just Team Meteor grunts abducting people. We won't know for sure until at least Episode 18.


- Giratina

Facts:In the rebuilt Reborn (Jasper Ward, if I'm correct), there's a geologist who talks about the history of Reborn, mentioning that everything was pretty much opposite (Pyrous being a frozen mountain and Ametrine a volcano) until Giratina started marauding through the region in ancient times, until it settled in the Southwest.

Speculation:Giratina sounds like it's based somewhere around or beneath Apophyll, potentially involving the underwater houses that one can find by diving near it. It is also likely involved in Lin's ultimate plan (the details of which are not yet clear).


- Anna's Rank

Facts:Gossip Gardevoir mentions in an interview that Anna 'may not be big or badass, but if [her] rank is any indication, [she] knows how to battle.' Anna, in the same interview, mentions being recommended for her rank by "Mr. Shadow", presumably Shade.

Speculation:Her rank is presumably greater than a Gym Leader (although not confirmed to not be Radomus' reserve) because of her Psychic typing and the remarks that she's even stronger than Noel. Now, the first assumption is that she is the fourth member of the Elite Four, filling in the blank spot (Bennett, Heather, Elias), with Bennett having replaced Laura. Note that if there was already a free spot, this would not be necessary. She was also skilled enough to catch the eye of Shade, who had previously only interfered on the behalf of Luna and later on behalf of the player (whose Pokemon were, at the time, around Lv 80.) It's also possible that Anna has a position not mentioned previously, but we can't speculate on it because it was not mentioned previously.


I have more ideas, but I'm a bit tired right now so I'll get to them later.

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The question about how the two paths are gonna differ and if/how they are gonna combine into one again. I hope it isn't by the death of Amaria.

Then again, Amaria dying would mean another gym battle.

Other questions, ones that will probably come into play  before that (because we will start off in Calcenon) are the whereabouts of the twins as well as of Laura.

The other thing is when Anna's big play is going to happen. E19 is probably more likely for this as well, but I feel like E18 could reveal more about her, potentially her being part of Lin's plan as well.

I'm also wondering whether or not our "death" will happen in E18 or E19. I believe 19 is more likely.


As for Pokemon, apart from the ones we know are gonna be available, I'm hoping for Scyther as well.

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E18 will have badge 15 and E19 will have last badge and E4. I know Amaria will not die during the game as the game's characters are based on the leaders on the Reborn showdown league. Anyways on to the theory stuff.


I feel like leaders that have been on the back-burner for a long while (Luna, Serra and Radomus) may feature within the episode's events. Serra will probably want to confront Bennett for what stuff has gone down whilst finally doing something. I felt like the Radomus arc isn't over yet as doesn't he still have the Amethyst pendant and El has the Emerald brooch? 


I also think that something may go down between Florinia and Fern as a follow-up to their argument in Fiore Manor. Maybe more info on why Florinia is suppressing her emotions and why Fern is such a grasshole. 


I think more stuff on Charlotte, Sapphira and Laura may be revealed so perhaps Sigmund may feature in this episode. There's also the Aya hostage situation going on so maybe we rescue Aya in E18.


I think that E19 will be focusing on the Agate sleep problem.

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Knowing this game's plot. I am sure that Amethyst is gonna make us choose something awfully hard, example example of this (To defeat Lin, Amaria has to be taken out) 

But one thing that I am still not sure about is Lin's relation to the player, because in all of her screen time she has been able to dispose of us easily, yet she didnt....

Meaning Lin is either: related to the player, needs us for some reason- (possibly that reason is for our "glow" as said by Anna), or if were going deep on this sh.t she is a time traveler much like a certain *cough *cough Madame *cough X...


As for Anna I still dont know were she fits in the puzzle but no doubt she has a big role in the end plot, also Noel's doll is also a pokemon, so Anna by that logic must have Jirachi in her possession, and that my friends is a no joke power.

But then again its all just a theory until proven otherwise


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Uh, I would very easily kill Amaria to kill Lin. Then again, I did take the Reshiram route, so.....



- The New World Field.

Facts:Just about every signature move is boosted by 1.5X or 2X, except for Doom Desire, which is boosted by an insane 4X!!

Speculation:The New World field, which hasn't appeared at all in the Story, is likely where the final battles will take place. Mayhaps creating a new world is one of Lin's objectives? An unfortunate consequence? Some random thing that just happened? Jirachi's intervention? We don't really know. All I can say is that the fact that Doom Desire is boosted by 4X is certainly suspicious. In addition, Black Hole Eclipse, the Darkinium Z Move, is also boosted by 4X, which tells me that the Darkinium Z is almost certainly going to get busted out there (Probably by Lin and her Hydreigon).


- Lin's Past

Facts:Sigmund Connal seems to recognize Lin in some manner. Anna cannot see Lin at all. Lin is decently younger than Solaris.

Speculation:I believe Laura mentioned a girl in the Orphanage who used to torment her at some point. I can't remember when, though. Because Sigmund Connal recognizes Lin and because of her age relative to Laura and Solaris, it's possible that she was that girl that used to torment Laura. Now, to put together a specific estimate of Lin's age, we have to start with El. Elias Hazel is ten years older than Solaris, and he's around fifty at most. That puts Solaris at around forty, and as Lin seems to be relatively young, that would put Lin in her mid twenties to early thirties. It was previously mentioned that Solaris used to be the boss of Team Meteor, but that his position was usurped by Lin who had joined as a Grunt not too long before that. Since even with extraordinary battling prowess, it would take a bit to have usurped Solaris, it's more than likely that at the very least, Lin is twenty three, assuming that she was the girl in the orphanage, although that's not yet confirmed and if it's not true, then her age bracket wildly opens up. This is getting a little bit tangential, but what can be grasped is that A:Lin was likely an orphan, B:Lin had possibly been responsible for making Laura's life hell in Dr. Connal's orphanage, and C:Lin is likely in her twenties. If Lin is from the orphanage AND not in the aforementioned age bracket, then it's likely that weird magic is involved.


Once again, kinda tired, gonna stop for now.

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But one thing that I am still not sure about is Lin's relation to the player, because in all of her screen time she has been able to dispose of us easily, yet she didnt....

Meaning Lin is either: related to the player, needs us for some reason- (possibly that reason is for our "glow" as said by Anna), or if were going deep on this sh.t she is a time traveler much like a certain *cough *cough Madame *cough X...

Ok I actually have a theory on this.

We've seen Lin likes sneak attacks and doesn't tend to become directly involved herself

And the PC is already getting the artifacts.

They and their allies have the Sapphire bracelets,  Ruby Ring, and Amethyst pendent.

I can see El forfeiting the brooch after you beat him in the E4

Lin's letting that happen.

Why get the 4 artifacts herself when someone else is already doing it?

The door will open, and Lin will step through as well.

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Here's my theory:

The point of the game is to save Lin.

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@andracass is on to something. I actually believe that the ending to all of Reborn points toward to Lin herself. There have been theories stating that Lin's actual or real physical form is her younger self trapped somewhere (presumably in Citae Arc-D'Astrae, the one who the voice over belongs to) and the Lin who presents herself to the MC is nothing but a hollow puppet. The mystery lies within there. It's fairly certain that Lin isn't actually normal perse. Her connection with Terra proves this as Terra can in fact, do things that defies the law of physics. So it all ties down to Lin. Who is Lin? What is Lin? What are her true motives? Could it be possible that we the MC have a history with her? Hrmmmmm...



I also have some thoughts and I'm gonna weigh them down one by one so here it goes:



The Luna Conspiracy



While having a convo with Taka and whatnot on the Reshiram route, there was something he said that I've been thinking about till now. He stated that he was actually close with Luna and was kind of apologetic, saying that "she wouldn't be in that position if it weren't for me" (non-verbatim). Does this imply that whatever Taka was intended to for Luna, has now been passed on to Bennett? My speculation for this is that Luna needs a "male partner" or some kind. Only El could answer these questions...



Episode 18 Sneak Peek Theory



This has been talked about already on the forums but I'm also going to share it here. The person behind those quoted words in E18 might actually be Florinia. Florinia's robotic persona is rooted (in theory) to her history with Titania as speculated with the latter's words in Fiore Mansion during their reunion before the Team Meteor's ambush so the quoted words might be directed to Titania or possibly Amaria. This combining with the fact that she has been attacked by Sirius' Seviper, basically means she has a death flag. It's all just a theory so it might not be 100% legit but I really feel Florinia's time is almost up. E18 might also have the concluding confrontation of Fern and Florinia and this will lead up to Florinia's fate.






Okay, everything about Shade is a ????. He kind of acts as an overseer and watches over us like for example: warning us about the impending crash at the Train station and giving us his visions with the future deaths. There was a theory I read on the forums pertaining to the fact that he is actually the legitimate father of Anna and Noel and was the head boss of the Yureyu Corp. So far, I don't have a clue on his identity whatsoever.




There are still so many questions in Reborn but I think those are for E18 once we get more clarification. Hopefully we'll get a chunk of info next ep and things will be given light to some mysteries. Theorizing really hypes up the waiting game for the next release!

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Never heard of the Luna thin, but sounds interesting that she has a connection with Taka.


E18 sneak peek


That is such a debatable topic it literally created this club


I wrote a couple things on it, and to save you time I'm just gonna paste then here



So in this statement there are 3 people





Now I'm going to continue with the belief that You is Amaria and She is Titania for this bit

I don't think Florinia is the 'I' because it just seems... I don't know it just doesn't seem likely to me

The "I" could also be Lin trying to get Amaria onto her side.

Really the identity of I is the biggest mystery.


Bit 2

If we do assume that I is Florinia then I'm saying that You is Amaria and She is Titania

Because literally everyone knows that Titania isn't a lesbian so it would make no sense for Florinia to confess this to Titania

Obviously something did happen between Titania and Florinia and we can safely assume Titania is the reason that Florinia is as she is now, robotic with no emotion


But while I do believe that You is Amaria and She is Titania I do not believe that Florinia is I

Or it may be a completely different triangle of characters. 





Part 2:

Also just remembered something that would support my case of Florinia not being I.

At Obsidia Park right before you face the first PULSE you're with Florinia and Amaria

Now if Florinia did confess to Amaria you'd expect there to be SOME air of awkwardness

But no, Amaria seems to act perfectly normal towards Florinia, though this could be because Amaria's so used to putting on a fake face

(though that's something I really don't want to not think about, but if you do a theory you have to be prepared to point out possible flaws and other points of view)


And again something that makes me doubt Florinia is I

I know rejection can be horrible or seeing your crush with a date

But driving Florinia to the point where she shows absolutely no emotion ever?

That had to be something else.

I mean Florinia didn't even express anger or anything like that when Fern joined Meteor

You figure that she would express SOMETHING, but nope. While she does claim Fern her responsibility to deal with even Fern points out how she still lets nothing slip 

(I think.... it's been a while so I may get some things wrong, forgive me if I do) 

So something really tragic had to happen to Florinia for her to get to this point, and I don't think a rejection or realizing the possibility of not being together could've done this. 

Titania definitely did something so severe it made Florinia decide to abandon all emotion, or what she had left.

Remember Fern comments on Florinia after the Meteor raid where you team with him, saying "she didn't get enough hugs as a kid" so it's very likely that Florinia was already not very emotional and Titania did something to her the one time she did


And now I realize that I just opened to door to the possibility that that one time Florinia showed emotion was towards Amaria and Titania shut her down before Florinia ever got a chance to express her feelings which caused her to become Flobot, making her "I" the exact opposite of what I wanted to prove



I did a theory on him 

You can read it and give your input (which I'd love if you did)

But the idea he's Anna and Noel's father....

That's an interesting idea and explains why he suggested them to their positions


I think Anna would've recognized him if he was her father, but given the things he's done I'll allow it



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For the Luna theory, Taka states he is partly responsible for Luna’s current state, which is a loss of reality and running away from her father. We know Solaris and El were pretty good friends. I feel like Luna either picked up on Taka’s unhappy state with team meteor and he influenced her to try to get away or stop them somehow. But she failed and El did some cult ritual on her, which left her in her current odd state. How she escaped, I don’t know. Taka probably helped, meaning he was partly responsible for her running away from El. Maybe El was trying to fix her when he kidnapped her. It’s either that or he was friends with Luna due to meeting her with during a meeting with El and Solaris. Maybe she was even intended to become a future Admin like Taka. But I suspect in their friendship that Taka might have taken her to see Mirage Tower. Maybe the Tower caused her to lose her mind and renounce El and run away. 

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These are the theories I've read in the forums that has insights with Lin and Shade. 




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I've seen the Lin one before, but the Shade/Anna/Noel one is....

Well I don't think it's very likely.

Shade's actions are explained by my theory that he knows how everything will go down.

He doesn't do anything because number one rule of doom prophecies: If you try to prevent them you'll only end up making them happen.

Also that bit of Radomus I don't believe either. It makes no sense.

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Lin was stabbed multiple times by Titania but she didn't attempt decapitating her.

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