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My Awesome Pokemon Adventure

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I walked up to the locked door and used the key. Luckily, it worked and the door opened, allowing for us to continue our escape.


Charlotte: Nice job Matt. So, are we all still going to my sister’s place in Chrysolia as planned?

Laura: Wait. You were all coming up there to begin with?

Matthew: Ohh yea. With everything that was going on, I guess I forgot to mention that to you.

Laura: It’s alright. It’s just a bit coincidental when you think about it. Makes sense though.

Matthew: Anyways, I deff wanna go there now.

Shelly: I don’t have anywhere else to go so…

Anna: W-We should go quickly, ok? Nostra… isn’t feeling good…


Everyone turned to look at Anna. She looked pale and not too well. But maybe that’s what she was saying about herself when she said it was Nostra. I walked over to her.


Noel: You’re the 1 that doesn’t look good Anna. You’re pale all over.

Matthew: Are you ok Anna?

Anna: N-No- I mean yes! It’s definitely Nostra! She says she’s dizzy and tired…

Noel: Right…

Matthew: Well… If that’s what you say, then I believe you.


Noel gave me a confusing glance. We looked away from Anna and whispered to each other.


Noel: What do you mean “if that’s what you mean, then I believe you.”? You can see it. She’s pale!

Matthew: I know she is Noel but she’s also a little kid and she’s not gonna admit to being sick.

Noel: But-

Matthew: Plus, arguing with her isn’t gonna make things go any faster here. The way I see it, if you agree with her, the faster we can make it to the house and she’ll be able to get better sooner.

Noel: Hmm. I see your point. I guess you’re right.

Charlotte: Are you 2 done having your little talk? We need to hurry it up.

Cain: Right. Lead the way Charlotte dear.~


Charlotte led the way as the rest of us followed her footsteps. I hadn’t seen this part of Reborn before. A lot of the tracks were broken and even more cracks were down here. I was surprised this place was still standing. We went all the way to the end but it was blocked off.



Laura: Another blocked area?

Matthew: I don’t think the key I used before is gonna work on this. It doesn’t even have a keyhole.

Charlotte: Ugh. This place is just 1 door after another, isn’t it. So how in the world do we get through this 1.

Shelly: Um, I-I think I know how…

Matthew: How Shelly?

Shelly: I think I’ve read about these… When the Railnet was made, they didn’t really want people wandering in and out of it.

Matthew: Well… we’re kind of doing that now. Haha.

Shelly: -nervously laughs- Anyways, they made gates like this that would open for trains but not for people.

Charlotte: Well, it’s not like we have a way to just magically transform into trains Shelly.

Shelly: That’s not really how it’s d-done. I think it, um, works on a digital signal. We don’t really need to drive the train itself, but… I think it works if there’s the front of the train on the same track connected to this.

Laura: So all we have to do is make the tracks connect and this will open right?

Shelly: It s-should… But this place is so messy and cracked up… I don’t know if it’s possible. You gotta connect the tracks here. No debris or cracked tracks will work.

Matthew: Don’t worry. I’ll go connect the tracks together. This will be gone soon.

Anna: Please try to hurry up… Nostra feels like she’s getting worse…

Noel: I think if you find the train 1st, it’ll be easier to figure out what tracks to connect it to here Matt.

Matthew: Good idea Noel. Don’t worry Anna. We’ll be there soon. Then we can take care of Nostra.

Laura: Can I come hun?

Matthew: Sure. I think it’ll make things better. Be back as soon as we can guys.

Cain: Good luck you 2! No quick rabbit stops if you know what I mean.~

Laura: Rabbit stops?

Matthew: Umm… Let’s just get going babe huh?


We left the group and went to search for the train. Luckily for us, it didn’t take long to find it.



Matthew: Sweet. We found it.

Laura: Now let’s follow the tracks and see what tracks to switch it to.


As we searched for the right tracks for the train to be on, a curious question flowed into my head.


Matthew: Can I ask you something babe?

Laura: Sure. What is it?

Matthew: How did you get here if both of those doors were closed?

Laura: Well when I came here, they were both opened. They must have closed them sometime after I came through.

Matthew: Ohh. Yea. That makes sense.

Laura: Wait. Did you think that I was part of-

Matthew: What? Part of them? No babe! Never. I was just curious. That’s all.

Laura: Well… alright. Hey. I think we almost got this.

Matthew: How do you know?

Laura: Because the last switch is right in front of the group.

Matthew: Ohh… I knew that.

Laura: Haha. Ohh hun. You’re so silly.


We pulled the lever and the object blocking the way forward suddenly moved which meant we could continue on with our plan of going to the house Charlotte was talking about.



Charlotte: Nice job you 2. Now let’s get out of here.


The group left the tunnel and out into the wilderness. It felt good to be outside for once. But as soon as everyone came out, Heather had Salamence come out, jumped onto it and then flew off into the sky, going who knows where.



Everyone looked on. Some in confusion and some in somewhat anger.


Shelly: Ohh… Umm, Ok then. Bye?

Laura: Well… That’s-

Matthew: Heather… Fuck.

Laura: Why would she do that?

Shelly: -whispering to herself- It’s not like I wanted to help my friend out or anything.

Cain: Aaaaaaand the second she sees moonlight she’s gone. Riiiiight.

Charlotte: Well, what can we do about it?

Matthew: Nothing. Let’s just continue on with our current plan.

Charlotte: I agree. Is everyone ready?

Cain: Actually guys, I’m still gonna go after her. I hope that’s ok. It’s just until I make sure she’s safe.

Matthew: Dude, it wouldn’t feel right if you didn’t go after her. It’s cool. We got things handled here. We’ll see you later man. It’s been fun.

Cain: Thanks Matt.~ Bye everyone.

Charlotte: Later Princess.


Cain walked passed everyone and went out of view.



Everyone looked back to the twins when Noel spoke.


Noel: Guys, she’s practically white.

Anna: N-No, I’m fine! Nostra’s the 1 not feeling good! Remember?

Charlotte: Then let’s keep going. We need to get to safety and make sure “Nostra” can rest. Follow me guys.


Everyone went up north and entered a cave. As everyone walked through the cave, Laura and Charlotte walked up to a metal object. They seemed confused.



Charlotte: This metal junk is new.

Laura: Yea. This wasn’t here before.

Matthew: Jeez. How fast are these Meteor people?


Suddenly, the ground started to shake. Little rocks fell from the top of the cave down to the ground. Luckily no 1 was hurt but everyone wondered what caused that mini earthquake.


Matthew: Earthquakes? This just never stops does it.

Charlotte: Come on. Let’s keep moving. We’re almost there.


We continued up through the cave. There was more metal things inside the cave and more mini earthquakes. When me and Laura caught up, Charlotte was waiting for us.


Laura: What are you doing Charlotte? We’re almost there.

Charlotte: I know. Is it ok if I talk to Matt here for a second?

Laura: Uhh… Yes sure. See you in a bit babe. -kisses Matthew-

Matthew: -kisses back- See ya babe.


I watched as Laura disappeared through a passage and presumably into the light. I turned towards Charlotte but she had a serious look on her face. It took me aback for a second there.



Matthew: Umm… Is everything al-

Charlotte: So you and my sister are together huh? Why?

Matthew: Because we like each other?

Charlotte: Listen to me. She’s 1 of the best sisters anyone could ever hope for and I’ll be damned if she gets her heart broken.

Matthew: Whoa whoa. I would never do that to her Charlotte.

Charlotte: Hmm. We’ll see about that. But I will say this. She seems to have broken out of her shell since you 2 have gotten together. So I guess that’s a positive. Just treat her good and we don’t got a problem. Alright?

Matthew: Trust me Charlotte. I would never do anything to hurt your sister.

Charlotte: I’m gonna hold you to that. Now let’s go. We’re nearly there.


Charlotte raced to the exit of the cave and I followed suit. I made it to the exit of the cave and went outside. The sight was beautiful. I could see the house across a beautiful looking lake. And a lot of pretty flowers. I walked around the lake to get to the house. I caught up to Charlotte again. She seemed to be counting something.



Matthew: Umm… What are you doing Charlotte?

Charlotte: These flower rings… 1, 2, 3… 8. 1, 2… 8… 8… -sighs- Laura’s been at it again. Well before she came looking for us.

Matthew: What do you mean?

Charlotte: I don’t know why but she does a lot of things in eights.

Matthew: Ohh.

Charlotte: Anyways, we’re here. Can’t wait for you to see the inside.


Charlotte ran ahead and I followed. I was at the front door and walked inside. The inside looked fantastic. Lots of cool couches and things. Except there wasn’t any tv here. Which kinda made me upset but we weren’t here for tv. We were here to hideout.



Laura: So? What do you think hun?

Matthew: I love it.

Charlotte: I see you’ve done some… redecorating.

Laura: Well, while I was here, I decided to do that and clean and do a little gardening.

Charlotte: I’ve noticed.

Noel: I don’t mean to interrupt but is there anywhere Anna can lie down? Nostra isn’t feeling better… apparently.

Matthew: Shit. I forgot.

Laura: It’s alright hun. You 2 come with me upstairs. -takes Noel and Anna upstairs-



Charlotte: You might already know this but Laura was kept with us at the orphanage as well until very recently.

Matthew: I figured. She never told me but I figured. I think I met her the day she was leaving.

Shelly: R-Really…?

Matthew: Mhm. I bumped into her and well… I crushed on her.

Charlotte: Alright. Keep the lovey dovey shit for you 2. Not everyone here wants to know the details.

Matthew: Ohh shush Charlotte.

Shelly: Umm, Charlotte? C-Can I ask you something?

Charlotte: What is it?

Shelly: Well… What did happen to your parents?

Matthew: Uhh Shell-

Charlotte: That’s not important right now.

Shelly: O-Oh, I’m sorry…

Laura: -comes back downstairs- Poor thing. She went right to sleep and is running an awful fever…



Matthew: That’s not good.

Charlotte: Don’t we have any medicine around here?

Laura: I checked all the cabinets and we’re all out. But I think the PokeMart in Spinel Town should be selling some.

Matthew: Spinel Town?

Charlotte: Alright. Matt, you should go into town and get some medicine for Anna.

Matthew: Wait. Me? Why should I go?

Charlotte: Just shush and listen to me. Spinel Town is completely separate from the city. Go back through the cave and the way Cain went earlier and you should be able to find it.

Matthew: I’m still waiting on the reason I should be the 1 to go.

Shelly: Umm, I think that there’s a Gym Leader there, if I’m not mistaken…

Matthew: … Sold.

Laura: Ohh hun! Before we go out, you should rest up 1st upstairs with me.

Charlotte: I don’t think there’s any time for… that.

Laura: What? No! I just wanna spend some time with my man.~

Matthew: Yea. We gotta talk though. It’s not bad. Just we need to talk.

Laura: Ohh. Alright. Meet you upstairs then Matthew.


Laura went running upstairs. I walked up the stairs and looked into the other bedrooms before finding the 1 Laura was in. She was sitting on the edge of the bed and patted a spot next to her, indicating for me to sit there next to her. I went over and sat down next to her. We each grabbed each other’s hands and held them.



Laura: I can’t wait to go with you to Spinel Town.

Matthew: About that-

Laura: It’ll be romantic to walk around the forest with you.

Matthew: But the thing is-

Laura: It’s been a while since we’ve been alone.

Matthew: Laura!

Laura: Ohh sorry. Were you trying to say something sweetie?

Matthew: -sighs- You should stay here babe?

Laura: What? Why?

Matthew: I just think that’d be the best idea for now.

Laura: Did… did I do something wrong?

Matthew: No. Of course not hun. You’ve been perfect. I just think you should stay here and keep an eye on everyone here. Plus, you just got your sister back. I think you 2 should spend some time with each other.

Laura: But… But hun.

Matthew: Come on Laura. You know it’s true. You need to spend time with her. I mean, you left here to go in search for her after all. And now that she’s free and here, you wanna just ignore her?

Laura: You’re… You’re right hun. I should spend some time with her.

Matthew: Thank you hun.

Laura: Just… be careful alright?

Matthew: I will be hun.


We both leaned into each other and kissed each other. We sat there for a couple of minutes talking. I knew I had to leave to get the medicine and my next badge. So, I got up, said goodbye to Laura and exited the bedroom. Before going though, I checked into Anna’s bedroom to see how she was doing. Noel looked at me with a worried look on his face.



Matthew: Hey. How’s she doing?

Noel: She fell asleep as soon as she laid down. That man… When he took the pendant, she started to feel sick.

Matthew: Don’t worry. I’m gonna go get some medicine for her. And we’ll get back her pendant. -walks over to Anna- Get better soon dudette. I’m gonna make you feel better.


I exited the room and the house and started to travel towards Spinel Town. This felt weird being by myself again. No 1 around me. No 1 to talk to or joke around with. Just me. It was somewhat late out too so that was a little bit more weird. But I knew I had to get the medicine for Anna. Before entering through a passage, I saw a sign that said “Chrysolia Forest.” I walked through and saw that the train tracks somewhat disappeared. I had to try to go through these trees and little openings. But something weird was going on. Things were disappearing and appearing.



I’d go into 1 area, it’d be blocked off and when I’d go back, that way would be blocked off by a big tree that wasn’t there before.


Maybe the tiredness was getting to me but I felt like it wasn’t that. Something was making these trees and debris disappearing and appearing. I was getting super annoyed with this. I just wanted the medicine and my next gym badge. I was finally seeing new area to the forest.



I started to run through the rest of the way, in hopes that I’d hopefully get through it. Finally, I saw a passage to another area. I stopped in front of it, got on my knees and bowed to it.



I got back up and walked through the passage and entered Spinel Town. It looked weird though. Like there were some things here that didn’t belong. For instance, there was a train in front of me and it was on no tracks. Someone saw me coming through and he came running up to me.


Stranger: No dude. You gotta go. It isn’t safe here.

Matthew: Why? What’s wrong?

Stranger: This town… Things just disappear and appear in different places. You gotta go man. Be safe.

Matthew: Well I came here for medicine. I can’t just leave. Excuse me.


I walked past the man and explored the town. He wasn’t lying. Things were zapping in and out all over the place here. I wondered what in the hell was going on but I just wanted to go do what I came here for and then go back to where everything made sense. I saw the PokeMart. I ran up to it.


As soon as I was like a step or 2 away, the whole mart disappeared. I stood there in disbelief.


Matthew: The… The mart… It just… Wha…

Random woman: Did the mart just disappear? Ohh well. I reckon it should show up somewhere not too far from here.

Matthew: …



Pokemon Team



Arbok (Jessie)/Female/Level 46

Nature: Naïve/Ability: Intimidate

Held Item: Poison Barb

Moveset: Poison Fang/Crunch/Poison Tail/Glare



Sliggoo (Godra Goodra)/Female/Level 46

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Gooey

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dragon Pulse/Body Slam/Dragon Breath/Attract



Gligar (TongueClumsy)/Male/Level 47

Nature: Naughty/Ability: Immunity

Held Item: None

Moveset: Wing Attack/X-Scissor/Metal Claw/Swords Dance



Clawitzer (Pistol Pete)/Male/Level 47

Nature: Mild/Ability: Mega Launcher

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Pulse/Aura Sphere/Crabhammer/Bubble Beam



Decidueye (Link)/Male/Level 46

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Long Reach

Held Item: Rose Incense

Moveset: Leaf Blade/Spirit Shackle/Sucker Punch/Synthesis



Weezing (James)/Male/Level 46

Nature: Rash/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: Black Sludge

Moveset: Psybeam/Sludge/Sludge Bomb/Destiny Bond




Heather (8/10 NO CHANGE!) - We finally rescue everyone and she just decides to up and fly away. This sucks but... Maybe she'll recover on her own somehow. I hope she'll be better soon.


Cain (10/10 NO CHANGE!) - I'm gonna miss this dude so much. We've been through so much in the past couple of days. I'm glad he's gonna go make sure Heather is gonna be good though. That's a true friend right there. I look forward to our next encounter in the future.


Laura (10/10 NO CHANGE!) - I'm into Laura so much but she does need to spend some time with her sister. I don't want her to just be all up on me. She's gonna be even with this relationship and family. I don't want her to forget that. Still, it feels weird without her here next to me.


Shelly (9/10 NO CHANGE!) -It probably wasn't the best idea to ask someone what happened to their parents but she told me there was a Gym Leader where I'm supposed to go so... Sweet.


Charlotte (9/10 NO CHANGE!) - I feel hurt that Charlotte would accuse me of hurting her sister somehow in this relationship. But I can understand why. She cares for her. I'm glad they'll get to spend sometime with each other though.


Anna (10/10 NO CHANGE!) - Poor little girl. She just keeps to get sicker and sicker it seems. Oops. I mean Nostra. And it all started when Sirius took her pendant... I swear I'll get that back for her AND make her feel better. You know... I just thought of this but... she kind of feels like a little sister to me.


Noel +1 (7/10) - I've been wondering if he had a different mood from just being... meh. Glad to see he cares for his sister. I promise to both of them, I'll get her medicine to make her feel better and to get back her pendant. I wonder if he has any feelings with the pendant as well. Hmm.


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I went into a building that was once next to the PokeMart and sat down on a couch.



I was contemplating what I was gonna do next. I came here for the medicine for Anna but the Mart had now disappeared. I also came here for a Gym Battle but I felt bad that I would only be able to come back with a badge but no medicine. But I decided I should just go for the badge and figure out what to do after. There was no point in being here and not go for the badge. I got up from the couch and walked outside. Unfortunately for me, it had started to rain.



Matthew: -sigh- Fucking rain.


I hastily walked over the rest of the town to search for the gym. The last building I saw seemed quite fancy and nice. Not something I saw very much since I came here some time ago. I looked over and saw a Gym sign. I was at the right place. I walked up to the door and was about to reach for the handle when the door flung open, smacking me right on my scarred cheek.



???: Luna?!

Matthew: Ohh Arceus! Son of a… fuck!

???: Ohh! My apologies!

Matthew: It’s alright. Just… It hit me in a bad spot. And no. I’m not this Luna person.


I looked up at the kid while still holding my cheek in pain. He looked weird. Glasses, nerdy like clothing and Arceus knows what was going on with his hair. As I stared at the boy, I could see his eyes fixated onto my face. And I knew what his next sentence was gonna be.


???: Holy smokes. What happened to your face?

Matthew: I got in trouble with a Garchomp.

???: Wow. That’s… insane.

Matthew: You’re telling me.

???: Well excuse me. I was supposed to investigate the source of a loud noise.


Bennett walked around me and away from the house a bit and turned around looking to the roof of the house. I could see a confused look go over his face.


???: Well… That would do it.


I walked up to him and looked up to the roof of the house. I couldn’t believe my eyes.


Matthew: Is that-

???: Indeed it is. -walks up to the front door and shouts- Mother, the PokeMart seems to have appeared on top of the house!

??? #2: Say what now?


An older woman, still looking good for her age though, walked out next to Bennett. She was wearing somewhat of skin tight clothing and her hair was a color mixture of light blue and some kind of magenta color. These 2 were related? The woman walked out a bit and then looked up at the PokeMart that had plopped down on the roof of her house.



??? #2: So it has. Well, it explains why we couldn’t get the balcony door open before. -turns towards me- Ohh. Hello there. I didn’t notice you. Who might you be?

Matthew: My name is Matthew.

Serra: Hello there Matthew. My name is Serra. And I suppose I’m this town’s Gym Leader?

Matthew: Wait. You suppose?

Serra: Mhm. And as for the shop… Well, I’m afraid we might be out of luck there.

Matthew: Damn. I find it and I still can’t get to it.

Serra: I have an idea. Why don’t you come inside? You too Bennett.

Matthew: Alright. Thanks.


The 3 of us walked into the house. I couldn’t believe how nice it looked inside. It also basically only had the colors that were in Serra’s hair which was odd but it wasn’t my house. So I didn’t say anything. I walked up to them and went to go sit on the couch but Bennett pulled me to him standing in front of him.



Bennett: Greetings! My name is Bennett, as you’ve already heard. I’m a lepidopterist.

Matthew: You’re a what?

Bennett: A person who studies butterflies and moths.

Matthew: Ohh. That’s cool I suppose.

Bennett: It is! Something about how little insects can go from what they are to something so much more. It’s just so exciting!

Matthew: Ummm…

Bennett: Did you know that Cascoon have perfect memories?

Matthew: I did n-

Bennett: Despite never moving or doing anything, they’ll never forget a battle!

Matthew: Ok the-

Bennett: And once they evolve, they’re remarkably able to exact any form of retaliation for what happened earlier in their life! When you think about it, they truly are small geniuses-

Serra: Bennett, that’s enough. I think that’s quite enough for right now. You might be boring our guest.

Matthew (thinking to myself): Ohh thank merciful Neptune!


After listening to all of that, I sat down next to Serra. It was a bit of awkward silence there. Then she started to speak.



Serra: I must ask this but-

Matthew: Incident with a Garchomp. I get asked that all the time.

Serra: I’m sorry about what happened to your face but that isn’t what I was going to ask.

Matthew: Ohh… Sorry. Continue then.

Serra: You’re a challenger to the Reborn League, right?

Matthew: Indeed I am. I’ll be up to 6 badges with my next Gym win.

Serra: Impressive. As I believe I have mentioned earlier, I am a Gym Leader. An Ice-Type Gym Leader.

Matthew: Ice-Type huh?

Bennett: Yes! And Luna is also a Gym Leader!

Serra: … Yes, she is, but we’re not talking about her right now, and she’s not here.

Matthew: Again with this girl?

Bennett: Matthew, have you at any point, seen a young girl with very pretty blonde hair and a fancy black and white dress? And also a really pretty… well everything?

Matthew: Uhhh… No?

Serra: Stop it Bennett. You’re making things uncomfortable here for Matthew. And myself to be honest. If she wants to come back, then she will.

Matthew: I know I shouldn’t ask but… who is she?

Serra: I guess I should explain. Luna is, or I guess was, my adopted daughter. Just randomly appeared 1 day. Apparently things here have penchant for that sort of thing. Anyways, she claimed that I was her mother.


I quickly glanced over to Bennett who seemed to be really excited over this conversation about this Luna person. While she might not have been related to him, it was kind of creepy that he had this fascination with his adopted sister. I continued listening to Serra’s story.


Serra: By the way, I am quite sure that is not the case. I’ve only had 1 child and he’s right there. Nonetheless though, I couldn’t turn her away. She actually was a pretty good girl but I can’t just go on playing “House” with her forever.

Matthew: It’s ok. I understand.

Serra: Anyways, she’s run off again. So that’s good… But then again, everything does seem to slip away from me eventually.

Matthew (thinking to himself): Did… Did she just make an ice pun?

Serra: I have no idea on how to go about finding her real parents. It’s not as if they’re just going to randomly appear at our doorstep 1 day.


As soon as she said that, the doorbell rang.


Matthew: That’s… That’s just weird.

Serra: Bennett, go answer the door for me please?

Bennett: Yes Mother.


Bennett went and answered the door, he came back beside his mother. I turned around and saw what seemed to be an old man wearing some kind of tan robe. Sirens started to go off in my head when I saw him.



???: Prosperitas, Pax Pacis, Obsequium. Blessings of the Lord Arceus upon your house.

Matthew (under my breath): What the hell?

El: My name is El, a servant of our Lord Arceus.

Serra: Well hello and welcome El. How can I help you? I hope you aren’t trying to get into the PokeMart.

El: No my dear. I am here for a different reason. To look for my daughter.

Matthew (in my thoughts): Are you fucking kidding me? Everything Serra said about this Luna girl and now apparently, her father appears out of nowhere to claim her. This is just too… weird and cheesy somehow.

Bennett: Wait. You couldn’t possibly mean Luna could you?

El: Very good. You do know her.

Matthew: Well those 2 do. I’ve only just been told not that long ago about her.

El: Then I shan’t bother asking you any questions about her. My apologies if that sounded rude.

Matthew: It’s ok. -under my breath- I’d rather you not talk to me anyways.

El: Luna is a child who has lost the Lord’s light. A path of darkness she walks. She has turned her back on me, denouncing me as her father and ran away. I have come to reclaim her.

Serra: Well I am happy to hear that someone from her actual family has come searching for her. However, I’m afraid Luna has run away from here as well too.

El: Have you any idea where she may have run off to?

Serra: I don’t know. She didn’t say anything. She disappeared just as quickly as she came. I wish I could say the same for the PokeMart.

Matthew: I agree with you on that.

Serra: And as well as half the guys I been with.

Matthew:… This family just doesn’t care about keeping secrets or stuff like that to yourselves do you?

Bennett: Mom!

Serra: Are you sure she didn’t say anything to you before she left Bennett?

Bennett: What? Me? No. I mean, uhh… I don’t know…

El: Hmm… I see. Miss Serra Voclain correct? I have traveled a great distance to get here and I am very much distressed at having missed her company. Would it be alright if I rested here for a short while?

Serra: That shouldn’t be a problem. Actually, you came at an entertaining time. Matthew here is challenging me to a battle for my Gym Badge.

El: Is that so?

Serra: Bennett, show El to the spectators’ seats would you?

Bennett: Sure mom.

Serra: Matthew, I’ll prepare for your challenge so please meet me in the arena behind me. Best of luck to you.


With that, everyone left. I stood there trying to take in everything that had just happened. This was a weird family and I wanted to get away from them as fast as possible. Well, to be honest, I just wanted to get away from Bennett and El. Serra wasn’t really a problem. Bennett creeped me out as did El. I took a deep breath and headed for the doors up ahead of me. I went through and defeated the 2 trainers that were in the room. This puzzle confused me. I went up to 1 of the trainers and asked for help.


Matthew: Hey. Uhh, what’s this Gym’s puzzle?

Trainer: You gotta try to break through the mirrors. You’ll be able to continue through when you find the right 1.

Matthew: Ohh… Thanks.


I went up to the wall which was all covered in mirrors. I somehow didn’t notice that when I was in here earlier. I went up to a corner side.



I took a deep breath and punch the mirror in front of me. Luckily, the mirror shattered, revealing an entrance. But, that didn’t help the fact that it hurt the hell out of my hand.



Matthew: Ow! Son of a- For the love of all that is good! Ugh!


With my hand in pain, I went into the next room and battled 2 more trainers and was faced with another wall of mirrors. Unlike the last room, the 1st spot wasn’t the entrance to the next room. In fact, I almost cracked every mirror before finding the right 1.


Matthew: Oh my Arceus. My hand hurts like a BITCH!


In the next room, I saw Bennett and El. Somehow, seeing those 2 made the pain in my hand feel less painful.



Bennett: Hey Matthew. You seem to be doing alright.

Matthew: I suppose you can say that.

Bennett: Well, I’ll cut to the chase. I would like to challenge you to a battle.

Matthew: You would huh? You’re that leopard thing right? A person that likes insects. So that means you’ll be using Bug Type Pokemon right?

Bennett: Correct. Just so you know, I always request to battle all of mother’s challengers before they officially battle her.

Matthew: You’d throw them off a bit by using Bug Types while they’d be prepared to battle Ice Types. Nice strategy.

Bennett: That’s not why I do it. I hope to be a Gym Leader 1 day and I believe this is the most efficient way of preparing myself.

Matthew: Hmm. I suppose that makes sense. -in my thoughts- No WAY would I wanna challenge this dude for a badge for Bug Types. Too weird for me.

Bennett: Now, allow me to test myself against you!




El: Impressive battle young ones.

Matthew: Thanks I guess.

El: I believe that the both of you have been gifted by Arceus’ light.

Bennett: I’m sorry sir. No disrespect but I don’t believe it’s any such “light.” I believe it is instead diligence and commitment.

Matthew: Surprisingly, I agree with you kid.

El: And such diligence will indeed take you far. Bennett, would you believe me if I told you that you were dreaming too small?

Matthew: Wait what?

Bennett: Excuse me? Too small sir?

El: Indeed. You say you want to be a Gym Leader but I believe that with your skills and determination, you could go as far as to join the Elite 4!

Matthew: Wait. How would you know that? And how could you even do-

Bennett: Tha-That’s unthinkable! The Elite 4? Me? Really? I mean, it sounds fantastic but as you saw, I still have a long way to go before then.

El: That maybe true young man but for someone of your dedication, I believe I could of service to you. Come. Let us leave your friend to their challenge. We should discuss the… details somewhere else. You may find yourself in a new position in due time.

Bennett: I… I can’t believe it. Do you really mean that sir!?

El: I do.

Bennett: Then please! Let’s go right away Mr. El! Follow me!


Bennett rushed passed me and out of the room. El followed but stopped and looked towards me.



El: And Matthew, blessings to you as well. All is reflected in the eyes of the Lord. Please do remember this.

Matthew: Uhh, sure. No problem.


And with that, El walked off. This visit here just kept getting more crazy. Bennett could now become and Elite 4 Member and somehow this old dude was able to help him with that? I thought for a while about this and then it hit me like a Mach Punch to the gut.


Matthew (talking to myself out loud): Somehow, El must be… part of the Elite 4. That’s… insane!


I was still in shock but I then remembered why I was here in the 1st place. To get the Gym Badge from Serra. I walked up to the wall of mirrors and punched it. Again, I was unfortunate not to get it right the 1st hit. Luckily though, it didn’t take me as many tries as it did with the last room. I went to the next room and was finally in Serra’s Gym Arena. I walked up to her, holding my hand in pain.



Serra: Welcome to my Gym Battling Arena Matthew. This is where… Whoa. What happened to your hand?

Matthew: What kind of psychopath has a puzzle to where someone has to punch through mirrors to reach the Arena of a Gym Leader?!

Serra: Wait. Wait. YOU punched through them?

Matthew: Yea! What else was I supposed to do?!

Serra:… You were supposed to use your Pokemon to use Rock Smash on them.

Matthew:… Ohh… That actually makes more sense now…

Serra: -sigh- Well look, I don’t mind waiting for a bit until you feel better and my son and that El person doesn’t seem like they’re here yet. So if you need some time to let your hand heal before the battle, go and get it healed up.

Matthew: I think I may do that. Thanks. And sorry…


I exited the arena and the whole house and walked towards the PokeCenter. I decided that instead of just sitting around waiting for my hand to heal that I’d go train my Pokemon. As I was walking, Godra Goodra popped out of its PokeBall.


Matthew: Huh? Hey. What are you doing out of your ball?

Sliggoo: Sliggoooooo.


I looked onto the ground and saw a piece of Rare Candy. Before I could do anything, Godra Goodra slithered its way over and swalloed the candy down whole.


Matthew: Hey! Spit that out! You don’t know where that’s been!


I ran over but as I was about to get to it, she started to glow. I stopped in my tracks and jumped back a little from the sudden glowiness. I then watched as Sliggoo started to transform.





Matthew: No way… It’s evolving!





In a matter of minutes, Sliggoo was now a Goodra which finally made the nickname fit, might I add. I ran over to it and gave it a hug as it gave 1 back. When I stopped back, I felt the slime and stickiness all over me but that didn’t bother me. I had a Goodra on my team now. I was a bit confused on how it evolved though. Then it struck me. It was raining. And when Sliggoo levels up during a rainstorm, they evolve.


Matthew: Well, I guess eating that Rare Candy wasn’t a bad thing. But please don’t do that again.

Goodra: Goooodraaaa!

Matthew: Alright. Let’s get you back into your PokeBall.


I took out Godra Goodra’s PokeBall and returned it back. I then walked to the PokeCenter to heal my Pokemon and go train a bit before taking on Serra for her Gym Badge.


Pokemon Team



Arbok (Jessie)/Female/Level 47

Nature: Naïve/Ability: Intimidate

Held Item: Poison Barb

Moveset: Poison Fang/Crunch/Poison Tail/Glare



Goodra (Godra Goodra)/Female/Level 50

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Gooey

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dragon Pulse/Body Slam/Dragon Breath/Attract



Gligar (TongueClumsy)/Male/Level 48

Nature: Naughty/Ability: Immunity

Held Item: None

Moveset: Wing Attack/X-Scissor/Metal Claw/Swords Dance



Clawitzer (Pistol Pete)/Male/Level 47

Nature: Mild/Ability: Mega Launcher

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Pulse/Aura Sphere/Crabhammer/Bubble Beam



Decidueye (Link)/Male/Level 47

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Long Reach

Held Item: Rose Incense

Moveset: Leaf Blade/Spirit Shackle/Sucker Punch/Synthesis



Weezing (James)/Male/Level 47

Nature: Rash/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: Black Sludge

Moveset: Psybeam/Sludge/Sludge Bomb/Destiny Bond




Bennett (3/10) - Definitely weird kid. Way too into bugs and way too into this Luna girl. I wouldn't be surprised if he was the reason she ran away from here. He has a strange obsession with her and was also technically her adopted brother.


Serra (7/10) - She seems like a nice lady. Seems like she loves her son even though he's a handful no doubt. She seems kind of sad though. Was it because of that Luna running away? She didn't seem to care when we were talking about her leaving. Well whatever the case, me and her are gonna battle for the Gym Badge!


El (1/10) - I have a very bad feeling about this El guy. I mean how can we even trust him when he says he's Luna's father? It could all be a trap. I don't think his intentions are good. And he's also apart of the Elite 4!? That's even more bad news!


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An hour had passed since I left Serra’s Gym to go train my Pokemon, as well as heal my hand. My team had leveled up some and gotten stronger. When I made it back to Serra’s Gym, it was still raining. So I was glad to finally be out of the rain and into a house. Before I went into the room Serra was in, I noticed the computer that contacts Ame. I hadn’t talked nor seen her in a while. I pressed the button and Ame’s face popped up.



Ame: Matthew? Is that you?

Matthew: Yep. Long time no see Ame.

Ame: It’s been so long. I see you’re at Serra’s estate.

Matthew: Yea. It’s been 1 hell of a journey to get here.

Ame: I can only imagine. So anything new with yo- Wait… Whoa. What the heck happened to your cheek?

Matthew: Incident with a Garchomp.

Ame: Wait! You wait up against a Garchomp?!

Matthew: Well it’s not like I did it on purpose!

Ame: Wow… Well, it’ll at least be a cool scar.

Matthew: I suppose so. Ohh. And I’m also dating Laura.

Ame: Laura? You mean the member of the Elite 4 Laura?

Matthew: Yea… Is that a problem?

Ame: No. I just… I never expected her to be with someone. She always seems… Timid or afraid or something of that nature you know?

Matthew: Yea. I have to deal with that sometimes but I think she’s gotten good.

Ame: Well that’s great. I’m happy for you both Matt. Anyways, you prob want some pointers on Serra’s Gym right?

Matthew: Well, unless you can tell me something else besides light and beam attacks bounce back, missing a physical attack will cause the user to take damage and that evasion and critical hits are higher than normal, not really?

Ame: Umm… How did you know all of that?

Matthew: Her son Bennett.

Ame: Ahh. Yes. He always battles his mother’s challengers before they officially battle her. He wants to become and Gym Leader some day.

Matthew: Yea. I heard…

Ame: Well I guess the only info I can give you is that if you can shatter the mirrors somehow, her advantage will be gone.

Matthew: Well, I don’t know what would destroy the mirrors but thanks for the heads up there.

Ame: Alright. Well hey. It was nice talking to you again.

Matthew: It was nice talking to you too Ame.

Ame: Good luck Matthew. Bye!

Matthew: Later.


And with that, the call was over. I walked up through the rooms and finally made it to the area where I last saw Serra. She was still standing where she was last time but looked bored. I stopped at the opposite side of the arena and held a PokeBall in my hand. Serra noticed me and took her place as well.



Serra: Took your sweet time didn’t you Matthew?

Matthew: I decided to get some training in while healing my hand which you can see is now all healed up.

Serra: Good. Let me formally introduce to you my arena. Welcome to my Gym.

Matthew: It looks nice… and shiny.

Serra: You, along with my others, may consider it vain, but I’ve always had a fond of mirrors. They reflect much more than appearances.

Matthew: Ohh don’t tell me you’re 1 of those people that things the reflection is a different version of you.

Serra: Of course not.

Matthew: Alright. Goo-

Serra: I’ve watched my whole life painted in a silver frame.

Matthew: Ohh… You’re 1 of THOSE people.

Serra: But that frame is not the same anymore. Splintered and shattered… Just how my life is now. Which is fine, I suppose.

Matthew: Jeesh… Are you ok?

Serra: I’m fine. Thanks. The Ice Type, it’s the most beautiful. Within reflections and crystal imperfections, there’s art.

Matthew: I suppose you’re right about that.

Serra: Ahh. My apologies. Enough about me. I’m sure you don’t wanna listen to an old doll ramble on.

Matthew: You’re not that old and you look fine.

Serra: Thank you for the kind words Matthew. -pulls out a PokeBall but in an elegance way- But know this. This will be over before you know it. Just like everything else.




After the winner of the battle had been determined, Serra sighed and closed her eyes. I was afraid I might have done something wrong but she opened them back up and a smile of some sort could be seen upon her face.


Serra: It seems I’ve already reached my breaking point.

Matthew: I don’t know about that. That was a VERY close battle Serra.

Serra: -walks over to me with a badge in her hand- Here you go Matthew. This Rime Badge badge is yours now.

Matthew: Wow…



I looked at my new badge and smiled at it. I now had 6 badges. I took out my badge case and placed the Rime Badge inside.


Matthew: Thanks Serra.

Serra: You’re welcome. So, I suppose that’s the show. If-


At that moment, the whole house shook. It only lasted a couple of seconds but it was still kind of frightening.


Matthew: Again with that?

Serra: Who wants to bet that was the PokeCenter this time? Hell. Maybe the whole Grand Hall came down on us this time. I gotta go check it out.


Serra left the room to go investigate what made that noise. I stood in the same place for about a minute or 2 just in case it were to happen again. After nothing had happened, I walked back out and into the main room. I could see Serra was sitting down on the couch. I went past her to exit the house but I looked back at her and she didn’t seem to have any expression on her face. She seemed distant. I stopped and turned to her.



Matthew: Serra? Is everything alright?

Serra: Well… The good news is that the PokeMart isn’t on the roof anymore.

Matthew: I wonder where it ended up at now.

Serra: Who knows. But if I had to guess, it shouldn’t be too far from here.

Matthew: Well I hope you’re right. I need to get medicine for a friend of mine.

Serra: Ahh. So that’s why you seemed annoyed you couldn’t get into the PokeMart. Well I hope you are able to find it and get the medicine for them.

Matthew: Thanks.

Serra: Anyways… the bad news is that Bennett isn’t here anymore.

Matthew: What? Why?

Serra: I guess that El person has some kind of connection with the league. My son said he’ll be studying with him to join the Elite 4.

Matthew: El… I don’t trust him.

Serra: Why?

Matthew: Something about him just gives me a bad vibe. And his mentioning of his daughter Luna… Just seems like a bad dude.

Serra: Hmm. Maybe… But still, my son in the Elite 4? That would be something.

Matthew: I mean I guess…

Serra: But I should feel happy for my son right? I should…

Matthew: Serra?

Serra: … Matthew, can I ask you for a favor?

Matthew: Yea. What’s up?

Serra: I don’t know if it’ll ever happen but if you ever run into him somewhere, please look out for him for me.


I looked into her eyes and could see the concern for her son. I could understand why she didn’t feel all that thrilled with him going off to the Elite 4. While he did creep me out, I didn’t want anything bad to happen to him.


Matthew: Yea… Yea sure.

Serra: Thanks. I’m sure he can take care of himself but… Well you could probably already see but he doesn’t always make the best choices.

Matthew: Yea. I could see that. I’ll look after him though. When or if I ever see him.

Serra: Thanks again Matthew… All things fade away it seems…

Matthew: Well… I’m gonna head out now. Thanks for the battle and badge and everything.

Serra: You’re welcome. Farewell Matthew.


And with that, I walked out the doors. Unfortunately for me it was still raining. So I had to walk through the town, through the weird ass forest to get back to the cave. But as I was getting to the entrance of the cave, I noticed a familiar blue building that wasn’t there before. And then it hit me.


Matthew: Oh my Arceus! The PokeMart got teleported here! I can get the medicine!



I walked in and walked up to the cashier. Obviously, he felt scared and concerned.



Matthew: Uhh… You doing alright buddy?

Cashier: I’ve been teleported Arceus knows how many times! It’s a frightening experience! So no! I can’t say that I am! Unlike that kid over there!


I looked over and saw a small child jumping up and down thrilled with this teleporting business. He seemed to be having a blast. But I could understand why the cashier would be scared.


Matthew: Well I could understand that… Buuuut could you give me some medicine please?


The guy gave me a sharp look. He sighed and went underneath the desk and got a bottle of liquid that would surely get Anna back to health.


Matthew: Thanks. How muc-

Cashier: Just go. On the house. I just need to figure out what to do.

Matthew: Uhh, ok… Thanks.


I quickly walked out of the PokeMart. That guy seemed to have gotten mad at me for asking him if I could buy something. But I couldn’t think about that right now. I had to get back to the house to get Anna better!


Pokemon Team



Arbok (Jessie)/Female/Level 50

Nature: Naïve/Ability: Intimidate

Held Item: Poison Barb

Moveset: Poison Fang/Crunch/Poison Tail/Glare



Goodra (Godra Goodra)/Female/Level 50

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Gooey

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dragon Pulse/Body Slam/Dragon Breath/Attract



Gligar (TongueClumsy)/Male/Level 50

Nature: Naughty/Ability: Immunity

Held Item: None

Moveset: Wing Attack/X-Scissor/Metal Claw/Swords Dance



Clawitzer (Pistol Pete)/Male/Level 50

Nature: Mild/Ability: Mega Launcher

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Pulse/Aura Sphere/Crabhammer/Bubble Beam



Decidueye (Link)/Male/Level 50

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Long Reach

Held Item: Rose Incense

Moveset: Leaf Blade/Spirit Shackle/Sucker Punch/Synthesis



Weezing (James)/Male/Level 50

Nature: Rash/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: Black Sludge

Moveset: Psybeam/Sludge/Sludge Bomb/Destiny Bond




Serra +1 (8/10) - Good Gym Battle but I also like that she cares for her son. And it's because of that I'll look out for him whenever I see him.


Bennett +1 (4/10) - Creepy yes but... His mom cares about him so Idk. I guess he isn't all bad. I hope he doesn't so something that will make me regret this.


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