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Pokemon Rejuvenation Story Discussion [POTENTIAL SPOILER WARNING]

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WhoAmI    0

I've been playing through up til about the electric gym leader and I figured it'd be awesome to talk with some of you guys about your thoughts on the story.

To start things off, I actually find quite a few parts to be interesting. The world that these guys have built is really cool and I like the Shadow Pokemon, dimensional rifts, and the stuff that comes later like





Time Travel. 


I think flushing out characters that would normally just be static, stay-at-home gym leaders is awesome too and I like the subtle hints from Venam to Melia lol.


HOWEVEERRRR I also made this topic to see if anyone agrees or wants to talk about potential criticisms.


For one thing, I'm a little iffy about the time and space deities. Also, if their names have any sentimental value then I respect that deeply. But if not, please oh please tell me they're only placeholder names. Space-a? Tiempa? I feel like there's a fine line between mystic sounding and just blechhh. I know there's a lot in the story I still oughta get through but replacing them with Dialga and Palkia or giving them better names really wouldn't cause any harm to the story. I mean hey, there's already sentient, talking Pokemon. If not you could always give say, "Diaz" as a name instead of Tiempa. Diaz kinda like Dialga, also sounds like Dias (days-time) so it fits.


On the subject of names, I think some of these names really could be toned down a bit. Case in point I already forgot the name of the woman trapped in the Chrysola Mansion and names like "Anathea" seem just a tad condescending. However that's just my personal taste I don't wanna disrespect you guys it's chill if the names are here to stay.


Lastly I feel like Geara and Ren are hugely underdeveloped characters. If Geara has some background info in a sidequest, I think it should be brought into the main story. He's far too involved in the story to have his origin skipped over. It's impossible to really feel anything for him, especially with the scene after you reach the bottom of the lab under Wispy Tower. So he used to live in Goldenleaf, so what? He has no real explained motive after all he's done so he just seems uninteresting.

Ren's betrayal is WAY too forced. We're told he has a history of doing things with good intentions and having them end up going south but that only happens twice before he decides to join Team Xen. Like it or not, he doesn't have a good reason as of right now to ever betray his friends. They never betrayed him! He just took things personally and when everyone meets him again after, there's no proper meeting. Melia just gets super pissed and he doesn't say anything and runs. 


Those are pretty much my only criticisms I can think of atm but what do you guys think?

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Starborn    0

I just posted this over on Commander's Rejuvenation run but I might as well post it here too, so here it is:


Honestly I think It’s kind of a shame that the story goes this route with Ren because I feel that it really didn’t need to. This 100% my own opinion and feel free to point out any holes in this but here’s how I would have done this:


Before you get to the entrance of Goldenleaf you encounter Ren pacing up and down, muttering to himself like he’s trying to psych himself up, then he notices you standing there after a brief conversation he challenges you to a battle to test his strength as trainer and/or ease off the tension he’s feeling. When you win, Ren is frustrated with himself but decides that he can’t overcome his own weakness if he keeps running from his problems and goes ahead to Goldenleaf anyway.


Upon reaching the entrance, the fence blocking it is already up with both you and Ren locked out, a member of the town then comes out and basically tells you both to fuck off, Ren tries to convince them to lower the fence and they tell him that he’s not one of them anymore, he said so himself, so now to them he’s the same thing you are, an outsider, trash and then they leave. Now Ren has a reason bring up Venam’s ability to melt the fence and you meet him at the sewers to find her.


So everything in the next part of the story is the same except Ren is there and at some point during or after this part, Ren opens up to you and tells about Goldenleaf, how he hated how the people acted and one day he just lost it, calling out the whole town at a big meeting or some other town gathering and as a result he was chased out. He originally planned to never go back, but after Melia ‘died’ Ren felt that the only way he could really get stronger was to find a way to change Goldenleaf.


Now when getting to the Goldenleaf plot itself, unless it turns out that Mosely is super important to the plot later on, I’d cut her from the story and replace her with Ren, I don’t know how much Goldenleaf has changed from V8 to V9 but there’s a scene at the start of Goldenleaf that would be pretty impactful if it was Ren in Mosely’s place, if it’s not there anymore then have scene with a group of town members just beating the utter shit out of him. After you fight them off, Ren tells you how he was pretty much overwhelmed by them the moment he stepped into Goldenleaf, he is disheartened because now he’s realised how in over his head he was, two options appear, one is ‘stay silent, the other is ‘offer to help’, this is a relationship variable choice, you’ll gain +1 relationship with Ren if you offer to help but you don’t lose points for staying silent.


Regardless what you choose, Ren goes to the Pokémon Centre to heal his team, from there you don’t see him again until the point you’d normally see Mosely again, he takes her role in the story

and everything is the same up until you about to fight the Goldenleaf Gym Leader. Now you can either choose to ‘fight alone’ or ‘fight with Ren’, choosing to fight alone and you’ll battle the Gym Leader in a 1v1 fight, choosing to fight with Ren and it you and Ren vs the Gym Leader in a doubles battled and you gain another +1 to relationship with him. After the Goldenleaf plot wraps up you’ll have one last conversion with Ren, while he’ll admit to being upset that he couldn’t accomplish his goal by himself but he’ll also be genuinely thankful for your help and for what you did for Goldenleaf.


The scene with Crescent still happens and Ren still joins Team Xen but now instead of it being the scene that cements Ren status as a poorly written character, it would become a shocking moment that would make the player wonder just what Crescent could have possibly said or done to him, that he’d join the people responsible for Melia ‘death’.


So yeah that just about sums up how I would have of written Ren’s character, granted the game isn’t finished yet and everything I’ve wrote might clash with something later on, but thought I’d throw my two cents in to the whole Ren thing.

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EternalJinn    2

Sorry if I'm way off but I always assumed Ren was some type of double agent assigned by Crescent; kind of a way to mislead us into thinking that the prophecy is about him but later in the story the true betrayer would be revealed. 

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Starborn    0
26 minutes ago, EternalJinn said:

Sorry if I'm way off but I always assumed Ren was some type of double agent assigned by Crescent; kind of a way to mislead us into thinking that the prophecy is about him but later in the story the true betrayer would be revealed. 


I’ve thought about that as well, but I don’t know if that would really save Ren character for some people, depending on how that possible red herring twist is pulled off, they might just come away thinking that Ren is even more inconsistent and poorly developed or that he’s even stupider for not telling anyone that he was doing this and letting them think he’d actually betrayed them.


Of course there might be a intended reaction to Ren that Jan might be going for, either he is so desperate to be relevant in some way, that if he can’t be a hero then he’ll be a villain or he’ll make things more complicated then they need to be in order to be a hero, hurting his friends deeply in the process, which I’ll admit with some polish could be a interesting way to take his character.


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