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Miss Kitty

What? Season II Trailer of RM's? Yaaaas~

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Rebornian Mentions Season II Trailer


-queue cinematic theme with the dramatic build up of music-


In a world, the one that we all live on...


-flashing scenes of a shadowy figure in a dark room walking closer to a computer-


Lives a hero...


-intense scene of a keyboard being furiously typed on-


Who is on a mission.


-music halts and shows a picture of a cat-


-music intensely continues while showing the rest of the awesome trailer involving a computer, lots of sitting, and a cat-


Coming... This fall...







I hope you all liked that trailer! I worked very hard on putting it together~


So let's get to it. RM's Season II this fall! My apologies on it abruptly ending earlier this spring without warning, there was a lot of things I had to take care of, including myself. With the busiest of seasons coming to a close and we're all going back to school, or work, RM's is returning with another spectacular season!!! Whoo~ But we still have a little bit of time before the first RM of the season comes out. So with this opportunity, I am taking it to do a little bit of a spring cleaning on my RM nominations list as well as my CCB folder for how I handle RM's. It is a mess. Especially since I implemented a new segment to it so late in the first season.



So listen up~                   I am redoing the Nominations list!


What this means for those who have nominated someone: You will want to nominate again, this time following the procedure below. You may nominate more than one person at a time provided the procedure is followed.



Procedure for nominating someone:


1. Name (and possible aliases on Showdown/Discord/Forums (it makes my life easier when I search))

2. You may ask up to two questions that you may or may not have known about your nominee (it MUST adhere to the rules)


Example (and this is my personal nomination):


Sardines (Sardines/Papa Fish - Discord)

How did you get so good at dealing with viruses/malware stuff on computers? (since you've helped me so much with mine)



Again, as in season 1, the rules remain the same:

1. You cannot ask inappropriate questions.

2. If the nominee feels uncomfortable answering a question, it will not be answered.




The main purpose of this post is to get an updated, fresh list that includes the implemented segment from the last part of season 1. So please list your nominations below and when RM's resume in the fall, you may also resume nominations below each post.


Also, have any ideas that could make RM's better? Toss the comment below~ I'm all ears.


A huge thank you to everyone who's participated (past, present, or future) to Cat Chat Blog's Rebornian Mentions! Season 2's gonna kick ass!

Get hyped~


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Taking submissions now? Not sure if they're open XD. ((l'm not going to submit myself right now anyway cause l kinda forget the backlog of them... cause my memory is bad. So l'll have to take a refresher to see who's not been done before.))

l think segment-wise you don't really need to add anymore to the format. lt'd probably get too muddled and the relatively simple interview format works wonders on it's own. Frankly... it feels the most natural way to do it and l think it should be kept to that with the few user questions given on submissions.

Good to see it's coming back though. ((although this means if l get renommed for this they get to ask me questions this time. Ah butts...~))

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Sorry~ Yes, Nominations are open. You can put your nominations in this post or you can PM me your nominations on the forums or on Discord.

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Yay, more of these, whoo, excitement ^^ Looking forward to it

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No! If I nominate someone I demand the right to give you an interrogation's worth of questions that they MUST answer while hooked up to a polygraph! I will not be satisfied otherwise!

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