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Pokemon in Space [IC Chapter #03]

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"Uh-Um!" Emmanuel was caught off guard by Uno suddenly going unconscious again. Before the panic, though, he had managed to connect the dots. He would have to get more of the healing water from #07 to relieve Uno's condition. Though, he was absolutely in no position to ask for that from the HQ, with him supposedly being on vacation.


Wait... Was she glowing?


"This might sound strange to you, but... I think I saw something glowing blue under your sheets." A statement, but in fact more of a request. He waited for a response.

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On 11/21/2018 at 11:47 PM, Bfroger6 said:



*+Uno, Jenny, Chief, Rubia, Zeta, a doctor*


Music: Utopia



"I see, that is indeed unfortunate." Rubia says as she scribbles something down. The pages in her notebook seem to be digital, reacting to where she presses her finger to write. However, she doesn't let you peek in no matter what if you decide to try doing that.

After Emmanuel speaks his mind about what Zeta brought up, Rubia frowns but retains her calm tone. "Yes, you should go cool your head. We don't need such irrational outbursts from you right now. Prematurely assuming your friend was kidnapped would do us no good." She turns to Radovan. "That seems like a plausible option. Excuse me for a minute." She takes her A-Comm and walks away to dial someone.


[Emm and Rubia have left the scene]


Jenny glances up at Cathode and smiles. It's a forced smile. If anything, it looks like she'd much rather cry. "I just can't keep anyone safe. I totally panicked when your friend there started feeling woozy..." She says as her voice quivers.


Regarding the Chief, the moment Radovan glances his way, the man's eyes are focused on the boy's, unreadable but apparent that there is knowledge they are hiding. "..."


"Radovan..." Zeta turns to him, looking at him for a moment before nodding. "We've gotta be here for Uno, you're right!" After another nod, the young girl seems fired up to stay here.


However, Jenny perks up momentarily, nearly standing up in her seat. "I-I can watch her if you want to go search for your friend. It's a festival night so he might get lost in the crowd or something. I'm sure he's scared. S-so I'll stay here and we can call the doctor to stay here too! You can do that, right C-chief?"


The Chief nods.


[What do you decide?]

Radovan's expression shifted a little while he stopped to consider his options, before he shifted to rest his hand on Jenny's shoulder in a hopefully reassuring manner as he said "Why don't we wait for Miss Rubia to come back first? Even if Sena is wandering about looking for us in the festival it doesn't mean that we should just rush out and scour the Nexus to look for him, especially since we might get separated or get lost too..."

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Cathode  didn't immediately reply to Jenny, and had held her face downcast.  She didn't have something to say that would help her, and didn't want to make the situation worse.   Seeing her immediately jump into the first chance to be useful tho, gave her something to work with. 

She pat her upper arm, saying  "See, it's alright, we all have our bad moments,  and you are already helping right now! ...w-well, about to!  A-and the present is more important than the past!"

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so he decide to move, alright I'll trust him... and I don't think this woman's attack is that wide but the splashing worried me... maybe I could do something about it... "alright hopefully this would work!" Sena decide to jump back, "Verna, use Gust on her!" Verna flap her wing, creating a gust of wind, it might not be powerful, but it should be able to minimize her attack's effect.

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*+???, ???*




Verna's Gust (??? Power)

Crit (???): ???


Verna's Gust attack hit the Ghost Girl as she slammed her foot deep into the ground. The splashing energy was focused purely downward, causing water to burst the ground open from the powerful pressure. Verna's Gust doesn't seem to have affected the attack's intensity at all, so the conclusion would be that the Ghost Girl was using a physical move.


Ghost Girl takes ??? damage from Gust.

Ghost Girl's HP is now ???


However, while Verna was safe in the air, Sena would find himself in an unfavourable position as the cement erupted from beneath his feet. He'd moved away from the kick but he was still well within the strike zone. The Ghost Girl turned her head up to face the boy as he felt the ground beneath him start to give in and push him helplessly onto his back, when he felt something sweep him from behind at a blazing speed, pulling him from his right and to his left and away from the attack. Sena would see the erupting ground from the distance as whatever had grabbed him took him further and further away from the Ghost Girl.


It was a Frogadier.


However, Sena would see the Ghost Girl push herself with the grounded foot and start her pursuit of them anew. With every step she takes towards them, the ground shakes slightly.



"Pathetic fool of a Pokemon. I shall drown you first then."

She says as she brings her arms together at her chest, moving them along her body in a dancing motion, as if spreading wings as she ran after them, matching Frogadier's speed. Waves began to gather in a circle in the air around her arms as she danced with them, and when she spread her arms like wings, the waves released towards Sena in a sort of scattershot explosion of a barrage of small blue watery orbs.


Ghost Girl's ??? (??? Power)

Miss (???): ???

Crit (???): ???





When being chased by an opponent, they will attempt to slow you down by attacking you. Sena's job is to identify whether the attack used by the enemy is Special or Physical, and tell that to Frogadier and Verna, so that they can react accordingly. After a set number of failures to guess the nature of the attack, the enemy will catch up to you. The chase will end with your successful escape if you're not caught after a set number of turns.


Note: every turn you get hit by an attack will not count towards the turn goal.



Turn goal: 0/3

Failure count: 0/2


[Is Ghost Girl's attack Special or Physical?]

1) Special

2) Physical








Emmanuel hears the shifting of Uno's futon. "G-glowing?" She asks confusedly. Pushing herself back up in a sitting position, she shifts around momentarily before pushing the sheets off of her body in a heavy motion.


And indeed, under her garments, there seems to be something glowing bright marine blue, on the upper part of her right leg. "O-oh my." The glow irradiates her face and Emmanuel can see it's not as drained as it was when they first met Uno. The glow fades after a couple of seconds, casting the room in darkness again.


"Emmanuel, w-what was that?"






*+Uno, Jenny, Chief, Rubia, Zeta, a doctor*


Music: Utopia



"G-guys, a-alright..." Jenny looks at both Radovan and Cathode before sitting back down. She doesn't seem content with that situation though.



After a couple of moments, Rubia runs back to the group.

Music: Spring to Action

"Chief, I've contacted the HQ and received information of a sudden high-energy water type signature being spotted here in #04. It must be the target." She says, still holding her A-Comm to her ear. "Yes yes, officer Ray, the Chief is prepped and ready. We'll mobilize immediately."


The Chief nods calmly and stands up, looking at Rubia. "It must be the Aquarium, right?" He says, at which she nods.


"Of course you would already be aware of as much. You're not the Chief for nothing, Chief."


"You flatter me too much." He remarks with a straight face, unamused. "Jenny, seems like you'll make yourself useful after all. Keep watch on Uno with the doctor. And the rest of you, go get Emmanuel and follow Rubia and me. That's an order."



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Emmanuel thought for a moment, and began to feel like he was onto something. "That came from your leg... And you said an accident took the strength from your legs. Could that be... an old wound from that accident?" He said, as he looked closer at Uno's right leg.

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