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Known Bugs

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Amethyst    708

KNOWN BUGS (Updated 3/4/13):
----Some 4th/5th Gen Abilities have no effect- Which ones?
----Some 4/5th Gen Moves have no effect- Which ones?
----Some 5th Gen Items have no effect

----Missing Pokemart sounds
----Missing item use sounds
----No sound on level up
----Most attacks do not have animations
----Possible to give a Pokemon no name at all

----On some computers, the game will not load. Still trying to figure this one out.


*These are things that are factors of the system scripts replicating the Pokemon game system. They are effectively outside of my control for the time being. These issues are detrimental to gameplay.
**In this category fall bugs that, while they don't detract from the gameplay at all, they do make the game interface seem somewhat incomplete as compared to the official games. Also lying in the system scripts, I have little control over this for now as well, but some simpler things may be remedied.
***This is the everything else category, and the range of things that I should have full control over. Anything in this category should be easily fixed.
****And Ame just wants wants to keep track of them here

[FIXED] indicates the problem is solved for the next full release.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.