Cat Chat Blogs Presents: Being a Troll During the Holidays   Welcome back, Reborn! Happy Holidays! Oh, um, excuse me. -puts on festive cat-wear- Ahh, better. Anyways, welcome back! Today, we'll be discussing trolling during the holidays. It's that time of year again, and we may or may not enjoy being so huddled close to all of our family members in one tiny dining room. But hold onto your trousers! It's only for a day. We can either make the best of it, or the worst. Perception is different cat to cat.    (I'm ready for the holidays!! -grump grump-)   This year, we'll try to make the best of it with some lighthearted humor! Perhaps we have siblings, or family members we like, and we want to play a prank on them. The fun part is that we don't have to be cruel to have a bit of trolling fun. It doesn't hurt anyone's feelings, and we all get a chuckle out of it. One way we can go is with the most famous holiday trolling gag; having a tiny gift within a box, within a bigger box, within an even bigger box, and so on. Each of 'em individually wrapped in paper. Or we can choose to gift them with a gag gift before giving them their actual gift. It could be a childhood toy we used to fight over, or giving them a fake 100 bill and see how long it takes for them to realize it's fake, or even better, a fake lottery ticket they almost became millionaires. Fake millionaires.    (You're right, Wisdom Duck, give them a real one instead and watch them lose. It's more fun)   For myself, this year I had an opportunity to do something different. Since I live across the country from my immediate family, my holiday comes early. I would have waited to open the box on Christmas Eve, when we all have time to Skype, but the box split open because the mailpeople can't put heavier boxes below lighter boxes I'm looking at you, USPS. Anyways, I opened the box, and everything was there. My mom let me open her gifts first, and then I whined until she said I could open the rest, except the one my sister labeled (I think it's a blanket. I hope it is. I love blankets). My mom and sister was awesome, and got me a new 3DS with Scribblenauts (I love Scribblenauts). My mom and I were talking and we decided to prank my sister. We decided to re-wrap the 3DS and game box in different wrapping paper, and that we'll open it together on Christmas Eve. What I'm going to do is hold up the re-wrapped boxes, because she won't notice the different paper. I'll open it up and pull the 3DS out, while it's on, in the middle of a game, and act surprised like, "wow! It even comes with the game and it's on, and charged!!!" My mom and I have bets on how long it'll take for my sister to notice that I already opened it. I'm thinking she won't realize until we tell her, mom thinks she'll realize when she sees the game on. But we're talking about my older sister, here. This is the one who didn't know the address she's lived at all her life in the 12th grade; at 17 years old.   (Everyone's making this face right now, the same face my mom and I had when we heard those words come out her mouth)   At any rate, it will be fun, and it'll get a laugh out of everyone. Of course, I'll thank my mother and sister for these wonderful gifts because they didn't have to get it for me. I don't even know how they knew I needed a new 3DS. I was planning on picking myself up one anyways, but it was really cool and awesome that they did that for me.    Overall, Reborn, let's have some fun this year for the holidays and use that one day of the super-crammed living room/dining room combination to bond with our families, both here and at home. Find a way to spread some cheer and smiles around to avoid being labeled as that one Grumpy Cat Who Stole Holiday Cheer. If you are going to troll your family for the holidays, do it gracefully and in a way that everyone can have fun. Don't be like this guy:     (I love the Holidays!!!)   Thanks for reading Cat Chat Blogs! Favorite the post for more, comment below for a topic of your choice! All images retrieved from Google Images. They are not mine. The video comes from Youtube from username McJuggerNuggets.     Happy Holidays from Miss Kitty!!!