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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, y'all! Mr. Finn here. I'm here to say that I want to make a new written and custom run on Reborn, but I would like to know your opinions for my next run. I've decided four of the members of the team, which will be Fennekin, Ralts, Beldum and Taillow. Fennekin and Ralts will be the only 'mons used before obtaining all the others, which I will obtain once I get access to Onyx. But I would like your opinion about the other members of the team, so I will leave a poll that will last for two weeks. Also, my run will take something like few months (1-4 months, maybe more) to start, depending of the case on how hard it will be to make all the custom sprites and shiny sprites, including the fact that there will be custom battles with custom trainers as well. Also, I plan to challenge some users from Reborn (once someone have time) to battle the trainer of my run, so it will be a nice thing. If you can, you can give me some feedback to help me with suggestions for my run. Thank you so much! Take care!
  2. Welcome! What's up, everyone? This will be my written run, done in the same style as @Awesome_One does his James themed run. Chapter 1: Prologue. the rest of the run will come with ep 17. I just wanted to get this out of the way now because I don't trust myself to remember the whole prologue of the story. Tips always appreciated. Thanks to @Zarc for providing me with the Vulpix who will act as Started and partner for this run. See you all later to update this once it's ready to go further.