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Found 7 results

  1. Angelkitsune

    Looking for Firebug

    Lol i was looking for a larvesta can somebody trade me one (^人^) i have a modest Amaura with 2 perfect IV I'm bad at breeding i know... If somebody is interested let me know ~ (o゚v゚)ノ
  2. Angelkitsune

    Hail Helix

    As you all know in order to join a cult (don't worry they won't worship Arceus here) you need a Helix fossil but unfortunately after mining so many rocks i CANNOT find one so i was hoping somebody is willing to trade a pokemon holding a helix fossil. Don't worry you can trade a shitty pokemon if you want hell i even take a bidoof as long as it is holding a helix fossil and in return i will trade a snivy to you (cannot guarantee perfect IV though) but you have to wait though since im just started breeding . Thank you and have a good day (。・∀・)ノ
  3. carlos4068

    Could anyone trade me a Chimchar?

    Could anyone trade their Chimchar with me? Not particular about shinies. I have a few pokemon on offer
  4. N1Dude

    Shelmet-karrablast trade

    Hi everyone, I really want to breed mega horn onto my escavalier but the guy in spinel town doesn't trade you the escavalier back ofcourse. So my question is if the evolution trade still works if it is done online and not with the guy in Spinel town. And if so, is someone willing to trade a shelmet for a karrablast with me and then trade the escavalier back? The shelmet has 31 speed IV's just saying . I also have the karrablast i want to evolve ready so if someone is willing to do this for me i'm ready! Or if someone could just turn the karrablast and shelmit into an escavalier and accelgor with RPG maker (or something idk) that would be great as well! The ones i want to be evolved are in my party. I'm waiting for your quick response, N1Dude Game.rxdata
  5. Welcome to Elvenwares! This is a work in progress. I'll transform this into my official trading thread soon when I'm not working. For now, I'll just put up a list of Pokemon I have available and what I'm looking for. Please note I don't trade or accept hacked/edited/genned Pokemon. Thank you for your patience! PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM: HELLO, ELVEN! USERNAME: your username on reborn online. REQUESTING: list your pokemon and/or item here. use specifics if there are more than one of the same. OFFERING: list the pokemon you're offering in return. NON-SHINIES SHINIES (all random IV and natures) PIPLUP Male | Lv. 15 | Defiant | Gentle Water Sport, Peck, Icy Wind, Agility BELLSPROUT Male | Lv. 15 | Gluttony | Modest Growth, Wrap, Sleep Powder, Poison Powder SLUGMA Male | Lv. 35 | Flame Body | Gentle Ancient Power, Flame Burst, Rock Slide, Lava Plume BONSLY x2 Male | Lv. 33 | Sturdy | Timid Feint Attack, Flail, Counter, Rock Slide Female | Lv. 10 | Sturdy | Quiet Fake Tears, Copycat, Flail, Low Kick SPINDA Female | Lv. 38 | Contrary| Bold Dizzy Punch, Sucker Punch, Teeter Dance, Uproar DUCKLETT Female | Lv. 35 | Hydration | Adamant Aqua Ring, Air Slash, Roost, Rain Dance AUDINO Female | Lv. 28 | Klutz | Quirky Disarming Voice, Double Slap, Attract, Secret Power GIRAFARIG Female | Lv. 51 | Sap Sipper | Gentle Crunch, Baton Pass, Nasty Plot, Psychic PONYTA Female | Lv. 47 | Run Away | Brave Inferno, Agility, Fire Blast, Bounce NOIBAT Male | Lv. 26 | Telepathy | Bashful Air Cutter, Supersonic, Bite, Screech STARLY x2 Female | Lv. 1 | Reckless | Hasty/Modest Tackle, Growl, Double Edge LAPRAS Female | Lv. 1 | Hydration | Impish Ancient Power, Dragon Pulse, Future Sight, Freeze Dry VENONAT x2 Female | Lv. 13 | Tinted Lens | Modest Foresight, Supersonic, Confusion, Poison Powder Male | Lv. 11 | Tinted Lens | Mild Disable, Foresight, Supersonic, Confusion ODDISH Male | Lv. 13 | Chlorophyll | Bold Growth, Sweet Scent, Acid, Poison Powder HOOTHOOT Male | Lv. 15 | Tinted Lens | Bold Hypnosis, Peck, Confusion, Echoed Voice STUNKY Female | Lv. 7 | Stench | Hardy Scratch, Focus Energy, Poison Gas, Screech DRATINI x6 (4 Male, 2 Female) Female and Male | Lv. 1 | Varied | Varied Wrap, Leer, Dragon Dance, Extremespeed NOTE: DRATINI IS NOT OFFICIALLY OUT YET. GIBLE x7 Female and Male | Lv. 1 | Varied | Varied Tackle, Iron Head, Outrage, Sand Tomb *Good IVs Other shinies include: Vivillon, Vulpix, Cottonee, Dustox, Piloswine x3, Bronzong x2, Zebstrika, Kingler, Nidorino, Swinub x4, Rhyhorn, Darumaka (Max attack IVs), Budew x2, Klefki x2, Beedrill. LOOKING FOR Will update. Make offers in the meantime if you wish. Rockruff w/ egg moves Rare Pokemon I do accept things not listed above. Any Pokemon with decent IVs will be considered.
  6. MegaRekhytX


    Hey Guys! So I have really good torchics with 5-6 perfect IVs and Egg Bred Moves such as LOW KICK and NIGHT SLASH on them. If anyone wants I can give them away for free instead of throwing them... ONLY HAVE 4 to spare with these good IVs. Ability and nature will wary, you can always change them using capsules and the nature changer.
  7. Rowigrath

    I need an Alolan Vulpix.

    Hello everyone! This is Rowigrath, and I am in need of an Alolan-Vulpix. I thought I had one, but apparently I don't have one. In this case, I need to get one for a team I'm making to beat the 16th Gym. It can be any nature, gender, IV, and it can have any moveset. I just really need one so I can breed it and make a good Vulpix for the gym. I am willing to trade a Perfect-IV Rowlet or Litten for it, or if you'd like a different Pokemon instead, feel free to let me know. If I've got it, I will happily trade. Hopefully we can work something out~