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Found 3 results

  1. TM's and Move tutors

    Do you guys think that every single move will be available in Reborn eventually through TM or move tutors?? And what do you think will be the ratios?? I generally prefer TM's over tutor myself
  2. Dear Rejuv Dev team, As a concerned player, I write this on behalf of a player community that wants nothing more than to see your game be the best it can be. So first of all, getting a half-decent tm should be the reward for beating a gym leader. Period. So when the player doesn't get anything right away after beating Narcissa (for example), that's a bit off-putting (Yes, I know you get shadow ball later, but that's not the point). Second of all, I absolutely hate how the player receives a random, sub-par custom tm after beating (certain) gym leaders, especially after the gym leader you just beat was using a different and better custom move than the one the player gets. Strictly from a game design perspective, that's something you want to avoid. Teasing a player with a custom move that they've never seen before will make them curious to know its specifics--what it does exactly. I.E., "Ooh, Gale Strike... that sounds cool! I wonder what it does???" Or, "Cold Truth! That sounds awesome! I want my (x pokemon) to know that!" Instead, the player never has that fantasy fulfilled and is instead given (in most cases) a lackluster, uninteresting, and cheap, second-hand custom move instead. Instead of "Gale Strike," the player gets "stacking shot." How can that be taken as anything but a letdown? Or the player receives no custom move at all and is left wondering about the Multi-Pulse or Venam's Kiss that never was. Either way, player expectations fall short and player satisfaction falls flat. Speaking of falling short and falling flat, let's take a look at the custom tm Douse. First, if custom tms are going to be implemented into a fan game, they should bring something to the table that wasn't there before. Otherwise, they have no business being there. So, in the name of constructive criticism, I'm going to put it like this: If I had a pokemon fangame that implemented Douse in the way Rejuv implements it, I would be embarrassed. Sorry, but let's be real, here: the player finds Douse after the tm/hm Surf, and quickly discovers it is merely a weaker version of Surf. Douse is a 70 base power Special Water-type move with no additional effects. This brings nothing new or interesting to the table, the move itself is completely unusable (like most custom tms the player receives), and it should not be in the game. Look, here are 3 Water-type moves that I can come up with that are more interesting than Douse and aren't direct competition with Surf: Holy Water: cures the party's status and lowers effectiveness of Ghost- and Dark-type moves for 3 turns Depth Charge: 120 Power, 100 accuracy, Physical, damage occurs two turns later (like future sight) Siren's Tears: 50 power, 100 accuracy, Special, changes the target's ability to Defeatist In summary, either give the player the same custom move the gym leader uses (as their tm reward for beating the gym), or if not, at least step up your game with some of the custom moves. Irritation is great, don't get me wrong, but most are awful. Apologies for the harsh criticism; it is meant to be constructive and to promote helpful conversation. Thank you for your consideration, ~Octavius