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Found 9 results

  1. Where is shadow ball?

    I beat Narcissa, in fact I'm just about to battle Crawli. I have yet to find ANYTHING pertaining to getting Narcissa's TM, which many sources say is shadow ball. Can someoone PLEASE tell me exactly where to get it instead just saying you get it from Narcissa after beating her. Edit: I also cannot find her currently. Looked everywhere, even went through gym puzzle again (twice) and her house.
  2. Swords Dance?

    Wondering if swords dance is available yet as of e17
  3. Blizzard!

    So I recently found out my shiny gardevoir had telepathy and I wondered if the Tm blizzard existed so I could teach it to my alola tales for a better strat!
  4. Teach my Vulpix Aurura Veil

    Yeah, so can anyone do me a favor and teach my Vulpix aurura veil and then trade her back to me? If u need some compensation or something I can trade u a 6-IV vulpix lol
  5. TM Hone Claws gone?

    Roughly a year ago when episode 16 was new, I was doing some exploring and managed to find Hone Claws TM Once I updated to episode 17, I noticed the TM was missing from my tm case. (It was quite a while ao but I'm pretty sure Hone Claws was tm2) Is this a bug or did the devs decide to remove the TM from the game? Thanks
  6. Post-E17 TM Question

    I saw in a previous post that the TM for Aurora Veil can be obtained from beating Serra, but I already beat Serra when I launched E17. Anyone know how I can find this TM without getting it from Serra?
  7. Hey guys I was doing a new playthrough and somehow skipped over getting waterfall from the house and went straight to the mountain, beat terra, and now I'm stuck :T. Can someone please give the TM so I can keep on truckin? Game.rxdata
  8. Aurora Veil?

    Anyone know where Aurora Veil is?
  9. Hello to everyone! Not sure if I am posting that in the proper thread, but I hope it will be okay. Leveling my Cherrim I realised it can't learn Dazzling Gleam via TM, and since there aren't many moves it can learn so far (end ep. 16) I thought I should notify this minor error. Thanks for all your work! Cheers