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Found 24 results

  1. 7th street

    i can not complete 7th street..... El is not showing p is there any recommended walkthrough that i can follow??
  2. 7th street walkthrugh

    at 7th street i got tm rain dance and sunny day........ and then i am stuck...... what should i do to go through 7th street??
  3. 'Where do I go now?'

    So there has been a growing abundance of people creating threads to ask how to progress the story within their save files. This thread should be relatively straightforward, say the last notable event that occurred within your game, and the community will get back to you with an answer. (I also encourage you guys to not spam A(Z) all the time and skip the dialog ) PS, Screenshots are very much appreciated.
  4. I'm stuck in the prison cell and i cant get out. Appearantly i need a mining kit which i dont have. How do i get out of the cell. BTW, i already patched to the latest version of V9. I got zapped by the guard tower which put me in the prison cell. Sorry if this is in the wrong topic or something, first time searching for help like this
  5. What's up guys I'm at the part just after we temporarily play as Emma and go snooping thru the library. Emma and Aelita have their little confrontation and afterwards, it goes back to my guy in his cell. I tried interacting with everything, but can't get out. Am i missing something?
  6. So i was going up the stairs and exploring the castle when i got stuck in mid-air, can someone please help.
  7. I went down some stairs in Blacksteeple prison, but i missed them by one tile. instead of leaving the game without saving, i accidentally saved. I am now stuck in two tiles of wall and have no way to get out. it happened on version 9.0 and i installed patch 10 afterwards because thats what someone recommended if stuck, but it did not help. I would not like to have to play the game from the beginning again, so tips on how to get out would be appreciated.
  8. Hey, I'm stuck in Ametrine City Blake don't show up in his apartment. Sorry for bad english, it's not my national language Anyway, greatings from Poland - Mods, you're doing a great work here! Game.rxdata
  9. Hi! I think I am stuck in Water Treatment Center. Titania says "I think - I need a moment" and does nothing. Before this, I lost the battle on the other side of the toxic water on the picture. What should I do?
  10. are you stuck ask here for help

    the last one of these kind of topics died so now i made a new one if you need help just ask down below and someon will answer
  11. At the Agate City cutscene with Cain after beating Radomus, I quicksaved accidentally while we were walking during the cutscene. After this Cain stopped walking and I can't move or pause the game. The game doesn't get stuck as the snow/rain/hail keeps falling as it normally would but the cutscene doesn't continue and my player is stuck. Is there any way to fix this? (I already tried installing another folder of the game it didn't work)
  12. Need Help......Got Stuck In here Please help Me Out......... Game.rxdata
  13. hey guys i m stuck at the mission where we defeat geara and zetta at top of mount valor. After defeating them our player is killed then revived by crescent where she banishes Geara and turns Zetta into solosis! After that i m waking in a boat and dont know where to go and what to do to trigger the next event. PLEASE HELP ME! also i forgot to rescue amber while in valor mountain and got straight to the top.. does this affect anything?!
  14. When i startup pokemon reborn and select continue it says "Script pokemonField line 1637: nomethoderror occurred undefined method spriteset for #<scene_intro:0x9a816e8>" I already tried redownloading the game but it still doesnt work Please tell me what to do
  15. Help Im stuck

    I was going around Akora forest in my second run of the game, then I interacted with one of the mankey trees and my game glitched. The only thing I can do is save. I want to finish this run before playing episode 9(Which I havent updated to yet, if it matters). My savefile will be on the post, thanks in advance. Game.rxdata
  16. Water Treatment Center Stuck

    Hello everyone! It'd be so kind if someone can help me get through this. I'm stuck at this point. I've beaten PULSE Swalot, returned all the water into blue, then I could only go half of the arrow way. Am I missing something? Thank you Edited: I solved this situation, I missed one of the room
  17. Greetings all. I'm a longtime Pokemon vet who got into Reborn recently, and have encountered what appears to be a glitch in the Pyrous Mountain lava-draining puzzle. I am playing Episode 15: Never After. (I will explain why I believe this to be a glitch and not an inability to properly comprehend the puzzle on my part. You are, however, free to dispute this after giving my reasoning a fair hearing.) After consulting Google the Omniscient and experimenting with trial-and-error, this is what I found. 1. This topic has been explored before and archived here: http://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/7264-pyrous-mountain-lava-possible-bug/ The issue was evidently resolved after the question submitter presented their save file for bug-fixing. Others seemed confused as well. From what I gleaned, the results are hit-and-miss. 2. I found a YouTube video that covers the Pyrous Mountain puzzle. I cannot replicate what the player in the video does to solve the puzzle. Skip to 0:24 for the breaking of the first pillar. 3. I'll include some screenshots which show the difference. [EDIT: Apparently I'm having trouble posting my screenshots. Anyway, the text covers what happens.] a. I use Rock Smash on the pillar in Basement Level 2 and a text box appears which informs me about the lava flow. I have a Super Repel activated. When I don't use the Super Repel, a level 40 Torcoal appears and no text box appears after victory. (I decided to isolate variables in case this was the bug.) b. I then return to Basement Level 1 and break the next pillar, following the instructions in the video. c. A wild Macargo appears. I found that if I access Rock Smash from the Pokemon menu, no Macargo appears. Regardless of whether I encounter Macargo or not, the same thing happens... d. No text box appears... e. And back on the Ground Level, the lava has not drained. I've also tried using Rock Smash on the pillar in Basement Level 1 first, then the pillar in Basement Level 2. No good. I've tried using Rock Smash on the pillar in Basement Level 1 only. No good. Rock Smash on the Basement Level 1 pillar only doesn't work either. That's all I got. I appreciate whatever help is available.
  18. Hey was trying to move the stones/garbage, but i got it wrong, went out of the room to reset, but when i got back in the water level was up and now i'm stuck there.... cant get it to work please help Game.rxdata
  19. Okay, so I really wanna play rejuvenation since it's a great game. yet there's one teansy little problem... I always get stuck at the ghost gym leader >:( So I'm gonna restart soon(again) and I wonder, what would be the best starter/team to "cteam" especially her. I've tried many things but I keep finding myself get bodied because of the field effect pretty much negates one of the only weaknesses ghost types have... and since the only ghost type that can deal some good damage is a bitch to train(misdreavus) I'm kinda at a loss of what to do. please help me
  20. I'm stuck in the Team Meteor base before fighting the Pulse Abra, the metal gate won't open!!! And I can't even get out the room and I've already fought everyone in the spot, what do I do?! Please help!!!
  21. HELP

    So, I was a fool and I made a very dumb move. I teleported off Teramaju island, and now I have no way to return to it. I have looked for boats, I think I have talked to every single person in the game, but... eh... I can't get back onto the island. Pleas, send help.
  22. [Resolved]I am stuck

    So I was in the Fire gym trying to get the badge so i could use dive. Well I had to keep a break so i saved, and when i started it again some NPC had moved in such position that i am stuck between it and a wall. I am not sure can I get out of there? Or did my 60H savefile just fuck up ? Game.rxdata