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Found 17 results

  1. Hey guys I was doing a new playthrough and somehow skipped over getting waterfall from the house and went straight to the mountain, beat terra, and now I'm stuck :T. Can someone please give the TM so I can keep on truckin? Game.rxdata
  2. getting frustrated

    hello. i recentely started a new playthrough of pokemon rejuvenation and have gotten up to goldenwood area. i accidentally saved during a cutscene event and im permanently stuck. when i try to load a previous save, it only shows saves from my previous playthrough, none of my current playthrough saves show up. what do i do? i do NOT want to start over AGAIN
  3. A bit stuck

    Hello, i recentely unfroze the tm shack and got magma drift. so i went to tesla's villa and saw melia fly off to somewhere......I went into the villa and couldnt find venam anywhere, and i have no idea where melia flew off too. could someone help me out, or let me know if i did something wrong?
  4. Where do i go?

    hello, i recently updated to version 9 for pokemon rejuvenation, and i am currently in gearen city. I have not found any way to get back on the grand express. I have no idea how to move forward
  5. 7th street

    i can not complete 7th street..... El is not showing p is there any recommended walkthrough that i can follow??
  6. 7th street walkthrugh

    at 7th street i got tm rain dance and sunny day........ and then i am stuck...... what should i do to go through 7th street??
  7. I'm stuck in the prison cell and i cant get out. Appearantly i need a mining kit which i dont have. How do i get out of the cell. BTW, i already patched to the latest version of V9. I got zapped by the guard tower which put me in the prison cell. Sorry if this is in the wrong topic or something, first time searching for help like this
  8. So i was going up the stairs and exploring the castle when i got stuck in mid-air, can someone please help.
  9. Hi! I think I am stuck in Water Treatment Center. Titania says "I think - I need a moment" and does nothing. Before this, I lost the battle on the other side of the toxic water on the picture. What should I do?
  10. are you stuck ask here for help

    the last one of these kind of topics died so now i made a new one if you need help just ask down below and someon will answer
  11. I went down some stairs in Blacksteeple prison, but i missed them by one tile. instead of leaving the game without saving, i accidentally saved. I am now stuck in two tiles of wall and have no way to get out. it happened on version 9.0 and i installed patch 10 afterwards because thats what someone recommended if stuck, but it did not help. I would not like to have to play the game from the beginning again, so tips on how to get out would be appreciated.
  12. Hey, I'm stuck in Ametrine City Blake don't show up in his apartment. Sorry for bad english, it's not my national language Anyway, greatings from Poland - Mods, you're doing a great work here! Game.rxdata
  13. At the Agate City cutscene with Cain after beating Radomus, I quicksaved accidentally while we were walking during the cutscene. After this Cain stopped walking and I can't move or pause the game. The game doesn't get stuck as the snow/rain/hail keeps falling as it normally would but the cutscene doesn't continue and my player is stuck. Is there any way to fix this? (I already tried installing another folder of the game it didn't work)
  14. Need Help......Got Stuck In here Please help Me Out......... Game.rxdata
  15. hey guys i m stuck at the mission where we defeat geara and zetta at top of mount valor. After defeating them our player is killed then revived by crescent where she banishes Geara and turns Zetta into solosis! After that i m waking in a boat and dont know where to go and what to do to trigger the next event. PLEASE HELP ME! also i forgot to rescue amber while in valor mountain and got straight to the top.. does this affect anything?!
  16. What's up guys I'm at the part just after we temporarily play as Emma and go snooping thru the library. Emma and Aelita have their little confrontation and afterwards, it goes back to my guy in his cell. I tried interacting with everything, but can't get out. Am i missing something?
  17. 'Where do I go now?'

    So there has been a growing abundance of people creating threads to ask how to progress the story within their save files. This thread should be relatively straightforward, say the last notable event that occurred within your game, and the community will get back to you with an answer. (I also encourage you guys to not spam A(Z) all the time and skip the dialog ) PS, Screenshots are very much appreciated.